Fred , Mary

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Fred had had a wonderful dream. It was full of naked women, all in and around his pool most of the time. He could see Mary, Becky and Hilary with Jessica and Geraldine too. But where was Maria Elena? He had a huge cock and he wanted to thrust it into her. He couldn’t see her anywhere.

He started to thrash about and called out her name. “Maria!” he called. “Where are you?”

Cool fingertips traced across his brow as two soft hands cradled his face.

“It’s not Maria Elena, Fred my darling. It’s too early. It’s Mary! I’ve come to make sure that you’re ready to do your duty!”

Fred came awake and sat bolt upright, dislodging Mary’s from her position. She was sitting on his naked chest, naked herself with her breasts before him, her nipples hard and prominent. Fred blinked.

“God Mary, I was dreaming. All you girls were there but I couldn’t find Maria Elena. I wanted to ask her if she still wanted me to take her virginity. I was feeling so hard that I wanted her right then!”

Mary giggled and reached down between her thighs.

“You’re still very hard, Fred my darling. No fucking now though! You’ve got to save what you’ve been making overnight for young Maria. You want her to feel your sperms splashing hard and deep into her pussy don’t you?”

Fred groaned. “Oh God Mary, if I think about her any more I shall shoot a load all over you and then you would be disappointed in me. Let me up and I’ll try to work off this hard-on.”

Mary slid from Fred’s chest and then from his bed, taking a firm hold on his erect cock as she did so.

“Come on,” she said. “You’ve got have a pee first! That will help. Then we’ll have breakfast and plan what we will do when Maria Elena turns up.”

Mary pulled Fred into the bathroom by his penis and entered the shower cabinet, turning on the water as she did so. Fred howled as the initial stream of cold water hit his prick. It began to deflate and his piss shot out of his tube. Then the warm water began to flow and he relaxed as Mary almost milked his piss out of his hole.

“Anyway,” he asked her as they towelled each other down, “how come you are here so early?”

“I’m sorry Fred but I am so excited too. I couldn’t sleep any more. I’m afraid I’m also jealous ‘cos I got the girls to tell me some of the things you three got up to yesterday. You made a big hit there and I just wanted to be near you as soon as possible.”

Fred grabbed Mary and kissed her, rubbing his naked body against hers and causing his cock to stiffen up again.

“I love you girl,” he growled. “Let’s go get breakfast before I lose control and fuck you here and now!”

“After your deflowering you can fuck me as often as you like,” laughed Mary as she ran up the hallway towards the kitchen. “You feed Prince and I’ll see what you’ve got left in stock.”

The three of them had a relaxed and leisurely breakfast, or at least Fred and Mary did. Prince’s breakfast was consumed in about thirty seconds flat! Fred and Mary talked about Maria Elena and what they would do. After a while Fred spoke.

“All these ideas may come to nothing if Maria won’t let you be there,” he said. “She may have her own romantic idea of how she wants to lose her virginity and change her mind altogether when she sees you here. We must tread very carefully.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be very gentle with her. Just you make sure that you are nowhere to be seen when she arrives.”

“I’ll go out and do a bit of shopping and try to get back when she’s already here,” said Fred. “Call my mobile but I won’t answer. By the way, where does Graham think you are this morning, going out so early?”

“He’s already up and gone to golf. I had forgotten that he was going to La Manga to play today. He won’t be back ’til late. Jessica will let me know if he calls.”

So, about eleven o’clock Fred went out, without Prince and in Mary’s vehicle, heading towards the other little town nearby so that hopefully Maria Elena wouldn’t see him.

She duly arrived at Fred’s house at about eleven thirty, entering by herself and then being accompanied by Prince from the gate to the casa.

Maria Elena was looking her absolute best and also her sexiest. Her top was of white lace, hanging from the tips of her breasts almost to her naked midriff. Her little short skirt was pure white, gripping precariously to her hipbones and only reaching down to mid thigh. She wore high white sandals today. Her body was showing all her best jewellery from her silver necklace and matching dangling earrings with garnets to her diamond studded belly button and her silver anklet adorning her left ankle. She wore no rings today.

“Hello Fred, can you hear me?” she called softly into the interior. She gasped and stepped back quickly as a naked Mary appeared in the doorway.

“I’m sorry to startle you Maria,” said Mary. “Fred won’t be long. He just had to do a little shopping. Come and have a drink to relax yourself; perhaps have a coffee too?”

