HuMan Kind

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HuMan Kind
I giggled as i opened the door… I was looking into a big muscled chest wrapped in a tight t-shirt. I gasped as I looked up into a pair of black eyes hidden behind a skimask 😮 I squeeled and jumped backwards to find out he also had leather gloves and a big bulge in his working man shorts 😮 His shoulders was as wide as the door opening. I stared shaking in fear and tried to close the door. But off course I couldn’t. This was NOT the young guy I was supposed to meet 😮 “Who the fuck are you???” I asked before he wrapped his hand around my neck and balls to force me up against the wall … “I’m the father of the 15 year old k** you was going to exploit” he roared. “15??? He said he was 20, I swear!?! And he was going to exploit me. Please let me go?! Aaaoww, it hurts!” -“Well, he’s in the hospital with a broken arm, black eye and lots of bruises after “falling” down the stairs, so you’re dealing with me, understand?” -“No! Please don’t hurt me, sir! Please?!? Mister? Ahh, fuck it hurts!?!” He hit me across my face so hard I fell to the floor 😮 I tried to protect my face with my hands but he grabbed them and pinned them against the wall above me, being on my knees. Then he slapped me hard over and over again until I started to cry and beg him to stop. He just laughed and told me to shut the fuck up 😮 He kept on hitting me, roaring as I could see his bulge getting harder and harder 😮 My face was burning as he let my hands go and he yanked my hair up. “Hands behind your back and si hi to the camera, bitch!” I looked up and he was filming with his phone 😮 “Why are you filming this, sir?” He laughed and told me he was sending it to his son so he could see what happened to his sissy “friends”. I was terrified as he pulled down his shorts and shoved his pulsating throbbing dick down my throat 😮 He went nuts, grabbing the back of my head, skullfucking me so hard I couldn’t breath. I grabbed his thighs as I tried to break loose. Then he pulled out and smacked my face hard over and over as he grabbed my hair, roaring and shouting. Gag kept gushing out of my mouth as I cried and asked him to stop. Off course he didn’t stop!?! “I’m gonna rip your fucking head off if you touch me again!!!” he roared as he pushed his way back into my throat 😮 I grabbed the high heels of my biker boots tuzla escort bayan as he went on, even harder this time. The more violent he got, the harder his big dick got. He really enjoyed hurting me 😮 Gag kept running down my big scarf, on my skirt and made a big pond on the floor. My stiff little dick made its way out of my tiny panties and made a small tent of my black miniskirt. He finally pulled out and I fell forward almost puking, all out of breath. Sobbing. I was shaking, afraid of whats going to happen next …

He lifted my head again and starred at my little tent. He brushed his big army boot against my little stiffy. “Haha, so you like it rough, huh? Little faggot!” I shooked my head, then he slapped me again. So then I nodded and whispered “yes, sir”. He yanked my hair so I got up on my shaking feet. Then he grabbed my belt and liftet me all over his head. I was stunned on how strong he was and how weak I felt as he walked towards the bed and threw me into the air and into the bed, face down 😮 As I was trying to get up on all fours, It felt like the roof fell on top of me. The air went out of my body and I could swear i heard my bones snapping 😮 I almost passed out, realizing he had dove and landed on me. He was so heavy, and I panicked. He lifted up my head so I could see myself in the mirror. He really liked the panick in my eyes as he laughed. I still couldn’t breath and then it went black. I passed out.

When I woke up, I panicked again. Cause my mouth was ball gagged, my hands tied to the headboard and my legs to the bed posts. Hard. I couldn’t move at all. I looked at the mirror and could see him walking around the bed, probably face-timing his son. He was laughing and his son was crying begging him to stop!?! “Ok, I’ll give your little sissy fag a safeword. If he says no, I’ll stop”. He laughed so hard and his son screamed at him. Cause I could only get vowals out. I tried my best: “aaooo! Oooo! Aooo, aaaeeooaoao!?!?!” He put down his phone on the nightstand facing me. I could see my red beat, bruised face in it and him picking up a thick, black leather belt 😮 Fucking lunatic! Then he picked up a big dildo he’d found in my purse. And a roll of duct tape 😮 He stood above me, grabbed one of my butt cheeks and shoved in hard. I screamed, it orhanlı escort hurt so bad. All the way inside of me. Then he taped it, so it couldn’t get out again…

