The Sponsor Part 3

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The Sponsor Part 3
“Why don’t you two beauties go take a dip in the pool and cool off” offered Bill.

       Ann and Babbs slowly got up and walked nude toward the pool. They were worn out from the romp they had just had with Bill. For his part Bill sat in his chair and watched as the two women wiggled their asses out the door. All he could think of is how lucky he was.

At 39 Ann was in great shape. She had learned over the years how to please and tease men. She was a great entertainer and when it came to the bedroom Olympics she was an all around gold medalist. Babbs at 24 was still inexperience but had shown her ability to learn.

The afternoon was coming to an end. Bill went out and told the women to come in the house and get dressed for dinner. As they went in he pulled Ann to the side.

“While you’re here, maybe we could give Babbs a little more training. There is a party in about 2 weeks and I’d love to be able to show her off.” he confided.

Ann, having coached other women over the years, knew exactly what to do. She went with Babbs to one of the guest rooms and sat her down on the edge of the bed.

“You know that when you are around these men you should be ready for anything.” Ann started. “We have talked about the way you present yourself and dress. Dinner won’t be ready for a while so let me give you some tips on how to take care of your body. “First lets get you cleaned up.”

They entered the glass enclosed shower. With Ann’s help Babbs cleaned all traces of Bill’s cum still inside her pussy. She knew how to do it but it was erotic to have Ann’s help. She returned the favor for Ann but Bill had done a superior job with his tongue.

Bathing each other was just to much. They massaged and finger fucked each other until they came. They just couldn’t help themselves. They continued their mutual care as they dried off and put on lotion. If they had not had to go to dinner, they would have been happy to climb into bed and have sex all night.

They each put on a matching wrap, mid thigh dresses with no underwear. As always high, matching heels completed the outfits. A little bit of makeup with a last minute check and they were off to the dining room.

As with all of the house, the dining room was tastefully decorated. Bill was standing off to the side and signaled for them to follow him. Through a set of double French doors there was a smaller, more cozy dining area set up for three. As they ate dinner, the conversation was mainly the women telling Bill what a great host he was and what a fine home he had. Bill was content to enjoy the beauty of his companions.

With the after dinner drinks, the conversation changed direction. Bill wanted to talk about his sponsorship of Babbs.

“Most things that I can do for you are financial. Membership in a good gym and a personal trainer. A full service spa with tanning facilities, makeup, hair, nails. and such is a necessity. The cost is not important but the quality of the service is. If there is not suitable ones near where you live I’ll arrange transportation to one that is suitable. The bills will be sent to me for payment. ” he said in a business sort of way.

“Tonya, my personal secretary will take care of all these things. She will take care of setting up shopping trips from time to time to get you appropriate clothes. A monthly cash stipend of $5000 a month will assist you with incidentals. These things are in addition to your pageant and contest moneys. I just want you to look your best. Ann, is there anything else you can think of?” concluded Bill.

“Not right now” she answered.

“Do you think this would be acceptable?” Bill asked Babbs.

“I think that would be fine.” answered Babbs at a loss to say much else. “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

“Now, let’s have some fun. You ladies stay here. Come to the game room in a five minutes.” directed Bill.

Neither of the women knew what to expect. As they entered the game room they could see Bill had been joined by another man. A black man.

“May I introduce you. Ann, Babbs, this is Mr. Robert. It’s a bit of an odd name but we have always called him that for all the years I have known him. Ann was familiar with him but did no let on. He was a male entertainer that the men employed from time to time. He was very muscular and very dark skinned. Standing about 6’2” he was an imposing figure.

“Babbs, remember how Ann danced for me earlier today?” asked Bill. “I hope you were paying attention before we got carried away. You will be called upon at our gatherings to provide entertainment. Sometimes for one person and sometimes for a group. It is important that you learn and perfect your skills.”

“I want you to entertain Mr. Robert the way Ann entertained me. The practice will be good for you. Anne and I will be here to give you an audience.”

Babbs had never dated a black man. She had not seen any blacks at the pageant either. But this is what Bill wanted. As her sponsor she thought she should do as he requested. Also, Mr. Roberts was exotic. He radiated a sexual confidence even when he was just standing. When he spoke he had a bit of an English accent which she found interesting.
She felt she could handle this.

Bill and Ann sat in one of the sofas. Mr. Robert took a seat in a chair to the left. With no coffee table in the way, Babbs had plenty of room. Bill used his remote to fill the room with music. Babbs began to sway from side to side with the soft beat. From watching Anne she figured that time was not an issue. She allowed her body to move in slow movements with the rhythm of the music. Mr. Robert sat with a slight smile on his face.

At the end of the first song Babbs was dressed exactly the same as when she started. Bill put on a bit faster song with a stronger beat. The d**gs that had been put in Babbs drinks during the day were coursing through he veins. In front of her she saw a man she was to tease and please. She was to entertain him with her body. She needed to get her act in gear.

