‘Just’ Jane Ch. 15

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 15

Life has many ups and downs, and as such those are the things we remember most. Mostly however, it’s just finding ways to enjoy each day. The Saturday night Poole and Tina double teamed me was one of the highest ups of my life.

There is no doubt I love sex but that was incredible. Then after two mind blowing orgasms I left Poole and Tina to join Lela. What can I say? The woman draws you in with this innocent persona one minute, and the next she’s taken you for a ride.

Loving Lela can be so unpredictable and yet so rewarding. For that reason I woke up Sunday happy about the memory but content today would be much different.

“Morning ladies.” Tina slipped in bed with Lela and me.

“Wide awake are we?” I teased her.

“Very. I love getting fucked in the morning.” Tina gushed.

“TMI!” Lela rolled over pulling the pillow over her head.

“I was going to bring you a present but I figured your guest might object.” Tina said nodding at Lela.

“I heard that and I do. No boys.” Lela giggled under her pillow.

“How about more girls then?” Tina pulled the covers back and smacked Lela’s ass.

“Ow!” Lela turned over and threw her pillow at Tina. “What girls?”

“Cassie and Cody.” Tina looked at me. “I hear the boys are going golfing with Max and Poole.”

“I’ll call them.” Lela jumped up naked.

“Maybe you should text them, I doubt they’re up at this hour.” I suggested.

Cassie and Cody did come over. Lela welcomed the company as well as swimming naked with Cassie. There is never anything intimate but they both love to skinny dip whenever they can.

Tina and I went topless, Cody decided to stay covered up. My daughters took Lela home that night. Poole called and said he was staying at Max’s overnight as well.

Tina and I curled up on the couch and watched a chick flick. When it was over Tina turned off the TV and wrapped her arms around me.

“Jane I want to talk to you about Elaine.” Tina said nervously.

“Ok.” I agreed to listen.

“I can’t fire her, she’s my partner. I can’t even promise you won’t see her again. What I can promise you is I will never leave you alone with Elaine again.” Tina explained. “You will never have to work with her either.”

“Thank you Tina.” I replied.

“Jane I know we talked before but I really think I might need someone to help me in the business.” Tina continued. “I was hoping you might reconsider.”

I turned and faced Tina. I could see she was sincere but I knew I wasn’t the right person either.

“I promise to think about it.” I said unconvincingly. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” Tina agreed.

“Why? Why do you want to get bigger? You make such beautiful suits. The small boutiques and specialty swim shops love the exclusivity you provide.”

“I know, and to be honest I really love that part of the business.” Tina explained.

“Is it the money?” I asked rudely.

“No Jane, we make enough money, the business is profitable, not by much but it is.” Tina admitted. “Even if it wasn’t, Poole would probably pay the bills just to keep me from driving him nuts.

“Then why?” I asked again.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Elaine has these big dreams. You know all of the big fancy department stores. Then there’s Mr. Park.”

“But I thought he wanted to get into all of the discount stores, you know the big box stores.” I questioned Tina.

“He does, that’s what Elaine was working on at the convention.” Tina suggested.

“No she wasn’t. I tried to give her several leads but Elaine said she only wanted prestige stores. That was her word, prestige.” I confided to Tina.

“That lying bitch.” Tina cursed.

We talked for a while longer about Elaine but you get the picture. The conversation then turned to Lela and the missing panties. Tina gasped when I told her what was said in the bathroom. Tina then told me how proud she was of me for setting Lela straight without offending her.

When the time came Tina and I went to bed kissing each other good night.

The next few weeks were surprisingly drama free. Cassie and I talked almost every day about my husband Donald. It was Poole who broke the news.

“Jane I just want to let you know I received a call today letting me know Donald was fired.”

“Can you tell me why?” I asked curiously.

“Being disruptive, the latest ploy was finding out when patrons were bahis firmaları going golfing and then showing up wanting to play with them.” Poole explained.


“He told someone to fuck off when they refuse to let him play with them.” Poole added.

I thought of going to see Donald but Cassie assured me that would only make matters worse.

Several weeks later I found Tina waiting for me in the kitchen when I arrived home from work. Because it was Thursday I was surprised to see her suit case by the door. I could sense she was not happy.

“You’re leaving?” I asked a bit concerned.

