My Mom Is A Cheater

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This is about how my mom cheated my dad for sex. My dad is a common man who works hard for the welfare of our family and is working abroad in U.A.E. He has left India at a very young age to make more earning so that his family will live happily in home.

We are an upper middle class family from Kerala. My family consists of me, dad, mom and grandpa. My mom is a housewife who always spends lot of her time and money to go to beauty spa and health clubs and maybe due to all these she looked really young and beautiful for her age. She could make any man get a hard on by her sexy curves. Now before coming to the incident let me introduce myself. I am Rahul studying in 10th standard. My mom’s name is Lakshmi and dad is Rajeev. My grandpa is a retired school teacher and is a member of local temple governing committee. My mom is now 34 but looks like a college student especially in modern dresses. She is really fashionable and anything suits her due to her well maintained body.

I always loved my mom and never in my wildest dreams that she was such a horny bitch. We have a big house and there is generator which was provided by a man called Suresh. He is a very handsome guy about 6 feet tall and also speaks very well. He knows how to tackle with people and knew many ways to impress people. That also reflected in his business as it was growing day by day. We were the first to take generator from him and since then his business was on a rise. He always tells my grandpa that it is all due to his blessings and soon became a pet for him. Similarly he also started his techniques on my mom.

He used to say she looked pretty and the dress she wears suits her like that whenever she sees mom when he comes home. But I noticed that he used to say all this when grandpa was not there. She too responded happily and had a glow in her face whenever she meets him.

Soon they became good friends and started to talk through phone. First he used to call her and have some chit chat about our family and his family. He is also a married guy and has a daughter of 4 years. Whenever she talks with him she was very happy and will talk with much eager.

Soon the frequency of calls started to increase and she used to chat hours through phone. Then one day when dad was calling she was talking with him and phone was engaged and it created a small problem. Soon after that she bought a mobile phone and a new mobile connection. Then I understood that there was something happening in between them. From then I started to listen what they were talking and then I understood they were talking like lovers. I once saw her closing the door and then talked with him for hours. When I kept my ear near door she was saying “I too love you dear” and was giving kisses. Then I understood that she is also a horny bitch.

One night our generator didn’t work and he was given a call by mom as it was exam time for me. Then he came within an hour same day and it was about 9 at night. He said all his workers have already left and so he will try to fix it himself. Then he started to repair the generator.

As there was no power it was so dark in home and only candle light was there in my room and hall. I was studying for my exams and mom instructed me not to come out and waste time. And grandpa also was asleep. He came out when Suresh came and then Suresh told him “Sir, you can go and continue your sleep. I can manage it myself and you need not waste your time for sleep”. Mom also convinced him saying that she will call me if any help is needed. Then grandpa said ok and went back to sleep. My mom then went along with him to the generator room on the backside of our home. She took a candle also along and he took his tool kit. Mom was wearing a satin material night dress which was cream in color and all her curves where very well revealed in that dress. It was really sexy and she looked like a sex goddess in that dress.

He then followed mom and I saw he was looking on her 36 size ass as it was shaking in that night dress. Seeing that I thought something might happen and decided to follow them without them knowing. He then started to praise mom about her dressing. He told “you look really beautiful in this dress and every dress suits you. It is mainly because you have such a beautiful body shape and due to her wheatish complexion.” Mom was enjoying his comments and saying thanks. He then continued “how you maintain such a good body shape even after becoming a mom. You still look like a college student in that dress.”

Even though he was flirting with her whatever he told was true. I also started to enjoy seeing mom blushing on his comments. When they reached the room he asked her “where is the gift you promised to give?” And he said he want it then and there itself. This increased my anxiety. I was staying on the other side of the room and peeping through the window hiding myself behind the bushes.

She then told she will give it later but he didn’t agree then he slowly started to compel her in a naughty manner. She then told that Rahul might come and on hearing this, my heart beat started to increase. He was in no mood to leave her and kept on compelling her like a c***d. She then told smiling at him “OK baby. Need not worry I will give you what I promised”. She then went near him and hugged him and gave him a kiss on his fore head and another one on his cheek. By now my cock has risen and and never in my life has got such a hard on.

He also hugged her tightly and told her that this was the best moment in his life and wished it would stand like this forever and more such filmy dialogues. But she was much impressed hearing this and then I thought what a fool she is and he stayed in his arms. Then he slowly moved his hands above and took her face in his hands and said “you are the most beautiful lady I have ever met” and gave a lip kiss to her. She was shocked at first and then she too started to enjoy the kiss and respond by opening her mouth. She then started to take his tongue inside her mouth and suck it. He then started to move his hands down and slowly started to press her lovely 36 size boobs.

She was then moaning and told him it is not the time for this and told him will give you everything but not now. But he kept on pressing her boobs. She then told him “wow darling you are really strong touching his arms”. I couldn’t believe what was happening and what a slut my mom was staying in another man’s arms and praising him. Suddenly power came and they moved apart as light came everywhere.

