Happy 18th Birthday, Baby!

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Yeah baby today you’re 18 and you’re gonna become a woman! Haha! You just don’t know how much! I’m taking that cherry on your cake, baby and poppin it in my mouth! Yes baby, you get the meaning? I’ll be taking your virginity tonight and you don’t know just yet.

Just have your fun right now. Blow your candles, laugh with your friends. Be a little girl for the last time, baby because tonight I’ll turn you into a woman! Yeah just wait till the last guests go home. Just wait till your parents are gone. Just wait till the lights are dim baby, and the music gets soft. Wait till my arms are wrapped around you, and start caressing you. Wait till my lips lick your lips, and my tongue comes inside your gaping mouth. My tongue will go deep inside baby. I’ll touch your throat and bo back and forth. And you’ll start getting hot baby. My hands’ll just caress your boobs like they did so many times. But this time they’ll be looking for something else, baby! My hands will go down and up your dress, baby and they won’t be the only ones with the fun tonight, just wait and see. You think it’s like usual but deep down inside you know you ready for more. You always knew it, you’ve been waiting for that moment and you want it hard, baby, as hard and far deep as your pussy goes! And baby tonight’s the night you’re gonna know güvenilir bahis just how far it goes, yeah!

My hands will be searching for you baby and they know where to look. Your eyes, opening and closing, you’ll think “oh he’s just gonna finger me”. Haha you know so little! Sure enough my fingers will be caressing your slit, back and forth, smooth and gentle. They be caressing you softly and gently from your front to your ass and back again. Oh yeah you’ll be starting to squirm a bit baby! It’s just the beginning you know. I lie you down gently on the futon and deep kiss you all the while, baby! My fingers wll find your clit and work it out and your legs will start to quiver and shake, but my fingers won’t stop! That’ll be their signal to go inside you baby, you know the drill! One finger wiggling inside your pussy and scouting it out, the other still caressing you outside. It’ll be so smooth inside your pussy baby and you’ll be starting to get wet, haha! Meanwhile my other hand will pull up your halter top baby! Yeah you naked underneath. Your nipples will get hard and erect, baby, yeah, just like my cock!

I’ll be sucking at your nipples while my fingers go in harder and stronger! The way is open for pleasure baby! My 2 fingers will go in and out, over and over, faster and faster, baby. Your pussy türkçe bahis will be quivering now and your cum pouring out. Oh yeah baby! Thats the way I like it! Uh huh! You’ll be moaning and moving around and you’ll be hiding your face with your arm I know! But I’ll move them away, so I can see how you react and you need to see what happens next. Hoho! Yeah I’ll be pulling out my rock hard cock, fast as a gun! Oh yeah baby, your eyes will get wide! Yeah because now you know whats in store for you baby! It won’t be like any other night yeah! Tonight’s the night you’ll get the real meaning of things, baby!

Yeah baby here’s my cock up and ready real close to your pussy! Your slit is wet, wet with cumming and waiting and wanting! One quick jerk and yeah its, in! Whats it baby? Yeah you like it! You scared but you like it and you want it! You screaming baby just a little bit. Just a little sharp pain baby that rips you a bit! Thats the price to be real woman, baby and you know it! Your inside feels my huge cock going in, pounding its way in,oh yeah! No mercy from my cock baby he don’t know the meaning! He just keeps going in, pounding it in as far as he can! Yeah baby bang bang bang bang all the way in, baby. Your legs are spread away on each side of you, like wings, baby! They flap away into the air, holding güvenilir bahis siteleri up, no time to rest, they got the rythm of my pounding baby! Fly away baby, fly high, as hisgh as you can, because your time is coming! I see your face when that happens! You’re reaching out, pushing away, pulling me in, deeper and deeper, baby! Your cum is squirting all over my cock, baby! Your screams turn to moans, your moans turn to pleas: more, more, hard, hard, yes, yes, oh, oh! ah! ah! ah! aaah! yeah baby! I know you like it! And my cock is still fucking you baby, all the way far and deep. You never knew about my cock, baby! You saw it, but had no clue, baby what it could do!

Oh yeah my cock is swelling baby! Its gonna burst out any moment now! I keep pounding, you keep moaning, but you know it, its gonna come! Oh, oh oh oh, oh, oh yeah oh yeah, oh yeaaaaaaahh, baby!!! My cum is gushing out all inside you! Full speed, full force, I can’t stop it, you can’t stop it! It’s spraying your whole inside baby, covering everything you got! You feel it, I feel it, baby! You got it, baby! You’ve been fucked all the way! You’ve been dicked as far it could go, baby, yeah! You’re all covered with cum, deep inside you, baby! You screamed and moaned and screamed again! Now you know the meaning, baby!

Congratulations, baby! You’re a real woman now!!! Yeah!

Oh yeah baby! That’s what will happen tonight, I promise. That’s the present I have for you tonight! Happy 18th Birthday, baby! That candy cherry sure tastes good, baby and I’m still looking at you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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