Playing in the Car

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So we were driving home from the lake, cruising along with little traffic since we’d left before noon. Long enough road trip for both the wife and I to feel frisky. She was driving and got us started by running her hands across my furry chest, swirling a finger around my nipples.

She tells me she really loves playing with the chest full of fur I have and how sensitive my nipples are. I moaned and leaned back into seat, I’d been gazing out the window, remembering the last time we’d made this drive and the blowjob I’d gotten from her.

I saw that her amazing looking nipples were pressing into her snug t-shirt; I asked if it was too cold in the car. She said no, it was getting hot. I said I agreed and pulled my shirt off. This time she moaned and ran her free hand around my chest and belly, trying to slide it into my shorts. I started squeezing her 44 d’s and pulling the nipples out even farther.

She leaned forward and asked me to release them from her bra. That was done in quick order and my reward was her beautiful tits expose for my viewing and for anyone else who happened to be driving along side.

By this time I was hard as a rock and there was a spot of precum spotting the front of my shorts. She ran a finger thru it and licked it clean, better get that out so I can watch you jack it for me she said. When my wife has a good idea I always try to make it happen.

I pulled the shorts to one side, wriggled my cock free and let her have a good look at the slick head. Her hand ran around the head as I squeezed her tits before getting started.

She kept an eye on me and one on the nearly deserted road as I slowly, at first, pulled on my dick causing more precum to escape. Again she swabbed it off with a finger tip and smiled as she licked it clean.

I asked, and she complied with my request for some bare boobs to look at. I worked my dick with my right hand and caressed he tits with the left as we cruised along. She was wriggling in the seat and I knew we’d need to find a way güvenilir bahis for her to have some relief, too, maybe soon after I came.

She kept wiping the head and tasting my juice or rubbing it into her hard nipples making me ready to explode in a few short minutes. She asked we to tell her when I was going to cum so she could capture some of it.

I watched her swinging tits and groaned, getting closer with every stroke. Now’s the time I told her and let go of my throbbing cocks seconds away from my orgasm. She wrapped her hand around my shaft, and milked me with a slow squeezing action.

That’s all it took my first explosion hit her on the tit and then her hand was covered in my cum. I leaned back extremely satisfied. She raised her hand to her mouth and licked up all the cum I’d left on her hand, seeing the large drop on her tit I reached my hand over to gather it up.

Telling her how amazing the finish she gave me was I tasted my own cum while she locked eyes with me.

It always makes her extra hot when I go down on her after I cum inside her slick steamy pussy and I knew she’d like me doing this as well.

We pulled into the next gas station to change seats and to see what we could do to get her off before we got home?

So we made the necessary adjustments at the gas stop, mainly a little rinse off for me to get any leftover cum off my dick and balls, didn’t want to stick to my shorts.

We pulled back out onto the two lane state highway with about an hour’s drive left. My wife had been wearing a loose pair of shorts before our stop; but soon after she dropped her panties in my lap. Telling me she didn’t need them getting in the way for the rest of our drive.

I slipped the stripped pair of bikini’s to my face for a deep pull of her musky aroma, noticing the damp spot in the crotch. I savored the taste by putting them into my mouth for a real taste. She said I must really like the flavor of her pussy if I’d take it second hand like that.

Well hell türkçe bahis yes I like her taste, and I told her so. She responded by dipping a middle finger between her labia and bringing the moist finger to my lips, here’s a fresher bit she told me. I licked her finger clean and asked if she was wet inside from what we’d done minutes before. She replied that she always got wet when I jacked off for her.

Her nipples were rock hard again and I massaged one thru her shirt. She leaned her head back and moaned, and shortly after reclined the seat to a more comfortable angle. Raising her hips she slid the shorts off saying they’d just be in the way, I eagerly stole glances at her neatly trimmed bush.

She began by slowly tracing circles around her pussy lips with an occasional trip to tweak her clit, with one hand busy working the outside of her pussy she spread herself open and began thrusting first one and then two or three fingers inside. She looks so sexy while she plays with herself, it never fails to get my cock hard.

This was no exception, I told her how hot she looked and pulled my shorts aside to show her the effect she was having on me. Gradually she concentrated her actions on her clit, her eyes drifted from her hands working herself to release, to my dick that had began to weep precum again. She kept looking outside the car to see if we were being watched.

Her hands worked faster and faster obviously she wanted to cum and stopped playing. She closed her eyes and I watched as her body thrashed back and forth. She’s not a ‘squirter’ ; more like an oozer and the excess of juice in her pussy coated her hands and the seat under her ass.

After several seconds, or maybe minutes, she opened her eyes and looked lovingly at me. Her hand went to my cock and gave it a squeeze, causing a large drop of my cum to escape.

She caught it on a finger and wiped it across her lips then gave me a quick kiss. She asked if I remembered any place safe enough to pull over so she could relive the güvenilir bahis siteleri pressure in my balls, again. So I started looking for a roadside park, a turn-off of any sort, or even a shady side road. While I looked she slowly jacked my cock.

Finally, after what seemed to my dick like a hundred miles, I saw what we needed. A small rest area with a group of shade trees, a picnic table and not a car in sight! I pulled in under the shade, and parked at the far end of the parking area.

No sooner had I stopped the car than my wife took over the stroking of my dick, using the precum as lube she was working me closer and closer to an explosion. She leaned over and ran her tongue around the head, even being used to her attentions this was driving me crazy.

Her tongue slipped into the slit causing me to shudder with pleasure. I let her know this wasn’t going to last long if she kept that up. She laughed as she removed her mouth for a moment and gave me a couple rapid firm strokes, getting me even closer. She knows me well enough to recognize the signs of imminent orgasm and responded by squeezing my cock at the base, stopping my cum from shooting out.

After a few seconds I could feel the pressure ease and she resumed her actions, lifting my shirt she found my nipple with her tongue and teased it in timing with her hand. She asked me if I was ready to cum next time, my reply was indistinguishable, at that point I didn’t care if we stayed there all day!

She dropped her lips back into contact with the slippery head of my dick and kept her hand around the shaft slowly jacking it as she applied exquisite pressure.

Her actions at last drove me over the edge, my cum spurted out of the end of my cock in several strong blasts. She captured the first couple in her mouth and as they eased she let them continue in the open and cover her hand in slick goo.

Her lips tasted fantastic covered in my juice. She proceeded to collect the deposits on her hand with her tongue. Smiling at me as she licked her hand clean. She finished the clean up by thoroughly wiping the shaft and head of my dick with her mouth and tongue.

Completely spent we grabbed a couple sodas from the back seat and headed off to finish the drive home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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