She bent over while standing in front of him which allowed Mr. Robert to see her naked boobs, hard nipples and all. She even shimmied a bit to make them jiggle. His smile increased a bit. Then she stood and raised the hem of her skirt to show him her shaved and lack of panties. For this he gave a slight nod of approval.

Not sure what to do next, she remembered Ann’s performance and leaned forward again. This time she rested her hands on Mr. Robert’s thighs. She was concentrating on keeping eye contact with him. This being the case, when the edge of her hand came in contact with his cock she was surprised. Even though her hand was halfway down his thigh, she was sure it was the head of his cock.

Looking down, she saw it was no mistake. There outlined in the fabric of his pants was the biggest piece of manhood she had ever seen. She was not sure how she had missed seeing it before but it was there now. She stopped dancing and just stared.

“Is that for real? Babbs blurted out.

“Of course it is” answered Bill. “Mr. Robert is a very well endowed entertainer that sometimes performs at some of our get togethers.” Bill continued. “Please. Continue with your dance.”

With that Babbs slowly started to get back into the rhythm of the music. But instead of looking at Mr. Roberts, she continued to look at the growing bulge in his pants.

“You must not be distracted” Bill chastised her. “Our guest want you to entertain them. Entertain Mr. Robert. Show him your delicious body. Tease him and make him want to desire you. Make that bulge in his pants grow.

With that Babbs laid back on the floor and spread her knees. She pulled her dress up to her waist to fully expose herself. She reached down an stroked the moist lips of her pussy. When she could see the smile return to Mr. Roberts face, she took both hands and spread her lips apart. She wanted him to see her. She wanted him to know that she was available. She wanted him to see how wet she was.

As he leaned forward in his chair to get a better look, she slid a finger into herself. Slowly in and out. Then two fingers. Slowly in and out. She stopped only long enough to rub the palm off her hand over the outside of her entire pussy. Letting out a soft moan she moved her fingers to massage her exposed clit.

Everyone in the room was focused on Babbs as she fingered and rubbed herself toward a orgasm. As it crested all that was heard in the room was “Oh shit, Oh fuck”
interspaced with moans. She arched her back raising her ass off the floor. As her entire body tensed he legs began to shiver. There was no doubt what was happening. All this occurred just as the music came to an end.

Bill, Ann and Mr. Robert began to clap and cheer. Babbs for her part was trying to recuperate. As the high of the orgasm passed she wondered what to next.

Ann rose from the sofa and stood over Babbs. “That was quite a show. Now stand and remove your dress. Then help Mr. Robert remove his clothes.”

Babbs followed Ann’s instructions. Mr. Robert stood as she removed his clothing. When it came to his underwear she paused, looking at the bulge before her. She placed both hand is the waste band and slowly lowered them to reveal his now soft manhood. It was not as long as she thought it was but it was thick.

As Babbs finished removing Mr. Roberts’ clothes two young woman entered the room. Both were dressed only panties and high heels. The first carried a tray that contained a pitcher, a sponge, a bar of soap on a smaller tray and an two rather large empty bowls. The second carried a similar tray that contained two plush white towels and what appeared to be dispensers of oil or lotion. They sat them on the floor next to Babbs and left the room

“Get on your knees and pay homage to the gift that nature has provided you. Follow my instructions exactly. You will be asked to repeat this ceremony during your time in the pageants. The members find it to be very entertaining.” Ann instructed.

Taking a seat in the chair vacated by Mr. Robert, the instructions continued. “Fill the first bowl with warm water from the pitcher. Use the sponge and soap o clean this beautiful serpent that is presented before you. Make sure you are attentive to the hanging heavy ball sac. When finished rinse everything using the remaining water in the pitcher and the second bowl. Do these things tenderly so as to not wake the sleeping giant.”

Babbs carefully began her chore. Holding it in one hand and the sponge in the other she tried to not arouse the flaccid cock. She found it very different from what was normally expected of her. Men could not wait for her to make them erect. This was a challenge.

With the soft towel she completed her first task successfully. Ann began to give her the next set of directions. “Put some oil from the silver dispenser in your hand. Before you do anything else kiss the tip of Mr. Robert’s cock. Pay your respect to the sleeping giant.
Place some oil from the silver dispenser in your hand. Reach between Mr. Robert’s legs and start at the back of his ball sac. Apply the oil from back to front ending at the tip of his cock. Apply as much as you need but do not stroke any part of his sex. If he responds, that is fine, but do not attempt to make him erect.”

“When finished once again show your respect and kiss the tip of the glans. Put some more oil in your hand. Stroke his shaft with one hand and massage his balls with the other.
As you move your hand up and down, place your mouth over the head. Suck on it gently as you lick it with your tongue. Kiss it as if it were your lover.”

The attention that Mr. Robert’s cock had received brought it from a piece of soft black flesh to a glistening 10″ shaft. Rising from the curly, black hair at its base, it was the center of attention in the room. Babbs remained on her knees massaging and sucking it waiting for further instructions.

