Ratchet that Straight Socket

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After a stressful meeting at work, Bastian goes to the car workshop to check the ongoing repairs to his car. While there, he meets Tomas, the gorgeous mechanic that lures him in his work area as he fixes the car. Tomas’ inescapable sex appeal builds some erotic tension in the air, and Bastian takes advantage to get the overhaul he always wanted from his mechanic.

Bastian takes a few moments to catch a breath after a long, yet productive meeting with his staff.. The day was far from over, though, as he needs to prepare for a dinner meeting shortly after a quick shower at home. With a barely any time to spare, he heads to the parking lot to hop into his car. The car appeared to be in bad shape; drivable but on the verge of breaking down. With his evening schedule in potential jeopardy, he decides to drop by a car repair shop along the way to his home ran by his friend, Tomas.

The mechanic, Tomas, is a nice and charming guy in his twenties. There is grace in his movements, a calming voice, and intense focus in what he does. His straight nose, short hair, and muscular body, constantly stained with elbow grease. He is not very tall, but his height is very proportionate to his well-defined shoulders.Bastian gets turned on with the sight of Tomas in his work uniform; even more so without the undershirt that he wears usually, which is removed today due to the steaming heat inside the workshop.

Tomas takes a glimpse of the young executive, Bastian, and gives way as he pulls the shutters down signifying that Bastian is the last customer of the day. He bends down to examine the car; and Bastian’s eyes light up at the sight of Tomas’ ass. Bastian reminisces about mechanics and workers in his home country; they almost never wear underwear. Thus, Bastian’s eyes pierce through Tomas’ buttocks and fantasize about what lie hidden under the pants. Bastian’s cock spontaneously comes alive and begins to crawl through the pants like a snake ready to take its prey.

Tomas tries small talk with Bastian, who is visibly sweating. He offers Bastian a quick bathroom visit to cool himself down; Bastian appreciates the proposal. Inside the cramped bathroom, he takes off his shirt and looks at his body. He is fine, after all.. Intensely aroused by Tomas, he strokes one of the nipples and feels it rise gently. He starts caressing himself from the chest to the crotch.. Truly, this mechanic has excited him deeply. His erection, now clearly visible to him, needs to be dealt with immediately. His horny state cannot wait. As he looks at his face in the mirror, the view of Tomas’ profile delights him: a nice face, with big eyes, thin lips, arched eyebrows. He washes his face and goes back to the workshop.

There, Tomas is dismantling Bastian’s car in an effort to repair it. Tomas has taken his jumper off and is now topless; his chest hair foisted to feed Bastian’s unsaid desire.. The show in front of him is one for a porn calendar; an erotic ballet that will last about fifteen minutes. Tomas approaches Bastian to tell him what was happening to the car and, unexpectedly, the mechanic’s hands rub against his arm. Also, a strange thing starts to happen under his pants, too.. Tomas’s skin is supple, and it feels like silk. He likes to feel his touch on his fingers and palms. What happens next is a beautiful and passionate bareback scene.

In the end, satisfied with the “outcome”, Bastian asks Tomas for the bill for the work he’s done. Tomas, still playful, naughtily responds,“The car fix will be expensive, but the fix I did for you, it’s free.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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