Emily Black’s Temptation

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Oliver Black had been away two weeks and wife Emily became restless, knowing he’d be away visiting his parents and extended family for another two weeks. She’d declined to go, not liking England and disliking some of his close relatives even more.

Emily knew most of her restlessness was because she missed Oliver, really missed him; he was the best company she had apart from their children when they showed up occasionally. But to her surprise she also missed ‘the other thing’. She’d been long thinking she only did it because Oliver wanted to do it and the smile on his face as he rolled off her was one of the best smiles she ever saw on his face.

It took Emily Black a couple of days to get used to the idea she still liked having sex.

Oliver’s friend from across the street, Bruce Kirby, called her again to ask how was she getting on and was there anything he could do for her. The divorcee who lived alone was beginning to call her more frequently and Emily was aware she was thinking of Mr Kirby more frequently. She flushed, thinking only last night when fingering herself to a climax had Bruce been meaning that was one of the things he could do for her? She gushed so much had she’d not placed a towel under her butt the bottom sheet would have needed changing.

Emily had shot off to the bathroom almost in a panic, but using the john her heart stopped racing. She washed her faced with cold water and then cleaned up with warm water and went back to bed. An hour later she awoke and began thrashing her vagina again. She couldn’t believe it, twice in one night. She never hit it twice in one night, even when he was away on business trips.

She was collecting the newspaper next morning when Bruce came across the street and said hi, that he was checking up on her well being and she looked fine.

Emily pulled her light gown around her nightdress more tightly and was about to bolt when her mouth opened and she said, “It’s lovely weather we are having Bruce.”

Bruce looked a mite startled. She’d always called him Mr Kirby, always.

Emily saw his chin go up and he smiled. Good gracious what was she doing? She knew what. She felt her sexual urge calling her and she resisted strongly and then thought why was it necessary to be so uptight.

“Care to come in for a coffee Bruce?”

He opened the gate quickly and almost knocked her over in his charge.

Emily followed Bruce through the front door. His butt looked spread but most men in their late forties took that shape. Her breasts now hung low so what was she on about?

Bruce told her to sit, that he’d make the coffee. They chatted trivially but when he arrived at the table with the steaming mugs he said, “You have a great body for your age Emily.”

God, he was coming on to her? She only had to say what piece of it would you like to play with and her sexual frustration would be as good as cured. Instead she smiled and said, “I take that as a compliment.”

“And so you should. Tammy had a great pair. I do miss her even though it’s two years since our divorce.”

Emily had no wish to stop what she was about to say. She was curious. “What do you miss about her most?”

“The sex.”

Bruce, poor Bruce. He was going through her frustration but had been swept by it for much longer, very much longer.

“Have a look at this Emily…it is sad and lonely.” Bruce unzipped and dug out the fattest erection she’d ever seen.

“Good gracious Harry, that’s really impressive.”


“Oooh, sorry. When I was almost twenty Harry Robbins showed me his erection, the first I’d ever seen.”

Bruce grinned and asked would Emily like to pat it?

“No thank you.”

“Show me your breasts.”

Emily knew he’d ask that so she opened her gown and pulled out her breasts over the top of her nightdress, thankful the neck of the thin garment gave them a big of uplift.

“What a grand pair?”

Emily almost gurgled in delight. “Would you like to pat them?”

Bruce knocked over his coffee in his lunge forward but neither of them cared because the mug didn’t roll to the floor and break. Bruce licked a nipple and it rose to preen itself under his lapping. Emily occasionally took a nipple in her mouth but never did it look this large. She knew her breasts were now swelling and she wondered about his hardness.

“I don’t want sex, at least not now.”

“That’s okay,” he said, slurping. “May I take you to the movies tonight/”

“Yes, that would be lovely.”

She rubbed the thinning top of his head and practically had him purring.

Then he said, “You’re one hot lady Emily. You don’t want sex just now so let me give you a teaser.”

“Very well.”

He lowered her to the floor after undressed her and throwing the two garments clear.

“A very nice box.”

She wondered what he was talking about and watched as he took his softening erection in his hand, his eyes widening at the size of the purple and red bulbous head. She flushed knowing he bahis firmaları was going to jerk all over her.

But Bruce began urinating over her.

