Pics for Bill

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Bill and I are porn buddies. We’ve been chatting on line for years and I’ve come to know him and his various kinks fairly well, so it didn’t phase me at all when he asked me to take pictures of my new toys. Bill is VERY much into toys. He will surf porn and find pictures of women playing with HUGE dildos. I think he sends them to me just to get my reactions, which usually amounts to me gawking…gulping…and typing something to the effect of: “That’s not POSSIBLE is it???” While I am far from a small woman overall, I am kind of tight and not very deep. Consequently my favorite toy is a six-inch highly realistic Caucasian flesh colored dong, complete with balls. When I’m feeling daring, I’ll break out the eight-inch version.

What I had mail-ordered, and what he was more interested in though, was a little different. While still eight inches of high realism, this one was a deep black flesh tone, and, upon measuring, I found it was bigger around than my wrist. It also has a suction cup on the base under the balls and a STRONG vibrating unit

I don’t tend to use my toys that often. Truth be told, I forget about them a lot of the time. That’s not to say that I’m not a fairly horny individual. My fingers find my slippery little clit every time they get a chance and I like nothing better than getting rammed from behind by a nice hard dick or bouncing myself to a screaming orgasm atop a stiff throbbing cock.

This particular night, when Bill asked if I’d been making good use of that THICK black vibe, I answered truthfully, that I’d used it twice, once when it first came in, and then that my husband had, with the help of a LOT of lube, worked it up my ass and turned the vibrations on high so that he could feel them as he fucked my pussy good.

I wasn’t really doing anything else that night. The hubby was sleeping on the couch in front of the TV, none of my other buddies were on line, and none of the porn I was looking at was grabbing my attention all that much, so even though it was pretty late, when Bill asked me to go get my new toy and my digital camera, It seemed like a wonderful idea to me! I braced it against my thigh and drizzled a good amount of Astroglide over the head. Touching my finger to the lube that was running slowly downwards, I lifted it back up, drawing a glistening strand out between the very tip of the dildo and my finger and quickly snapped the shot. I smiled, thinking he’d probably like that one. I then wrapped my hand around the dark shaft, stroking up and down, spreading the lube.

My pussy muscles started working…clenching illegal bahis and releasing, my clit throbbing. I have always loved the feel of a cock in my hand: love the softness of the skin and the rigid pulsing of the shaft; love the way the veins throb along the surface; love the way the skin slides up tight, drawing the balls up with it a little. I’ve always been a little hesitant about giving a straight hand job, though. In my mind a guy would know how to please himself MUCH better than I could.

Since hand jobs are another big turn on for Bill, we’ve talked about them a lot and I’ve concluded that maybe I needed to re-think my position on that. While I think Bill and I are probably not very well suited for each other as bed partners, if we ever met in real, I really would like to watch him strip, stroke himself to hardness, and let me take over. I’d love to watch the lube oozing down his cock and then just wrap my hand around him and stroke…long and slow. To me it’s all about the desire, so little things like the thought of watching the subtle changes in his expressions, hearing his breath hitch, feeling his body stiffen are SUCH turn-ons! That’s exactly what I had in the back of my mind as I wrapped my hand around that big toy. I made sure the angle was right so that you could see that my fingers wouldn’t meet around that thick, solid shaft and that my long, painted nails were catching the light–and then snapped another pic.

Sliding to the edge of my chair, I pulled my nightgown up and leaned back a little. I was anxious to satisfy the throbbing urge in my pussy, but I knew I needed to get some pictures first. Grumbling some, I fumbled, trying to organize spreading my legs wide enough to open my pussy lips a little, holding the toy at my hungry entrance, and getting the camera at the right angle.

The flash went off and I moaned a little in anticipation, knowing that soon I’d be filling the aching emptiness inside of me. Concentrating on not moving the hand holding the camera, I pushed with the other, urging that monster cock on. The head slid forward, stretching my inner lips, forcing my pussy open. Oh God! My teeth sank into my lower lip. I froze there trembling, telling myself to relax. For one thing, my inner muscles needed to loosen up or I’d NEVER get that thing inside of me. The other was that I wanted it so damn bad that if I didn’t slow down I’d forget about taking pictures at all!

I squeezed the shutter release. I was so tense the resulting flash and electronic beep made me jump. My pussy clenched hard and a pre-orgasmic illegal bahis siteleri wave rolled over my body. A little whimper escaped me and me only thought was that I NEEDED more of that. The only thing that kept me from trying to CRAM myself full right then and there was the sound of my instant messenger.

