My Vacation with Gabika, Epilog.

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My Vacation with Gabika, Epilog.
Chapter 10.

Delays because of the storm. Weird conclusion to a strange vacation.

(Not much raw sex in this chapter, but don’t give up, there is some at the end!)

We left the hotel at 8 AM on the way to Debrecen to bring Marika home and to shop for jewelry. I drove the Mercedes, Eva and Tamás took Esmeralda and her sister in their VW Passat and followed us. Bohunka drove her Skoda and Anne-Marie accompanied her. Although the rain had stopped and the skies were clear, the road was riddled with puddles, holes in the asphalt and fallen trees. The ride that should have taken us 1 hour took 3. At least Anne-Marie and the Esmeralda sisters had to fly that very evening. Yet we were not worried, since the highway from Debrecen to Budapest is much better than the road from the village to Debrecen. We arrived at the Jewelry shop at 1045. It was still closed. We banged on the door, pressed the bell and shouted obscenities using several languages, until an elderly gentleman finally opened and said in Hungarian, sorry, but we are closed today.

“Too bad, because I was about to buy 7 golden rings, 2 pairs of golden earrings and a big diamond ring.”

“In that case,” reconsidered the gentleman, “come in.” I let the ıncestuous sisters, Gabika and Marika, choose their rings and matching earrings. For the Costa Rican sisters I bought something simpler and cheaper which the young assitant, who appeared right after we entered, wisely chose. Anne-Marie, Bohunka and Eva raised an issue; They were not entitled for a prize but I felt that since I had enjoyed their favors they also deserved something. So, the young blond assistant, whose name was Mrs. Nográdi, has chosen three simple but elegant white-gold rings, which were far from cheap yet affordable all the same.

“Are you Mr. Nográdi’s wife?” I enquired. She didn’t understand, until I gestured to the old gentleman.

“Oh, no! He is Mr. Kovács, we are not related. I work as his maid and help out in the shop. We are not supposed to be open on fridays. They say a bigger storm is coming on. Are you flying today? If you are, you had better be on your way.” I wondered if he also uses her carnal services, but never said a thing.

I now chose the diamond ring used as first prize in the lesbian sex game. It was a nice two color ring with an impressive brilliant stuck in the middle. It wasn’t the cheapest in the store, if you really want to know. I paid the bill of €1800 and we were about to leave, when Gabika said: “But we don’t know who has won the big ring! And Bohunka really needs to go home.”

So, that had to be settled. I suggested to do a lottery, so we wrote the names Marika, Gabika, Bohunka, Anne-Marie on pieces of paper and I put them into my baseball hat, handing it to Mrs. Nográdi to pick the winner.

“Wait, I have a better idea.” Said Gabika all of the sudden. “Why don’t we put the papers in Esmeralda’s underwear and let the fine gentleman pick it from there?” We all had a wild laugh but I was for. So were Eva and Tamás.

“You can forget about it, I thing Mr. Kovács is not interested in little girls. Actually he is not interested in any girls. But… if you put the notes in this gentleman’s pant…” She pointed to the handsome Tamás, “he would be delighted.” Mr. Kovács smiled politely. Not everyday he has such a big sale to such a big group of sex maniacs. Tamás, of course, was not amused. Finally, we dropped the papers in Tamás’s underpants and let Mrs. Nográdi pick out the winner.

“Wow, you are a giant…” Mrs. Nográdi smiled at Tamás in appreciation, and read the winner. “And the winner of the diamond ring, the happy bride… is… Marika!” Cheers and jubilation came from the elderly sister’s corner, while the younger heavyweights looked downbeat and morose. But they have nothing to complain about: Marika won her prize fair and square! She put the giant ring on her finger and said, “Now all I need is a bridegroom!”

“What about Mr. Kovács here?” I suggested, and we all had a laugh and left. I think Mrs. Nográdi would have probably liked to entertain Tamás a little longer. We kissed Bohunka goodbye and she left in her ancient Skoda on her way to the Czech republic. I noted her e-mail.

Gabika was crying, hugging me and having a difficult time saying goodbye. Even Marika seemed wiping a tear or two, but enough is enough, isn’t it? I kissed Gabika one last time, on the mouth, like lovers do. Crying, she looked older. I then kissed Eva. Would I ever meet them again? Should I?

