The Breeding Party Part 1

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The Breeding Party Part 1
We had, just a couple of weeks before, moved into our house after returning from Germany. We had a mobile home, and had parked it in the same park that we had lived in before we went to Germany. In fact, we were only 7 lots removed from the lot we had occupied before.

Linda had gone the second day back and talked to the lady who owned the day spa where she had been employed before going to Germany. They visited for a couple of hour before the lady asked Linda if she was interested in coming back to “work” for her. Linda laughed as she told the lady that that was why she had came by. The lady was so happy that she hugged and kissed Linda, then asked when she could be expected to return. Linda and her were sitting in the room that Linda had used before, on the massage table. Linda had worn a very short skirt, and her nicest, sheerest blouse. She wanted the lady to see that the equipment was still looking good, and in good working order. She had also gone “commando” to come in. Sitting on the table, the lady could plainly see Linda’s fresh-shaved snatch.

She had, before, tried, largely without success, to lure Linda into some girl-girl action. Linda had, before, only infrequently submitted to her. This time, though, she allowed the ladies advances. Soon they were both naked on top of the table, and had assumed a 69 position. Linda had, while in Germany, been exposed to female partners enough to where it wasn’t repulsive, any more. In fact, with some of her acquaintances she actually enjoyed having another woman lick and suck her pussy, while she returned the same. They stayed at each other until both had enjoyed several leg-shaking orgasms.

They, upon finishing, sat up to discuss particulars. Linda asked if any of her prior regulars still visited. She was told that 4 or 5 of them still came in, just not as frequently as before. She asked Linda if she wanted her to call them and tell them that Linda was back in house. Linda smiled and told her that she would appreciate it if she would. BUT, there were conditions. She wanted to set each of them up with an appointment so they wouldn’t have them all there at one time, she wanted the lady to forego her fee for the time they were there, she wanted her to schedule them a full hour apart, and finally she wanted NO interruptions. She planned to give them all a free “Welcome Home” and to let them all cum inside her as many times as they could manage. After the first night she would take customers as she had previously. The lady told her that it would not be a problem. They set the next afternoon as when she would return. Linda was more than a little curious as to which of them could still perform as they had in the past. She had other things planned.

The next morning she got up at around 8:00 AM, fixed something to eat and settled on the sofa to catch up on her favorite soap operas. She had just sat down, when she heard a knock at the door. She peeked out the spy-hole, and saw it was the landlords son. He had been just past his 14th birthday when we left. Now, at 17, he was growing into a very handsome young man. Curiosity and her natural lustiness got the better of her, and, still naked, she opened the door for him, standing behind it, and inviting him in. He pulled the screen door open to enter and took the two steps in to allow the door to shut. He was greeted by the sight of Linda standing in front of him, naked, and with a fresh-shaved pussy. He was speechless for several seconds. He had, while we were there before, enjoyed looking at Linda’s breasts from the top of her blouse. She had a habit of wearing loose tank-tops and near-sheer T-shirts, so he got to see them often. While visiting, as he often did, she would, occasionally, step out in front of him wearing only sheer bikini panties to give him something more to look at. He had, just before we left, commented that he would like to see her when he had grown up a bit more. His day had arrived. This time she greeted him with a hot, wet kiss, inserting her tongue into his mouth, and pulling him as close to her naked body as she tuzla escort bayan could. At first, he simply embraced her, but, as she held the kiss, his hands wandered down to her soft, naked butt. In response, she ground her pubis into his groin. He had an immediate erection.

Wordlessly, she unsnapped and unzipped his pants, pulling them and his briefs down to where he could kick them off. Then she broke contact long enough to peel his T-shirt over his head and throwing it to the side to join his pants. Now they were both totally naked. She began kissing him, again, but this time she took hold of his penis, and began gently stroking it. Now she spoke her first words to him. “Welcome to our house. It looks, to me, as if you have grown up more than I had expected, and have become a very handsome young man. I will treat you as a man, as you wished for before. Now, if you want, we will go in the bedroom, and you can show me how much of a man you have become.” She took his arm and led him back to the Master Bedroom. She sat him on the edge of the bed and pushed him over on his back, and knelt between his spread knees. She took his penis and placed it into her mouth, and began to suck him. It was fairly long, but very thick. She took nearly the entire length into her mouth and massaged it with her lips and tongue, pausing now and again to suck his testicles. She wanted him to blow his first load of cum into her mouth. Then she would suck his second erection so he would last longer when he fucked her. As she had known he would, he shot his first load of sperm into her waiting mouth. There was more of it than she had expected. Her mouth was full, and more was overflowing onto her chin to drip on her full breasts. It took her several swallows to get it all down, then she licked her finger and wiped her chest clean, and sucked her finger clean, swallowing that, too. After she had finished that, she stepped into the bathroom, next door, and rinsed out her mouth, taking time to swish some mouthwash around and spit it into the sink.