Then I went near mom as if I was just coming from my room and asked him whether repairing is over. He then told he just started his work and will need at least 3 or 4 hours to complete it. Saying this he winked at mom. I understood what he meant and mom was just looking down and blushing. But I acted as if I didn’t understand anything and said then better you can come tomorrow with a mechanic. He said he would come tomorrow by 10 in morning.

I understood that he told that time because he know very well that I will be out to school and grandpa in temple as he is a member in temple committee. Then she also told that will be better if you come tomorrow so that we can finish off the work we started. Saying this she smiled at him. He then said he will come and finish the work tomorrow and when he was about to leave mom asked him whether he had dinner. He said he didn’t and then mom asked him to have dinner and go. He first didn’t agree then later accepted to her compulsion.

He was then taken to dining room by mom. I was walking in front and they followed me and I could see him fondling her ass through the corner of my eye. He touched her ass from behind and she was walking with no change of expression on face. I now understood that she is a real bitch who is starving for sex. He then made him sit and made few chappatis for him. While serving the curry, it spilt on to his pants near the thigh region from her hand. She then told him he will help him clean it and asked him to go with her to washroom. I then understood that the bitch is not stopping now.

She then told me to go to bed as I have exams tomorrow. I told ok and but I followed her again to know what she was up to now. He was more confident now and he held his hands across her waist and held her close to him. He then kissed her neck from behind and she ran fast to washroom and he too followed her and as soon as he entered she made him sit on the toilet seat and took a mug of water and washed the area where the curry was spilt. She kept her hand on his thigh and moved it up. She went up and up almost till his cock and it had already formed a tent in his pant. She smiled at seeing this and said to him “someone is standing here in front of me.” He too smiled and asked her “why can’t you make him sit.” She then told will definitely make him sit but not now and asked him to come tomorrow.

After this she only gave him a lip kiss which lasted for at least 5 minutes and at last she left his lips from his mouth. Both of them were gasping for breath but his hands was still around her waist and he then pressed her boobs and she took her hand to his cock and pressed it over his pant. Then she removed his hands and told him “leave now dear and come tomorrow to take whatever you want.”

I couldn’t believe how my so faithful mom became a whore on seeing a hot guy. He then left saying good night and when he was about to leave I ran to my room and acted as if I was fast asleep. She then went with him to door and gave a kiss and he left and she returned to bed. We were sleeping on the same bed and I could see her very excited and laughing in bed thinking something. Then she called him thinking I was asleep and started to plan for next day. She told that she will give him a call as soon as I and grandpa leave home. She also asked him to get a pack of condoms. Later she gave him kisses through and disconnected the call. Then I was totally horny and we both slept.

I woke up and got ready fast as if to go to school and told her that I will be late as I have special class after test and went out. She looked really excited that day morning. She was wearing an ordinary dress but the master bedroom was well decorated and there was a mild fragrance of air freshener in room. I also took the spare key as I left. After getting out from home, I went for a round in bicycle and kept my cycle in friend’s home and came back and entered home. She was bathing as I expected and she came out wearing a transparent light blue night dress with only bra and panty inside. She also put a mild make up and also applied perfume. But to our disappointment all the setting was in vain as my grandpa’s friends came to see him. She was disappointed seeing them and later she called him and said plan is postponed. So I left home through backdoor to my friend’s home and went and entered test half hour late.

When I came back in evening I could hear her saying “not tonight. It is risk” and so on. I then came to know that they are planning for tonight. I think he didn’t agree and he had convinced her to set it for tonight. She then told that she will keep the back door open and come through that door to master bedroom. My grandpa sleeps in upstairs and mom usually sleeps along with me in my room.

But that she told she had some stitching work and will be late after that so she will sleep in master bedroom after finishing it. I understood her plan and purposefully opened a lock of window in that room and put on the curtain without her knowing it. She looked little tensed all day and it was night and she was continuously chatting with him through phone. She served us dinner and didn’t have dinner and told she is not hungry. She then asked me to go to bed early as I may be tired after long days of exams. I said good night and left to my room. As soon as I closed my room she too went to master bedroom and got ready as in morning. She wore that same blue night dress and got ready. She looked a real sex bomb. I was waiting in the bed as if asleep.

Later she came to my room and confirmed that I was asleep and then called him and told him to come to her room carefully as she was tensed because if she gets caught then that’s it. Then time was about 12.20 am I heard sound of his bike. He was well dressed in a cool blue t shirt and jeans. She too was in that same see through sky blue night dress. He entered the compound jumping through the courtyard wall and entered home through backdoor. I then peeped and saw both of them hugging as soon as he entered home and without switching on lights they tiptoed to the master bedroom where she is supposed to share bed with only my dad. They both entered and closed the room. The room was well arranged and ac was on. I then got up from my bed and went and hid myself near window of the master bedroom from outside. I also brought my mobile phone that my dad gifted me on my last birthday and started to video record everything. She never saw me recording it.