Maria Elena relaxed, after all Mary was a good friend to canlı bahis her as well as being one of her mother’s employers. She accepted the coffee as well as a small brandy; she was still wound up a little in expectation of what she hoped was to happen to her later.

Mary returned with the drinks and some sweet biscuits.

“You are looking so beautiful Maria my dear. May I inspect your jewellery a little more closely?”

Maria sipped her brandy as Mary examined her navel and her earrings. Then she slipped her soft hands under the necklace and ran her fingers around her neck all the way to the catch. Then she released the necklace and stroked her hands back to cup Maria’s face. She looked into her dark eyes.

“So beautiful! You are so beautiful Maria. I must just kiss you a little. May I?”

Mary pulled gently and kissed Maria softly on both cheeks. Then she smiled and even more gently kissed her on the mouth. She then pressed a little harder to the lips and was rewarded with a little return push. Mary did not break contact but opened her lips and allowed her tongue to slide softly along Maria’s lips. Then she broke contact and smiled at her beautiful young friend.

Maria’s eyes were watering and a tear was about to fall from each one.

“Oh Mary, my friend, that was so beautiful. I’m so nervous today. I want Fred to make love to me. It is my first ever time that I will have a man’s, you know, his thing inside of me and I want to get it right for him. I know that he love’s you and I don’t want to spoil anything between you but he is the man I want to be my first. Am I being a silly girl?”

Mary quickly kissed Maria again.

“I know why you’re here Maria and it’s perfectly all right. It’s not as if you’re in love with him and are going to marry him, is it? Good! Now we know where we stand let’s enjoy ourselves. When Fred comes back I’ll go if you want! Have a little more brandy!”

The girls threw their drinks down their throats and embraced again. After a moment Mary kissed Maria again, this time with open mouth and tongue out. Maria sighed and sucked Mary’s tongue into her mouth as she inserted hers into the older woman’s mouth. They pushed their bodies against each other and Mary reached for one of Maria’s little hands and placed it on her breast.

Maria stopped and looked at Mary and at her hand on her right breast. Mary smiled at her and cupped her breasts in both hands as she offered them to Maria. Maria gazed at them for a moment or two and then reached out her other hand as she dropped her head to Mary’s breasts and began to kiss, lick and bite at them. Mary held her to her breasts.

After a short while she pulled Maria’s head away.

“Now, we don’t want to spoil your outfit for Fred, do we? Let’s get you out of these things for a while. I want to play with your body too!”

Soon the new lovers were on Fred’s bed, naked and loving. Maria’s little clothes were carefully laid out next door so that she could slip back into them quickly when Fred returned. Mary’s head was buried deep into Maria’s crotch as her tongue sought out her crack and her clitoris. Maria squealed and grabbed Mary’s head as she wriggled into position under her friend’s body so that she could return the favour.

Mary began to make her customary juices so soon Maria’s face was dripping wet. Both girls were succeeding in arousing the other and were fast approaching a climax. They both discovered a hard rubbery clit and began to suck on it with relish.

“Ohhhh my Goooood,” squealed Mary as her car drew up at the gate and Prince barked to welcome his master home. “Ohhhhh Maria my darling, that was wonderful. Fred’s here and I didn’t get you to come did I? Next time, I promise!”

“Don’t worry,” said Maria as she grabbed a towel and began to wipe herself down. “I didn’t really want to have an orgasm until after Fred has given me one. But I agree, next time we will both come!”

Mary kissed her quickly. “I’ll keep him busy while you dress. Then I’ll go if you like but I would love to watch you lose your virginity.”

“Mary, please stay! I think it will be rather fun to be watched and I won’t feel as if I am making Fred cheat on you quite so much. Is that silly?”

“No, not at all. I think it’s lovely. Take your time; I’ll go and meet him and tell him that I’m staying. OK?”

Maria smiled, nodded and began to dress. It was going to take her all of thirty seconds!

Outside, Mary gave Fred a big Maria flavoured kiss. He raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, it’s working marvellously,” she said. “I’m staying too, it’s all agreed. Go and get the Champagne and let’s get this deflowering show on the road. When she appears just kiss her and touch her.”

Fred had just got the Champagne open when Maria appeared. He whistled, as he looked her up and down. He took her in his arms and kissed her soundly, fondling her bottom as he did so. She responded whole-heartedly and the kiss took some time. By the time it was finished Mary had poured the Champagne and she handed bahis siteleri them their glasses.

