Daughter’s Cravings Ch. 06

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Special thanks to the editor-Hatsuda-

In this chapter Jennifer finally fucks her older and powerful Uncle and experiences the huge cock she had heard about and seen. For her Uncle, she would be the one who he would want in his bed permanently.

Before he left me the night before he said to meet him for lunch the next day. I wanted to pull out all the stops. I was determined to let him know that I wanted to fuck him more than anything in the world. I was prepared to apologize for all the things I did over the past few years that included being a total bitch to him.

Once again as I dressed I felt so sexy as I meticulously put on my thong, looking approvingly at my ass as the tiny string disappeared between each cheek, then a pair of tan thigh high stockings. The second I stepped into my white pumps I instantly felt my body temperature go to 1000 degrees, and felt my nipples point right out and begin to ache.

There was something about wearing thigh high stockings and high heels that set the mood for fucking, and at this point all I could think about was my distinguished Uncle and turning him on like crazy. After stepping into my pumps I looked at my body in the mirror and smiled to myself slyly. “Today it’s going to be my hands and mouth all over that huge cock of yours Uncle Peter. Then my pussy would be wrapped around that giant mass of flesh,” I wickedly thought to myself as I crossed one high heel over the other to admire my long, slender legs and my sexy ass. “This is all yours Uncle Peter,” I said slyly as I admired my flawless body.

I then put on a skin tight red micro-mini dress which looked painted on my body and showed it off to perfection. Being daring and knowing that I wanted my Uncle drooling all over me I went braless as I knew my 34B breasts would look absolutely sinful through it. I brushed my long, brown hair then put on a hot shade of red lipstick. Looking at myself in the mirror one last time before I left made me think naughtily to myself,” Damm, Id fuck myself.”

When I came down to the restaurant my Uncles eyes lit-up when he saw me, also every other person that was there too. My nipples were rock hard and could be seen from across the room, they were so turned on from seeing him. As soon as he saw me he stood as his eyes were riveted to my dress and then along every inch of my long, tapered legs. As I walked on the wood floor my high heels filled the air with sexual overtones.

“Very sexy Jennifer,” he said taking my hand and kissing me softly on the lips.

His kiss sent sparks deep into my pussy and ignited a launch sequence in me.

“Very handsome yourself Uncle Peter,” I said in a throaty voice as I sat beside him.

The tables were high with very high stools and when I sat and crossed my legs my dress rode high up my thigh right to the bottom of the lace trim on my stockings. This sight wasn’t missed by my Uncle who looked at my legs admiringly. This sight wasn’t missed by my Uncle who looked at my legs admiringly.

“Very sexy Jennifer,” he said in a deep voice that had me squirming.

“Thank you Uncle Peter. I dressed just for you,” I said grinning at him slyly.

I then leaned in and gave him a quick soft kiss, and as I did I saw the young, skinny, Korean teenager who I watched fucking him last night. When her eyes caught mine I grinned at her cunningly and she glared back at me with the look of dagger-could-kill.

“I’m glad you like what you see Uncle Peter. I want everyone to know I dressed sexy for you,” I said in a hot voice as I kissed him on the lips. “I’ve seen the way all your young whores dress, especially the young one I watched you fuck the shit out of last night. All I know is that I want to be just like every one of them,” I added hotly as I ran the tip of my tongue across his pouty lips. “I want to be your newest whore Uncle Peter. I want everyone to know I’m yours,” I said as I ran my tongue across his lips in a very sexy way.

“That could have been you two years ago on your 18th birthday when I told you I wanted you Jennifer,” he said with a serious almost irritated look in his eye.

“Don’t you think if I had any idea that you had such a huge cock and fucked the way I watched you last night, I wouldn’t have been in your bed in a heartbeat,” I said putting my arms around him.

“All those times putting me off when you knew how bad I wanted you Jennifer.”

“Oh baby, all I want to do now is make it up to you.” I wanna fuck you so bad, and you know it Uncle Peter. I know I’ve been a real bitch to you, but now all I want is to be your whore. Let me be your whore Uncle Peter. Let me be your personal slut. I know you want me. I’ve seen the way you look at me. Please, just let me wrap myself around that huge cock of yours. Let my pussy fuck you and make you forget the little bitch I was to you,” I said in a throaty voice as I looked in the piercing eyes.

“So you’re really ready to fuck are you?”