They were now inside room and she was sitting on his lap and was kissing him vigorously all over the face. While she was kissing him he was busy playing with her lovely boobs. I could not believe my eyes as the bed that dad bought for their use is being used by mom to have sex with another guy. She was enjoying every moment of it and was staying eyes closed. He then slowly made her stand and said “you have a wonderful body darling” and on hearing this she kissed him on forehead. Then he stood up and took her in his arms and took her to bed and made her lie on bed. On bed she said “wow, you are really strong man as my husband has never did like this to me in my entire life. I think he is not able to do like this. You are a real man”. For this he said “I will now show you what a real man is capable of.”

She then smiled and lied on bed. He then came on top of her and slowly lifted her night dress up to her knees. He was kissing her legs as he came up and slowly pressed her boobs and unbuttoned her top part of night dress. She was moaning lightly as he was pressing on her boobs. Aaaaaaahhhh, ammmmaaaaa, and making all sorts of erotic sounds. Then he slowly pulled up her night dress and removed it and now she was only in her cream color bra and panty which was made of satin like material. Wow what a scene it was to see my mom only in bra and panty and waiting to be fucked by another guy.

She looked really sexy with fat in right places in body. Her boobs were thrusting up like two mountains and her stomach was milky white with a deep navel. She then stood up and removed his t-shirt and unbuckled his belt and removed it. Then he slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slowly inserted her hands into it and touched his cock over his underwear. He then removed his jeans and stood wearing only his underwear. He had a huge erection and a tent was formed in his underwear due to his hard cock.

She then slowly pulled down his underwear and saw his huge 7 inch cock and said “oh my God. How can I take this monster in me” and laughed. He smiled and lied on bed with her and hugged her. Then he slowly unhooked her bra and removed it. Now I had clear view of her large boobies which were waiting to be handled. He first pressed both her boobs and said “wow, Lechu, you have really soft boobs. Your hubby is really lucky. I am jealous of him”. Then she replied, “why darling, you can take anything from my body know. I am all yours. And that fool is working hard so that we can fuck hard comfortably lying on a king size bed in an air conditioned room.”

He smiled at her reply and he then sucked her nipple and pressed the other boob with one hand. She was enjoying all these lying eyes closed. She kept on producing small moans. He kept on sucking her nipples hard and she was breathing heavily. He then circled her nipples with his tongue and was sucking her nipples like a hungry baby. He sucked both her nipples and both her nipples were erect and pointed. He slowly came down and kissed her stomach and inserted his tongue into her deep navel and she was totally out of control and kept on moaning. All these actions have made my cock rock hard and started to make my dick pain. I then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Now I was free and was recording all the action carefully.

He then came near her panties and slowly kissed on pussy over panties. She told “please don’t tease me like this. Please remove it and make me enjoy.” I felt surprised to see my conservative mom begging to another guy for cock like a slut. He then smiled and removed her cream color panty with his mouth and she too was helping him by raising her ass. She was now lying on bed stark naked waiting him to fuck her.

Then he slowly came near her pussy and kissed it. I was shocked and was thrilled to see the holy hole through which I entered this world. It was cleanly shaven and was she was in heavens of pleasure and kept on moaning as he was kissing her pussy. He then slowly inserted his tongue into her pussy and started to suck it. She was moaning like hell like ooooooohhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, yessssss, suck it baby and suck it deeper. Then she kept pressing his head into her pussy and said to suck her deeper. He then was sucking her deeply and playing with her boobs also at the same time. He said “your pussy is really tasty and sweet like you. I am very lucky to have you”. She replied “you enjoy it dear, my husband is a fool and he doesn’t know how to satisfy my hunger. I know you won’t disappoint me. Please now satisfy my pussy with your long dick. I have never taken in such a long cock”

He kept on penetrating her with his tongue and sucked her deeply. Then he spread her legs and kisses her asshole. He licks her asshole and puts her tongue deep into her. He gives her tongue deeper into her ass as she was moving her head in pleasure to both sides. She was gasping for breath and was saying “you are a real man, my husband is a waste and he has never ever showed me pleasures like this. You are making me wet and I want your cock inside me now. I can’t stand anymore. Please fuck me dear like I am your slut. Please.” But instead of fucking her he took his cock and brought it near her mouth and told her to suck it.

She then made him lay on the bed and was sucking his cock like a porn star. While sucking his cock, both her boobs were in air and it was a beautiful scene. She was also saying “what a beautiful and hard cock you have got. My husband’s cock is just half of your size. You are really amazing” I was stunned seeing my simple mom sucking another guy’s cock and praising him lying on my dad’s bed. I then thought she is a real horny bitch.

She then moved the fore skin of his dick and licked the opening on his penis. She kept on rolling her tongue on his hard cock. He was lying on bed with legs placed wide and she was sitting between his legs and sucking his cock. Then she slowly started to take the penis into her mouth. She first took the crown of his penis in and was sucking it. He was holding her hair and slightly pushing her to go deeper.

She was sucking that monster and was gagging as he kept on pushing her to go deeper. Actually she was deep throating there and almost took nearly three-fourth of his cock in. He was also enjoying a lot as he was standing with his eyes closed and he was breathing deeply and saying ” yes darling, like that, do it deeper, deeper, yesss.. yessssss.. Wow, you are a great sucker. You know very well how to please a man. My wife also does blowjob but she is of no match to you. I am going to cum. Oh dear.” She kept on increasing the pace of her sucking and he finally exploded a load of his cum into her mouth. Her face was full of cum and was dripping out of her mouth. It was flowing through her neck.

