First time dressed outside. (Part II)

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The moment was about to come, when I would fully admit to sucking Mr McDoden’s hard cock and in my present condition that took not too much courage from me to do so. So I unzipped his briefs, grabbed his penis with my right hand and started taking it deeper and deeper into my greedy little sissy mouth. Never have I ever felt so sexually aroused and at the same time completed in a way. It was as if I had reached a life goal. Well, at least a “sissy life goal”, later I used to laugh about irony of this moment, but on the other hand it was a serious thing. I really was born to be a cock sucking, obedient and eager sissy.

Mr McDodens cock got really hard from me doing my first blowjob and I also got really obsessed with my new profession so I started licking his hairy, old balls as if they were made out of honey. He really enjoyed me doing my way because he was constantly saying things like: “Oh gosh, Fiona!” and “You are doing so well my dear” and “Oh yes, you are such a good girl, sucking daddies big cock, aren’t you?”. I nodded. I knew I was a “good girl”, but getting this actual acknowledgement was so fulfilling. After a while he started to put his right hand on top of the back of my head and started to push me deeper onto his cock which at times made me gag slightly and I had to take little breathing pauses. I often dreamed of being in that situation and I gotta admit, I wasn’t at all disappointed.

Sometimes I would stop sucking Mr McDodens cock for a second and he then slapped my lips or cheeks with it, which I enjoyed just so much. It really put me in my sissy place. My sissy heaven. I guess the whole blowjob situation took on for about 40 or so minutes and before I could consciously anticipate the next step my daddy asked me: “So my little slutty dear, are we ready to get fucked by daddy now?”. If I would not have been so intoxicated from all the whine I would probably have hesitated at that moment, but I was slutty, ready, better to say upmost eager to have that awesome cock in my hungry sissy pussy and just said “yes daddy” without losing a second. “Fine. You are a very good girl for daddy.” He replied. “Kneel on the floor, sissy. Bottoms up, base down.” I liked that he was kinda ordering me to do so, instead of asking for it. Of course I obeyed and was as excited as a little sissy can be to receive my first cock and finally losing my “actual virginity”.

First I heard Mr McDoden spitting on my and felt his spit pouring down my sissy pussy with a feeling of the greatest excitement which then was topped by him using his thick, manly fingers to spread his spit consistently over my hungry little hole. He then spitted one time again on his cock and then it finally happened. Since I was all ready to receive his cock it did not even hurt a bit and my pussy just soaked it in like it never did something else actually. He noticed that and instantly praised his little girl. “Oh gosh yes. My girl’s pussy is so hungry. I love it!”. Then he started properly pounding me. Not too hard and fast but not too slow either. It is hard to describe my excitement and pleasure at this moment in words. I was in heaven. I was properly getting fucked and I was all aware of that. Not only accepting it but embracing it. Breathing it, living it. Living for the cock.

Mr Mc Dodens cock was brushing my prostate with every time he went in and outside my wet and throbbing sissy pussy and me groaning and moaning like a little naughty girl just happened to naturally that I did not even have to control the pitch of my voice in any way to sound more feminine. What was happening was real. What was happening wasn’t an act. It was supposed to happen. It was destined to happen. A few times I felt like I was about to just cum from getting fucked like this and my daddy noticed that and went a bit slower or held on for a second. Then he would lean forward to french kiss his little girl or reach my nipples with his dirty, old hands. “Hold on, sissy.” He began talking. “I wanna see that pretty face while I am fucking you.” He pulled out is cock, which my sissy pussy water was dripping from, told me to lay on my back and put my legs up so that he could grab on my ankles and put it back in again.

Now that was really even more putting me into my place as is has been before. He was in total control of his little sissy fucking toy and soon began caressing my sissy clitty through my sweet girly panties. I could not help myself but ferociously moan and unbridledly leak precum. My daddy of course noticed me wetting myself and emphasized my slutty behavior by telling me he could not in his slightest dreams have imagined how much of an eager, cock loving and just throughout desperate and needing little slut I was. And he was all so right about that. And I was all so loving what was happening now. In fact knowing how much I would hate myself for being so slutty, naughty and willing to go so far, leaving everything what once was masculine and straight behind me. Never able to pick it up again. Never able to go back. But what should I do else? It can’t be helped, can it? Was it ultimately my fault? Have I become utterly perverted and abnormal? Maybe I should stop wining about it and start seeing my future for what it is going to be: the world turning into a whore house with me as the ultimate workaholic. No brains left, just craving. Never ending craving. Never ending lust. Never ending sin.

I loved my hell to be heaven.

Back to me and Mr McDoden. Again he was pulling his cock out of my pussy, starting to stroke it, leaving me jealous of not touching, sucking or fucking it. Before I could ask to suck on it again he stood up and sat back on his couch, took a zip from his whine glass and ordered me to kneel before him again and continuing my oral work. You can imagine I was most eager and willing to be of service again and showed daddy how warm, wet and loving my mouth can be, once a cock was inside honoring my sissy efforts. After all he seemed to be a little jaded and tired and of course it was on me to cheer him up again so gave him the most sloppy, devoted and deep blowjob I managed to come up with. For a few minutes it really did work on him and he slightly got harder and more interested again, but of course I could not keep up my efforts for long. I asked him if anything was alright. He affirmed but noted he would have to pee. Shortly I hesitated if I should offer him to be his personal sissy urinal, but I did not know if he would approve of that or if that simply was too much. Surprisingly he ordered me to come with him, on my knees.

My heart was pounding. What was going to happen. We reached the bathroom door, he opened it up and showed me my way. I had to kneel next to the toilette. He told me to watch his cock while he was relieving himself standing. When he was finished he said: “Come on little sissy. Be a good servant and clean daddies cock.” I was so happy he finally asked me to do that and instantly put my mouth around his cockhead and cleaned it up properly, soaking in the last few drops of his golden nectar and letting it pour down my throat, as if it was the sweetest juice I have tasted in my life.
Then he flushed and told me to get back to where I was before, waking closely behind me, watching my cheeks move up and down like the pervert he was. When I reached the couch he told me to wait a second, without telling me what he was about to do. A few moments later he came back with a rope and ordered me to get my hands behind my back to tie them together. Of course I obeyed. Now this dimension of helplessness finally has entered the scenery. Leaving me all excited again. I could not have asked for a more fulfilling first time and realized that this man must be way more experienced with those sorts of things that I have expected him to be. So I was ready for the next round. Ready to be used again. Ready to be abused again. Ready to a whore again.

To be continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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