Fruit of Passion

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It was a typical Sunday afternoon as she shopped at her favorite produce market, perusing the aisles for her favorite fresh fruits and vegetables, quickly scanning her hungry, blue eyes over the many rows of healthy delights for some occasional exotic fruit the store owner provided. Charlotte was in fine physical condition for a woman of forty-five years and lately, she had been paying special attention to her diet. It wasn’t difficult for her to include fruit in her diet, as she loved the varied flavors and textures and also had this kinky passion for the aphrodisiacal power this food held over her. She had had many lovers over the years who romanced her in the typical fashion with flowers and chocolate. “How unimaginative,” she thought to herself. Cut flowers eventually die, just as her past relationships had, and chocolate, her favorite poison, if consumed without restraint, would surely transform her sensuous curves. Her addiction for sex, however, was one poison from which she could not abstain.

Lost in the reverie of her own musing, Charlotte hadn’t noticed her surroundings. Suddenly she came back to reality and found herself standing before the most beautiful fruit she had ever seen. A neatly stacked pile of brown Asian pears sat before her, sold individually in cute Styrofoam ‘nests’ with scalloped edges. Presentation is everything! Her eyes lit up like a child seeing fireworks for the first time. Her lustful desires became overwhelming as she first noticed the womb-shaped fruit and its delicate shade of skin. She imagined herself taking that first bite of juicy, delectable fruit flesh, as a thrilling tingle originated from the center of her being and traveled southward. She felt so devilishly naughty at that moment, sure that every customer in the store would notice the lustful intentions of those punctuated, tell-tale, blue eyes of hers. As she reached for the pear, she was startled by the seemingly sudden appearance of a very tall, handsome man standing before her, reaching at the very same moment, as their hands touched. Charlotte stood a mere five feet tall, dwarfed by comparison of this man who must have been 6’7″, with unruly, dark, brown curls and hypnotic blue eyes, an irresistible combination of physical features that placed her under his magic spell. His jaw line was strong and tense, his face had an overall appearance of refined ruggedness. His hands were large, his fingers long and sleek. The stranger’s eyes met and locked in each other’s gaze for a moment that felt like eternity.

Her illegal bahis petite hand rested atop his, as he had retrieved the exotic delicacy before her. Charlotte was unsure what action she should take, as she had studied the beautiful stack of freshness and decided on this one particular, perfect fruit. She was quite accustomed to always getting what she wanted. Before she could decide on a course of action, the handsome stranger parted his thick, sensual lips to reveal an impish grin. At that moment, she looked like a deer caught in headlights, frozen in the fury of excitement, her heart palpitating wildly. This man was far more beautiful than the fruit she coveted. Gently she withdrew her hand and he tenderly lifted the pear, his eyes never departing her lustful stare.

Charlotte began to feel dizzy, her knees weakened, as this gorgeous stranger took one slow step towards the front of the store, signaling with those eyes — oh, those beckoning eyes! — for her to follow. Without one word spoken, she heeded his silent command, approaching the cashier on unsteady legs. Her grocery cart full of savory, fresh foods was quickly abandoned and forgotten. She stood next to him in great anticipation as he paid the cashier, nearly swooning at the thought of what may happen next. To Charlotte’s surprise, he took her tiny, fragile hand into his own and led her outside the store to his car, walking to the passenger side of his red Porsche. He opened the door and gestured her to sit. He then confidently strode around the front of the car and got in. Again he looked into her eyes and held the large, brown pear in his enormous palm, fingers outstretched. At first Charlotte was confused. Was he offering her the pear or teasing her because he had secured it for himself? As quickly as she attempted to discern his intentions, he moved his hand toward her and silently offered his fruit.

By now, Charlotte was hot and wet with expectation for that first bite of fruit and intoxicated as well, by the scent of his cologne, which delicately permeated the space they now shared. The aroma was musky, delightfully masculine, and mingling with the sweet pear perfume. The moment nearly overtook her senses with delight.

Gingerly, she accepted the pear and took the first tantalizing bite, as its juice dribbled from the corners of her mouth. Behaving as a fine gentleman would, he removed a handkerchief from his shirt pocket and tenderly blotted each side of her face. Charlotte continued more voraciously now, devouring the fruit but taking illegal bahis siteleri care not to spill any more of its succulence, and allowing an occasional soft moan of ecstatic pleasure, as he watched her in silence.