Then she laid on the bed and her body was full of his cum. Then she came and sucked his cock clean and within few minutes his cock was erect again and ready for action. I was amazed to see that. She too said that “oh dear, your cock is ready so fast so why don’t you give him some place to go and play. My idiot can never fuck me more than once a day. You are a real man.” She was lying on bed with his legs spread and told him “Come on darling and fuck me like a slut. I am your slut and you can do anything you want on me. Come and fuck my pussy.”

I felt so horny to see my mom begging to another guy to fuck her hard. She was completely moved by the pleasure and now wanted a wild fucking session. He then parted her legs and came in between and kept both her legs on his shoulder and pushed his cock into her wet juicy pussy. She was lying on bed and looking into his eyes as he slowly tried to pierce her pussy to let his little man enjoy. She was enjoying each push he was doing and kept on moaning. He too was saying “what a tight pussy you have like a young girl. My wife’s pussy is now loose especially after delivery. But how do you maintain this tight?” She replied “it has only penetrated 3 or 4 inches by that fool. And I also do certain yoga exercises to maintain it tight. Now show me what a real man can do. Moreover I was also craving for something like your cock for the past few months.”

Then he pushed little more and for which she moaned, aaaaahhhh.. wowww.. yessssss.. Then she was saying “yes like that, fuck me deeper.” He then pushed hard and slowly his cock went whole length into her pussy. Both of them were moaning. Their sounds kept on increasing. He then started to increase the pace of his fucking. He was fucking her hard and the sound of his balls hitting her ass was audible even for me who was standing outside. It was like thuck, thuck, and was really making my cock mad. She was enjoying the session madly. She was moaning louder and then he came and kissed her lips to make her silent. They were kissing madly and her tongue was playing with his tongue while his cock was thumping in her pussy. Both of them were fucking hard.

Then he made her stand in doggy position and started to pump her pussy from back. She was being fucked in that position for nearly 30 minutes. She was blabbering and saying something like ” yesss, love that, fuck me deeper, please don’t stop, please I am cumming.” And she was breathing heavily. I understood she had an orgasm. But he was still ramming her pussy. I too feared whether she will wake my grandpa. She had her eyes closed and both their moans were getting heavier and the room was filled with their moans. They were in each others arms and both were exploring their body. His cock increased the pace and he too made a huge sound like “aaaahhhhhhhh. I am cumming.” She told “yes darling, cum, cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your cum. I need it inside me.”

He then kept on ramming and within few minutes he moaned and ejaculated inside my mom and laid on top of mom. Both of them were gasping for breath and breathing heavily. I knew they had a huge orgasm. Both of them were sweating and were in each others arms. Then they were on bed and he asked “how was it dear?” She replied “it was the most beautiful sexual experience I had. My husband has never showed me such pleasure in my whole life. You took me to heavens of pleasure. I never had such a huge orgasm in my life. I will be your slut for my entire life as I loved your cock that much. Please keep this a secret between us.” He said “it will be within us for sure darling” and they kissed each other.

Then they got up and she whispered something in his ears and he then took her in his arms and headed to the bathroom. Then they didn’t even close the door thinking that the room is closed. She then filled the bath tub with warm water and entered into it. He too followed her into it and they put soap on each others body. He was sitting on his back and she in between her legs while he was playing with her boobs and soaping it.

He was removing his own dry cum from her body and face. Then she was also soaping his hairy chest and his cock and played with each others body for more than 30 minutes. They were also kissing each other and she was holding his cock all the time. Then they came out from bathroom and she dried his body and came back to bed. She then took his dick in her hand and said “I need this one whenever I ask for. Will you give it?” He smiled and said “its all yours and you can take it whenever you want and I will be more than happy to fuck such a beautiful horny housewife.” She then lied on bed with him naked and kissed his cock.

Now the time was almost 4.30 am. That means he fucked and played with my mom for past 4 hours. By now I had recorded few clips and lots of clicks. Now this time I just shagged on my cock and within 10 strokes I ejaculated. This was the first time I am ejaculating without even shagging my cock too much. And also the amount of cum I ejaculated was amazing. I have never ejaculated such a huge cum load.

He was in no mood to leave her but she told that it is time for him to leave. As it is already 4.30 am he must leave soon before dawn. She then made him stand up and dressed him up and she was still naked and took a bed sheet and covered her body and walked along with him to the door to send him. While going she took some pill from the safe and had it.

Seeing this he asked “what was that for?” She replied “naughty guy, fucked me so hard and ejaculated inside me and asking me why I take i-pill. Who will be responsible if I become pregnant now?” And smiled. “Why you brought condoms as we didn’t even think of using it? From now on I am going to take contraceptive pills so that we need not have to use condoms anymore” he smiled and said “I will now have to convince my wife that I will have to go to many business tours from now on. She is a fool and believes whatever I say. So she won’t be a big problem.”