After putting the jubilant Marika at home, we left in two cars. Gabika, Eva and Tamás left in their car and we took Anne-Marie and the crazy Costa-Ricans ataşehir escort sısters. Debrecen is still almost 250 Km from the airport and the weather was turning bad. Anne-Marie’s flight was at 19:25. The crazy Esmeraldas were constantly on their mobile phone, talking to the worried mother. Their mother, it appears, is some diplomatic attache, whose concern for her k**s materializes only at airports. The way back to Budapest was awful. It was pouring like mad and the traffic jams were unbelievably frustrating. When we got to Budapest airport it was already 5 PM and the worried Esmeralda mother, who looked unbelieveably young and pretty, quickly took the exhausted girls and ran with them to the gate. I never got to say goodbye properly. Anne-Marie was all tears, not because of our fairwell, but because her flight was delayed. My flight was due the next evening and I was wondering what to do in the meantime. Should I go to Gabika’s? Not knowing what to do, I rented a room at the local airport hotel, returned the Mercedes to Mr. Hertz, and pushed my luggage forward.

“Wait for me! wait for me!” I heard Anne-Marie shout. Were did she come from? “My flight is delayed. They don’t know when it will be resumed. They’ll call me 1 hour before boarding. May I come with you?”

“Sure, the hotel is just on the corner. I’m beat. Come, we’ll have a nap until your call.” When we reached the room, Anne-Marie fell on the twin bed, and I joined her.

“So, I started the sex vacation with you and now ends with you.” We immediately started kissing and undressing. Her kisses were wet and eager. “You are hot,” I commented.

“Yes… Seeing the Hungarian woman touch Tamás’s cock turned me on. He was a complete stranger to her and yet she did it.”

“People will do a lot for €1800. Would you touch a stranger’s genitals for 1800?”

“I am touching a stranger’s genitals right now, and he only paid me €100.” We laughed.

“You know,” I said, as mounted her, “you are a very stupid woman. Trusting a strange man and having unprotected sex with him is not very smart.”

“I know what I’m doing. I came to this vacation for sex. I do this every year. I am not such a great singer.” Wonderful! Just like me.

“And Pedro?”

“A few years ago, when I was 41, we had stopped having sex altogether. Our sex life was zilch. Then Pedro had an affair with a younger lady. She was not pretty and not sexy, but he fucked her many times. I found out when Naomi, my daughter, told me about it. The woman was ugly and skinny and flat and she had sideburns. She was younger, true, but that’s about it. I decided that if Pedro is having fun on the side, I would too. Since then our sex improves all the time. Each year I find one lover. Pedro is still seeing Sofia every once in a while. I don’t mind. I’m not stupid. I saw you and wanted sex with you. And I do not regret choosing you as a lover because you have taught me many things, like how to enjoy lesbian sex.”

“I taught you lesbian sex? Bohunka did.”

“No, you turned me on and opened some gates in me so I was ready to experiment. Also… The thing with the double penetration was the first time with me.”

“You told me you don’t like anal sex. Most women don’t like it.”

“But I didn’t know what it was! When you and Tamás fucked me I felt something wild… savage… primordial, I wanted to experience anal sex and I felt the excitement. But there was too much fear so I don’t know if I felt any pleasure in my ass…” My finger now circulated her asshole while I was shoving, sucking her giant breasts and listening to her story. “With Bohunka and Marika and Gabika and Eva I felt real pleasure… Now I wonder if without the fear I could sense the pleasure… Did you know that I invited Eva and Tamás to visit us in Managua? They will be coming in late October. But now I want to learn to enjoy ass sex.”

“Do you feel my finger tickling your ass?”

“Hmmm, it tickles.”

“Do you feel pleasure? Excitement? Do you feel as if you would like me to push my finger inside?”

“Yes…. yes…. yes… I can feel the pleasure… put it inside slowly and fuck me…. fuck me hard with your cock and fuck me with your finger in my ass…”

“You have a very big ass and your anus is very pretty.” I said and pushed my finger in, then retrieving the finger I suggestively put it to my mouth and licked it, more in order to turn her on than to lubricate it. Her cunt flowed enough goo unto the brown hole below. I pushed the finger gently back again.

