The Story of Liam & Ollie.Pt.7. (Told by Roy).

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Saturday Morning.James & myself,we awoke about,straight into the shower,then dried off,getting dressed in our bedroom we heard the backdoor,downstairs slam shut,I went out of our bedroom onto the landing,walked up to the big window,there was Ollie & Liam,walking down towards the gate into the stables yard,Liam with his hand on Ollies Ass & both Kissing,I smiled,thinking,definitely in love,have a chat with them later,maybe breakfast time.
James & myself finished getting dressed,went down into the kitchen,two washed up mugs on the sink drainer,teapot was still hot,said to James,”They,ve had a mug of tea,we,ll have a chat with them at breakfast,we,ll have breakfast here instead of the cafe,can chat in private”,James agreed with me,we both had a mug of tea then went down into the yard,all the hire horses & ponies were in their stalls in the barn stables being fed & groomed by our stable staff,plus Ollie & Liam & a few early rising customers helping out to get them all ready for the first ride.
Now the third ride was going out,,James said “Breakfast Roy”,I shouted to Liam & Olllie,who were on their way to the cafe,”Liam,Ollie,breakfast in the kitchen”,they walked back towards us & followed us through the back garden into the kitchen,were James & the k**s sat at the table whilst I made a pot of tea & cooked the breakfast,the k**s asking if they were in some sort of trouble,James saying,”Why,what you done,you,re always asking if you,re in trouble,so what you done”,Ollie is in quick to reply to James,”Ain’t done nothing we know of”.
James & me,Laughing,”No k**s,you ain’t done anything wrong”, I say.putting the breakfasts down in front of them,me sitting down next to James.
We explain to Liam & Ollie that Liams parents & Ollies mom are a bit worried,suspicious,about them being Gay & you not telling them,we explain they need to know,”They,ve guessed you are Gay,you,re not in trouble,they want to support you,so you need to get them together & tell them,put their minds at rest,then you only have to tell them once”,I said to them.
Well they did this what we had suggested to them the following week,Liams rents where invited round to Ollies moms house for a meal which they accepted,having a good Idea what it was going to be about,how the k**s did it we don,t know but they got them together.
We saw Shirley,Ollies mom in the cafe during the week & she thanked us for getting the k**s to be open with them,she said that she & Liams parents are so happy knowing,”We had a good chat with them about,not flaunting it in public, also not to do anything in public that they could get in trouble,over”,me thinking,”Yea Shirley,like Fucking out in public”.
Well,Liam was Liam & Ollie,wasOllie,two teenage cheeky Bois,were lots of fun when they were about the yard,they seemed to have Bloomed ever since their parents knew they where Gay & also knowing that James & me knew.
When the weather was nice we would often see them disapppearing across the paddocks into the wood,and how many times have James & me done it,also a few of our young teenage riders that we,re sure are Gay.
Time went by to the summer of 2017,we had a police car pull into the yard about 08.00 pm on the evening,the officer telling us that one of our horses had got out of its field at the end of the lane below the stables down by the main road, it,s trying to get back in,looking over the gate to your other horses,it was our liveries field,me thinking,”How can it have got out,fencing is checked every week,plus all the hedges are thick blackthorn bush,s”.we tell the officer we,ll go down & have a look,I grabbed a halter & a bucket with some corn in it.
James & myself we walked down the lane,we could hear it neighing,sounding a bit distressed,we got to the field,the police officer was right,it was galloping up & down the grass verge,neighing to the horses in the field,the police officer was parked down below the a****l,stopping it going off down to the main road,it came up to the gate entrance into the field,I shook the bucket so that it would hear the corn,ears up looking at me & the bucket,it let me walk up to him,(me now being able to see it was male),nose into the bucket I slipped the halter onto his head,he soon saw the oats off.
I looked him over,Skewbald,(Coloured),niceley marked,built similar to Dancer,Anglo Arab,looks,14.2 hands high, Gelding,looked to be sound,checked his mouth,four years old,shod recently,I,d say in the last two weeks,James & myself knew he was,nt local,we told the police officer,he asked,”If we could look after it until they found out who the owner is”.
We agreed to look after it,but if rideable it would be earning its keep,the officer was okay with that.
We led it up to the yard,it was on its toes,lively,spirited a****l,we put it in the paddock next to,Dancer,Xavior & Mom,Dads & aunty Vi’s horses paddock,did,nt know how it was with other horses,did,nt want any a****ls getting kicked,including,itself.
Teenagers came out of the Clubhouse to look at it,including Ollie & Liam,all asking questions,some we could answer & some we could,nt.
The next morning I fed.groomed it,tacked it up,(Saddle & bridle),got on it,rode it about in our Menage,it was very spirited to ride,jumped a few small jumping fencies,jumped good,for a four year old it had been schooled well.
James on Xavior & me on this coloured went out a ride on the roads,it was okay with traffic,when we got back to the yard,we handed it over to Carl,(Head Groom),”It,s okay to ride Carl,experienced riders only,let it earn its keep”,so it was out for hire.
Ollie had took a keen interest in the coloured,named him Drum,apparently named after the Royal Drum Horses,paying to ride him every weekend out of his wages,(Off James & me),schooling him for Gymkhana,he knew I was retiring Dancer at the end of the Gymkhana season,he was doing well against James on Xavior in the Qualifiers,running second to him.
The police came to the yard to take Pics of Drum to try & find the owner or owners of him,they were posted Nationwide,we had our vet take a blood sample to send off to the Registration Authorities,(DNA).
Pics went out to all Vets,Farriers,Riding Schools & Stables,(Nothing).
We had,had him,two weeks short of six months now January 2018,when the,”Horse & Pony Registration Authorities”,had found the owner,apparently,a woman who had bred him,came from Yeovil,Somerset,she was now deceased,no family,,had a riding school,sold all her stock barring Drum,before she passed away,so a mystery,No one knows how Drum got from Somerset to our stables.
The police theory is someone from the midlands had stolen him from Somerset last June,(The owner was found dead in her bed at that time,Narural Causes),so nothing dodgy.
The horse thieves had panicked,maybe followed by a police car,maybe not suspicious of the horsebox they were following,Thieves panicked & knowing there was horses in this area decided to abandon him on the side of the road outside of our fields.
We received Drums Pasport from,”Registeration Authorities”,making him now our property,James & myself discussed what we were going to do with him,I think James knew what I had in my mind from before Drum became ours.well he had paid his keep,had,nt cost us anything,Financially.
Ollie had really worked hard on schooling this pony,he had come,runner up on Dancer to James on Xavior in the Midlands Qualifiers making,himself & Dancer,second best Gymkhana team in the Midlands & now Drum was in his Heart knowing Dancer was retired.
James & myself agreed to give Drum to Ollie on his sixteenth birthday,take Drum out of the hired horse & ponies,let Ollie school & gymkhana him up to his birthday,keeping it secret till that day,then give him Drums Passport on his Birthday making Ollie his owner.

Well got to take break,the next Pt.Pt.8.will be the end of the Story.—-Please leave Comments.xxxxxxxxxx

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