Entree Ch. 10

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CLANGH!!… Is what I heard.

It was simply the ‘click’ of my door locking shut, but it startled me in a way no sound ever had. Suddenly, there was meaning to where I was and I instantly realized what i’d done -and I freaked out big time. Stunned, I spun around and lunged for the knob once more. I was shaking my head no,no,no,no,no,no, sending sweat and tears in all directions, as I twirled on one knee, sending my boner bouncing and spraying juice everywhere. This time it was desperation that compelled me, to once again take possession of something I couldn’t grasp.

i couldn’t hold the doorknob with my leather paws and I started whining in frustration. I was frightened, scared to death and I needed to get into my apartment before it was too late. I could hear my Mistress chuckling and I became frantic. Driven by fear, I began fighting with the round brass ball as it slipped and jiggled uselessly in my grip. I was crying to get inside, sobbing from the need to escape shame, a monster that held me with claws of ice as it pecked at my spine. It was not as I expected, nor wanted and I was left bewildered, perplexed, quite beside myself.

Soon I began pawing at the door and pounding in fits of genuine distress, but to no avail. I pushed and elbowed the wood until a yank pulled me away and spun me around. I fell to all fours and dropped my head in disgrace. I was left with a pounding heart, about to burst from my chest. I felt people watching me, heard them murmuring and I was afraid to look up. I was shaking like a leaf and didn’t want to play any more, but didn’t know how to make my Mistress understand. I wanted to be rid of this itch and knew what it was, I needed to do. I wanted to go back into my apartment and wanted to say so. I wanted to be rid of the itch and… It was my Mistress, a few reassuring words and several sharp bites of the whip that brought me around.

SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! I squealed, jumped and was yanked around to each and every snap. I was pulled by my Mistress from side to side and almost thrown off balance. I cried, whimpered and begged for my Mistress to stop and when she did, it was to shorten the leash and bring her head closer to mine, so she could yell.

“This is humiliation fluffy,” she said in a voice quite loud. She yanked on the leash and brought my head up, forcing me to look out into the yard. My eyes climbed over the garage roofs and up, to porches on apartments across the alley. “Now stand up tall and make me proud, or you will be sorry!” Her boldly stated words may have been tinged with amusement, but they came as truth that made me cringe and I cowered back before obeying. Her voice dropped a bit, became extremely personal and she went on.

“Listen to me little boy. If you don’t do as I say right now and at this very instance, I will whip you until you comply. And then, you will end up doing as I say anyway!” I listened to My Mistress, lost in thoughts of what I thought I saw. I was compelled to look at my surroundings and saw a persons face in every shadow. I was beaten and wanted illegal bahis to get out of here -and get rid of this itch as soon as possible. I hadn’t been able to stand still or keep from rubbing my thighs together and cried for my organs unbearable condition. But I knew better than to disobey my Mistress and did as she ordered. I brought myself up as best I could.

SNAP! “I told you what to expect and you knew what to expect, so how do you like humiliation now little boy,” she asked as I jumped to the bite and sprayed my meaningless messages. She laughed at my pitiful responses and pulled me around to her advantage.

SNAP! “Hold still little one! Don’t be such a baby!” my Mistress said as I jumped to more pain and was wrenched back into position. She finally bent down to catch my chin with the tip of a finger. She allowed me to calm down, lifted my eyes to hers and spoke on. “This is what you wanted isn’t it?” I couldn’t see her very well and couldn’t stop sniffling either, but I tried to accomplish both. I had no fight left while strapped into an outfit I couldn’t remove and had to agree it was true. But i’d changed my mind so I shook my head no.

“What? Are you calling me a liar?”

“Nnngghh, nnngghh,” I struggled to say while shaking my head no.

“Oh?… Then you’re the liar?”

“mmuuhh, mmmuuhh,” I sprinkled while shaking my head yes.

“Good! Our agreement is for this two week period and during that time I am to teach you all about humiliation! So guess what,” she said sarcastically. “I’m starting now!” She released my chin and stood. I was drained of all but spunk and my Mistress had little problem bringing me back into position. I could struggle some against the leash round my neck, but not against the one round my balls. With that leash my Mistress could get me to do almost anything and I found myself standing taller than ever before.

Talk about a beautiful night… naturally this would have to be the nicest one of the year. The moon was full, unlike any i’d ever seen and it floated in an ocean of the deepest, darkest blue, in a star spangled sky that was crystal clear. I looked up in awe, a naked fool that itched in more ways then one and as never before. I looked up at the neighbors back door window, wondering if they were peeking out at me. Maybe they had friends visiting or our other neighbors. Maybe some people from down the street even. I didn’t detect anything, but doubted myself entirely. My Mistress took a short grip on each leash and bent over.

“Behave yourself fluffy,” she warned about the time my thighs started pressing together. With that she turned to ring my neighbors bell and I bolted. I was startled into trying to run and rub my thighs all at once -and fell into my Mistress. I moved to hide behind her but she would have none of that. With one tug she took my knees off the ground to make me still. “You never learn,” she murmured while holding me aloft by my scrotum. My eyes opened wide to the pain and darted to the buildings across the alley. I felt fortunate that my porch was unlit, illegal bahis siteleri but took little refuge in it.