“Doing ok over there?” Bill asked. The hand holding the camera went to the keyboard.

“Just fine.” I typed with two fingers. What I meant was: so hot…so frustrated…so damn NEEDY…but like hell I was going to type all of that out. Bringing the camera back to what I hoped was the right position, I pushed harder on the toy, sliding it slowly in about half way. CHRIST! I could feel the friction caused by the veined texture…see that big black monster slowly disappearing. Another wave crashed over me. My eyes closed and I shuddered with pleasure. Somewhere in the back of my head a little voice was chiding: “Take a picture…he’ll want to see the progression” Yes …a picture and then I can have more…. I snapped the pic and then wriggled forward in my seat a little further.

Pushing harder, I grunted softly. I just wasn’t going to get it much deeper and I knew it. But it needed to be all the way in to complete the set…I started working it: in and out…maybe only an inch…but making a little progress with each push…the base of the vibe coming a little closer to my pussy every time. Oh! It was soooo good. I wanted to throw my head back and just fuck myself silly, but I needed that last pic. I felt something tickling my outer lips and opened my eyes. YES! There it was: balls deep!

With some degree of satisfaction I took the last picture and sat up to transfer what I’d taken from the camera to the computer. I gasped, keeping some of my weight on my legs. Oh my GOD it was so deep! I squirmed and circled my hips, knowing if I tried to grind down any further I’d feel bruised tomorrow.

“Ready?” I asked him, transferring the first picture.

“I like that.” he responded. I sent the next one, smiling as I realized I had managed to get pretty much the exact shot I wanted. “Nice.” came the reply. I had renamed the next pics and leaned back in my chair again before sending them. I let the toy slide almost all the way out of me before sending the one I’d named: Here We Go. Simulating the picture, I slid it halfway in and sent Deeper. “You can do it.” He said and I slid that big, black cock home and moaned as I sent How’s That Bill. He sent me a smiley face and then “Thanks. Is it still inside of you?”

“Yeah,” I canlı bahis siteleri replied, “and if I hadn’t been taking pictures, I would have cum by now.”

“I see.” came his answer.

This is where things got a little…odd. The usual conversation with Bill usually entails some small talk and surfing some porn, which leads to him jerking off. Sometimes I urge him along. Sometimes he just tells me when he’s about to cum. I love the idea of being part of something that personal and the thought of him sitting there…stroking…bringing himself closer and closer until…BAM! That gets me going to the point where I sometimes cum with him. He’s very rarely directly involved with my end of things, however, which is why I was completely taken off guard when he said, “Why don’t you start working it in and out of you, then.” I sure wasn’t complaining, though!

I leaned back…legs propped up on the sides of my desk and eased my dildo in and out of my wet, hungry pussy. It was soooo good, filling me up so completely and I’d been waiting so damn long.

“Who is he?” That question kind of jerked me back from my sex-crazed state. After taking a moment to consider I answered:

“Some guy I met in a bar.”

“Did you pick him up… or did he hit on you?”

“He started it, but I wasn’t saying no.”

“Harder. Watch that big, black cock disappear inside of you. Feel him ramming you.”

“Oh my God!”

“He’s stretching you out good, forcing himself deep”

“YESSSS!” I was thrashing in my chair, deathgrip on the base of the big toy, working it hard and fast. My pussy muscles were gripping tightly. Every thrust echoed deep inside me. In my mind I could see my creamy white thighs wrapped around this big, black guy’s hips, forcing him into me harder. I could feel those strong hands gripping my ass, and, of course, feel that giant cock slamming into me.

“You’re taking it like a good little slut, aren’t you?”

That did it. I barely had time to type in “omg cummmminnngggg!” before my body arched up off the chair…every muscle so tense I was shaking all over. A long wail burst from my throat and my pussy started convulsing around the thick toy lodged deep inside of me. My teeth clenched as wave after wave of blessed satisfaction rolled over me. Collapsing down weakly, still shuddering in aftershock, I was vaguely aware of a trickle of my juices slipping down my inner thigh.


“Mmmmmmmmm So nice…”

“Good. I gotta get some sleep. Talk to you later. nite nite.”

I glanced at the clock. The damn sun would be coming up soon.

“Later” I answered him and watched him log off.

I managed to make my legs work long enough to climb the stairs and fall into bed. I’m pretty sure I slept with a hell of a grin on my face that night, though!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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