And at the door she kissed him and he said “but you didn’t give your ass. I want to fuck your ass.” she smiled and replied “next time baby. I will give anything you want from my body. You can fuck my virgin ass next time. I will even keep it exclusive for you. I haven’t even allowed that idiot to fuck my ass. I love you so much.” She was waiving her hands and giving flying kisses as he was leaving. He smiled and ran and jumped the courtyard wall and I heard the sound of his bike starting and soon he left. She then came back to her room and started to get dressed up.

She was looking her body in mirror and blushing imagining of all that happened I suppose. I then ran back to my room and lied on bed as if sleeping and she then came dressed up and checked my room and slept near me as if nothing happened.

I thought at that time that she did this due to her stress and urge for sex in ladies with husbands not with them. But it was not so, rather it was just the beginning of her series of sexual sessions with him. Each of their encounters needs lot of explanation. I have witnessed it many times. In this story I will tell about our trip to Munnar (a famous hill station and tourist spot in Kerala).

After their sex, he used to come home whenever grandpa was not there. I doubted as if it was planned. Later one night I heard her talking through phone that “I will call you dear as soon as dad leaves tomorrow” to someone. I then understood that they are planning it every time. My grandpa has to go for temple committee works once every month to Thiruvananthapuram. He usually returns only in second or third day.

So this time I asked my friend Deepu in neighborhood to see at what time Suresh uncle comes to our home. He agreed and so next day as I was returning from school I went to his home before entering my home and he told Suresh uncle came by 12 noon. So then I understood they might have had a great fucking session by now and left. But to my surprise he was still sitting in our hall having tea and when I came inside, he started to chit chat with me and then I decided to check my luck and said “I will freshen up and come. Uncle keep talking with mom till then” and started to leave. He has applied a strong perfume as it was piercing my nose as I was sitting next to him. He then told that he was in a hurry to a meeting and just came here on the way for monthly evaluation of generator and will leave soon.

I then said in my mind that I know what you are evaluating every month. I smiled and said “ok uncle, see you.” He too smiled. And soon I left the scene and I went to my room and closed the door pretending as I was freshening up. Instead I went and closed door and started to peep through the key hole.

As soon as I left he stood up and hug her and she was in his arms. He was pressing her boobs and kissing her lips over her night dress. She said “you naughty, was playing and drinking my boobs till now and isn’t that enough for you”. He smiled and said to her that these are few things that he won’t get bored off and will have an urge to take more and more every time he gets it. She again said bad boy and gave him a kiss on his lips.

He slowly lifted her night dress and I was shocked to see that she was not even wearing a panty. He then fingered her pussy and she told “enough dear I can’t take anymore today. How did you fuck me for such a long time? I nearly had three orgasms in that time.” All her comments were making my cock hard. He then smiled and said “you haven’t been with a real man. I will show you to what levels of pleasure a real man can take you.” She replied “yes dear, my husband is a waste and he has never given me half the pleasure you gave me today. Love you dear”. And she kissed him. This time kiss lasted for longer time and then she told him that it is time for him to leave and he left. Seeing this I went inside toilet and got freshened up and gave a shot of my cum into the closet and came back.

As I came back mom was casual with me and she said she is tired today and she is having head ache and said she can’t prepare dinner tonight and asked me to get from the hotel nearby. I then understood that she was tired because of the hard fucking session she underwent few hours back. Saying this she went to the master bedroom and lied on the bed. Within few minutes she was fast asleep and I bought parcel and called her but she told she was not feeling like eating and soon slept.

Next day she told me that she will take me for a trip to Munnar if I score 80% in the term examination coming up. I thought she was so caring and loving. She also said it is too boring staying alone and we need a change from the present condition. She also added there is no point in wasting our lives for others and it is us who have to live our lives to the fullest. I felt something wrong in her comments. But was thrilled hearing her offer and prepared well for exams. Getting 80% was not a tough thing for me as I always got nearly 80% regularly. May be due to my extra effort and God’s grace I got 89% and that day she was really happy and she asked me what you want as a gift for which I told her to keep her promise to take me to Munnar. She said that will be done very soon itself and kissed me on my forehead. I asked her how we will go. She said everything is a surprise for you. I again thought how she will arrange for a trip and later that night I got the answer for all my doubts.

Later that night, I heard her talking through phone that everything has worked out as per plan and can leave to Munnar tomorrow early morning itself. She was very excited during her talks with him. She even said that we can celebrate our honeymoon in Munnar. She then started to get everything ready and I saw her packing all her fancy saris, modern dresses and see through night dresses. She told it will all be a great trip for you as it was January and it was really cold there.

She then asked me to get my things also ready for trip. I too got everything ready and I also took my digital camera also with me which my dad gifted me on my last birthday. I could not sleep that night and was thinking about what was going to happen in my life in the next two days. Somehow I slept till I was woken up by mom saying it is already 3 am and we have to leave by 4 am. She was already fresh and wet as she just came after taking bath. Then I woke up and got freshened up and when I came out after dressing what I saw was just mind blowing. My mom was wearing a pink top and a tight fit legging type bottom. Top that she wore had a low cut neck and was really sexy. While she was sitting simply itself one could clearly see her beautiful cleavage.