“Gabika loved having her ass licked… I want you… would you… please…” Would I? What kind of question is that? I’m always there for the damsel in need. I like licking assholes. I like göztepe escort it almost as bad as licking cunts. I moved down and with some effort raised her thick thighs on my shoulders. Her ass was spread for my tongue to feast on. But I didn’t, right away. Instead I rubbed my wet finger on it and talked. “Do you remember how I fucked you there while Tamás put it in your pussy? Was that fun or what? Now tell me, what do you like more, licking or fucking.” Now I started licking in the earnest, while rubbing her clit with my finger.

“Ay, ay, it’s nice… I can feel the slippery tongue… in… inside… ay, ay, inside my ass… hay, hay, hay… do me… do me with your penis… fuck… hoy…” she of course didn’t wash her ass nor did she use an enema, but I got caught in her excitement. I don’t mind much if my tongue stinks. Sure, it could get messy, but I didn’t care anymore. She was hot and so was I and her story of mutual infidelity stirred my imagination. I spread her hefty cheeks and licked. Her asshole was perfect: It had no hairs and had a light brown color which contrasted her white red buttock skin. It was hidden very deeply in her ass, as if trying to avoid unnecessary exploration, and it was perfectly round and strong as an iron spring. Every once in awhile it twitched and caught my tongue in a clamming vice, after which a long wailing sigh erupted. I spit in it once more and pulled myself up, my foul mouth kissing hers, and my cock seeking its brown target with zeal.

I put it at the entrance and pushed lightly. We didn’t have a lubricant and she wasn’t entirely pure. “Don’t worry, I have slow metabolism, there is nothing there, it is clean. Just push.” I pushed and it entered. A wince wrinkled her forehead and I realized it must be painful. I retreated and tried again. This time it went right through and stuck in the fat ass. I stopped moving, and applied only the tiniest of circular shoves, gradually increasing the penetration. “Oh, you are such a good lover. I wish… I wish I could hire you as my sex guide and take you to Managua.”

“We don’t have much time and ass fucking requires preparation and patience. They can call you any moment.”

“I know. Tell me. Am I a good lover? I want you to tell me the truth.” That was a mistake, because I usually do tell the truth. Sometimes it is not wise to hear the truth in the middle of anal sex. I kept on pushing gently, slowly rocking and pushing without thrusting. I didn’t want her to panic just as she was finally getting used to the sensation of being fucked in the ass, and enjoying it, if to tell by the moaning and groaning. So we were, her legs on my shoulders, her ass spread wide and my hard cock half way stuck in her hot orifice. I pulled out, spit on my cock and pushed it back in again. Her breasts heaved and shuddered and her red face showed tiny droplets of sweat. My cock did not have much room for manoeuvre but it was very pleasant indeed. “Did you fuck many women in your life?” She asked.

“I did. More than 30.” Which was the truth, since 130 is certainly more than 30. “You, Anne-Marie, are one of the best fucks I had, even though most of the woman were much younger than you.”

“Thank you. You fuck me good in the ass. For the first time in my life I enjoy anal fucking. It would be more difficult with Pedro, though.”

“He is indeed hung like a blessed donkey.” She laughed.

“But… how do I compare to the other ladies? Bohunka? Esmeralda? Gabika? You fucked them all.”

“I fucked you, Gabika and Marika up the ass. I fucked you all in the cunt.”

“In the cunt, then.”

“Well, you are certainly better than Esmeralda. She is just a kıd. And almost as good as Eva and Bohunka.” She seemed disillusioned, as if failing some kind of a test.

“And Marika?”

“Oh, Marika was much better than the others.”

“Really??? What about Gabika?”

“No, no. You don’t understand. Gabika is a different league altogether. She is of another planet. Nothing can compare to the sensation of her cunt. Gabika was even better than Marika, much better. It is impossible to fuck her more than 3 minutes without ejaculating. You have to be a man to understand this. You are fine, Anne-Marie, a very sexy lady and better than most. But Gabika… Now, that is class. She is the best fuck of my life, leading far ahead. And her ass fucking is… almost as good as her cunt. And she is a marvelous cock-sucker. I have never ever experienced such delight, such lewd and obscene eroticism as with her. Now, I got to say, your ass is even better than Marika’s, but not as good as Gabika’s.” She was now starting to reach her climax so I risked a faster pace. Her big belly served ümraniye escort as a cushion to block my blows. She tilted her head back and curled her toes and her face became contorted as a convict on the torture table. Snot shot out of her nostrils as she cried, pulled on my neck and came. I felt her ass cling to my hardon and hold it in a vice, so I could not move it.

