30 Years in the Wilderness

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I grew up in a small suburban town that is home to a state university. It has a fairly large urban wilderness park on the edge of town with miles and miles of densely wooded trails. Naturally, it is great spot to go cruise for anonymous sex with men.

I started going out there to cruise when I was 18. That was 30 years and hundreds of cocks and gallons and gallons of cum ago. I have heard of police being out there but in 30 years have never seen them and have always felt safe from coming to their attention. The thrill of sex in the open is a big turn-on to me. The excitement of a chance meeting and the energy-building uneasiness of getting caught are enough by themselves to make me cum.

I first discovered glory holes at a bathroom at a ballpark on the other side of town. Someone had left a message for interested guys to go out to the wilderness park to get sucked and that is how I figured out guys went out there for sex.

The wilderness park is located on the edge of town and has a parking lot and a small covered pavilion with a map of the trails and two fishing ponds. What is not on the map, are the many smaller trails that go off to secluded little dead ends. The only evidence of anything illicit is the occasional used condom or small empty tube of lube and dirty tissues in these spots.

The explicit idea of kneeling down in front of some stranger and allowing myself to be used as a Fuck-Pig is very addictive. I like the degradation of having strangers use me like that. I love spending hours at a spot in the woods, gooning out on poppers, seeing how many men’s loads I can take. I can slowly jack off for hours, waiting for yet another man to show up to use me. Sometimes I wait for an hour or more for the next man to show up. And when I finally can take no more, I jerk off, shooting my load onto a tree in the woods. Then I get up, my knees hurting, my face and chest covered with dried cum. I love pulling my shirt off and having the guy shoot all over my chest. The hot cum feels so good shooting on me and then I rub it in to a frothy cream all over me.

My very first time I went to the park; I started off down one of the small side trails and came across a guy who looked like he was peeing. He was in his forties and was a nice looking hairy bear. He did one of those glances over the shoulder looks that signaled he was a player. I took a chance and walked up the side trail, getting close enough to determine that he was, indeed, peeing behind a tree. So I turned around and began walking back. I, too, did the glance over the shoulder and to my delight he had now turned toward me and was groping his cock inside his baggy shorts. Being young, bold, hot, and horny, I walked toward him. I nodded. He nodded.

He had already pulled his jogging shorts down to reveal a very impressive set of hairy balls. His cock wasn’t yet hard but it was long and I knew it would be a monster once it got hard. I leaned over and slurped it all the way into my mouth. He moaned quietly as I sucked, fondling his balls and feeling him grow harder in my mouth, growing to a fat seven inches.

I got down on my knees and took him to the root, several times, holding onto his legs. I pulled off his cock, slid my hand up and down his spit-covered cock, and held his balls in my mouth, first one, then the other, not quite able to get both in at the same time because they were so big.

He pulled my mouth back onto his cock and began to face fuck me. I think he loved man-handling me and hearing my gurgling noises as his cock went down my throat.

“Oh, gonna…” was all he said as he pumped a sizable sweet load into my mouth. I rolled my cum-covered tongue around the head as he jiggled his legs, standing on his toes, breathing quickly and gasping for air. I gulped down his load then held his wilting cock in my mouth, knowing he was super-sensitive now. I looked at his dribbling cock and held it in my left hand as the tip of my tongue probed his oozing piss slit of the last pearly drops.

“Hey, thanks,’ I said quietly.

“No, thank YOU,” he said, his smile radiant as he wiped off, zipped up and walked off. I licked my lips all the way to the car, savoring the sweet aftertaste of cum and the adrenaline rush of a furtive encounter. I did not know it was the start of a 30 year adventure out here at the park.

Over the years, I would have many firsts out here. First time I ever kissed a man, had anal sex, bondage, tried poppers, and multiple man sex sessions with strangers. I used to wear a ballgag around my neck as a necklace to show I was submissive. I even had a t-shirt for a while that in large letters said: “BOTTOM” and I also had a Pig Harness I would wear with my shirt off as I walked around the trails. That way, there is no question of what I want. There is a definite culture to cruising. The glance over the shoulder, the rubbing or tracing one’s cock, the subtle smile and nod all transmit the need and want for sex.

