Empire of Vampires 1.3.1 Controlled

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Empire of vampires 1.3. Alicia

Alicia was underestimated for a long time. Many always thought of her only as an appendage to Selene. But there were good reasons why she received the gift of immortality. Already as a human being she gathered numerous talents that helped her in her later reign. It is not without reason that she was the one who repeatedly introduced urgently needed reforms for the Empire.

From the preface of “The Third Term of Alicia 2333-2359” – Historical Textbook 2550

1.3.1. Moon controlled

*November 5, 2033 (Saturday)*

Alicia went home like every day after her studies. Since she had taken many subjects, she had also been at the university this Saturday. Although she had no lectures, she had various seminars and then five hours of reading in the library. As always, she was in a hurry to go to her apartment to prepare for her “side job”. Since her partner and mentor Richard had disappeared four weeks ago, all the work had been stuck to her. Although Richard was much older than her, she felt drawn to him. He was also the reason why she had started this job, but it didn’t help, she had to do the job alone now. She hoped that this night was not so busy so that she finally got more than two hours sleep again.

Back home in her small one hundred square meter apartment, she quickly jumped into the shower and washed her long blonde hair. She loved a hot shower, but she didn’t take much time to enjoy it, she had better things to do. Although she knew that her hair was certainly much dirtier after work, she at least wanted to start working clean. She was glad that Richard had bought her the apartment across the street from the university and paid the maid service. Although from her inheritance, he was her guardian and managed her property.

After the shower she felt clean again downstairs. Going to the toilet with a chastity belt was not easy and only a thorough shower made her feel clean again. She wore a chastity belt since the beginning of her puberty and should be used to it, but how she could relieve herself was only secondary for Richard. As long as she just stayed locked up and remained his innocent adopted daughter. At least the belt had a sieve in the front and only a steelrope in the back and it could be cleaned at all.

The sieve had holes only five millimeters in diameter so she wasn’t tempted to play with herself, but they were spread all over her shame. With the shower attachment specially made for the belt, she could rinse all the holes at once. She liked the jets of water on her skin, but nastily, there was no hole directly over her pearl of pleasure. No matter how hard she tried to move the belt, a jet of water was at best only an inch away. Tight enough to clean herself thoroughly. Increasing lust was also possible, but orgasms were not possible.

Spreading the special shampoo had been quite complicated in the past, but even then she now had an attachment that fitted perfectly on all the holes at the same time and with one press of the bottle the shampoo was on her skin. It tickles a little, but it also kills all bacteria and removes the top layer of skin with the dead cells. Two minutes soaking was enough and in the meantime she washed her long blond mane. Then she rinsed her shame clean again until all the soap was out.

The belt was made of stainless steel so that she could wear it that long and was dried by her after the shower. By her standing hair dryer, which was dimensioned and aligned exactly so that it blew every drop out of the sieve and did not burn her. During the time Alicia was blow-drying her hair, the standing blow-dryer was also ready and had her chastity belt and shame dry.

Alicia applied some more oil to the edges of the belt and wiggled back and forth until the oil wetted all the skin where the belt was placed. There should be no pressure points and under no circumstances should it rub. The scrubbing was also the only reason why she always made sure that the chastity belt was really tight when putting it on. So loose that she could play around with herself, Richard wouldn’t allow it anyway, then it should also be so tight that it didn’t slip and chafe her.

The chastity belt was, apart from the tiresome toilet visits, suitable for everyday use. She could move her hips and also her legs. So it only limited her lust, but not her mobility.

When Richard was there, he unlocked it once a week so that she could wash properly. Always on Sundays. She always applied an ointment that killed all the unwanted hair and roots. Being naked down below was important so that she could stay closed for so long. Unfortunately, the exposure for the cleaning was always under his supervision, so she didn’t try to play around with herself. But now her strict Richard was on a business trip. At least he said so. Alicia knew that he only had one new woman in one of the brothels that he particularly liked and that he wanted to break himself. She didn’t mind that he was acting out his needs, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but she would have preferred him to take a run at her, too.