“Oh god yes baby,” I said in a desperate voice.

“You know Jennifer, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri no one has ever put me off the way you did,” he said with a hint of irritation in his voice.

“Oh god, I know you always get what you want, but don’t forget I had everything from my father and you and my aunt are married.”

“I told you Jennifer that only reason I married her was to get close to you. From that first day I met you all I could think about was you.

“You mean fucking me,” I added hotly.

“Yes Jennifer…fucking you,” he said deliberately as he scanned my body and lingered on my long, crossed legs. “As for your father, I’m very surprised that he was the type of man you looked up to.

“Why do you say that?” I asked playing coy.

“Come on Jennifer. A nice guy, but not close to being in your league. What you need is something a lot more stimulating,” he said in a deep voice that made me bite my lower lip and let out a soft moan.

It was my opportunity to let him know that I was so ready to be fucked by him. I leaned in and gave him a little kiss, working the tip of my tongue into his mouth, than feeling his instantly meet mine.

“I’m so ready to be your girl Uncle Peter,” I added in my hottest breath.

“I’ve wanted to hear that for a long time baby,” he said as our lips met for a soft kiss.

“Oh god…me too Uncle Peter,” I said in my hottest breath as I felt my body come alive at the thought of finally fucking him.

He then took my hand and led me out of the restaurant with his arm around me. Sparks were flying through me from the excitement of my uncle holding me and knowing where he was taking me. As we walked past the table with the Korean father and his daughter, the man said hello to my Uncle as my Uncle just nodded at him. The daughter just looked at me with venom in her eyes.

In his private elevator we started kissing as soon as the doors closed. I was groaning hotly from knowing we were finally going to fuck. The elevator seemed to inch along and almost seemed to stand-still seeming to take forever to reach the Penthouse. I was going insane from having my Uncle’s tongue explore mine. It was the most intense and explosive kiss I have ever experienced, even more intense than when my father and I kissed hotly in the restaurant.

As soon as we got to his suite my Uncle popped a cork on a bottle of very expensive champagne, poured us both a glass then made a toast.

“To the sexiest girl that has haunted me,” he said as he scanned my body up and down, almost as if I was nude.

For the next hour my Uncle and I kissed hungrily, as our tongues entwined like vines inside each other’s mouths. I’ve never been kissed like this or felt my body respond the way it was. Our lips would touch for a few seconds then my tongue would slip into his mouth to meet his, or his would go into mine. Once our tongues made contact we would open our mouths as the tips of our tongues danced across each other’s in a way that raised the heat between my Uncle and I. Sparks were going off deep inside my pussy as my groans filled the air with the sounds of lust. Over and over this is how my Uncle and I kissed. It so was hot and so sexy that I never wanted it to stop.

That hour of kissing went by so fast because we were so hungry for each other, especially me from all the build-up the last few days. Seeing him in the boardroom as he took over that company then firing everyone as he gloated right in their faces had me so turned on.

As I listened to his young staff of girls tell their stories about how huge he was and how incredible he fucked had me riveted to their every word. Listening to them talk about how bad he wanted me made me think of him and I as lovers. When I watched my uncle him fuck the skinny 18 year old Korean and actually saw his giant, horrifying cock it had me so wet that as we kissed that I actually had a mini-orgasm standing right there.

The years of being such a bitch to him and now wanting to fuck him had me going crazy for him, and for him it was the wait to finally have me that added to his heated passion when he kissed me. It was so sexy and thrilling feeling my uncle’s hot tongue explore mine, as his hands roamed all over my body without any resistance on my part. In fact as we kissed I kept groaning how good his hands felt on me. As his hands roamed over every inch of my body they sent sparks into the center of my pussy. Of course as I was kissing him my hand was reaching down to feel the massive bulge in his pants.

“Oh god…so huge,” I groaned hotly, as my manicured finger nails glided over what I knew was a huge cock. The biggest I ever felt.

“It’s big for you Jennifer,” he groaned in a deep, resonant voice as my fingers caused his massive cock to throb menacingly.

Breaking away from our heated kiss he led me to a large sofa near the bar. Standing in front of the sofa our tongues met in mid-air. We had to kiss to release the tension that had built up between us for so long. What güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was happening between us was so sexy. We clicked our glasses then sat back on the sofa. My Uncle took my glass and put it on a stand then went back to kissing my neck.

