The Journey (a short story).

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Groping Breasts

The Journey (a short story).
Geoff got on the 211 bus at 5:15 as he did every day on his way home from the office. Even in filthy, wet weather like this he liked to head upstairs and stare out of the window as it made its way through the Lancashire countryside. The scenery helped to speed through the 40 minutes or so.

On this occasion there was a particularly striking brunette across the gangway, one row in front of him. The top deck had several others on it but they were all sat forward of him and this pretty girl. He was k**ding himself that his gaze was fixed on her pretty face and long, brunette hair. But the reality was that it’s her huge tits that really had him captivated; and she knew it too !

She turned sideways and bent down to fix her shoes. Her large breasts hung down in her low cut top; Geoff just stared and kept staring until he noticed she was looking him eye-to-eye. He turned away quickly to look out of the window. After, what he was convinced was a safe time, he turned back only to find her still staring straight at him, only now she’d lifted her heavy hangers out of their lacy turquoise bra.

Now Geoff packed a big member even when he was totally at ease, and he was definitely not at ease now. He wasn’t sure whether the blood was surging into his growing cock because of the size of her boobs or the bursa escort bayan unusually petite, well-defined nipples he could now see. The girl stuffed her huge tits back into their captivity and adjusted her dress before sitting up again, still glancing at Geoff who was failing badly to keep his swelling erection in his pants.

This flirting went on for a few more minutes as everyone else on the top deck was forward of them. Geoff must have spent two or three minutes looking at her full breasts before he noticed that she was sitting with her legs parted, displaying her thick, dark bush.

She used the thumb and second finger of her right had to part her lips giving Geoff a pink eyeful as her index finger started to gently massage her swollen clit. She was so cool, not so much as a murmur. She glanced forward to make sure none of the other passengers could see her then winked at Geoff; all the time using her finger to exercise her pink love muscle. Geoff undid his flies and pulled his heavy ball sac out. She smiled as she watched his hairy balls on full display for her amusement alone.

She used her left hand to mimic a wanking motion to Geoff. He knew exactly what she wanted him to do, and also knew what would happen if he was seen. Chorley was a small town and there were bound to be others on the bus escort bursa who would know him; to be caught doing such a thing would be a catastrophy. That just turned him on even more.

He fished for his weapon inside his flies but there was no way he’d get it’s thick 9″ out without unbuckling his pants. This increased the danger as he couldn’t quickly make himself decent if he had to. The full size of his thick length was now clearly visible to the girl who, while still rubbing her pink clit, kept calm with one eye on the other passengers. She longed to suck that enticing member but sat tight.

Geoff was now teasing her. His cock was so hard, his foreskin peeling itself back, was not big enough to naturally cover its bulbous head. He touched the eye and a string of pre-cum stretched to his finger. He started wanking the skin up his shaft and over his helmet then back again. This action opened his cock slit like a small version of her quim. He produced enough pre-cum to nicely lubricate his handsome foreskin. Free of his trousers on the back seat his balls bounced in time with his throbbing cock and his thumb rubbed over its head and slit.

Going through the country was relatively safe but Geoff knew he only had 10 minutes at most before the bus reached the outskirts of town and passengers would be jumping on and bursa escort off again (not to mention houses being able to look into the upper deck). He started to wank the skin over his think shaft ever faster, straining every muscle to keep quiet as he did it. She opened up her cunt even wider and frigged herself with three fingers, providing every stimulation for her secret observer.

Geoffs balls went very tight and his cock swelled to its maximum size. Biting his bottom lips he shot 7 or 8 thick streams of pearly, white spunk from the eye of his beautiful, long cock. Some of the tasty seed dripped down his lovely, thick shaft; Geoff licked his fingers before realising that he had to get off a couple of stops early.

He was now in a small panic. The other passengers didn’t seem to have heard anything as he stuffed his huge, semi-hard man meat back into his trousers and zipped himself up. Very carefully he edged himself out from the back seat, taking great care to avoid the globs of thick sperm that were dripping off the back of the seat in front. It was only when the girl delicately pulled her skirt back down that it dawned on Geoff she’d never had any panties on in the first place. Sexy cow !

She gazed out of the window again as Geoff skipped down the stairs, past the pair of girls on their way up. He hopped off the bus and started the walk home across the fields, knowing full well that it would have to be the train for the next couple of weeks. He could just hear them;

“Oohhh God, it’s, it’s everywhere, sticky. There’s loads of it, what is it ?”

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