Black Prince Of The City

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My name is Roger Jones. I’m a big and tall Black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. By day, I’m a city cop. By night, I’m the Ass Master. I like to fuck a fat ass. And I don’t apologize for it. I like to bend over bitches and fuck them in the ass. All colors. All shapes. I don’t really discriminate. Booty is booty. I got some time to kill. My dick is hungry and I got to feed him some ass. Do you feel me? Cool.

Right now, I’m fucking this fifty-year-old Jewish slut named Shelley Goren. A plump white slut who lives in Brockton’s west side. Like a lot of white bitches from the suburbs, she’s got a thing for Black guys. I put this white slut in her place toot sweet. That’s why she’s on her hands and knees, sucking my long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock like there’s no tomorrow. Shelley is one of those uptight white sluts you see in them all white neighborhoods who give Black people a fake smile when they see you coming. Hypocrites. All of them. Yet secretly they fantasize about us. Sexually. Isn’t that a blip?

After making Shelley suck my dick and polish my big Black balls with her tongue, I put her on all fours. Face down and ass up. I spread her plump ass cheeks wide open and pressed my dick against her asshole. I push my dick deep inside her asshole. Why? Because that’s what I like to do. And this slut craves it. That’s why she came onto me so strong the other day. That’s nothing new. I’m a tall, good-looking Black man. Bitches are always coming onto me. Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. You name it, I’ve fucked it. Hunting for pussy in the suburbs during the canlı bahis şirketleri summer is like shooting fish in a fucking barrel. All too easy.

I grabbed hold of Shelley’s long blonde hair and yanked her head back while slamming my cock deep into her asshole. The bitch squealed as I tapped that fat white ass of hers. White sluts are so easy. At least Black women make a brother work to get the pussy. White chicks from twenty to sixty spread them legs ten ways to Sunday just because a brother smiles at them. That’s just the way they are, I guess. Shelley’s asshole felt warm and tight around my dick, even though I was sure this bitch was no stranger to anal sex. Scores of women take it up the ass every fucking day. They just don’t like to admit it. Seriously. Men need to get a fucking clue. There are more women than gay men who love getting fucked in the ass. Trust me, I know these things. A bisexual stud like myself gets around.

Yeah, I had a good time with Shelley. I plowed my cock up her tight white ass like ass fucking was going out of style. And when I was done, I came. Hell, I came rather spectacularly. I flooded her asshole with loads upon loads of my manly cum. Shelley screamed like a woman possessed. I could tell she loved it. After I pulled out of her ass, she was stunned. I spit inside her now gaping asshole. It was a nice shot, too. I didn’t miss. Sometimes I do. What can I say? I’m not perfect. Shelley thanked me for being a wonderful lover and showing her a wonderful time. I told the bitch to shut up and suck my dick. She sucked my dick right after it came canlı kaçak iddaa out of her asshole. Can you believe this shit? Hell, I was there and I almost didn’t believe it. Wow. Those dumb white sluts will do anything for sex!

I walked out of Shelley’s house and got back inside my police cruiser. Man I felt good. Later that day, I had a booty call with this bisexual couple. A hot and deliciously plump and busty Haitian woman named Jacqueline Joseph and her roommate and lover, a sexy, chubby and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Latina named Miranda Jimenez. Folks, I had to hook up with these luscious and decidedly exotic ladies. I love Latinas and I love black women, especially Haitian women. Hooking up with the two of them at the same time was an opportunity I could not pass up. Seriously. They were really thankful for the help I provided them in dealing with a stalker. And they didn’t mind showing this brother their gratitude. Being a policeman is a thankless job but some citizens really make the job worthwhile, if you catch my drift.

I got down and dirty with Jacqueline and Miranda, folks. These two chubby ladies knelt before me and began to suck my dick like cock sucking was going out of style. I’ve had my cock sucked by women and men from all over. However, this Haitian lady and her Latina friend were something else. They were really, really good. Hell, if cock sucking were an Olympic sport, they’d be international champions. Hands down. They sucked my dick and licked my balls as if my stuff were made out of chocolate. Folks, this brother had himself a great time. They canlı kaçak bahis worked me over until I came, squirting hot cum all over their pretty faces. And they gobbled it all up. Am I good or what?

The action continued. I put Miranda Jimenez on all fours and spread the Latina’s plump ass cheeks wide open. I pressed my dick against her asshole and worked it inside of her. Meanwhile, Jacqueline the sexy Haitian woman spread my ass cheeks and began licking my asshole. I don’t run into a lot of women who enjoy licking male ass. This lovely Haitian dame was definitely a good find. She licked and fingered my ass while I pumped my dick into Miranda’s asshole. The plump Latina had a wonderfully tight asshole. I loved sliding my big dick in and out of it. While I fucked Miranda’s ass, Jacqueline slid a slim dildo into my ass. Kind of kinky. I liked it.

Miranda squealed as I pumped my dick up her ass. And Jacqueline worked her dildo into my asshole. It hurt a bit but felt kind of good. We went at it until I came, flooding Miranda’s asshole with my cum. Next, I had a go with Jacqueline’s ass while Miranda fucked my ass with the dildo. Man, I had a great time. Jacqueline’s asshole was the best I’ve fucked all day. Not too loose and not too tight. Just tight enough. I absolutely frigging loved it. And why shouldn’t I? It’s not every day that a brother like me gets to fuck a big beautiful Haitian woman in the ass. Those Caribbean women are off the hook. We fucked and sucked until exhaustion, folks.

I have tons of fun with the sexy bitches in Brockton in the summer time. They got the pussy and the ass, and they crave the dick. I got the dick and I’m more than ready and willing to give it to them. My way of killing time in the summertime. Who says the life of a Black policeman in the big city isn’t fun? I’m the Prince of the City, folks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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