“So sexy Jennifer,” he growled in a deep, resonant voice as he kissed my neck then met my tongue for a few quick flicks that added to the thrill of my uncle and I being together.

“Oh god, you’ve got me so fucking hot Uncle Peter. “I want to be the best fuck you’ve ever had,” I moaned in a throaty voice I didn’t recognize as his hands went up my stocking covered legs then over my ass through my sheer dress.

“I like that Jennifer… Something tells me you absolutely will be,” he said meeting my tongue for a slow twisting kiss.

“Oh god, I want you more than I wanted any man,” I said heatedly as I massaged his monstrous cock through his straining pants.

“Any man Jennifer?” he asked grinning again.

“Yes,” I paused. “Even more than my own father Uncle Peter,” I said in a hot voice.

“A drastic change from the girl that used to despise me,” he said with a sly grin.

“Oh god, I know I was such a bitch to you and teased you more than I ever should have,” I said apologetically. “I always dressed really sexy because I knew you were going to be at my parents. The times when my Aunt came and you didn’t were really disappointing to me, and very frustrating,” I said in a hot voice as my hands massaged his enormous, rock-hard shaft through his constraining pants.

“Yes there were times when I did have to work late at the office.”

“Yeah right,” I said with a smirk on my face. “I know what working late in your office means,” I teased then let my tongue out to meet his in a swift kiss.

“One night a month ago when my mother said you and my Aunt were coming over I purposely wore this real hot, tight, black mini skirt that you would have loved. It was so daringly short. I wore a pair of black stockings and black high heels, because of the way you always look at my legs. I had on this tight purple, satin blouse that came off one of my shoulders. I wore it because I imagined you following me into a room like you always do and kiss my neck during the night. And I wore a hot, red thong. I even went braless because I really wanted to tease you so bad that night.”

“Now I’m sorry I chose work over seeing you,” he said kissing my neck softly, which drove me crazy.

“If I knew then what I know now, I would have come to your office a lot sooner Uncle Peter, “I said as I continued to rub his massive bulge. ” Oh god. So huge,” I moaned as my hand glided over his enormous shaft as it ran down his leg almost to the top of his knee.

As we clicked our glasses in a silent toast about what we were about to do I looked around the room and noticed mirrors lining every wall. He then stood behind me and began kissing my exposed neck, making me moan uncontrollably.

“The mirrors are for you Jennifer; for you to look at how sexy you are when I’m fucking you,” he said as he kissed my neck watching me look at myself in the mirrored walls. “And for me to look at your incredibly sexy body when I’m playing with you like I am now,” he said hotly which caused me to moan excitedly, ” Or when you’re fucking me,” he added with a sly grin, as he kissed my neck while running his hands over my ass then across my aching tits.

“Oh yeah Uncle Peter,” I moaned at the thought of watching myself and his huge cock going in and out of me as we fucked.

Suddenly I felt his hand pulling the zipper down the back of my mini dress. It was something I knew he had done millions of times with hundreds of young teenage girls. Just his skill at pulling my zipper down was turning me on like crazy and had me groaning in a low-throaty voice.

“Oh god, ” I moaned as he pulled the top of my mini dress down just below my nipples.

“Very sexy,” he said as his hands ran across my excited pink nipples and across my chest. “

Looking up I saw him looking in the mirror.

“Look at your amazing body Jennifer. Look at those perfect sexy, tits,” he said kissing my neck, drawing my attention to the mirrors around the room.

It was such an incredible sight, seeing my handsome Uncle standing behind me kissing my exposed neck while he played with my ultra-sensitive, tiny tits. Seeing my mini dress pushed just below my breasts made me look and feel so nude in front of him, and seeing him look in the mirrors at me while he played with my hard, pink nipples was driving me crazy.

“Sexy nipples Jennifer. Hard and very sexy,” he said in a deep voice as his hands came around my back and began pinching them between his thumbs and index fingers. “I’ve wanted to suck these nipples for so long,” he groaned kissing my neck as he played with my aching nipples with his skilled fingers.

“Oh fuuuck,” I groaned as he rolled my nipples through his fingers, pinching then rubbing his index fingers across the tips.

“Look güvenilir bahis şirketleri at how sexy you are Jennifer,” he said, forcing me to look at the mirror while he played with me. “All dressed-up so sexy, really showing off your amazing body,” he said as he watched me in the mirror, and caused me to look at myself.

