England, before Tanya

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It was the late 1960’s. I was a young lad traveling about Europe, running low on money. In desperation I ended up staying with family friends, Mr and Mrs Hull, in England. They were odd people and their plain Jane oldish daughter stuck in a small village house looking after her ageing parents was even odder. They made it pretty obvious from the start that they were only just suffering the young hippie’s presence under their roof. Their cool condescending demeanour towards me took its toll but I had no where else to go and had to endure my lot.

One day, much to their obvious chagrin, they were to leave me unattended in their house. Deeply insulted I stewed over their treatment of me, their guest, before deciding I would find out just what they had that was so precious that they couldn’t leave me alone in their home. The house had doors on every room and it didn’t take me long to discover that they had locked them all save the sitting room, my bedroom and the downstairs toilet. Incredulous but intrigued I then tried every door and was mildly surprised when one in the dark upstairs hallway opened.

I had no idea what it was at the time but it was drying closet and it was full of clothes. And the item of clothing that immediately caught my eye was a shimmering pair of delightfully lacy women’s briefs. Mesmerised I discretely fondled the luxuriant material and the delicate lace edging and panels. My young cock was soon straining excitedly beneath my clothing. My breath became shallow and panting with excitement as I dared to lift them up, holding there before me, shimmering in the dim light. They were the most exquisite pair of women’s panties that I had ever beheld.

It was as if I was in a dream. Rubbing the exotic luscious material over my face made me shiver with anticipation. Once the trembling started I couldn’t help myself. Without even considering the consequences I put the beautiful item aside and in the cold dimly lit hallway clumsily stripped away my trousers and underwear. I was amazed at how rigid my cock was, I was painfully erect. I was so consumed with lust for the glorious garment that the moment became an out of body experience.

My trembling hands cautiously picked up the lacy panty consuming my world and I watched as they held them trembling for me to step into. The cool heavenly silky nylon felt wondrously like butter as I drew them up my illegal bahis bare legs. A shudder of intense excitement rippled through my body as I slowly delicately drew the sensational material over my raging erection. As the delicate, delicious feeling panty enclosed about my waist enveloping my hard pulsing cock in that most elegantly magnificent feeling panty I felt light headed.

Everywhere the panty’s gorgeous silky material touched my dimpled flesh sent pulses of exquisite delight to overwhelm my senses. My knees weakened, I felt faint, like I was about to swoon. It was heavenly.

A loud bang from somewhere nearby brought me startlingly fast to my senses. I was actually shocked to find myself standing there in my parents friends cold dim hallway naked from the waist down clad only in a pair of women’s coral pink panty briefs straining to contain the most massive erection I had ever had. Clumsily I shed the garment and stumbled back into my own before attempting to replace the pair of panties exactly as I found them. It was difficult as I was trembling almost uncontrollably with extreme guilt and fear that my behaviour would be discovered. Hastily I closed the closet and retreated to the sitting room to stew and fret over why I had behaved that way and more importantly whether or not I could possibly be caught out.

I spent a nervous evening with my hosts certain that they would know of my aberrant behaviour while they were gone. With the exception of an unusually long cool glare from Mrs Hull while waiting for her daughter to fetch the dessert nothing indicated that they were wiser of what I had gotten up to in their absence. The thought of spending the evening in their sitting room listening to the click of Mrs Hull’s knitting needles and Mr Hull’s breathing was unbearable so I excused myself and retired.

Smiling a self satisfied smirk of having gotten away with something on the cold doting old fools I crawled into bed. As I snuggled into the quilt to read I slipped my hand beneath the pillows only to discover that there was something soft and silky hiding there. Startled I surreptitiously drew the slithering sensuous item out and stared astounded at the beautifully exquisite coral pink frilly knickers from earlier in the day. I must say I was stunned to find them. As mystified as I was as to how they got there, my instant erection indicated my bodies illegal bahis siteleri pleasure at the discovery.

Without further adieu I hastily shed my boring boy underwear and slipped the exotic material up my legs. The sensational feeling from earlier was if anything magnified. Seized with mad disbelief and the sheer exquisiteness of those sensational panties I scampered from the bed to pose before the rooms mirror. The way the silky material shimmered and brushed over my sensitive skin was utter ecstasy.

