Black Cuckolding Is Okay

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Don’t you dare tell me that Black cuckolds don’t exist, seriously. Do a little research. We who are in the Black cuckolding lifestyle are simply more discrete than our white counterparts, for cultural and sociological reasons. My name is Jeanne Dupuis-Pelletier and I’m a young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the City of Randolph, Massachusetts. Five-foot-eleven, curvy and sexy, with mahogany skin, long Black hair and golden brown eyes, that’s me. One foxy Black mama with a lot going on for her.

I was born in the City of Cap-Haitien, Republic of Haiti, and my folks, George and Marianne Dupuis left the Caribbean for Massachusetts in the summer of 1999. I consider myself a proud American citizen, but I shall never forget the island of Haiti, my birthplace. I met my future husband Paul Pelletier at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in the summer of 2009, when I was just starting my higher education journey.

I fell in love with the six-foot-three, burly African-American stud, and we’ve been together since. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in the summer of 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in business and got a job working at Bank of America. My hubby Paul got himself a bachelor’s degree in communications and now works as a producer for the CW news network in Boston. We do alright for ourselves, and life is good. Lately, we’ve taken certain steps to spice up our marriage.

A lot of Black women out there would be horrified and disgusted if their Black husband told them that he swings both ways. Me? I’m a freaky mama and I was glad to hear that my dear Paul likes his bread buttered on both sides. There are lots of things that a bisexual Black man will let his wife do to him that a straight Black man won’t. I’m glad that my dear Paul is a freaky brother…it opens up a world of possibilities.

I went to the adult video store and bought a few things to spice things up in our bedroom, and Paul was thrilled with my purchases. Those special items include a strap-on dildo, a pair of handcuffs, and some sexy pink panties. When Paul came home after a long day at work, he got the surprise of a lifetime. Me, clad in a Black leather miniskirt, Black tank top and sexy see-through pink panties, with a whip in one hand while the other hand stroked my strap-on dildo. How do you think dear Paul reacted?

What followed was one of the best nights of our lives, seriously. First, Paul and I had some regular sex. The brother laid me on our bed, and I spread my shapely thighs invitingly. I love having my pussy licked and Paul is absolutely awesome when it comes to that. Eagerly Paul licked my pussy güvenilir bahis and fingered it and I moaned in pleasure as my man worked his magic on me. Soon Paul had me crying out his name.

After giving my sweet pussy the thorough licking and probing it so richly deserved, Paul laid down the law in our bedroom. I got on my knees and sucked on Paul’s long and thick, uncircumcised dick. I licked his balls and massaged his dick with my mouth, getting him nice and hard. When Paul warned me that he was about to cum, I winked at him and nodded. Paul came in my mouth, and I eagerly drank every last drop of my husband’s tasty cum. It’s yummy as hell, what can I say?

Next, Paul and I got our freak on like only a passionate Black couple like us can. Nothing quite like Black love in this world, folks. Trust me on that one. I got on all fours, and Paul got behind me. Spreading my big Haitian butt cheeks wide open, Paul lubricated me good and proper with some Aloe cream and then pressed his hard dick against my butt hole. I giggled happily as Paul’s thick dick entered my asshole. It’s about time Paul’s dick got into my ass. I’d gone three days without a good ass fucking, and when you’re a horny Black woman like me, that’s an eternity!

Paul put his thick hands on my hips and began working his dick into my asshole. I squealed in delight as Paul began fucking me up the ass, and fingered my wet pussy. I love anal sex, and Paul’s got one of the best dicks in the world. Long and thick, and wonderfully agile, so it can fill my asshole and my pussy just right. Paul fucked me good, and I welcomed the deliciously hot pain I felt down below as he plowed into my asshole. Paul banged my ass until I begged for mercy, and I screamed passionately as his cum flooded my asshole. It was absolutely frigging awesome!

See? My husband Paul Pelletier and I are a happy couple in a passionate relationship. We’ve decided to open it up and have some freakier fun. Why? Simply because I wanted to enable Paul to explore his bisexuality…under my supervision of course. Hey, I’m a freaky wife but I’m not crazy enough to encourage my hubby to explore his sexuality away from me. No thank you. Paul Pelletier gets to explore his bisexuality…with me watching his every damn move.

That’s why I invited Roger Vincent to join us. I met Roger a while ago. Tall, good-looking and roughly handsome, Roger was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, to a Haitian immigrant father and an Italian-American mother. I loved mixed dudes, especially when they’re sexually flexible. Since Roger is bisexual and disease-free ( I checked ) I thought he’d be the perfect candidate türkçe bahis for some fun with Paul and I, and I was right…as usual.