As per their plan, he came to our gate and was waiting for us to come in his new Honda CRV. I then showed surprise and asked her “Are we going with Suresh uncle?” She then told “yes dear, he has been there many times and knows very well about the places out there. He is a good friend of mine and was happy to take us when I just asked him how to go to Munnar few days back. So I asked whether if dad knows about this trip he will be angry with us know.

She told then don’t say about this to him and keep this within ourselves. I said ok and we proceeded towards the car. Seeing us he came out of the car and gave a warm smile and he greeted mom and me with a gentle hug. Then when I was going to enter the front seat along with uncle my mom said to me to go and sit in back seat and she will sit in front. I agreed and was now interested in knowing what all has this slut planned for this trip. So I decided to be passive and to enjoy the scenes.

So we started from home by 4 am as per planned and within the first 30 minutes I decided to act as if sleeping and enjoy what all they will do if I am sleeping. So I sat comfortably in back seat and started to act. They were also watching me closely. I could see Suresh uncle staring through the rear view mirror to make sure I was sleeping. I had butterflies in my stomach and could not wait to watch what they would do next. So when they confirmed as I was sleeping they started to be more comfortable and she was the first to hold his hand and lie on his shoulder. He too put his hands over her shoulder and was slowly fondling her soft 36 size boobs. The road was empty as it early morning and he then slowly started to put his hand into her top. He was also praising her while doing so like she was looking extremely sexy in that dress and was looking like an angel.

He also praised her soft boobs for which she said it is all yours dear and you can do whatever you want with those. He then pressed her boobs over her bra and she then took her hand and kept on his thigh and started to move up. She then massaged his thigh and pressed his cock over his shorts. It already showed a big tent inside his shorts. She then pressed his cock and said “my hero is already active today” and smiled. On hearing this he smiled and said “for you it is always ready my darling”. He then slowly kept pressing on her boobs over her top. She was enjoying it and was biting her lips in pleasure. He then slowly inserted his hands into her top and was feeling her nipples.

She then said you have whole two days to do whatever you want with those and why are you so anxious now itself. He replied “I can’t even miss a single opportunity to miss you and your wonderful body. I love you dear.” She was so happy in hearing this and she without saying anything unzipped his pants and took out his long dick and looked at it. She said “what a lucky woman is your wife and I am feeling jealous for her” and she kissed it. He then slowed down the car and said “but she can’t satisfy me to half the amount you did on that day. That was the best sex I had in my whole life. I promise.”

She then removed the foreskin of his cock and kissed it again and this time gave a little of her tongue also on the head of it.

He then slowly said “wow darling, you are too good sucker”. Then she said that it was enough for now and will do the rest in the coming two days. His cock was standing like a pole due to her kiss and she was playing with it. She kept it in her hand and slowly kept on massaging it and saying “I love this cock as this only gives me pleasure in my lonely life”. I couldn’t imagine what a horny slut she was as she was praising and sucking another man’s dick. He then slowly took his left hand from boobs to her pussy area over her tight leggings. He then massaged there for few minutes and she started to move restlessly on the seat and started to give out sighs of her moans of pleasure.

She then slowly widened her legs so that he can get good access to the hole from which I came to the world. He then slowly inserted his hands into her black leggings and started to caress her there. She was biting her lips and lying on her back and saying “I love that. You are too good my darling. I am waiting for this moment in my life nowadays. These are the most pleasure filled moments in my life”. He smiled and said “this is just the starting and you will be satisfied to the core before we leave Munnar. I love you and your lovely sweet pussy” and licked his fingers. Then she said I may wake up and got back to normal. She said “this is all yours only and can do whatever you want with those. We have enough time for all that and I will fulfill all your dreams my love.” By now my cock was rock hard and I somehow hid my erection from them.

Then after sometime they stopped car for breakfast and she came along with him holding his hands like his wife. At this time I acted as if I woke up now and accompanied them. Then finally we reached the resort in Munnar. The climate was too cold and we reached there by nearly 1 pm in noon. While reaching there he asked “we shall take 2 rooms know” to my mom. She said “why to waste money and instead just take a cottage”. I also now got the bitch’s intention. He then went and took a cottage which was really nice. It had two bedrooms a hall and a private swimming pool. It was too good. And later only I came to know from the room boy that it was a honeymoon cottage. The pictures on the wall of the room was also the pics of the erotic sculptures of ancient India. Now everything was set for a great show I supposed.

After reaching the room, uncle went to bring luggage and at that time she said “Are you happy now my baby? We could do all this and come here only because of him (Suresh uncle). So we should always be thankful to him and should not cause any difficulty to him. We should also satisfy his wishes before even he says it. Ok?” I replied “yes mom we can make him happy this vacation. I will do my best to keep him happy.” She also said that because of his company with the management of the resort there they got this cottage only at a half rate and because and so we can even stay for a few more days if we want. I understood what she was aiming at and I said that’s a wonderful idea. Then by this time he came back with the luggage and mom went near him and gave him a small hug in front of me itself and said “this is a wonderful cottage and we really loved it.”