My heart always skips a beat in anticipation as I turn into the park parking lot and I see a couple of parked cars. How many of those cars have men out on the trail right now wanting or getting sex canlı bahis and how many of the cars have men in them waiting on guys like me to meet them out on the trail for sex. I have no doubt in my mind that I will end up with a load of men’s semen in my mouth before long. I park the car and get out. Glancing over at the men in the parked cars, I head towards the woods trail. Some men might be having lunch or reading the paper. But most men come to the park for one reason. If they are here for that reason, they saw my glance and understand what I want.

I am about 10 yards into the woods when I hear a car door open and slam, and I smile to myself knowing I have a taker. I wait on the trail till they see me and then I turn and walk to a secluded area. If they are truly interested they will follow me to one of the hundred little cul-de-sacs or hides here on the trail.

One beautiful Spring morning, I had parked in the parking lot noticing a lot of empty cars wondering how many were here for sex like I was. Going around a bend in the trail I noticed two guys in the woods off the trail just standing together and looking at me. I smile and wave and keep walking as they give no indication that they wanted me to join them. After walking another few minutes I sit down on bench along the trail to see if anyone comes along.

A few minutes later I hear someone walking along the trail. It is one of the two guys I had seen earlier. He stopped and mentioned that it was sure a nice day to walk in the woods. I agreed with him. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and as he walked up I could see his dick and balls moving in the shorts. Great I think no underwear this guy is on the prowl. We chat more about what a nice park this is and how fortunate we are able to be here today. I slowly spread my legs and trace the outline of my soft cock with a finger. I no sooner get the tracing done than he is standing directly in front of me pulling up one leg of his shorts allowing his cock and balls to appear.

His cock and balls are shaved and so is the bulk of his pubic region. He has just a small tuft of hair left just above his cock running up to his belly button. Damn that is hot is my thought. Standing there his cock begins to lengthen. I lean forward and blow my breath onto his cock and it stiffens faster. I reach out and cup his balls jiggling them in my hand. He lets out a long groan. He is fully erect now. I examine his cock as I slowly jack him.

His hand goes behind my head to encourage me to suck. I open my mouth and engulf his cock head swirling my tongue around the large blunt head. He bucks his hips forward trying to shove his cock down my throat but I resist that for the time being. I try sticking the tip of my tongue into his piss hole and he shudders.

I slip a finger past his balls in to probe his asshole. He spreads his legs wider and I shove my index finger up his ass as I swallow his cock. I can feel the head hit the back of my throat. He is not long enough to need a deep throat treatment. It’s a perfect sized cock for sucking. I bob my head as I finger fuck him. He is forcing his ass down trying to get more of my finger into his asshole.

I try three fingers and he grunts in appreciation. He is pre cumming now. I am finally able to get a finger on his prostate and he immediately blows his load. It is watery and not much is there leading me to suspect I am not his first blow job of the day.

As he pulls his deflating cock from my mouth he urges me up off the bench. I pull down my shorts allowing my already hard cock to pop out. He bends down and sucks both my balls into his mouth. Damn first time anyone had managed that! Next he begins sucking my cock like his life depends on it. I take it as long as I can and finally pull my cock from his mouth telling him I want to stay around cruising for a little longer and want to save my load for later. He agrees despite his disappointment. He turns and walks back toward the parking lot and I pull my shorts up and head back down the trail.

A short distance from the last action is a bench along the trail with a view of a small pond. As I sit and watch the pond I work my cock out of my shorts and gently stroke the underside of the head. I hear footsteps along the trail. I leave my cock out but remove my hand from it. The footsteps belong to a guy I had seen earlier in the parking lot. He stops in front of me and looks at the pond for a while then turns to face me. He uses his hand to outline his cock through his shorts. I spread my legs wider and he approaches the bench.

I reach up the leg of his shorts and encounter a low hanging pair of balls and an uncut cock. I play with his balls and his cock begins to grow. And grow. And grow. How big is this thing going to get I wonder. Just as I am about to pull his shorts down so I can check his Anaconda cock out I hear more footsteps coming along the trail. He takes a step away and looks at the pond and I resume my lounging on the bench.