She shrieked. “Stop it. Ugh! How dare you. This is disgusting. It’s insane.”

She was covered; even her hair was soaking and she had to close her eyes and hold a hand over her nostrils and mouth.

He simply laughed “Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh” until the gush stopped. She felt the last dribbles being shaken on to her stomach.

“Out of my house your horrible, disgusting man. Out of my house.”

“Okay, okay. I’m going. Tammy taught me to do this. She loved it. And she peed over me.”

“Get out!”

He left without another word. Emily lay there, heart pounding. Why hadn’t she cried and screamed blue murder? She was disgusted, terrible disgusting. It was so depraved. Yet she hadn’t yelled at the top of her voice. Why hadn’t she? Why wasn’t she crying now?”

Emily sighed and knew she didn’t know. She went off and washed her hair thoroughly in the shower, thinking what a thoroughly despicable guy. She ought to try to have him removed from their neighborhood of decent people.

After she mopped the floor and put away the mop and bucket Emily thought next time it would be best if they did that in the bathroom. Next time? She was appalled at herself.

Emily brooded for the next three hours and after eating a light lunch she called Bruce and said they should go to a 4:30 film and she’d leave a roast in the oven. He revealed no surprise that she’d called, made no mention of their morning encounter and said he’d attend to the wine.

At the film that sat a little apart until Emily thought that should not be. So she placed her hand on Bruce’s thigh. Encouraged he pushed a hand under her skirt she waited until it jammed between her thighs before she opened them, smiling as she caught Bruce’s appreciative release of breathe. Soon he had two fingers up her but she pulled his hand away when the sloshing sound became too loud and she feared people sitting close by would recognize what was going on.

Bruce seemed to know what that was about and kept calm. He pushed his two dripping fingers between her lips and she sucked, thinking it was no different to when she sucked her fingers when masturbating.

After dinner when they were washing up Emily said, “What you did to me this morning was something I’ve never had done to me before.”

“I rather gathered that.”

“But my outrage evaporated and I found I was unable to totally condemn such outrageous behavior.”

“Emily,” said Bruce, draping the tea towel over his shoulder and placing an arm around her. “The majority of people think of peeing on anyone as being repulsive, that is if they can bear to think about it. Other people think it’s the right thing to denounce it and then there are a few of use who venture beyond mainstream practice.”

They went into the lounge, with only one light on and that was adjusted low. They lay on the sofa and kissed and then deep tongued. She liked that but her excitement about the possibility of being fucked was beginning to subside. Oliver her husband was not an exciting lover. They’d fumble and kiss and stroke each other and sometimes he’d finger her, but not often. Then he’d simply push her panties aside and puff and puff while he pounded her and as soon as she squeaked into her release he’d pull out, jerk off over he and walk off to the bathroom to pee and then shower.

Bruce unzipped and she spread her legs, but no, he pulled her head down and she knew what that was about because she’d occasionally hired a DVD to watch the hotties in action. Also she had old memories because when she met her husband she cut off all sexual ties with other males so since her courtship with Oliver had not sucked a penis. Bruce pushed her head with more pressure so she sighed, expecting the worse and licked the big fat erection wet. It wasn’t too bad, in fact it wasn’t at all repulsive thought she would have preferred him straight from the shower.

Emily filled her mouth slowly with hot cock and with her saliva flowing the taste of old potato peelings with perhaps a hint of mature cheese faded and either by memory of long past activity or instinct she settled into her work and went about it steadily, knowing well at least Bruce ought to be enjoying having his cock strummed. But as Bruce swept her hair off her face she looked up and saw he had his head back with a somewhat strained smile on his face and when he licked his lips she knew he was enjoying it and she found that enjoyment catching and to please him further took more of his length into her mouth until the point of gagging. Incredibly her sense of feelings sharpened and she could feel his extended veins against her lips and at that point felt her panties dampen.

She sucked and flicked her tongue and blew on his cock to give added variety until he groaned and said, “Emily, remove your top and bra.” She obliged, realizing what would be coming, and come he did as he pulled away from her mouth kaçak iddaa to send streams of hot, sticky semen all over her breasts and neck. She was hot and excited and when feeling a small stream of release into her panties realized that wasn’t pee. She quickly removed her panties and wiped, not wanting Bruce to think she’d peed her panties.