She lived with him since she was eleven years old as his adopted daughter and was taught martial arts by him. He wanted to train her as his heiress and this included not only the art of running his company, but also the early elimination of criminal threats to the company. There was a lot to learn, but twenty-year-old Alicia was a quick study.

He had taken her in after her parents died in the gang wars of 2023. Her mother, Alicia Larsson, had once been an Olympic martial artist who had passed on both her love of martial arts and her first name to her daughter. After her youth in freedom she became a slave in one of her father’s brothels where he met her and they both fell in love. Her mother had not become her father’s wife, but at least his favorite slave. She carried all his children and he shared the bed with her until the end, even though he had other playmates until the end. In the family business, her father and grandfather were already born of favorite slaves and Alicia was the first female heiress.

Neither her mother nor Richard had ever told her why she became a slave after the games in Buenos Aires in 2000, and years later Alicia had to research it herself. After gold in karate and taekwondo, her mother had not only earned a lot of money with advertising contracts, but had also made many enemies in East Asia who did not allow the blonde Swedish woman to succeed in her traditional sports.

After several assassination attempts in Europe, from which she only narrowly escaped, Alicia Senior was invited to a photo shoot in Empire City in 2003 and was chased through half the city by members of the Yakuza. But instead of being murdered by them, she was instead kidnapped on the street by employees of her father Tony Black and taken to the brothel “Rubberpussy”, where she was forced to work as a slave. Due to the justified fear of death of the Yakuza, her mother accepted her fate. Better disenfranchised slave than dead. She also wore a latex mask for years so that nobody could recognize her. She considered Tony Black as her protector and master and fell in love with him while she seduced him.

Only at home with her children and her husband her mother took the mask off from time to time. All the others saw her, if at all, only wearing a mask. And in chains at her work as a sex slave, which she followed as a hobby until the end. Then ten years ago came the end. Alicia’s father had made too many enemies in the Mafia and a whole busload of armed men attacked her in the middle of the day at home. Not only her father and mother died in the attack, but also her two older brothers.

Alicia Junior had only survived because she was playing downstairs in the basement and was hidden by the slaves in the brothel. Without her Mel, she would surely have died like the rest of the family. Mel had hidden her in his closet and saved her life. From then on, Alicia was treated by Melania like her little sister. Not like the heiress of the family business, but like a friend. Alicia saw in Melania more than just another slave from her inheritance but she wanted to be a beauty desired by everyone just like Mel.

As her father Tony was Richard’s business partner and friend, Richard had taken her in and her father’s brothels were now under Richard’s control as he was her guardian. He hadn’t told her much about the murders of her parents, but Richard and her father had obviously pissed off other syndicates with not entirely legal activities and Alicia’s family had paid the price. Richard had also lost his parents to the Mafia, but at least he was eighteen when he had to take over the management of his family business.

Richard’s father and Tony Black had been friends and allies and so Alicia’s father helped Richard in the difficult time after his parents died and Richard now returned the favor by raising and training Alicia. Only one week after the death of Alicia’s parents, her hero Richard had executed all the murderers and also killed the people behind them. Alicia didn’t have to be afraid anymore, but still she trained every form of self-defense doggedly. She swore never to become a victim and to make the city safer.

* * *

Theoretically, Alicia was supposed to inherit her father’s business at twenty-one – in about six months – and then own a dozen brothels throughout the city, which owned a total of about three thousand female slaves. But Alicia didn’t want it to come to this. She would much rather work as a slave in a brothel just like her mother or at least officially be Richard’s slave. But Richard wanted her not for her body, but for her mind.

The choice of her subjects was made by Richard. She should study pharmacy to understand the developers in the company. In addition, she studied architecture and engineering to be able to manage the construction projects. She had güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to study economics in order to understand the company’s figures and make the right decisions.