She returned to the bedroom and found that he hadn’t moved a bit. She crawled up beside him, and took his arm to guide him fully up on the bed. It was wide enough that she could lay full-length across it, and he could lay with just his feet and ankles sticking out over the edge. She had noticed that while there was no hair on his stomach or chest, he had a very thick growth on his groin. That was good! She enjoyed being screwed by a man with lots of hair on his dick. It tickled her pussy, and made her cum quicker. She hated when a man shaved his cock. It just didn’t feel right.

His dick was still standing fully erect, so, just because she liked the feel of it, she sucked it some more. She sucked it into her mouth two or three times, but then she began licking him. She licked his full length over and over, paying special attention to the head and his balls. She whispered, “Do you want to watch him go inside my pussy first?” He nodded his assent, so she pulled out a pillow, and knelt on her knees to present her ass and pussy to him. “Do you know where to put it?” she asked. He reached out and stuck his finger into her cunt. “Right here I think.” he answered. She asked him then, “Do you ever eat a girl’s pussy?” He said that he hadn’t, so she offered to show him. She rolled over to her back, and held her pussy open enough that he could see just a little inside of it. “First you lick right here.” she told him, pointing to her labia, “Then you suck this.” She squeezed to make her clitoris stand out. “Be gentle. It’s easy to hurt. Now you try.” He followed her directions, and was rewarded by a taste of a hot and horney pussy. He licked it gently several times, then VERY gently, he popped her little man in the boat out and licked and sucked it, taking great care. “You do like this, you make a girl want to fuck too much, and make her cum many, MANY time. Next time she ask YOU to fuck.” His eyes got bright, and he smiled broadly at the thought. Linda pulled her legs up, and spread them so he would have no trouble following orhanlı escort bayan her instructions. He laid between her thighs, and grasping her upper thighs, used his thumbs to hold her hole wide open. Even wider than she had held it for him to see. He, on his own, plunged his tongue deep into her hole, and began licking her inside. He moved out to suck on he labia, then popped her clit out and sucked it, giving it a gentle lick and moved back to re-insert his tongue into her pussy. He had soon gave her her first orgasm, with her holding his head tight to her groin. He continued to lick and suck at her until she finally stood on the top of her head, and the tips of her toes and called out for him to go ahead and fuck her. He was smiling.

She rolled back to her knees, and spreading her knees a tiny bit to get the right elevation, reached back to guide him to just the right place. She placed the head of his cock just outside her tiny opening, and told him to push slowly inside her. He did as he was told, but just managed to get the head inside of her. She told him, “Pull back a little bit and push a little more. Keep do that until you are all way inside me. Give me- minute and pull out ’till just the end is inside, then push inside, again. Keep do this ’till you feel tickle, then push all way inside me and hold my ass so you don’t come out. I want you to put your cream inside my hole. Then you lay down an’ I clean you cock. You gonna’ like that, too.

He took a double handful of her ass, and began to saw in and out of her, slowly picking up speed. She told him to “Reach up and play wit’ my titties. Make me want to fuck more an’ more.” He complied, commenting, amazed at how soft they were. He rediscovered her nipples, and began to caress them. Suddenly she felt the expected twitch, and told him to push as deep inside of her as he could. He pushed just in time. He groaned his load deep inside her hot, waiting, and wanting cunt. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and moved his hand down to touch her clit. This made her cum even harder. She and he were giving a duet of moans. She looked back over her shoulder to see a broad smile on his face. She wanted just to collapse, but wanted even more to give him all the pleasure she could. She paused just long enough to get her breathe, then leaned over to take his cock into her mouth, once more, and suck and lick him completely clean. He looked questioningly at her. “Do you like the taste of cum?” he asked. She nodded that she did. He leaned over and rolled her on her back. He took his tongue and licked across her pussy. He looked up at her. “It don’t taste half bad.” Opening her legs, again, he leaned down and began to eat the fresh cream-pie. She laid there, experiencing several more orgasms, while he sucked and licked her pussy completely clean. She, when he had finished, went into the bathroom and got a cold, wet towel to wash her legs, after washing his face.