Usually when Tina travels for business it’s early in the week so she can be home for the weekend.

“I’ll be back Saturday. Mr. Park insisted on seeing me and Elaine.” Tina moved in front of me. “Jane I don’t want to go.”

“Because of Mr. Park?”

“A little, he is being very adamant about this business he started. Good lord the man already has the first year’s production sold.” Tina explained.

“Well that’s good isn’t it?” I asked confused.

“Yes and no. If he asks me to run it I won’t have time to do my design work. If he asks Elaine to do it, she’ll either be incompetent or sabotage it.” Tina fretted.

I pulled Tina close and gave her a big hug. “You go get the facts and when you get home we’ll take them to Max and Poole. They’ll know what to do.” I assured Tina.

“So you’ll still help me?”

“Tina, I won’t work for you, but I’ll always be glad to help when I can.”

After a brief kiss to reassure her, I walked Tina out to her car and kissed her goodbye.

It wasn’t long after when Poole came home. Tina had called him just to say she was leaving for the next couple of days. I quickly brought him up to speed.

“I think I’ll go out for a swim.” Poole mentioned. “Care to join me?”

It was an unusual request since Poole usually swims after work just to unwind. Sometimes before dinner sometimes after, but always alone. Late night swims are just the opposite, Tina and I have joined him together or alone on multiple occasions.

“Are you sure, I could make you supper.”

“I think you might prefer to join me.” Poole walked out the back door shedding his clothes.

I took my time before going out. Poole had already completed a dozen laps when he spotted me undressing for him.

“What’s the occasion?” I walked down the steps meeting him in the middle.

“We’ll talk later.” Poole dove in the water and swam a circle around me.

“You always say that but we never do!” I protested.

“Not true.” Poole turned on his back, his cock now inflated resting heavily on his stomach. “We talked the night I told you I loved you.”

“Not true, I talked. You stated.” I teased Poole.

Reaching out I grabbed his cock as Poole floated by on his back. Leaning over I sucked the head and licked his slit. I could feel Poole respond in my mouth and sucked it a second time.

“I can’t say the chlorine is becoming of you.” I teased Poole.

My uncle reached up and pulled me on top of him. I quickly took a deep breath as he pulled me under. Pushing up from the floor Poole picked me out of the water.

“Over here.” Poole lay me over the side of the pool.

Bent over the smooth side, my feet dangled and my ass was just above the water level. I reached out to keep my nipples from rubbing on the rough surface where the tiles ended. Poole’s cock lined up with my pussy and started that magnificent journey inside.

“Mmmmmm.” I mewed as felt Poole push deeper.

Poole had me in the perfect position. With no soft bed to absorb his greedy thrust, the warm desert air just added to the primitive situation. Slowly Poole worked in until his cock lifted my lower body from the smooth tiles.

Poole caressed my back as he fucked me slow and steady. The water lapped on the side of the pool walls as his thighs moved in and out.

“Do you want to talk now?” Poole leaned over my back and whispered.

“No.” I hissed quietly.

“Hhhrrrmmmph.” Poole grunted as he lifted my ass yet again.

I could feel my cunt grasp his swollen cock as Poole steadily moved in and out. The more needy I became, the longer I wanted it to last. In and out, up and down. I soon found my clit was rubbing just right on the slippery tile with each thrust.

I clamped down on Poole’s cock signaling my desires. Knowing my pussy well by now Poole responded by picking up the rate of his thrusts. The gentle lapping of the water against the walls were now little waves.

I could feel the cool water splash against my pussy as Poole’s hot cock spread me open. Then without warning I felt Poole’s hands spread my ass. I contracted around his cock hoping he could read my mind.

Poole thrusted deep in me and then I heard him spit. Poole never spits. The hot saliva hit my asshole perfectly and so did his thumb.

“Do it.” I growled. “OH god hurry Poole.”

After spitting again and rimming my asshole with is thumb I felt the pressure I so desperately craved. kaçak iddaa

“Fuck me.”

Poole easily pushed his thumb in my ass. The feeling of it pressing against his cock was more than I could stand.

“Faster, fuck me faster.” I yelled.

With his cock moving beside his thumb I think Poole was just as excited as me. He started thrusting faster and faster. The water around his thighs was now a mini tsunami as it splashed against the wall drenching us both.