He too responded by hugging her with his hand and kissed her cheeks. I acted as if I was shocked and after that I asked mom “why did you hug him?” for which she told “he is my best friend and he has done us such great help for us and there is nothing wrong in what I have done there. And I have already told you that it is our duty to keep him happy. I am just doing all for that. And don’t tell any of these things to your dad. He is a narrow minded fellow and cannot understand all this. Ok?” I replied “Ok.” By her each words I was getting excited and wanted to know how they are going to make out in the coming days.

Then we rested in room till 4. He rested in one room and mom and me in another. Mom then went to freshen up in the bathroom and came wearing a new top and jeans. She looked damn hot in that. It was also figure fit and showed the curves in her body. She then asked me to get dressed up and I went to bathroom. In that time she ran to his lover who was sleeping topless in bed and got on top of him and sat on his crotch. He was also surprised in her move. He told like “Rahul will come” for which she said he is in bathroom and getting ready. I meanwhile was just peeping through my room to theirs and kept the pipe open. He then made her lie on his bed and started to kiss her. He started with her lips and was pressing her boobs. He kissed all of her face and on his each pressing she was moaning.

Then they continued to caress each other. And she then moved apart and started to kiss his chest and sucked his nipples and was licking near navel. They then stood from bed and when he was about to remove her top she told “we will do whatever you want tonight as he may come out now” and came back to my room. I meanwhile rushed to bathroom and took a shower and came back.

Later he also got dressed up and we went out for site seeing. First we went to tea estates nearby and took photos there. First he was taking our snaps. Later my horny slut mom asked to take their picture and started to pose like couples. She was standing close to him with her hands in his hands. Soon the poses started to become more intimate as he was holding her across her waist and so on.

She was also acting cool and normal. She herself started to brush her lovely boobs on him. I snapped everything in my mobile camera also. They soon became comfortable in front of me and she himself was holding his hands close to her body. When I asked her about this she told not to forget what I told in the noon and continued to flirt with him. Later we had our dinner and reached room and she got freshened up to go to bed by 9 itself. And she also told me that we should go to bed early tonight as we had to go for trekking tomorrow early morning.

Then I saw my mom changed her dress after bathing into a transparent cream color night dress which could even make an 80 year old man cock to be erect. She was damn sexy and her curves were visible clearly. Her white color panties and bra were also visible. I was sure that this bitch is too horny tonight and is desperate to be screwed. She then came to me and said we can sleep in this room and let Suresh uncle sleep in the other room. Then she said she will wish him good night and come and went to his room. I silently followed her and she rushed to his room and said “everything is as per planned and will meet after he sleeps.

Then he said “you look damn sexy today and can’t wait to have you. Feeling like to eat your pussy now itself and take you to peaks of pleasure”. He then showed his cock which was erect and said it is all because of you and you should do something to cure it”. She then pressed his cock with her hands and played with his balls and said “I will do anything today to satisfy you and I am your slut and can do whatever you want to make yourself feel good. You are the one who showed me what a real man is capable of and how to really satisfy a woman”. She then came to my room and lay alongside me.

Then later when time was 11 or so she slowly woke up from bed and looked at me to know whether I am sleeping and I was acting as I am fast asleep. Then she slowly got up from bed and tiptoed to his room and slowly opened his room and entered inside and locked it from inside. Then I understood that the show time was on and then rushed to their balcony through mine as both are interconnected and peeped through the large French window. For my luck curtain was having a gap so that I can comfortably enjoy the show. As soon as she entered the room he stood from bed and hugged her tightly. She too was enjoying in his arms as she was lying in another man’s arms eyes closed.

He then slowly started to kiss her lips and each inch of her face. She too was enjoying it and was returning the favor. Their lip kiss last long and I could see them exchanging their saliva. He said to her that her lips really tasted good. He then slowly unbuttoned the top buttons of her night dress and started to press her boobs over the dress and said this was the moment what he was waiting for the whole day.

Then he took her to bed in his arms and threw her on to the bed and came on top of her and she removed his t-shirt and started to kiss him on his hairy chest. She was kissing each and every inch of his chest and saying “you are my man, not that fool who works out keeping his wife’s pussy wet all year”. I felt really bad when I heard this but something in those words were turning me on. And then she continued her work like a sex starved slut and started to lick and suck his nipples. He was enjoying it and was giving light moans. Then she climbed on top of him and was pressing his cock putting her hands inside his boxers. A huge tent was visible now itself inside his jockey.

He meanwhile was playing with her milky white boobs. She then slowly removed her night dress and was sitting on his crotch with only her bra and panty. That was really a superb sexy scene to see her sitting on his crotch. Then he was playing with her boobs and slowly unhooked her bra bringing both the milk tanks for my view. He then started to suck her nipples and press the other boob at the same time. She was moaning heavily like ” aaaaaaahhhh, ammmmmaaaaaaa, ooooooooohhhhhhh” and he was also biting her nipples.