They toasted one another and looked at each other as they drank. Mary was, of course, now the only one naked. Eventually they felt ready to proceed.

“Well Maria my little friend, my oh so beautiful little friend, am I to take it that your presence here today means that you wish to lose your virginity?”

“Oh yes please Fred! I want so much to make love with you! I am ready to join the grown up world. I have been hearing all about you and Jessica and Geraldine and I want some too! Please love me now!”

Fred rose from his armchair and held out his hand to Maria. She stood too and gazed up at him with adoration in her eyes.

“I think that the bedroom is the best place for what is to take place between us. Let us go and show our bodies to each other!”

Maria took Fred’s hand and followed him into the casa. Mary followed them, her fingers running across her belly and into her crack. Her lovely brown breasts heaved as she breathed deeply in anticipation of the imminent events.

In the bedroom Fred kissed Maria and caressed her all over her perfect little body. As the kiss ended he reached behind her and unclipped her tiny top. As it fell away he gasped as her pert firm breasts were revealed. Maria had come to her deflowering with no bra! Fred tore off his shirt.

Maria now took control. She palmed Fred’s penis with one little hand as she drew his shorts over his buttocks. They fell down to show a big bulge in his white pants. Maria delved inside to capture her prize. Behind Fred Mary yanked down the tiny y-fronts to reveal his long stiff cock.

Maria gasped and took Fred in both hands as she knelt down before him. She began to frig his cock firmly as her mouth moved closer and closer to his knob end. Fred groaned softly and pulled her head towards him. Maria glanced up at him.

“I like to suck your cock Fred but please do not ejaculate into my mouth just now. I want your first sperms to go inside of me today. Is that all right?”

“Exactly right, my angel. You just go ahead and do what you want. I will hold on tight until we are joined!”

Maria now spread Fred’s pre cum all over his knob and down his shaft. She cupped his balls, opened her mouth wide and swallowed as much of his cock as she could manage. Fred groaned again and began to fuck at her mouth. Mary moved to stand beside him; her breasts warm against his side and back. He slipped an arm around her.

Maria squeezed Fred’s cock hard with her lips as she began to withdraw. There was a distinct ‘pop’ as his knob was released. She smiled up at him and then stood, his cock still pouched in her hot little hands.

“Now it is time for me to show you the rest of my body, Fred darling. I know that you have seen me naked before but today is special, is it not? Mary has already prepared my pussy but I did not come. I am saving that pleasure for when you have penetrated me. See!”

Maria let go of Fred’s prick, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her little shorts and pushed both her shorts and panties down her legs in one fluid movement. She then fell back onto the bed and spread her legs to reveal her moist charms. Her hair had been trimmed down to just a thin covering. She smiled up at Fred.

“There you are Fred my darling lover, my vagina is already wet for you thanks to Mary. I cut my hairs myself but I was a little nervous so it may not look very good. Can I please now have your penis inside of me with no further delays? I am ready for you!”

Fred gulped and took a deep breath as he looked down on Maria, a lovely young maiden so deliciously laid out before him. He felt that he had never seen anything so beautiful before. He reached down and took her hands, pulling her into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. His cock bounced gently and tickled Maria’s nipples as she spread her legs again.

Mary got up on to the bed behind Maria. She looked over her shoulder and gently kissed her warm skin. She slid her hands around Maria’s body and cupped her breasts, pointing her hard nipples at Fred’s red knob end.

“Now is the time, Maria my darling. Are you ready? If you are just lean back slightly and lift your thighs. That’s it, see! Fred’s cock has found its way to your pussy and is going to knock on your door!”

Maria’s hands went down to her pussy and opened up her lips, swollen with excitement. Her juices began to trickle from her crack.

“Oh please Fred, put your penis into me now! I am so ready for you. See my juices!”

Fred moved into position and took hold of his throbbing shaft. He made contact with Maria’s pussy and began to rub his red knob up and down her crack. She moaned as his cock became wet with both their juices. The moment came when Fred pushed at her hot spot and his knob end disappeared inside her!

They both looked, mesmerised! Then Fred pushed a little more until he definitely felt the resistance of Maria’s hymen. Mary gripped Maria’s breasts bahis şirketleri tightly.

Maria glanced up into Fred’s face before gazing down again.