Richard saved her from having to graduate somewhere. She should not waste her time writing papers, but only learn and understand everything important. She was still the best in every subject. Accordingly, her professors would have liked her to be so enthusiastic about one of her subjects that she graduated and embarked on an academic career there. But with Richard’s money, they were convinced that Alicia should only be educated and not bothered with trivialities like an official education order.

In order for Alicia to be able to cope with her study load, her assistant organized her schedule, and if the lectures did not fit into Alicia’s schedule, tutors or sometimes professors were asked to give her a one-on-one session for extra money. They were even more effective than lectures because the tutors adapted to her high learning pace, but accordingly more strenuous for Alicia. That is why she liked the normal lectures. She only had to listen and could relax with the slower presented material. Luckily, the vacations were long over and she had half the day of lectures and not just one-on-one lessons.

Just as important as her mental training during the day, he also wanted to train her body. So she helped Richard to fight for law and order. He only did it to protect the city and its inhabitants, and probably wanted to train her morale. If she had the strength to protect others, it was her duty. Alicia, on the other hand, liked the adrenaline rush when she fought alone against a group of armed criminals. That’s probably why he kept her sexuality on the back burner, so that she would get her satisfaction in the fight.

On her eighteenth birthday, May 10, 2031, he had a very special gift for her. He tied her to the steel frame of her bed and took off her chastity belt. He then introduced her to a vibrating dildo, which led Alicia to her very first orgasm in her life. Since that memorable day, he allowed her to have an orgasm every month on the day when her menstrual cycle made her particularly needy. In her case always on the night of the full moon. The bondage was by now firmly connected to all her sex fantasies. Being tied down made her horny and had become an important fetish for her. Sex without being tied up was something she could no longer imagine. To feel a real human being and not just a machine during sex inside herself, but she still dreamed of this in vain. Richard didn’t even stroke her but left all stimulation to the vibrator.

He had also replaced her clothes on her birthday. She wore latex whenever possible. Only in public she wore normal clothes over her catsuit. Wearing latex was now quite normal for her and he found her more beautiful in it. Nice enough that she was allowed to blow him once a week. Every sunday evening to thank him for unlocking her so she could clean herself. She would prefer him to penetrate her properly, but she accepted that proper sex would damage the purity of her relationship. She would otherwise think about sex too often and neglect her education.

Thirty times he had given her an orgasm and 126 times she had given him a blowjob. And apart from her birthday weekend, where she was allowed to lick his penis an hour after her orgasm, they only had the pleasure three times on the same day. Only when the full moon fell on Sunday was she allowed to thank him directly for her orgasm.

Two days before her planned orgasm number 31, Richard had disappeared. One day before the night, where he would normally have unlocked her to let her unload her pent-up lust under controlled conditions, he had only sent her a short message that she should be patient a little longer. His business trip was still delayed, but he promised to unlock it again next time. In addition, he sent her a to-do list of locations where he suspected criminals she was to take out.

When she received another message from him yesterday morning that she should be patient a little longer and cancel tomorrow’s unlocking, she was devastated. Not only did she miss another orgasm, this time one that fell on a Sunday and accordingly she couldn’t give him a blowjob. He had already spontaneously cancelled her last opening. Apparently she was too dependent on sex despite his upbringing. She hoped that the lock-in period, which had been extended by another month, would change her mind again. At the moment, the feeling of not being allowed to come only made her even more horny. Almost as if her chastity belt did not lower her lust, but only dammed it up to make her compliant for Richard. She would do everything at the moment, just to feel something inside herself.

She even missed his penis in her mouth more and more. Being allowed to drink his delicious sperm always showed her that there was hope that one day she could become his wife or at least his sex güvenilir bahis şirketleri slave. She was slowly worried that the woman he was currently breaking would snatch the position of his sex slave from under her nose.