My arms could no longer support my upper body forcing my nipples into the pavement. In return my clit was bouncing off the smooth tiles sending me closer to a massive orgasm.

“Hurry Poole.” I gasped trying to hold myself up again.

Just then Poole’s hands moved under my tits, his weight bore down on me. My clit exploded with gratitude sending a sonic boom in my cunt. Pinned against the wall, my feet dangling, my arms useless, I was Poole’s to do with as he pleased.

And pleased me he did. Shock wave after shock wave rippled along my inner walls as Poole continued to spear my pussy. Then, just like we started, I felt the warm glow of Poole’s cum add the final touch.

The water stopped churning, Poole’s cock stopped thrusting, and my pussy stopped contracting. Poole lifted me by my tits and placed me back in the middle of the pool.

“I love you Jane.” He whispered as he held me tight.

“I love you Poole.”

“So what did you want to talk about?” Poole asked then taking a swig of beer.

“That’s not fair.” I protested. “I didn’t know then you were going to ravage me.”

“Would you rather I didn’t?” Poole chuckled.

“You know I didn’t say that.” I argued. “You’re just being…evasive.”

“Actually Jane I think I was being invasive.” Poole laughed again.

“Yeah, well you keep this up and it might be awhile before you get to be invasive again.” I threatened him.

“So Tina tells me you don’t have much faith in Elaine.” Poole asked abruptly.

He could be like this, changing subjects, just to get an honest response. I started to answer then stopped, next I narrowed my eyes at him. Poole’s smirk let me know he had been nailed.

“Seriously, you spent some time with them, what do you think?” Poole asked sincerely.

“Mr. Park seems determined to follow through, Tina said he has the first year’s production sold.” I relayed.

“And like Tina you don’t think Elaine is up to the task?” Poole prodded.


“And yet Tina says you refuse to come work with her.” Poole reminded me. “How come you won’t work for Tina but you can work for me?”

“I work for All Corp. You just happen to be my superior. If I went to work with Tina she would be my superior and the owner.”

Poole sat back in the booth and sipped his beer again.

“Poole, I have a suggestion.” I mentioned nervously.

“And that is?” Poole looked up at the waitress as she delivered our dinners.

I waited for the waitress to leave. Poole had picked up one of the bbq’d ribs and took a bite.

“Tina should hire Claudia.” I just blurted out.

Catching Poole with a mouth full it took a minute for him to reply.

“You’re serious.” Poole stated more than asked.

“Let Elaine run the store downstairs, Claudia can handle the administrative work for Tina and Mr. Park.” I suggested. “Tina can focus on designing and selling her private brand.”

“Did you mention this to Tina?” Poole asked.

“I was going to but she had so much on her mind. I thought I would run it by you and Max first.” I replied.

“Oh, so you didn’t think I could handle this without Max?” Poole teased.

“Not at all. Mostly I was concerned Max might have an issue of letting Claudia transfer outside the company.”

Poole was intrigued. Actually he was hungry, so the conversation ended there. But only for a few days. In the meantime things moved quickly.

“Are you sure you’re not mad at me?” I hugged Max.

“Nah, she deserves it. Well maybe a little bit?” Max winked.

He gave me a hug letting me know it would all be ok. Poole always had doubts about Claudia advancing through the ranks. Max on the other hand always thought she deserved the chance. In the end they were both right.

In the beginning Claudia’s interpersonal skills were lacking. Not surprisingly once the decision was made for Claudia to become the office manager Poole was determined to see her succeed. Poole worked with Claudia on people skills while Max focused on the business aspects.

Today Claudia will be a junior partner with Tina. Tina negotiated to buyout Elaine’s half of the business. Elaine is now the sole owner of the retail store and an increase in her bank account. Tina now owns ninety percent of the swim suit business, Claudia was given a ten percent stake for coming on board.

Max offered me the office manager position but I declined it in favor of a new position. Along with Poole I am now the official contract negotiator. It’s what I’ve been doing for years but it was a way to pay me more kaçak bahis money. This also allowed them to promote a younger girl in the office to become the office manager.

Lela normally spends at least one night a week at the house with me. Usually Tuesday, occasionally Wednesday. This week our plan was Tuesday as usual. At work Tuesday I waited for Lela to drive her home. I knew the minute she got in the car Lela was not happy.