“Do you want it in you?”

“Yes please,” she smiled, stoking his face.

He said he had condoms, and seemed to say that as a question. Emily felt wicked when she said a condom wouldn’t be necessary. Oliver didn’t fuck her with a condom on so why should Bruce? She hoped he was clean, knowing that both of them wouldn’t have a clue of his status, especially if he’d been with another woman recently or several women for that matter. Emily could feel her slight pulsations around her vulva so knew she was ready.

“Come on.”

That was all Bruce needed. He dropped his pants and underpants and Emily looked down in awe as she watched the bulbous head push between her pussy lips and began its brief journey. This excited her because Oliver always did it in the dark so she rarely saw him with an erection apart when they were on holiday and he became frisky two or three times a day. In her own way she was beginning a journey, a discovery of new experiences.

They sweated and puffed into an uneven climax of releases, but that was to be expected. Emily felt so tired she just wanted to fall asleep and was delighted when she heard Bruce yawn heavily and say callously, “Well, I got what I wanted; I best be off.”

* * *

Next morning Emily awoke, happy to find she knew she’d been rammed by the man from across the street, committing adultery for the first time, and felt no urge to fall on to her knees to confess her sins or to write anonymously to the newspaper about men who prowled looking to exploit lonely middle-aged women.

Emily had curly brown highlighted hair, a thickening figure, hazel eyes and an even disposition and a friendly smile for almost everyone. She’d mothered a girl and two boys and about to turn forty-four had been confounded by this latent interest in sex, upsetting the latent and almost suppressed thought that her days of having her nerve-endings tingled were nose-diving. But then along comes Bruce who, despite his beer belly had surprised her with his energy as he pounded her into mutual release. She honestly had to think back many years to recall when she’d enjoyed a fuck so much. It had been at Anna’s graduation and her father had been so proud of her academic achievement that he gave her mother a rousing time in bed that had lasted more than three hours – a marathon quadruple dip of insertions for them – and most of next morning Emily and Oliver had stayed in bed to recover.

Well, that would be the end of Bruce, she thought. As he’d said, he’d received what he’d wanted although not spelling it out: pissing over her and a rousing good fuck. He would be at least two years younger than she was and not long after being divorced by his wife who’d begun an affair with someone else he’d been made redundant in a company takeover and his severance pay must have been considerable because he hadn’t worked since.

Emily shook in laughter thinking about that pissing episode and just how quickly she’d gotten over her initial shock to find her disgust had diminished so rapidly and she found she had no ill-will toward Bruce dispute subjecting her to something that would undoubtedly made her feel ill until…when? Er yesterday. She sighed, “My personal standard of morality and behavior standards took a big hit yesterday.”

Would she allow Bruce to piss on her again? “Yes, but Bruce will have lost interest in me and yes if he really wanted I would piss over him,” Emily said aloud, anxious to confirm her feelings. “Goodness only knows but yet I believe I would do it. Perhaps I could find a substitute for Bruce but how does one pick a guy who doesn’t confined himself to sex in missionary position like my husband?”

She thought about giving Bruce a call to plead with him but sighed and said, “Have you no shame woman.” Well it appeared not; even so she’d not call him.

Mid morning the doorbell rang and by the time Emily arrived at the door after drying her hands, the florist’s delivery person was already back in her van. Left behind was a lovely bouquet with a card: ‘You’re a cracker. I’ll call at 7:00 this evening to take you to dinner’.

How nice, she thought, kissing the flowers. After arranging them in a vase she went to the bathroom with a pair of scissors, deciding to trim her pussy growth so Bruce didn’t have done his pith helmet and swing a machete to cope with jungle-like growth. If she were fifteen years younger she would have shaved the lot off for him. She was delighted he wanted to see her again and so what if the flowers, appealing sentiment of the card and dinner were being provided to gain her interest. If Bruce wanted to bang her, so be it – she would be wide open to his attention.

They arrived at Emily’s home kaçak bahis just before 10:00. She didn’t invite him in; she just walked straight in, leaving the door for him to close. He took the key out of the lock and closed it behind him.


“No thanks.”


He grinned wolfishly. “Yes please.”