She went into the kitchen, and got a bottle of water for herself, and a can of Mountain Dew for him. She took it back into the bedroom and handed it to him. He thanked her and they began to talk for a while. They laid there sipping their drinks, until she saw him beginning to raise up a little bit. He was ready for her to give him his next lesson.

She took their drinks and placed them on the night-stand. She rolled back to him and sucked him to another full erection. As she had expected, he recovered quickly. She told him to lay in HIS back. He complied, and she forked her leg over him to straddle him. “When a girl like you too much, she want you to see EVERYTHING. First time she do like this.” She squatted over him, and lowered herself down until she had completely engulfed his dick with her wet pussy. She began to rock back and forth slowly, allowing him to experience the feel of her. She rode him for several minutes, leaning over to dangle her breasts near enough to his mouth that he took the hint and began to suck them. She allowed herself to cum several times, and squeezing his dick with her internal muscles, then, without aydınlı escort bayan separating from him, she turned around, and leaned far forward. This allowed him a full view of his dick sliding in and out of her eager pussy. She had several more orgasms, each causing her to bite down on his prick. She had better watch out. She wanted him to fuck her, and she him, for a very long time. She paused for a long inhale, and began to ride him some more. Her only concern at this time was what if his Mother or his sisters were looking for him. If asked, she would say that she had been very fond of him before, and had wanted to talk to him, and find out what had happened to, and with, him since she had been gone. He had visited in our house almost every moment he wasn’t in school, or helping his Dad. They had hired a handyman, so he had more free time, now. Linda had even been teaching him to speak Vietnamese, before. He had a good head for languages, picking it up almost as quickly as he had learned to speak Italian from his Mother. He had mastered Spanish in school, and was well on his way to being multi-lingual. Linda was discovering that he was learning the methods of l’amour, just as quickly. He, from all indications, was going to make the girls VERY happy, given the chance.

She was enjoying that he was lasting as long as he was. She was enjoying what he was making her cunt feel like. It was as if a thousand needles were pricking her inside, and she was sneezing with her pussy. She had almost fainted a couple of times. She felt his twitch and knew that he was just about to blow another load into her. She turned slowly, where she was facing him, again. “Hold on a second more, Baby. I’m turning around, and I want you to go on top of me. Push as deep as you can and I do ever’thing else. I make you cum so good. She turned in a sloth-like manner, it was so slow. Then she rolled over on her back, her legs held wide, her feet pointed at the ceiling. She held him by the cheeks of HIS ass to roll over, then told him, “HUMP MY PUSSY! HUMP MY PUSSY!!! FUCK ME ALL YOU CAN!!! GIB ME YOU CUM. DIS TIME I WAN’ KEEP IT INSIDE!!! CUM IN MY WET HOLE!!! I GIB YOU PUSSY ALL TIME, NOW! EBER TIME YOU COME HERE I LET YOU FUCK ME ALL YOU WAN’. He was pounding her like she wanted for several minutes. Suddenly she felt what must have been his biggest load, if it were possible, splashing, and splattering inside her pussy, and, surely, leaving a thick coat of his jizz all over her insides. He finally stopped spurting his seed, and collapsed on top of her. His mouth was next to hers, and they began kissing, and cuddling each other. Linda was happy. She had assisted him in becoming a man. He would still need a few more lessons, but it was something they both would enjoy. She was fully confident in her ability to please a man. With deeds and actions, but, most of all, with her body. She had always enjoyed sex, and the feel of a man inside her, especially when he deposited his seed deep inside her, and couldn’t fathom what made some women hate men so much. She hadn’t ever hated them. Even on the three times she had been forcibly gang-banged. She let them do what they wanted, doing her best to make them feel good, and had even thanked them when they were finished, giving each of them a tender kiss. A few of them, she had seen, afterward. She had walked up to them, given them a kiss and a hug, and invited them to have sex with her, again. Some had done just that, and, when asked why, she had told them that she was born with a good pussy, so it was her job to make as many men happy as she could. One had visited her several times, and she had become quite fond of him.

She took the wet washrag and, after cleaning him with her lips and tongue, washed him carefully from his face to his legs, wetting the towel several times. As she finished, he opened his eyes, and reached out to pull her to him, kissing her face, neck, and breasts. She whispered to him, “I get your clothes. You get dress, an’ go see if you Mama wan’ you for anything. Just come back see me tomorrow, an’ ever’ day so we can fuck some more. I teach you how make woman feel fuckin’ good.

He left after promising he would be back tomorrow. For now, she had to start getting ready. She would douche, shower, and dress in something VERY sexy. She wanted all her guys to flood her cunt with their cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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