I bring real pleasure to old ladies

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I bring real pleasure to old ladies
Introduction: this story is from my dirty fertile imagination but includes a lot of fantasies. Enjoy.

As a 75-year-old guy, I know that my future is not going to be a long one. But I still have a strong sex drive. And although I can still get a reasonable hard on, it takes a lot of stimulation. But during stimulation my dick does produce a lot of precum and unlike a lot of older guys I can still shoot a lot of the creamy sticky stuff.
Ever since I was in my late teens, I have been strongly attracted to older women who are plump, have nice bouncy titties, big bushes and to make my life complete, wear an open crotch girdle.
As I got older and my women even older, I found that whilst a small minority of them were still quite randy they seemed to prefer what I called erotic cuddling – kissing, very heavy petting and fingering.

However, trawling the usual places bingo, lunch clubs etc was drawing a blank. Things looked up when I saw article in the local paper for what they called neighbourhood friends. It was for elderly people who were lonely and very rarely left their home.

I phoned and met the organiser who was a pleasant lady (Jane) in her sixties and she said that most of their clients ranged from 70 to 90 plus and the majority were ladies. Would I have a problem with that, she asked. Absolutely not I replied.

Of course, I had to be vetted and filled out a questionnaire about my likes, hobbies, past jobs etc and also was asked the type of person I would feel most compatible with.

Several weeks later Jane asked me to come in and finalise things. She presented with details of two ladies and happily they had photos against each of them. Much to my pleasure they all looked quite good and as a bonus they were all chubby, verging on fat – just my type as I hate old skinny women as they look awful.

Jane, said that she would introduce me to each lady and thereafter I was on my own. Each visit went quite well and seeing each woman got me quite randy as they all seemed to be big busted and wore foundation garments. Again, that’s another plus of old ladies, they were brought up in the 50s and early 60s and always wore girdles and they never bothered to shave their cunts.

She, as she told me, was 75 and a widow of 10 years. She had arthritis and had difficulty walking. But she still looked good to my eyes. Nice and tubby, good skin and smelt divine. Like all oldies, she dressed as if fashion had stopped in the 70s– very conservative.
To break the ice, she made tea and with a tray of biscuits we talked about our past histories and being a good listener, she went on and on about her loneliness that was driving her nuts.
‘Well Caroline, pendik escort hopefully I can help you overcome that. I know all about loneliness, which is why I joined this group.
‘Well I truly hope so Robert, but may I ask you a rather personal question?’
‘Sure, fire away’.
‘What do you miss the most at your time of life – you know something that you can still do but don’t have the opportunity?’
‘Well, that’s easy Caroline, a nice long cuddle and a kiss. I haven’t had that in over 10 years. I lied of course.
‘You mean the physical side of things, so to speak?’
‘Exactly, what about you, Caroline?’
‘Well, as you’ve been honest with me, I would say the same thing but my husband was not one to be shall I say, romantic or loving in that sense. Don’t get me wrong, he was a lovely caring man, but he had problems demonstrating it to me’. In fact, I can’t even remember the last he cuddled or caressed me. Isn’t that pathetic?’
She had tears in her eyes, saying it. It was so sad, I went over to her and put my arm around her and held her tight. ‘Don’t be sad, Caroline, I’m here now. ’With that I briefly kissed her cheek.
She then turned her head and her full lips kissed me deeply. Obviously not thinking what she was doing, she pulled away’ oh Robert, I am so sorry, I got carried away. Forget this happened.’
‘Why? You are a very attractive woman, Caroline and besides I really liked it’.
‘You did? I’m just an old silly lady who got carried away. It was like I was 18 all over again’.
‘Basically Caroline, we don’t change because we get older. We still have the same desires and urges. It’s just that they get slower’.
As the weeks went by, we became a lot easier with each other and as trust developed, we told each other about our early romantic and sexual exploits and kinks. At the end of each meeting we had a kiss and cuddle and left it at that.
On my sixth visit, I noticed that Caroline was wearing a nice blouse but without a bra which really did her large drooping titties a great service. She, in word, looked ripe.
‘Robert, I’ve been thinking all week about how we can help each other. You remember I told you about how I used to enjoy heavy petting why don’t we take ourselves back to our youth and enjoy it to the full?’
Kissing her deeply with my tongue, I took her over to the sofa and immediately started rubbing her tits whilst she massaged my dick.
‘Oh Robert, this is so good. Let me get them out so you can suck them good and proper.
I was in heaven. There she stood. My cock was the hardest it has ever been seeing these two lovely large breasts swinging and swaying with the two largest brown nipples I had ever seen.
‘Go on Robert you naughty man suck on them.’ I nodded my head and kurtköy escort she offered up her massive titties to my waiting mouth, which I greedily sucked on for all I was worth and Caroline the 82 year old started panting, “Yes, Yes, you lovely man ,suck my tits and me happy’ Straightaway I took a large, erect nipple in my mouth; “Ahhhh,” she said, “That feels so good. Keep doing that. Nibble it gently.”