By the time we got home I could tell her angst was directed at me. At dinner Poole and Tina noticed it as well. As we were preparing for bed things only got worse. As I explained earlier, Lela is not always interested in sex.

Since we hadn’t been intimate this past Sunday I thought tonight might be different. It was, Lela kissed me goodnight and went to her room alone. I was being punished but as yet I had no idea why.

Wednesday at work I broached the subject with Max as we worked out. Max said he noticed Lela has been a little disgruntled at his house as well the last week or two. It was only as I stood in the shower a thought crossed my mind.

I rarely leave the building during the day at work. The cafeteria has excellent food at an affordable price. They will even cook a variety of your favorite meals one day, or everyday if you give them notice.

Today was a special trip based on a hunch I had. After leaving the store I stopped at the house before going back to work, one phone call later and a brief conversation with Max my plan was in place.

“Why do I have to go home with you?” Lela asked again as she got in my car.

“Max asked me to feed you, I’ll take you home if you don’t want to stay.” I replied starting the engine. “Tina and Poole are going out. I ordered pizza.”

“Really?” Lela’s eyes lit up. “With all the toppings?”

“Most of the toppings. Green peppers don’t agree with me.” I explained.

Bribing Lela with food was only part of my plan. I knew Max would never eat such a meal, and only lets Lela do so on special occasions. I knew this would be a special occasion.

“Lela, please change your clothes while we wait for the pizza to get here.” I asked with a smile.

“Promise you won’t start without me?” Lela sighed.

“Promise.” I assured her.

Lela bounded upstairs in anticipation of the pizza delivery. It was hard to wait as long as I did, but I thought it best. Slowly climbing the stairs I looked in Lela’s room. Lela was crying as she held the packages I left her.

“Why?” Lela sobbed.

I walked in the room and sat beside her on the bed.

“Because I love you just the way you are.” I whispered.

“But you said…”

“I was wrong Princess.”

Lela reached over and took my hand still looking at the little fish through the clear wrapping.

“I bought you two packages. One for here and one for home.” I explained. “You can open it and wear them if you want?”

“But then we can’t …”

“We could just snuggle up and hold each other.” I offered. “I don’t like sleeping alone when you visit.”

Just then the doorbell rang. Lela looked at me startled at first and then a bit puzzled what to do.

“Let me go get the pizza, I’ll wait for you in the kitchen.”

I left Lela wiping tears from her cheeks as I headed downstairs. I left the Pizza in the box but moved the salad into a glass bowl. I had just finished setting the table when Lela walked down.

“That’s a look.” I teased her.

With just her new cartoon panties and a thin spaghetti strap tee shirt Lela approached.

“It’s hot out.” Lela protested.

“But we’re inside with the air conditioner running.” I reminded her.

Lela’s dark brown nipples attested to the fact as they pushed the almost transparent material taunt. Could see the light caramel skin of her tits, they swayed softly as she walked. The panties rode high but her tee shirt was even higher.

Lela’s bare midriff and tone legs made her appear much younger than she was.

“We could eat outside if you prefer?” I offered.

Lela grabbed the pizza and plates, I grabbed the salad and silverware. After another trip to the kitchen Lela opened the box and pulled out a piece of pizza for each of us. I served up the salad and poured the wine.

The sun was just above the horizon when Lela gave me that playful look.

“Not tonight, you go ahead, I’ll clean up.” I laughed.

“Are you sure Jane?” Lela pouted.

“Yes I’m sure, but I will watch a movie with you later.” I replied.

That was all it took for Lela to smile. Standing up Lela shed her clothes and ran straight for the pool. With a hearty splash and a gleeful giggle Lela popped up from the water. I stood and watched with a happy heart to see Lela again being Lela. Maybe I had pushed her too far I thought?

As Lela swam I cleaned up dinner then went and changed. With just an oversized tee shirt myself, I slipped on some sexy lace panties. Returning with a fresh glass of wine and two towels I sat on the patio watching the sun go down and Lela swim.

“Princess if you don’t come out soon you’ll be a raisin.” I teased Lela holding a towel.

Lela splashed me with water then walked up the steps dripping wet. I held out the towel and Lela backed into it as I wrapped it around her.

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