Down on the Dance Floor

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You come out of nowhere, like a tiger hidden from sight, seen only when he wants to be seen. Spying your prey you move in for the kill. Medium height, long silky brown hair, a tight shirt and even tighter skirt. Oh yes, she is the one. Slyly and smoothly you slip up behind her and start to move with her. She turns to you and meets your eyes. With your dark and dangerous looks and short sexy black hair, you could charm any girl out of her pants with just one look. Quickly, you fall into beautiful synchronization with each other.

After a while, you look around and see that everyone is distracted by their partner or multiple partners and smile slowly to yourself. You start running your hands over her body slowly, every now and then slipping your thumb or finger under the skin tight edge of her skirt. She laughs and spins around so her back is to you and you wrap one arm around her stomach and pull her tightly against your front. You bury your face in her hair and place light kissed on the sensitive bend at the base of her neck while your free hand runs down one of her thighs. Her head tilts to the side to allow greater access and lifts her arms to run her fingers through your hair. You slide your fingers down to the inside of her thigh and slowly trek back up her leg.

Her legs squeeze together slightly at the light tickle of your fingers as your hand reaches güvenilir bahis the bottom of her skirt. As you trail feather light kisses over her jaw you slip your hand up her skirt and brush her panties and you can feel her legs shake slightly at you touch. You slowly pull her shorter than should be legal skirt up her leg and cup her mound, feeling slight dampness in her panties. As you press the palm of your hand against her mound, your other arm, the one holding her tight against you, slides up her stomach, brushing ever so lightly over her breast, and cups her chin, turning her head towards you and allowing you to take her mouth in a hot and all-consuming kiss. Her hands grip the sides of your head and you can feel her moan but know that no one heard it over the loud pounding music.

As the pulse of the music beats faster, you pull the smooth and very damp silk of her panties to the side and run your finger over her slit. Slowly, smoothly, you slip one finger into her. You feel her body tense at the invasion and her fingers dig into your scalp. In time to the beat of the music, you push your finger in and out of her, and when the beat shifts slightly you add a finger. When you have three fingers pushed deep inside her soaking pussy, you run your thumb over her lips and find her sweet sensitive clit. As you press down and roll over it, you feel her tighten türkçe bahis and shudder and hear her moan and you smile, knowing she came in the middle of a dance floor.

You pull your fingers from her pussy and, releasing from the kiss, slide your soaking fingers over her lips, a deep, husky “suck” breaths from your lips into her ear and she sucks your fingers clean. You both moan in approval and she drops her head back on your shoulder. As she moves to the slow pulsing beat, she allows you to hold her up. You slide both your arms down around her waist and dance for a few moments. Slowly, so as not to catch any ones unwanted attention, you unwrap your arms grab the hem of her skirt and slide it up until the back slips up over her butt. She inhales at the sudden exposure but doesn’t object. You pull a small pocket knife from your jeans and quickly cut through her panties and pull them off. She looks up at you with curiosity and you lean down to kiss her. You cup the sweet and perfectly smooth cheeks of her butt and pull them gently apart.

Grabbing her hips, you pull her naked ass back against your jean clad erection and feel her grind lightly against you. You reach around and grab one of her hands and place it on your growing cock. You place your hand back on her hip as she gently squeeze and rubs your pulsing erection. After a few moments you unzip your jeans güvenilir bahis siteleri and the top button and hear her slight gasp as your cock pops out into her hand. For a few minutes you grit your teeth against her gentle yet skilled hand as it glides from tip to base and teases the tip. As you feel yourself get close to exploding, you pull her hand away and quickly line it up with her dripping hole. She gasps and grabs your wrists. Gripping her hips tightly, you thrust deep and hard into her pussy.

As she opens her mouth to scream, you quickly cover it with your hand, stifling her cry. You allow only a second for her to adjust to you then begin to grind and pound into her to the beat that seemingly pulsates up from the floor. The blessed darkness of the dance floor and the sheer number of people dancing in provocative and alcohol-fueled hazes shield you both from unnecessary attention. In a quick few minutes, you both cum hard. As she sags against you for a second time, you kiss her gently on the head and pull out of her.

Grabbing her ruined panties you quickly wipe off what you can then zip up. You pull her skirt back down and kiss her once more on her neck. “Mmm looking forward to seeing you next weekend. I’ll have a replacement for these for you” you whisper, holding her soiled, bundled up panties up for her to see. And with a small gentle breath on her neck, you disappear into the crowed as quickly as you appeared.

I write some of my stuff based off other peoples suggestions, ideas, and experiences, with full approval from them. So don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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