When it came time for me to cuckold my sexy Black husband Paul with that delicious biracial Bull Roger, this kinky Black wife went all out. Seriously. I made Paul put that long and thick, magnificent Black dick of his in a chastity device and made him watch me, his darling wife, get freaky with Roger the Bull just like a good cuckold should. It was awesome!

Winking at my husband Paul, I sucked on Roger’s long and thick mixed dick, and when Roger came all over my face, I smiled and licked it all up. You should have seen the look on Paul’s face as I sucked on Roger’s dick. Delicious pain all over Paul’s handsome face, mixed with lust. In spite of himself, my strong Black husband was turned on by the sight of me, his sexy Black wife, sucking on another man’s dick.

I fingered my wet pussy and winked at Paul some more as I licked every last drop of cum from Roger’s dick. Dude looks like Hollywood actor Vin Diesel, only slightly darker. To really spice things up and compound Paul’s humiliation, I told him to suck Roger’s dick. Paul hesitated and then did as he was told, and I grinned as my hubby began sucking Roger’s dick with gusto. Turns me on like you would not believe!

I wonder if I’m the only Black woman with such a fetish. I am turned on by the sight of my Black husband sucking off another brother’s dick. Maybe I’m unique, but I don’t think so. Judging by the way Paul sucked Roger’s dick, it was definitely not my hubby’s first time going down on another man. As a woman who sucks dick regularly, I know a thing or two about technique. I decided to help my hubby Paul out and joined him in sucking Roger off, and the mixed brother certainly didn’t mind having two mouths, one male and one female, on his big ole dick!

Later on, Paul and I had more freaky fun with Roger. Paul confessed to me that he wanted to experience more of Roger’s dick, and as a freaky mama who loves bisexual guys, I was all for it. I put Paul on all fours and lubricated his ass, then rolled a condom on Roger’s dick, then guided it into Paul’s ass. Gripping Paul’s ass, Roger began pumping his long and thick caramel dick into my hubby’s tight Black ass. Paul began screaming as he got fucked, and I told him to shut up. Seriously, I don’t whine half as much when Paul is fucking my ass, and his dick is bigger than Roger’s.

I fingered my wet cunt as I watched two sexy studs, one Black and one mixed, get their freak on. Roger pumped his dick into Paul’s ass, and Paul screamed loudly as he got fucked. This went on güvenilir bahis siteleri for a while, until Paul said he couldn’t take any more of Roger’s relentless ass fucking. Well, like the good wife that I am, I relieved my hubby Paul of his burdens. I decided I’d show Paul how to ride a thick dick, and did I ever!

As my hubby Paul watched, I climbed on top of Roger after rolling another condom on his thick caramel dick, and then I began riding him. Roger sucked on my tits and smacked my thick Haitian booty as he buried his dick inside my hot, wet pussy. I screamed passionately as I got fucked by Roger. Paul watched, mesmerized by the sight of me, his sexy Black wife, riding another man’s dick right in front of him. That’s right, this Black wife is cuckolding her Black husband with the same biracial and deliciously bisexual Bull who just fucked the hell out of his Black ass!

I winked at Paul as I rode Roger’s dick, and then, to really shine him on, I got on all fours, spread my thick ass cheeks wide open and told Roger to fuck me in the ass. Paul’s eyes widened as Roger got behind me, lubricated my asshole and then slid his dick into my bum. You’ve got to understand that up until that point I’d only been with Paul sexually, no other men. I’m a sexy Haitian-American sister from a conservative family, and I truly was a virgin on my wedding night. Which makes it all the more fun for me to cuckold my hubby Paul with that delicious Bull, our friend Roger, don’t you know?

Roger put his hands on my hips and thrust his dick into my asshole, fucking me up the ass just like he fucked my hubby Paul earlier. I screamed passionately as Roger’s dick invaded my asshole, and locked eyes with Paul as I got fucked right in front of him. Roger fucked me with gusto, slamming his dick mercilessly into my asshole. Shoot, the biracial stud banged my ass even harder than he fucked my husband Paul earlier.

Paul got really turned on and shocked by watching me, his sweet wife giving up the booty to Roger. The only problem with that? Let me think about it for a second. I told you that I’ve got Paul’s big Black dick in a chastity device, right? When a man who’s got his dick in a chastity device gets hard, it causes him pain. Great pain. The pained look on Paul’s handsome face and his muffled screams turned me on like you would not believe. So that I rode Roger’s dick harder, and he came. How cool is that?

Much later, I rolled off Roger’s dick, and freed my husband Paul’s dick from the chastity device, and my hubby sighed and kissed me. I bet Paul could taste Roger’s leftover cum on my lips, not that he seemed to mind in the least. Roger showered and left the premises with the heartfelt thanks of my hubby and I, and then Paul and I returned to our bedroom. We’re happy as can be. That’s the Black cuckolding lifestyle in a nutshell, folks. Care to try it, sisters and brothers

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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