She did not have to wait long. Ann had gotten up from her chair and returned to the sofa next to Bill. He welcomed her arrival as he had exposed himself and was stroking his cock. As she took to rubbing his cock she said. “Mr. Robert please return to your seat.”

” Babbs… you have done really well. You have properly prepared the glistening ebony shaft for the final part of the ritual. Rise and approach Mr Robert. Slide your finger through the precum at the tip of the cock. Place your finger in your mouth and savor its sweetness. This liquid is a fruit of your labor. You have made the serpent grow hard and moist with your attention. You have teased it to produce it’s nectar. Lick it from the bulbous head.”

Mr. Robert and Bill were mesmerized by the spectacle. A fully nude Babbs paying homage to Mr. Robert’s manhood at Ann’s direction. The fully enlarged shaft stood
ready to perform its part.

Ann once again began to give directions. “Grab it and rub it on your lips. Slide it down your body and massage your nipples with its tip. Grind your body against it. Show it that you are possessed by it. Give yourself to it. “

After a few minutes of a display of pure unbridled a****listic lust, Babbs put it back in her mouth.

“That’s right. Make sure its as large as you can make it. Make sure its ready” cried Ann. “Get off your knees and stand in front of Mr. Robert. Spread you legs. Use your hands and open those pussy lips. Show Mr. Robert how wet you are. Show him how ready you are to please him.”

“Climb up on him. Spread your pussy as wide as it will go. Impale yourself on his rigid shaft. Do it. Do it now!” Ann demanded.

Babbs once again followed Ann’s direction without question. It was far beyond the size of anything she had ever put in her pussy. She was in such a state of lust that she never gave a thought whether it would fit or not. Mr. Robert s remained motionless as her pussy consumed the first few inches of him. She brought herself up allowing the head to remain inside of her.

Ann had stood and removed her dress. She retook her seat next to Bill and resumed stroking his cock. Babbs after three attempts had taken the full length of Mr. Robert. Methodically she went up and down his entire length. Pausing briefly at the top and bottom, she massaged the massive tool with her pussy.

“Use that cunt of yours to pull the seed out. Drag it from Mr. Robert’s balls. That dick is not there for your pleasure. Service it. Make Mr. Robert glad that you were chosen to
harvest his seed. Move that ass.” Ann demanded.

With renewed energy and enthusiasm Babbs picked up the tempo. Up and down like a woman possessed. Wiggling her ass as she moved it up in down. The effect on Mr. Roberts was positive. With an noticeable increase in his breathing it was apparent the time was quickly approaching. With her hands on his chest Babbs was going to make it happen.

“Pull up and let your pussy dance on the head of that wonderful piece of manhood.. ” was Anne’s next instruction. “Drop down on it and let it fill you. Fuck it like your life depended on it. Come on girl, your almost there.”

Mr. Roberts could not help himself. He reach around and grabbed Babbs ass cheeks in his massive hands. Squeezing the flesh hard enough to make Babbs yell, he pulled himself as hard as he could into her. Then while not releasing his grip on her , Mr. Roberts began to roughly fuck her. Without a thought about her comfort, he forcefully rammed himself into her.

Babbs began to scream. Not because she was hurting but because this bull of a man was using her body as nature intended. He was taking her. She was there only to sacrifice her womanhood to his shaft. She should consider herself lucky to be able to service such a marvelous specimen.

“Shoot your seed into her. Give the bitch her reward” Ann yelled excitedly. “Explode inside of her. Make her release her juices to lubricate you. Pound her hard. Fuck her good.
Make her know she has been with a bull.”

Just then Bill exploded into Ann’s hands. Mr. Robert began to cum inside Babbs. He was still driving into her like the piston of a steam engine. All this brought her over the edge. This time instead of screaming in pain, Babbs was in pure pleasure.

It had been quite an evening. Ann licked Bill’s cum off her hands. As Babbs climbed off of Mr. Robert’s softening rod. Bill spoke up. “Ann, don’t let Mr. Robert’s seed go to waste. Babbs worked so hard to make it erupt from Mr. Robert. Pay your respects to him and that fine cock of his. Clean him with your mouth. Make sure nothing remains. Put him in your mouth and make sure there is nothing left inside. And when you finish with him, clean Babbs the same way.”

Ann was not hesitant. She was a good employee that knew her place. She slid off the sofa and in her naked state. She dutifully did as instructed. For some reason there was nothing sexual about it. She was simply performing a service.

She didn’t like to think of herself as just one of the other women. She had worked so hard and sacrificed so much. Over the years she had performed like a trained dog. She was an entertainer just like the rest of the women. Yes she had traded her body for money. And it was a lot of money. But somewhere along the way she had traded her self respect for money.

Being one of the paid entertainers, Mr. Robert was sent on his way when the performance was over. After a night cap, Babbs and Ann joined Bill in his bed. Lying naked with the two of them, Babbs pondered if she would be able to lead a normal life. Accepting the this sponsorship was looking more and more like a full time job.

The end

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