“Now Fred darling, make me a woman. Make me whole. Push your cock deep into me and fuck me. Fill me with your seed. Everyone says a man’s sperm is hot and I want to feel it!”

Fred reached forward and took Maria’s buttocks into his big hands. He gripped her tightly and lifted her slightly. He took a deep breath and thrust gently but firmly with his rock hard shaft.

There was a moment’s resistance from Maria’s passage and then his engine slid smoothly home, all the way up into her waiting love tunnel. Fred held still at the top of her passage, savouring the feeling of a virgin cunt that was virgin no more. He looked into her face. Maria felt it and looked up too.

“That feels so good,” she whispered tremulously. “I can feel you all the way up inside of me. It doesn’t hurt me at all. I really do like your cock inside of me Fred darling. I think that you can start to, er, fuck me now! Please start slowly so that I can enjoy everything!”

Fred slid his shaft down and almost out of Maria’s hot tight cunt. The he thrust back inside her to the top again. She gasped and grabbed at his hips.

“That felt wonderful Fred. Do it again but harder and faster!”

Fred complied but he was thinking to himself that he wasn’t going to last too long inside this tight hot cunt. It was beginning to make more juice but it was all so hot. By now he was really fucking up Maria’s tunnel and she was pulling harder on his arse.

Mary was panting too as she caressed Maria’s breasts and kept whispering obscenities in her ear. Maria seemed further along than Fred, squeaking and panting with her exertions. Her pussy was now beginning to dribble cum juice.

“Ooooo yessss Fred, I love this fucking!” she gasped as he thrust into her. “I can see your cock pushing in and out of me. Are you ready to shoot your hot spunk into my body? I can feel that I am nearly ready!”

Maria was mistaken; she was ready! She was coming! She suddenly felt a searing wet, almost painful sensation all the way from her womb to her clitoris. Her cunt expelled her juice all the way down Fred’s shaft. He was thrusting into her at that moment so their actions caused Maria’s excretions to squirt everywhere!

Fred looked down to where he was joined to Maria and saw her juice squirting out of her. That did it; he groaned and shot his spunk deep into her virgin cunt. He fired and fired and she felt every single shot.

“Ohhhh my God yessss!” she exploded. “I can feel it; I can feel your hot sperms! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

Each “Oh yes!” represented one of Fred’s hot shots. Mary counted at least eight and felt a small pang of jealousy. She might have a job to get Fred hard again later! She kissed Maria’s ears and gently palmed and then kissed her lovely little round breasts.

“Don’t pull out of her yet Fred. She has to get the maximum enjoyment out of this, her first fuck. Put your cock back inside her, all the way inside. That’s it Maria my darling, keep his cock inside you; grip him around the waist with your thighs.”

Maria kept herself impaled on Fred’s cock, naturally squeezing him with her cunt muscles. After a while Fred picked her up, still embedded inside her, and began to walk up the hallway back towards the naya. Once there he carried on and carried her across the forecourt to the pool.

“Ooooo Fred,” she wailed. “You walking is making my pussy all hot again. You might be giving me another orgasm!”

“You just keep on holding on tight, my darling. If you come again so soon that’s just a bonus. Shall we lie on this lounger and make love some more or shall we just jump into the pool like this, all joined together?”

Tears were coursing down Maria’s cheeks and dripping on to her breasts.

“Lay me down and fuck me again Fred. Have you got any more sperms? You can shoot them into me and then we can go into the pool! Is that good?”

Fred lowered Maria to a lounger with a little difficulty, as she was now beginning to feel a little heavy despite her slight figure. They could now resume and he began to shaft her cunt again. He opened his eyes to see Mary on the other lounger, frigging her pussy with two fingers. Her eyes were closed and her back was arched. She was obviously approaching a climax.

Watching Mary invigorated Fred’s cock. He began to thrust firmly into Maria Elena again and she in turn gripped his cock hard with her cunt muscles. In a short time Fred was grunting as he delivered spunk again. Maria felt his hot seed and collapsed into another mind searing climax, sobbing and squirming on the hot hard shaft buried deep inside her.

As they finally began to wind down from that emotional high Fred summoned strength and stood, lifting Maria, still impaled on his cock.

“How was that, little one?” he panted into her ear. “I don’t know about you but that has to be one of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me. It’s not over yet either; just look at Mary!”

Maria turned her head to see Mary writhing in ecstasy on the other lounger. She saw them watching her as she sucked her cum coated fingers. She smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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