Beefcake is my Speedo Bitch

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I mentioned it briefly the other day that a friend of mine got in a bit of trouble with the law. It isn’t too bad, he just drank a little too much and made some bad choices. Nobody got hurt and I don’t think it is a ‘habit’ of his.

I’m not going to defend his actions or decisions, he fucked up and he is more than paying for it.

Perhaps because I am so discrete with my business (and sexuality), perhaps because I’m not fully in on the inside of my Terrigal crew, he reached out to me to help him out with this incident. Reluctantly, I am helping him out.

Last weekend I had to go up to Coffs Harbour and present myself before the court and it all went well. I spent the night up there in a motel and I was kinda horny. So I grabbed my phone and tuned on Grindr. There was this guy who looked like a hot younger Hulk Hogan. Blonde, broad shoulders, body builder type. Which isn’t my type – I prefer lean swimmers build.

The guy was within a kilometer from me so I sent him a photo of me in a speedo.

He replied back, he said he was a bottom, loved being dominated and he had a speedo.
I promised I’d dominate him, he promised to wear his speedo.

It wasn’t 10 minutes later and there was a knock at my hotel door. I looked through the peep hole and there he was, Beefcake.

I opened the door to my hotel room, Beefcake was huge. I’m 6 foot, Beefcake was half a foot taller, twice as wide and probably nearly twice my weight – all of that in muscle. He was wearing jeans and a button up white dress shirt.

He walked in, I told him to take his shirt off which he did.

Then I told him to put his hands on the door he had just walked through, spread his legs and I was going to give him a pat down. Beefcake complied.

I put my left hand on his shoulder, he was super ripped and super smooth. My right hand followed his spine all the way down his back to his jeans which had a belt. I traced his belt, counter clock wise around his torso, which was crazy flat and smooth. I got to the belt buckle and undid it.

Beefcakes jeans slid down, he was wearing a sky blue speedo, lycra that fit him perfectly.

Now my hands were on Beefcakes hips, I ordered him to spread his legs and he complied.

My left hand slid down the blue lycra, down his lycra clad butt crack and between his legs and started rubbing his balls. My right hand was rubbing his cock which was fully hard and straining to be free’d from its lycra confines.

Beefcake was enjoyed this and started to moan a little bit. I was on one knee in my reach around and reach under at the same time position, my right cheek on the small of his back. He started to turn around and I barked at him, telling him if he didn’t keep his hands on the door I’d “knock his block off” (and Aussie term for punching someone – of course I would never punch anyone and definitely not Beefcake because if he hit me back it would be the end of me).

I’m always a little be afraid of guys being super horny, cumming first and then just wanting to leave so I thought it was time to fuck Beefcake.

I stood up and went to put a condom on, I told Beefcake he better not fucking move.

I was horny before I even turned Grindr on 20 minutes earlier and now I was really horny. I stripped off my shirt and jeans, as usual I was wearing a speedo, my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. I pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos and put a condom on my rock hard cock. I squirted a glob of lube into my right hand, and rubbed it all over my cock. I was going to wipe my hand but then though I’d just wipe it on Beefcake.

He was standing, facing the door, both hands on it, legs spread wearing nothing but his blue speedos.

I walked up behind him, pulled his speedo away from his man vagina and put my cock at his entry. You ready for some cock you little bitch I whispered into his ear. Yes sir Beefcake replied.

My left hand helped guide my cock into his tight manhole which was between a pair of very muscular buns. Once the head of my cock was inside Beefcake he let out a little gasp. I left it there for a second, maybe ten seconds before I started to slide it in deeper, and deeper and deeper until I was ball deep.

Then I started backing up and sliding my cock out. Since I was so darn horny to start with I could end this in three strokes but I wanted it to last so I was taking much more time than I usually would.

Sliding my cock out slowly, it felt like it was a foot long (unfortunately it isn’t) until it finally popped out and I was no longer inside Beefcake. He let out another little gasp as my cock departed his arsehole. I gave him a minute, then entered him again. I repeated this four times I think, each time sliding my cock in to the hilt and then taking it all the way out of Beefcake. It was then that I came up with an idea of how I wanted it to end.

The fifth time (maybe the sixth, I wasn’t really counting) I slide all the way into Beefcakes arse and kept my cock there. I reached around and started rubbing the front of Beefcakes speedo which was defying the laws of physics somehow to keep his cock inside them.

I started stroking his cock through the stretched lycra.

Then I was talking dirty to him. It didn’t take long and cum started to soak through his speedos as he ejaculated. As he was convulsing in the throws of orgasm I told him he better not move his hands. Somehow I managed not to cum as his hole clenched on my cock. When he finished his convulsions I slid my cock out of him slowly.

I ripped off my condom, pulled his speedos out and down from the back with my left hand and grabbed my cock with my right. It was about twenty second and I unloaded into the back of his blue speedos. It was a big load too. I wiped the last of the cum from the head of my cock on his blue speedos as well.

Then I told Beefcake to pull up his jeans and get the fuck out. Which he did.

About fifteen minutes later I got a message from him thanking me, saying how hot it was and that he was going to wear those cum drenched speedos for a while and would be adding even more cum to them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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