I kept doing that. The nipple I was not at the moment sucking, licking and nibbling, I fondled, gently pinching, pulling and rubbing it.

I worked her breasts and nipples, eagerly moving back and forth from one to the other. Caroline began humping her thighs as the sensations seemingly went direct from nipples to cunt.

“Ahhh, like that, ohhhh yes, ooooh do that, suck me, suck me. Ooooohhh, suck me hard. I am, ugh… I’m ahhh. Oh, oh, Eeeeeee.”

She then pushed my face into her tits and strained her hips upward, as the orgasm that burst through her.

With her still wanking my now spunk bursting cock, she said; ‘Robert sweetheart, cum all over my lovely titties please’.
I stood up and after a couple of strokes, I shot three wads of cum – two on her tits and one in her open mouth, which she swallowed without a blink of an eye.

I am very pleased that Caroline now seems reinvigorated and looks forward to our weekly fingering and sucking sessions very much


She was average looking 70-year-old and seemed very shy. Again, her body was lush, nice and tubby, nice tits of course and as I found out very hairy. During the following weeks of gentle companionship, she told me her life story which never ever went near the subject of sex.
Always at some time during my visits, she brought up the fact that she thought she was not pretty – had never had been pretty or attractive and had never had many men friends. I thought that strange as to me she was attractive.
I asked her why she thought she was unattractive.
‘Well, I am too fat, have no personality and absolutely no feminine sex appeal. Is that enough for you?
‘As a younger woman, I was always prone to being fat and could never slim down, no matter how much I tried. I hated the way I look and so gave up, really.
‘Cecily, I think you have been too hard on yourself. You look at least 10 years younger. And I think you are attractive and extremely sexy. You see, I absolutely adore big ladies and to be blunt, their big tits and lovely fat vaginas’.
‘Robert, are you trying to embarrass me? If so, you are doing a good job.’

‘No hear me out, Cecily. Let me show you what I mean’. Pulling her over to her table and sitting her down I opened her laptop and quickly went on to a well known BBW soft porn site. Standing behind her with kaynarca escort my hands on her shoulders I whispered ‘Do you think men look at these ladies because they are ugly? No, they do so because they turned on by them’.
Moving my hands gently over her titties I asked if she would like to see what I mean. I then opened a specialist very old granny porn site and chose a video which I thought was a lot better than the usual suck and fuck type. It showed an old lady being seduced.
About the time it showed her being fingered, she undid her cardigan buttons showing me a lovely wrinkled pair in a sheer nylon bra.
Easing my hands in and now playing with her big nipples I said: ‘Cecily, look at that guys rock hard cock, does that look as if he is turned off by her?’
‘Oh Robert, you are getting me excited first time in years. There is so much I want to try and I have missed out on so much enjoyment’ she softly said to me.
I started kissing her wrinkled neck and cleavage and pulling her tits out of her bra began to eagerly suck each thick brown nipple.
I sat her down on the sofa and continued deep kissing her mouth and neck and took off her cardigan and moved my hands up her back and unclipped her bra and her large wrinkled and blue veined hooters slid down to her waist. Happy days.

I laid her back into the sofa as I started to massage and suck her nipples, going from one to the other and back again, she started to moan. I was now getting quite hard.

Pushing my hand under her skirt, Cecily said ‘Oh Robert, you are a naughty one, let me help you’. With that she opened her lovely fat cellulite dimpled thighs. Gently tickling them close to her crotch, I nearly shot my wad because as I probed her over her now wet knickers, I felt her girdle.
With her legs obscenely open my hand went under her wide legged knickers cupping her very prominent hairy cunt. First one, then two and finally with four fingers I was ramming her slit and clit.
‘Oh Robert, yes, yes’ she shouted as she squirted over my hand before cumming very strongly.
Groping she managed to get at my rock-hard dick and with lots of pre cum for lubrication easily brought me off.
Giving it a couple of minutes, we cleaned ourselves up and made arrangements for me to call the following afternoon.

Cecily looked a totally different women when she stood at the door. She was obviously in the mood for a good time. Now, whilst some guys might be turned off by big ladies, I get turned on. There she stood in a simple button-down dress that emphasised her lovely fat stomach and up top her tits almost drooped down onto it. She was sex on legs.
That afternoon I treated her to a good licking out and she gave me a blowjob and half. We finished with a fantastic fuck.
Over the next weeks and months, Cecily transformed into a really horny old lady. When we went out, she loved me to finger in public which in turn led to quickies in toilets and changing rooms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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