Drawing trembling breathes I gaped in awe of my pantied reflection. In the mirror I watched my hand caress my bottom through the silky sensuous material amazed at the tingling sensation left behind. With a trembling finger I started to trace the outline of my straining erection, gasping as my touch caused my body to twitch and jerk spasmodically with electric jolts. When my tantalising touch encountered moisture I looked down amazed to witness a wet spot spreading across the sheer material from the tip of rigid shaft.

As I watched captivated my rock hard erection twitched, my body shuddered in response and my cock spurted hard enough to force my ejaculate through the filmy nylon. My knees buckled, gave way and I sank slowly to the floor as my cock filled the pretty pink panties full of creamy cum. I knelt there watching myself twitch and tremble in the mirror in a post orgasmic euphoria. “Ooooh,” I moaned, my eyes fluttering as I enjoyed the moment.

A slight noise made me start. A gasp of fright caught in my throat. I had the distinct feeling I was being watched. A cautious look about the room confirmed I was certainly alone but I couldn’t shake my unease. Suddenly I was very aware of the nasty mess filling the panties I was wearing. Afraid now to look at my reflection I was very unsure of what I was doing. Shakily I rose to my feet and shrieked girlishly as the door to the room swept open and Mr Hull stood looming hugely at the entrance. Trying to comically cover the fact that I was naked except for a pair of cum filled pink panties I pranced from foot to foot not knowing what to do or what was going to happen.

Mr Hull stood there in his dressing gown, filling the doorway, staring stoically at me until I quietened down and stopped prancing about. Closing the door behind him he slowly advanced upon my quivering self. I was strangely aware canlı bahis siteleri of my limp dick coated with cooling slick cum. Without a word Mr Hull stopped before me, reaching out he gently placed a large hand on my slight shoulder and pushing down forced me to my knees before him. His free hand loosened his gown and as it fell free my senses were filled with the naked scent of him. His cock stood rigidly out from beneath his belly, bobbing before my nose. The huge purple tip of his cock glistened moistly as he pushed it towards my lips. When Mr Hull brushed his hard glistening cock over my lips my awed response was to flick my tongue out to taste the clear slick nuttiness of his pre-cum. Mr Hull groaned passionately.

Kneeling before this large excited man in frilly sheer pink panties filled with my cooling wet cum I had felt I had no will of my own and moaned throatily as he thrust with his hips pushing his hard bulbous tip of his amazingly large thick cock between my lips and into my mouth. My body went limp as I allowed Mr Hull to thrust his cock in and out of my hot moist mouth amazed that my lips sucked instinctively at his slick rigid member.

Mr Hull’s cock seemed to grow as he thrust it between my lips. My head rocked in rhythm to his steady insistent thrusts. I felt his cock pulse and his balls clench as the first spurt of the mans cum gushed into my mouth. A long moan of surprise engulfed the cock in my mouth as his hot sticky cum coated my throat and tongue. Mr Hull pulled his spurting member from my mouth to spray his cum over my head, into my forehead and to spurt up my nose. The mans hot goo slithered down my face as he milked the remnants onto my lips. Stunned my tongue worked to contain the vast amount of cum Mr Hull had just splattered over my face and into my mouth.

With a growl of animal lust Mr Hull used my hair to wipe himself clean before pushing me away and striding purposefully towards the door. He was gone. I looked at the pantied sissy boy kneeling there in the mirror amazed at the sight of cum dripping from his chin, drooling from his lips, dribbling down his face. So much cum. I watched the little pansy use his fingers to wipe the goo away and panting long shuddering dummy breathes daintily lick them clean.

Moaning, distraught, confused, I stared at my reflection unable to comprehend what had just occurred. Crawling numbly to the bed I lay there spent but excitedly aware of the stunning painful erection tenting out the cum filled pink panty. Slowly, purposefully I began to stroke myself shivering with pleasure while recalling the massive hot hardness of Mr Hull’s cock.

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