An older man slowly approaches. He stops by the man looking at the lake and addresses him by name asking how he is. The other man responds that he is fine. The older man takes notice bahis siteleri of me and smiles as he asks how I am. I respond just fine and he looks pointedly at my cock which is sticking out the leg of my shorts and says I hope I am not interfering with you guys. I assure him he is not. He sits down alongside me and reaches over and fondles my cock and balls.

The other man again approaches and I rub his cock through his shorts. He begins to harden and lengthen again. He doesn’t seem to mind the older man being there so I pull his shorts down exposing an Anaconda of a large cock. The foreskin is pulled back exposing half the head. I seriously doubt I can get half that in my mouth.

The older man pulls out a small brown bottle from his pocket. I know these are poppers and had never done before. I had been offered them on many occasions but always declined because I did not do drugs and had no idea of the effect they would have on me. I had watched a lot of men sniff them as I went down on them and one guy told me they make him horny as heck! I must have been in the right mood because when he offered them to me I said “sure.”

He opened the bottle and I couldn’t help but bend my head a bit as his hand pulled my nose towards the bottle’s powerful fumes, the scent making my lungs expand, breathing in deeply. I placed the bottle under one nostril while pinching the other one closed and inhaled deeply. What happened next changed my sex life forever. A warm fuzzy feeling went through me and it was like time slowed down. The morning light even changed to a dark yellow and I could feel and hear my own heart beating!

Orgasming with poppers is intensely addictive. Over the years, I have learned how to ride its powerful wave. Though apparently, in part by keeping the amount inhaled beneath a certain limit. His bottle was still open when I breathed out, then breathed in deeply again, his finger closing my other nostril. A powerful wave of pure sluttiness overwhelmed me as I breathed in a third time, his hand holding my head, overcoming my slight hesitation. I was being carried along in a flood of sexual power.

The older man leans over and begins licking my cock while I was sniffing the poppers. I arch up and pull down my shorts giving him total access because if I thought I was a pig cum slut before, the poppers had released some kind of inner demon slut I did not know was in me.

Anaconda Man grabs the back of my neck and tries to force the entire cock down my throat. The poppers are having their effect and I am able to take more in and soon he has the entire thing down my throat. I have never done that before. I was in a popper haze at this point and I was very proud of myself as I had been practicing deepthroating with bananas and trying to suppress my gag reflex with spoon exercises which over time allow me to not gag. However, the poppers added a whole new dimension to my inhibitions.

Once I swallowed the large cock he starts removing it from my throat and slowly sliding it back in. Soon we have a good rhythm going and I am really becoming turned on. The older gentleman has managed to get most of his fingers up my ass and is massaging my prostate. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. He scissors two fingers along each side of my prostate and presses. With that and the popper stupor I was in, I blew and enormous load of cum into his mouth. Part of it runs down his chin. While that is happening, my throat spasms, as the large cock in my throat swells. I back off far enough to taste the sperm and I am not disappointed in the volume nor the cummy taste. I suck for all I am worth and volley after volley floods my mouth. I swallow frantically and keep it all in. As soon as he stops cumming his cock softens and I let it slide from my mouth. I am very week kneed as I walk back to my car that day.

As I got older, I got bolder at the wilderness park. I started buying cheap throw pillows at garage sales for the sole purpose of taking to the park for me to kneel on while sucking cock. I had a pillow in almost every hide and culdesac on the trail. It was rare the pillows too long as monthly volunteer cleanup crews would pick them up. One time, somebody had dragged an old mattress into a hide and that gave me the idea of doing the same. I took 4 different mattresses out there over the years. I would drop them off in the parking lot after dark and drag them a short distance down the trail. In the morning I would retrieve the mattress and take it to the hide I wanted. Usually the mattresses were reserved for hides deep in the park. I always loved returning to these spots days later to find several guys making use of the mattresses. I came across many full-on orgies over the years with guys standing around waiting their turn or just watching while they jacked their meat.

Several times, using those mattresses, I would have my ballgag in as I lay face down with my shorts off and my ass exposed. I would be self restrained with a rope tied to my wrists and the rope looped under the mattress. I would also have lube and condoms lying beside me. I would have strangers come and fuck my ass and I never even saw them! bahis şirketleri Sometimes they would pull the gag from my mouth and stick their cock in my mouth.