He shifted his gaze from her for a moment to start the car, glancing over at her once again with contentment, before backing out and driving away from the market. They drove merely one-and-a-half blocks when he made a right turn into a driveway. The ranch house was modest but handsome, with a finely manicured lawn and perfect shrubs. The beautiful stranger turned off the car, proceeded to the outside of her door and opened it. He extended his large, protective hand, which Charlotte happily received, as she rose from her seat like a submissive child. She felt embarrassed too, because her hands were sticky, though her companion did not seem to mind.

Once inside the front door, he led her to the kitchen sink, held her hands under the dispenser as he pumped soap onto them, as well as his own. He caressed them gently and thoroughly, rinsing both sets of hands under the warm water, and dried them with paper towels.

He had made Charlotte feel quite comfortable and secure and now her body was limp. Her panties were drenched with excitement, the juices of her own fruit ready to be eaten.

He placed his hand gently on her shoulder, traced his long, slender fingers down the front of her eager body to the hem of her shirt, lingering a moment, barely brushing over her breasts. Charlotte submissively raised her hands over her head as he slowly and seductively removed her shirt. With one hand he reached behind her and unclasped her bra to reveal her full sensual breasts. At this point he could no longer remain slow and steady. He drew Charlotte’s nipple into his mouth, tugged, traced around the areola, then flicking her hardness with his skilled tongue before taking its mate for several minutes until she could no longer endure his hot teasing. She kicked her shoes off quickly and pulled down her jeans.When she began to remove her lacy bikini panties, he took her hands firmly within his own and proceeded to pull them away from her silky skin with his teeth, all the way down to her ankles. Her entire body was now quivering in hot anticipation.

Following suit, she helped him remove his clothing in a feverish fury. Firmly but tenderly, he cupped his hands around her ass and drew her shaking body next to his. The discrepancy in their unequal stature was almost comical for a moment, as canlı bahis siteleri his rock hard cock stood far above her waist. She bent down slightly and sucked, licked and teased his penis until he could take no more.

The tall stranger placed his hands firmly around her slender waist and lifted her up, setting her on the counter next to the sink. Delicately her pulled her knees apart and hungrily inspected her neatly shaved pussy and her already swollen clitoris. He lowered himself to the floor, and resting on both knees, he began to caress her clit with his anxious tongue. Lightly he teased and flicked, circled around and up and down as she was moaning in sweet ecstasy. He then nibbled lightly with his teeth while she caressed and tugged at her own fully erect nipples. Charlotte was begging him emphatically to bring her to orgasm. Once more he traced around her outer lips with his tongue and then sucked her clit in and out of his hungry mouth. She could feel the tingles in her soft thighs that signaled the onset of sweet release. “Oh, God! Oh, yes!” Charlotte moaned as she exploded into a convulsing orgasm. The beautiful stranger pulled his head back a few inches to watch her pussy, in pure delight and satisfaction. Her juices gushed onto the countertop as she exhaustedly moaned over and over again. He stood before her, and stroked his huge, hard cock until his cum discharged like a volcano and landed on Charlotte’s chin and breasts. She swiped her chin with her index finger and sucked his sweet love juice, tossing her head back as she giggled. “It is convenient to be situated next to the paper towels,” she thought to herself, as the contented gentleman cleaned the remainder of his sweet spill from Charlotte’s breasts and from himself.

She began to lower herself from the counter, when he quickly reached around her waist and lifted her. She reciprocated his offer by wrapping her soft thighs around him and hugging him tightly around the neck. He kissed her softly and tenderly on the lips, then slowly lowered her to the floor, sighing as she slid down his warm body until her toes touched a solid surface once again.

The two lovers retrieved their clothing from the floor and quietly dressed, catching each other’s calm gaze several times. As he picked up his keys, the two exhausted strangers headed for the car. They sat is silence as he drove her back to the market, and once the car was parked, this beautiful man leaned toward her and brushed back her long tousled hair from her face, and kissed her on the forehead. Relaxed and happily drowsy from the passion and excitement of the afternoon, she smiled and got out of the car.

“Beautiful stranger, what’s your name?” she whispered to herself, as she stood and watched him drive away.

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