Her First Time – With a Teacher

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(This is my first attempt @ Erotica. I Hope You Enjoy! ^.^)

She had always wanted him; little did she know so did he…

One morning while a girl of 18 with long red hair got ready for school, she couldn’t help but think of him. He was perfect for her, with his dark brown hair, sexy fang-like teeth and his flawless skin. Gosh, he was sexy! And he had the most beautiful personality she knew of. She knew she couldn’t have him though so she tried to forget, but she couldn’t shake these fantasies involving the two of them.

It wasn’t like she was ugly or something, she actually was quite beautiful. She also had nearly flawless skin and a petite body with nice breasts approximately 34C. Her name was Misty.

No, it was something else something that couldn’t be overlooked.

He was her English Professor.

“Oh, Fuck!” she exclaimed as she looked at the clock. She ran out the door, started her car and drove off.

********* Later during her English Class******

As the class came together to start, the teacher began to hand back some papers. When Misty bedava bahis got her paper back, in large writing “Please See Me After School to Discuss Your Paper” was written in red ink. Misty’s knees began to shake in anticipation.

Maybe he finally realizes how I feel… she thought.

She waited for the clock to strike 3:00 on tenterhooks for what awaited her.


Finally it was 3 o’clock!

“Teacher?” Misty asked as she knocked on his door.

“Yes,” He said “Please come in.” He sat in a chair in front of his desk.

Misty’s knees turned to jelly at the sound of his voice as she stumbled in.

She simply had to look at him and she was blushing. She could see that he was hard through the jeans he wore.

He smiled as he noticed her staring.

This is it, She thought, I have to make the first move…

She approached his desk, soaking in her panties.

Her teacher noticed too, Thanks to those small catholic school girl outfits.

She pulled a chair up next to his, as close as she could get. And she bedava bonus sat down, making sure her lacey panties were revealed, just a peak.

“Well,” Misty said, “You wanted to see me?” she asked

“Yes,” he replied. “About your paper, you see after reading I found you have a lot of troubles, sexually I mean.”

Misty smiled a bit. “Go on,”

“Well, I wanna help with that, that is if I have your permission,” He touched her thigh.

Misty blushed as she her lips began to swell up. She couldn’t believe her plan actually was working!

“Well…. Uh, I-if it’s not a problem I’d love the help,” Misty replied.

“Excellent!” He got up and locked the classroom door. “Don’t want any disruptions…”

“Tell me Misty,” he said “Are you a virgin?” he asked smiling.

“Yes.” Misty squeaked nervously.

“Don’t be nervous,” He replied.

He walked back over to her and began to unbutton her blouse ever so gently.

Misty could feel her nipples rise to attention, which only made her hornier.

He began to kiss her neck and deneme bonusu rub on her breasts. Gosh, she wanted him!

Misty reached and unhooked her bra then unbuttoned his shirt and began to work on his jeans.

“Good Misty,” he whispered, “Just let your instincts take over.”

Finally he pulled down his jeans to reveal his hard and long cock. She began to stroke it with the tips of her fingers, teasing him, and he knew it.

He hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties which were already soaking and he began to rub her clit, quite soft at first and increased the intensity until Misty was almost doubled over from the great feeling.

“Ohhhh…..” she moaned softly.

He stopped to put a condom on and then as Misty lay on the desk he plunged himself inside of her. She cried out in ecstasy. It was the best pain she ever felt. She began to pump in and out. Misty’s knees began to shake at the rocking motion of the two bodies and she let out a cry

“Oh, Teacher!” then came just as he did. Their two bodies lay next to each other enjoying wave after wave of the pleasure. She then looked at the clock and noticed how late she was, and rushed to get home, but before she left she kissed him and thanked him for the first orgasm she ever had. Misty knew she certainly will anticipate the next time he asks her to stay after…

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