We rested a little in each other’s arms, my soiled hard cock nudging her thigh, face to face, lightly kissing.

“You fucked me good. I have to go soon. I’ll never forget you.”

“Me neither. We both like sex vacations. Perhaps we’ll meet again?”

The phone sounded. “I have 1 hour until boarding time. Flight leaves in 90 minutes.” She was dressing hastily. “Why don’t you call Gabika and tell her all the wonderful things to her face? It will make her feel good. I think, Joost, that you are wasting yourself as an IT analyst. You should organize sex workshops for people like me, who don’t want to grow old without the thrill in their lives. I would pay $1000 for a workshop with you. So would Pedro.” I opened the laptop and called Gabika on Skype. “Hello Gabika. I love you.”

“Hello Joost.” She was surprised to hear from me so soon.

“Gabika, I don’t really know you as a person. I know that you are a good lover and that you have the best punciko in Hungary and that you are a geriatric nurse and that you have a beautiful daughter, whom I also love. But I don’t know anything else.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m trying to say that I have just had the best vacation and the best sex of my life and I’m in love with you and I don’t want to lose you.”

“Joost, you live in Eindhoven and have a daughter in Germany and a good job that had made you rich, and you are 20 years younger than me. I live in Hungary, next to my only daughter and my son-in-law and three wonderful grandc***dren. I can’t go with you to Eindhoven.”

“Gabika, listen. I would like to try to live with you for a while. I don’t want to go to Eindhove. My daughter is in Germany with her wicked mom. I don’t like my job and I have enough money. I want to live with you. Let us try.” Anne-Marie could not believe her ears.

“Joost, you are young. In 20 years I will be 75 and you will still be young.”

“Then you’ll pull out your false teeth and suck me as I roll you around in your wheelchair.” She laughed. Anne-Marie listened intensely, holding my rock hard penis in her hand. I don’t like to make decisions with a hard cock. I pushed her head down to suck me.

“Joost, I love you. I love you very much and want to try to live with you here in Hungary. But I have one condition.”

“OK, shoot.”

“In 3 months, if you like me and I like you, you will take me to church and marry me and buy me a diamond ring like you bought Marika. I’m old and don’t want to wait forever for a husband.” I laughed.

“Fine, fine, my love. But I have also conditions.”

“What?” Gabika was shedding tears, real tears rolled down her wrinkled cheeks.

“First of all, I want sex everyday. In the cunt. And I don’t like to pull out. I like to cum deep inside, so if God wants us to have a baby than we’ll have one. And I don’t like condoms. OK?”

“That’s all?”

“No, that’s not all. Once a year I go on a long vacation. I like to have sex on my vacations, with many people, people I don’t know and some which I do. You are welcome to join me, but you don’t have to. When not on vacation, I will not be interested in other people. It is only you and me.”


“And sometimes Marika. And if Eva wants to join, I will fuck her too. Maybe we should convince Marika to leave Debrecen and come to live with us. Your house is big enough.”

“And when I’ll get older?”

“You are older. If you don’t like sex anymore, I can always have Eva. And in 20 years Diana will be 24.”


“And I like to watch you have sex with girls. With Marika especially. It turns me on. I want to see you fuck your sister, thoroughly without reservations. It makes me hard. I even…”

“What, Joost? What?”

“…want to see you and Eva together, you know, in bed. Like lovers.” There followed a long silence.


“And you must learn English and travel with me in the world.”

“I like traveling. I like sex with you. You are a pervert and it fits me fine. I will learn English for you and travel with you and let you fuck others on your long vacations and make love to Marika and suck on Eva’s cunt for you and fuck Tamás and lick his balls if you want. I will let you fuck me in the punciko and let you spill your sperm inside and accept it with love. I will let you fuck me in the ass and let you lick me there and scream and let you cum in my mouth and will drink it, but one thing I will not do!!!”

“What, Gabika, what?”

“I don’t cook.”

I kissed Anne-Marie goodbye and kicked her out. Then I ordered a taxi, paid the hotel bill and went on to my new life with my angel, my sex angel Gabika.

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