God I had to admit that I looked hot.

“Oh god, you’re driving me crazy,” I groaned as I watched him kiss my neck and play with my breasts. Seeing myself in the mirror and the hunger he had for me made me feel so special, especially knowing he fucked hundreds of girls.

“Yes Jennifer, very sexy,” he said kissing my neck. “I can’t wait to fuck you Jennifer,” he said pinching my nipples a little harder, causing my feet to lift out of the backs of my high heel pumps.

“Oh God. I want you so bad,” I groaned as he played with my body.

As he kissed my neck and played with my tiny nipples I reached behind and ran my palm across his throbbing cock. It was so long that my hand couldn’t reach the head of his cock. Suddenly he put his hands on my narrow hips and began grinding his huge cock against my ass.

“Oh god, that cock is so huge,” I groaned in a heated voice I didn’t recognize, as his fingers continued to drive my nipples insane.

“You can’t imagine how many times I saw myself fucking you Jennifer. Every time I fucked I saw your face and imagined my big cock going in and out of you,” he said in a voice that had hunger in it.

“Cummmmming,” I groaned as my pussy surprised me and came again, from the thought of him wanting to fuck me so bad.

Turning my head as I came, our tongues immediately met. This was a sinfully deep lust that had been building and building between my Uncle and me for years. It was like the genie was released from the bottle as sparks were flying everywhere, especially in my turned on pussy.

Our heated kiss, combined with his kissing of my neck and sucking my earlobes while whispering how sexy I was, that my sexy body has driven him crazy for years, and then kissing my nipples as he told me he’s wanted to fuck me for so long, was the most thrilling experience in my life.

After all of these years dressing in the sexiest clothes and most revealing bathing suits at every opportunity to tease and taunt him, and now being here in front of him, pushing all of those feelings aside, and kissing him as if he was the lover I always hungered for, was indescribable. All I knew was that whatever it was that made me be a total bitch to him, I was now more turned on than any time in my life. And finding out he had a huge cock made me more horny and desperate to fuck him.

Just standing with the top of my dress pulled over my breasts, kissing my handsome Uncle while he was fully clothed made it so intensely hot for me. For some reason I couldn’t explain, kissing him while I stood in my tan stockings and white pumps made it even more sexy; so much more naughty.

As we kissed I felt my body tremble in ways I have never experienced before. It was the most explosive kiss I had ever experienced. When our tongues met, my nipples would ache, and sparks would go off inside my pussy, causing me to moan, and when our lips touched, I nearly exploded.

I couldn’t believe how incredible my Uncle was at kissing. His skills at kissing were driving me crazy. I never felt my pussy twitch so much, or get so wet, when I kissed a boyfriend or even my father. The way he would just lightly kiss each of my nipples softly a few times, making these soft, popping sounds, then break off, and meet my lips for a sexy two minute kiss, then go back to my nipples and lightly kiss them again, was driving me crazy.

When he broke off of my nipples our tongues would meet, raising the level of our groans before his mouth met my starving lips. And, the way he would lightly pull my swollen nipples between his thumb and index finger, just barely touching the sensitive, puffy flesh, while he looked in my eyes penetratingly, caused me to moan,

“Oh fuck, you are driving me crazy baby.”

Instead of sucking and pinching my nipples roughly, the way boyfriends I had in High School did, my Uncle would gently push the sides of my breasts together, then lightly kiss one nipple, than the other very gently, making soft popping sounds, then he would go right back to my hungry, waiting lips, where we would reconnect in a mind-blowing kiss, that would cause me to moan deeply.

As we kissed, he would teasingly run his index finger around the edge of my puffed-out nipple for a minute, as I moaned,

“Oh baby,” as I looked into his penetrating eyes. He would then insert his finger into my mouth and as I eagerly sucked on it, knowing I was imagining his great, big, cock in my mouth. As I hungrily licked his finger, he used his tongue and lick the bottom of each of my nipples. I was delirious from the way he was making my pussy snap.

He did this for more than an hour, turning me on more and more, and making my pussy flow like a river. Each time he kissed my nipples they would get harder and harder, aching to be sucked on. He knew he was driving me crazy, because every time he would leave my lips and go to kiss my nipples, I would moan out loud saying, “Oh God, you’re driving me crazy. You’re making my nipples so fucking hard.”

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