He lifted the belt above his head and then came the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I’ve been spanked before. But this was a real beating. He was so angry and turned on. I couldn’t beleive how big his dick had gotten. He’d also changed outfit, an executioner hoody, black crotchless leather pants and chains across his big upper body. So hot, yet very scary 🙁 And the pain. My ass was already burning hot after the first hit. I drewled and sobbed as he gave me some more sewere blows to my ass. This was like a nightmare 😮 He was talking all about how I should stop flirting with u******ed boys. I felt so guilty and afraid. And the pain was unbeleivable. He kept on beating me up, down to my tighs, the back of my knees and shins. Over and over, roaring and laughing like a maniac. I looked at the phone receiving desperate messages from his son, begging him not to kill me 😮 He stopped, sat down on the bed, gently pulling up my off shoulder fishnet top. Then he grabbed my big pink scarf and tightened it around my neck until my face got blue. Then he stood up and started hitting my back?!? Now my whole backside was burning with pain. I’d stopped crying, cause I really thought he was going to kill me. I got apathetic. He gave me a lot of blows before he let go of my scarf and stopped.

He untied me, I had ligature marks on my wrists and ancles. I turned back and could see a lot of blood red stripes on my butt and legs 😮 My black stayups was all ripped to shreds. He’d beaten me up so bad?! My eyes was red from all the crying and my makeup was a mess. He picked up the phone and filmed my whole shivering body. I slowly got up on my fours. He actually told me I was a good bitch getting ready for him. To my suprice I was getting hard again. And when he pulled out the dildo I was dripping wet?!? And streched out for him.

He told me I’ve done good. He got up behind me, grabbed my asscheeks and started eating my asspussy. It felt so good, his big tounge entering me, his rouged facial hair against my cheeks, even though I was in a lot of pain.

He got a firm hold above my hips and squeezed me hard as he pushed his way inside of aydınlı escort me. He really filled me up good. So big, so hard 😮 Slowly pulled out and stabbed back in, hard. I squeeled and he got furious again. Started to fuck me so fast and hard, I started to sweat and scream on the top of my lungs. The higher I screamed, the harder and faster he got. I’d never been fucked like this before, felt like I was in a porn flick. And I was, I discovered when he told me we already had over a 100k viewers even before he started to fuck my brains out. And he really did, I felt so used, abused and gurly. He fucked me so hard, I forgot about the pain. Cause this hurted too, but in a good way 😛 I looked around and spotted three more phone surrounding us. I screamed, cried and was totally overpowered by this brutal man, and I loved it!?! So bad. He was so brutal!

I looked in the mirror, my face all gasping and crying for mercy! It all felt so hot and scary! Then all of a sudden he pulled out. Then he flipped me over and ripped my legs apart over his shoulders, hard. His strenght was surreal. He leaned over me, grabbed my neck with both hands as he entered me again. Those angry eyes as he started pumping me like crazy, calling me all sorts of names, like a serial killer!? So brutal and angry. Choking me up so hard I passed out again. I woke up the secound he was cumming inside of me. So hard squirting it felt like a bottle of champagne was opened inside my asspussy!? As he pulled out, cum was gushing out like a fountain 😮 And I came at the same time, soiling my cute top 😮

We both sat up on the edge of the bed, he cuddled my cheeks, then BOOM, he hit my face again 🙁 He grabbed my hair, forced me down on the floor, so I had to crawl after him into the bathroom. He pulled out his belt again and tied me to the pipes below the sink 😮 “Open up your sissy mouth, looser!” he said. I did, and all of a sudden I could feel a sharp ray of piss hitting my face, hair and mouth. Felt like being showered with a pressure washer 😮 So much pee!?! He went on for what felt like forever, I was drenched, and I couldn’t get out of it, being all tied up.

He laughed and left the bathroom?!? Without untying me?!?

I could hear him collecting his stuff before he opened the door. “So, you got a lot of new “friends” now little sissy! I’ve published your name, adress and room number, so you got a busy weekend, before you, princess :D”

So there I was, all tied up, drowned in piss and cum still running out of my beat up asspussy 😮

His son never contacted me again ;(

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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