My Mistress is strong and after using my balls to lift my knees, she used the other leash to lift my front paws. Then my arms hung limp beneath me, dangling with my head, cock and balls and only my big toes touched the ground. Like that she maneuvered me around to face my neighbors door and I looked up to their window without choice and contemplated a quick scratch. “You make me go to such ridiculous lengths fluffy. Please learn to behave yourself.” She used both leashes in order to accomplish the task and then went on. “You do want to say good bye, don’t you.” She rang their bell again and then sighed in dismay.

“Darn, that’s the second time we’ve missed them and I’ve wanted them to meet you,” she said. “The real you, that is,” she continued with a smirk.

My Mistress spun around in exasperation pulling me with her and we started down the steps. I wasted no time in leading the way like an obedient puppy would. I wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible and I didn’t want to be whipped again. Besides, I wanted my Mistress to get rid of the itch, so I traveled with a purpose. It wasn’t as difficult to crawl down the steps as i’d imagined. My Mistress held me back to keep me from falling forward as we descended and that helped. I was on the second story and it seemed to take forever to get down, but we did it. But soon as we hit the bottom step I became hysterical again, so my Mistress responded by attacking my buttocks again, with a series of quick reminders.

SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! The pain was more than I could bear and each swat caused me to jump higher. I leapt around on the concrete until I gave up and couldn’t move anymore. My buttocks and thighs were on fire, burning with a pain that rivaled the itch in providing misery. I no longer cared who saw me, or how many people saw me, or who they were. I was out of breath and gasping through my nose for air, in amounts quite inadequate. I finally tried to calm myself down and looked around. Things looked a lot different from down here.

My world was torn from the silver screen, from a movie I once saw. I think it was called, Mistress, You Shrunk the Puppy, or something like that. I was smaller than i’d ever been, reduced to an insignificant creature of limited functions. For the first time in fifteen years I saw the fence that circled the yard. It was a giant wooden barrier and I looked for the upper edge, but it was miles above me. I tried to remember what i’d seen from over the fence, but couldn’t remember a thing. I turned my head to look down the long gangway leading to the front of the building. I shivered, to the thought of someone turning the corner and a warm summer breeze that caught me in the most pleasant way. I wanted to hide, but settled for parting my thighs so my balls could bobble in the coolness. The wind raced around my fevered organ, easing ever so slightly a suffering I thought would never end. I shook my balls and canlı bahis siteleri bat and enjoyed this little bit of comfort while turning about in fear.

i held my head up, allowing the air to cool my brow and overheated body. I saw a large grass yard nestled between the building and garage -and wondered how i’d ever missed it. I peered down the walkway leading past the garage and refuse containers and spotted an ark, my risqué refuge. It was my Mistress’ friend and I was actually happy to see her. She was parked in the alley at the end of the path and I began moving to her. She was in the drivers seat of my Mistress’ auto, beckoning me through the opened door

“Nice night isn’t it,” I heard a male voice say aloud. I was shocked and almost couldn’t move. I became very upset over the thought of being seen and maybe watched at that very moment. The voice was above me, at least two yards away, but I feared this was it. My Mistress was going to let this person see me like this and I was in a revitalized state of panic.

“Yes a beautiful night,” my Mistress answered. She acted as if nothing were amiss and that really worried me. I suddenly feared for the worse, for that moment I awaited in desire and dread… to be seen by a stranger. My cock pulsated and drooled with the desire to be discovered, while my reason cowered in dread. This was its dream and my nightmare, to be mortified and driven insane by emotions I couldn’t pass.

“What ya doin,” the inquisitive voice continued. It was the voice of a big man and it sounded as if he were attempting to get closer. I would have run away for sure, if it weren’t for the leashes and the fact I couldn’t stand up. I was unable to do anything other than obey and pray my Mistress would spare me this beautiful night.

“Oh just walking my dog,” my Mistress said with a chuckle. “It’s a beautiful night for it…. and what are you doing up so late?” Damn I thought to myself. I was right, my Mistress planned to meet with this guy. Maybe she planned to have all the neighbors see me off. My circumstance was frightening me, the itch was killing me and the cool breeze no longer counted for anything. I was at wits end and looked to my Mistress’ friend. The mans voice came on stronger.

“Yes it is. Mind if I join ya for the walk. I love dogs.”

With those words, my heart stopped dead and my head fell.

“Well I’m actually in a hurry tonight. Have someone waiting for me here right now actually. Maybe another night though.”

At those words. I perked up and felt a relief I couldn’t explain, considering how little it actually meant.

“Oh! Yea, sure, no problem.”

My Mistress released both leashes and whispered aloud. “Go ahead fluffy, run to the car.” I wasted no time and took off as fast as I could. I didn’t dare look around while crawling to the auto and hopped inside without looking back.

“Stay in the well,” the friend said, keeping me from the front seat. She placed one hand on my head and pushed me down while watching my Mistress approach. My Mistress reached the car laughing aloud, got in and closed the door. She straddled me and sat back in the seat roaring in laughter. Her friend broke out in laughter also and grabbed the stick. She put the car in gear, stepped on the gas and we were off to Never, Never Land.

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