Actually, she should just go to the brothel and see what was going on or at least call Mel. But she didn’t want to appear like a jealous wife, because she surely scared Richard off with it. She had to be patient with him. He was a man and no matter how much he loved her, he needed variety. Her mother had tolerated her father’s affairs and she would too.

* * *

Since Alicia never came to eat at work anyway, she quickly ate a pizza. Her staff knew her and had made a fresh one waiting for her in the oven. As always, the pizza finished at the exact moment she wanted to eat, and that without Alicia having even seen her helpers in her apartment. Such junk food had a lot of calories, but since she was very active in her job, she didn’t have to worry about it. She didn’t have a gram too much on her ribs, but she wasn’t anorexic either, she was perfectly fit.

Next came the dressing. This part was secretly always one of the highlights of her job. Later she would again have to deal with the garbage of society in the slums of the city and that was rarely fun. At least until the fight. First she put on her black full body suit. In this new model, the outermost layer was made of latex to be protected against the frequent rain.

Underneath was a bulletproof Kevlar layer that had probably saved her life a hundred times before. The innovation of this one was that instead of the inner cotton layer there was also a latex layer inside. When she asked her tailor for this change, she said that she could clean it faster this way. Not that she even knew how clothes were cleaned. She put them dirty somewhere in the apartment and found them cleaned in the closet. The hygiene argument, however, was only half the truth, as she admitted to herself. Since she had this suit, she also did without underwear, because she loved the feeling of latex on her skin. Most of all she would like to do without the chastity belt and feel the latex on her cleft. But this was forbidden to her for good reason.

Because her whole body except her head was shaved, she was in the skintight suit within two minutes. Rubbing the suit with silicone oil after the cleanings helped of course. But she had personnel for such details.

After she closed the back zipper, she put on her chest high corset made of the same material. This additional stiffening restricted her mobility a bit, but this effectively prevented fractures of the spine below the neck. After all, she wanted to remain active as long as possible and not be tied to a wheelchair at some point.

The suit was a perfect fit and snuggled up to her body. Unfortunately one of her favorite characteristics of latex was hardly noticeable due to the Kevlar layer: stretchability. In the suits she wore in her spare time as underwear there was no Kevlar layer and they exerted an even pressure on the whole body, which strengthened her sense of touch and always aroused her a bit. But the suit for the night was more functional and should be able to protect her.

Her mirror told her that her steel underwear also pressed through in this suit. She found that this suit promised something that was definitely not to be redeemed. The tight latex and the bulletproof corset emphasized her good figure even more and would encourage men to desire her. There was not the slightest possibility to penetrate her. Her love and also her cleft belonged only to Richard.

Alicia next put on her boots. Although these boots were quite tight and went up to the middle of her thighs, it only took a few seconds for her fully rubberized legs to slide into the boots, thanks to the many exercises she did. The high-heeled boots had not made her walk unsteadily for a long time. On the contrary. With these boots, she now ran safer and faster than with flat shoes. And the integrated blades on the back of the heels made her a dangerous opponent.

Before she put on her weapon belt, she noticed that she was slowly becoming aroused. This arousal she would later release during the hunt. As usual, the weapon belt contained some ropes, throwing stars and smoke bombs. Just like Richard, Alicia did not use pistols. If his reasons were moral, it was more likely that her close combat was more enjoyable and her throwing stars were as accurate and effective as a sniper’s bullet.

Next came her knee-length latex cape. Richard had convinced her that she could use it to camouflage herself and to keep warm on cold nights during observation missions. She had also learned to camouflage her blows under the cape for so long that they came as a surprise to others. And she found that it made her look more dignified. Richard was the king of the city in her imagination and she was his queen. And a cloak was simply part of it. Although she knew that queens usually did not wear latex in public, she was completely blinded by her imagination.

Now came her gloves, also black, which reached to the elbow. Although Alicia could have integrated them into the suit, she found out from the sample that it would take her twice as long to put them on, and she never had that much time.

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