She almost wet herself when he said, “I guess following the dinner invitation and knowing I’d be back for another bite you will have trimmed your pussy today?”

Bruce admired the flowers and said, “You were worth the expense even if there was to be no more sex.”

“Come here you lovely neighbor,” Emily said, and he walked into her arms and began kissing her, slowly and softly and gradually Emily detected her breasts were swelling and her legs felt the need to widen at the knees.

When they were panting Bruce took her to the dinning room table and lifted Emily on to it. “Want a pillow for your head?”

“No, I’ll be fine,” Emily said, removing her dress, wishing he’d given her time to do that when she was still standing as it would be so much easier. But as she lifted her butt the darling took hold of the dress by the hem with both hands and pulled it up waist high.

“Ah, patterned stockings,” he said. “I noticed them earlier. You have lovely legs. May I leave them on?”

Emily laughed. “Whatever gives you a thrill.”

She tossed away her dress and was undoing her bra when Bruce ripped her panties off her, without hurting her. Emily’s breathing rate stepped up.

Bruce quickly stripped and dropped to his knees and chewed her out. Yes chewed, thought Emily although he also had a finger working. She almost shot across the table when a finger rimmed her anus. God Oliver wouldn’t like him doing that to her, Emily decided, puffing. In fact Oliver wouldn’t like Bruce touching her in the slightest way. Well Oliver, you should be here.

Emily heard Bruce making a loud sucking sound and because his mouth wasn’t over her pussy she knew what that was about. He was signally something. She braced and felt the finger push into her butt, anxious not to react adversely to frighten him off. She occasionally pressed a fingertip in when masturbating but Bruce probably planned to go beyond a fingertip. He lifted her and she felt a drool of saliva hit her anus and then his finger slipped in and he tried for a second but gave up. Emily reminded herself to buy some proper lube.

There was a pause as Bruce fumbled around, probably wiping his finger on her torn panties and then he slapped a hand on both breasts and she felt his cock invade her pussy without him having to steer it in. Oh my, this guy was good. After a while when they hit a steady tempo Emily lifted her legs and pulled them right back, pleased her flexibility remained good for her age.

“Oh Christ,” grunted Bruce as she bent her knees together, applying pressure on to his plunging cock.

“What me to ease off?”

“No, it’s great. You feel like a 20-year-old.”

What nonsense, she thought. Men do dribble on. It would have been twenty years since he last had a 20-year-old, perhaps a little less.

“I was pumping this woman three weeks ago,” Bruce puffed, “when her daughter walked in on us. After a brief row between mother and daughter the daughter agreed to keep her mouth shut provided I fucked her.”

“Two women at once?” Emily said incredulously. She knew guys on sex DVD’s did that but this was Bruce.

“Yeah, I could set up with another woman if you think you’d like a threesome.”

“Ah…I’ll think about that.”

Later when they were cleaning up Emily told Bruce she’d take a rain check on a threesome.

“That’s cool. Let me know if you want me to organize it.”

That left Emily wondering whether she’d like the third participant to be male or female. She decided female and accepted a threesome would be coming her way very soon.

Next day Bruce drove her out into the country to visit a couple of orchards. They purchased fresh fruit and vegetables and big jars of fruit juice. It was a lovely day and on the way back to the city Bruce asked, “Are you told old to take the possible discomfort and risk of being spotted of fucking outdoors.”

Well, asking was she too old was a challenge, virtually assuring him of a yes. So she said what a wonderful idea and suggested they do to the riverbank.

“That’s my thinking.”

They walked someway from the riverside parking lot and came to a grassy bank beyond the walkway. Bruce seemed to know where he was going.

“It’s mid week and not many people about but we best keep our clothes on.”

The sun was warm, the birds were singing and, filled with romantic thoughts, Emily swept into a big release that had Bruce grunt “Wow’ as he trailed her to the finish.

Emily wept in happiness, keeping that hidden from her neighbor.

They walked back to the car.

“Bruce – no,” she said as he caught her swinging hand.

“My lovely, you know you can’t say no to me and you should have sufficient trust in me that I won’t attempt to lure you from your husband. I’ve had a fucked up marriage so am not likely to want to fuck up Oliver’s. I say that while we both know I’m a swine fucking my friend Oliver’s wife.”

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