One of the kinkiest things I did was take a nylon mesh pocket hammock and cut a hole in each end. This hole would allow my head to hang down and out under the hammock and for my ass to be exposed. It was like a homemade sling, much more than a hammock. Man! I got some good fucking in that thing!! I was always scared it was going to fall and I would break my neck.

The time of day was always relevant to the type of men who were coming out to the wilderness park. In the morning time, it was the older types. Lunch time was usually the blue collar workers coming out for a blowjob. Evening and right at dusk was the busiest. It was rare for anyone to still be in the park beyond an hour after dark. On day right at dusk, I walked 50 yards down the main trail to where it branches off, and I take the path less traveled. The path leading to a place where I have knelt down many times before in front of strange men to suck their cock. Where wads of tissue paper and condom wrappers announce that this is a place where men have sex. A muscular daddy type came down the trail. His burly chest tapered down to a waist that was about 33 inches. He stared at me and then winked. I knew the cue. I glance back long enough to see that he is following and make brief eye contact. My heart is pounding. I may have done this a hundred times before. But for some reason, it still is very exciting when a man pursues you into the woods to fuck you in the mouth.

I reach a bend in the trail where wads of tissue paper announce that sex has been had here before. The ground is pounded flat by many feet as well as knees. I stop and wait, idly fondling my crotch. He walks into the clearing and bodly pulls his shorts down around his ankles and his huge 8 inch cock flops out. It was dripping sweet, clear nectar. It was very obscene! It was so large it was not fully erect, yet it was leaking pre-cum like a dripping faucet. I almost fell over myself to get on my knees and lap up all the pre-cum that leaked from his 8 inch pole. He puts one hand on my head and says, “Suck!”

“Suck!” he had said and that word echos through my mind as I take his cock in my mouth. I will try my best to comply, and I run my tongue under his cock, trying to make my mouth into a perfect cunt for him to fuck. He lets me suck on his cock for a few moments before he starts up a rhythm. With both hands on my head, he starts face-fucking me slowly, using my mouth as a cunt hole strictly for his pleasure. I time my breathing so that when his cock goes all the way in, I don’t gag. I’m thinking of his directive, “Suck!”

And apparently, I am doing well, because he steps up the pace. I love that about men, real men. They have to ram their cock in, pushing it deeper, further, faster, harder. He is thrusting, over and over again. He is skull-fucking me now, his calloused hands hard on my head, like he is trying to crack a coconut. He rams his cock in without a care or thought as to whether he is choking me or gagging me. I am only getting in short breaths now, as he pulls out each time. With every other stroke I breathe in, and then out, but not by much. I am starting to get dizzy from asphyxia. My knees are hurting. My left foot has fallen asleep. But I keep thinking of what he said, “Suck!” and I hang on and surrender my mouth to his urges, I become completely passive and submissive to him. This stranger I met in the woods at dusk now owns me, or does for these very few minutes until he is done with me and leaves.

I continue to suck him and watched as his eyes rolled to the back of his head in ecstasy. I watched as he took a bottle of poppers from his shirt pocket and took a big hit. He then offered me some which I delightfully took. After taking two big hits, I turned into a cocksucking pig! The poppers turned me into a devoted cocksucker. My being was centered only on his huge cock. I reached up and pinched his nipples as I planted kisses up and down his cock. I could feel his shaft getting thicker and harder and I knew he would not last long. I stopped sucking, and only moved my mouth over his shaft lightly so that the only thing he felt was a warm, wet sensation. As the head of his cock swelled, he arched his back and ribbons of cream shot down my throat. I swallowed quickly because I didn’t want to lose even a drop.

A thin stream of cum draped across my bottom lip and down to my chin as he pulled out. Finally he exhaled and helped me as I stood up. I could feel the strength of his arms. In return, he dropped to his bare knees and nearly ripped my shorts off my body. As my throbbing dick was freed from the confines of my underwear, it popped right into his waiting mouth; he slobbered all over it with force and furry. I was thrilled that this hunk of man was worshipping my dick. I could feel the tension building and I knew I was reaching the point of no return. The poppers had done their job and I was ready. I leaned in and told him I was going to cum. My streams of cum emptied into his mouth again and again. I was in post-cum haze as he jumped up, pulled himself back into his shorts, and walked away. As he turned to move beyond the high bushes, he looked back and smiled at me. He blended into the green brush until he was no longer visible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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