She then said “wow, you really know how to satisfy the hunger of a woman. I love you darling. My husband is a waste”. He then smiled and said “I too love you Lechu. It turns me on more when you say about that idiot like this during our pleasure time.” She then said “you naughty devil” and gave him another kiss and this time on his belly. She then said “you have a strong body and your abs are also tight”. Then he made her lie on the bed and started to kiss her body from top without missing even an inch in her sexy body. He was licking her boobs and sucking them like a mad dog. She continued to give out sexy moans. All this made my cock rock hard and I slowly released my little man out of my shorts so that I will feel little more relaxed,

He then slowly came to her stomach region and started to move her lips and tongue all over there. He was licking her navel region and was playing with her large bosoms. She was lying in the bed with closed eyes and her legs were moving in pleasure. Then he slowly came near the sexy hole of my mom and kissed there over her white panty. He then said “you are already dripping wet my dear. I love the smell of your love juices. It drives me crazy.” Then she smiled and said “it was all because of you and now only your thick cock and calm down the heat of my body.” He said “I will definitely make you feel relaxed” and continued to tease her by kissing her over her panty.

She then started to gasp for breath and said “come on darling, please don’t tease me like this. I can’t take this like this. Please remove my panty and play there with your tongue. Show me heavens of pleasure as you usually do. I want your hard cock inside me my love. Come and fuck me darling please.” I was really amazed to see my mom begging to another guy for his cock. She has turned on that much that there is no point of return.

He then smiled and slowly removed her panty. I myself was amazed to see her clean shaved pussy. It was really pink in color and was glazing due to the pussy juices it secreted during the heavy foreplay they underwent. She also then removed his boxers and his large thick 7 inch cock was released free. It was standing erect like a pole and was in its full glory. She then made him lie on the bed and came between his legs kneeling down in front of him and took hold of his cock and said “What a hard cock.

Somehow I want it fully inside me. I really enjoy every time you fuck me. I never had so much pleasure with that fool. He has never given half of the pleasure that you have given me. I will be your slut for my rest of life. I love you my baby.” Then he said to her “Lechu, come and suck my cock dear.” She then started to obey his commands like a slut and took his monster cock in her hands and pulled the foreskin backwards and started to suck. She started to suck the head of his cock and was licking the head putting large amount of saliva on it. He was enjoying it and giving slight moans and saying “yes dear, suck it deeper. Yessssss that feels too good. Oooooooooohhhhh yeah.”

She too started to suck more and more and he too started to mouth fuck her holding her head and pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. I too was amazed to see my mom almost taking the whole of that monster in her mouth and was giving him a great blowjob. She even was about to gag due to fast mouth fucking. After about 10 to 15 minutes of sucking he told her to get back on the bed so that he can show his skills with tongue on her hole through which I entered this world. And she climbed on the bed and they were lying face to face kissing on lips.

Both of them were stimulating each other as mom was playing with his hard cock while he was fingering her juicy pussy. Both of them were enjoying that really well. He then went down and came between her thunder thighs and started to kiss and lick her inner thighs. He then slowly reached her pussy and started to suck the juices from her pussy. He was licking every inch of my mom’s pussy and she was moaning heavily and was gasping for breath. She was enjoying every bit of it and also started to moan as he started to insert her tongue deeper to explore her honey pot. I was then wondering how a woman who I thought was very conservative have changed in front of a big cock. I never knew that she was really such a horny bitch.

Then he continued to lick her pussy and she was moving her head to sides and was not able control her moans and was gasping for breath. She was not able to lay on the bed as she was moving in pleasure. Then she told “fuck me dear please. I want your hard cock inside me. I can’t stand any longer and I need you. Please.” Saying this she climbed on top of his crotch and adjusted his cock near her pussy and started to try to push it inside.

Slowly and steadily she kept on taking that monster cock into her wet juicy pussy.

Then slowly she started to moan as his monster pierced her holy hole. Then she started to ride on his cock in that position. It was a great view to see my conservative mom sitting on another guy’s crotch naked and riding his cock. Her boobs were juggling according to her movements. He was pressing and fondling her boobs while she was riding his cock. He too was enjoying it and was lying with his eyes closed. He was asking her “how you feel Lechu?” for which she replied that “these are the moments that she is waiting now a days and is living for this pleasure”. Hearing this he got excited and made her lie down on the bed and started to enter her in missionary position.

He then came between her legs and slowly started to push his cock inside her. Within a minute he successfully inserted his 7 inch long cock into her pussy and started to fuck her. His fucking slowly gained momentum and he was fucking her really fast and she was moaning heavily now. I could now see tears rolling out of her eyes and it was due to the pleasurable pain she was feeling. He then went on fucking her hard in her pussy and then suddenly took his cock out and made her stand in doggy position and started to fuck her from behind. I could hear the sound of his balls hitting her ass as thuck, thuck and she was enjoying this session madly. I too was amazed to see him fucking her for almost 25 minutes now.

She then said “how can you fuck me for so long. My husband can’t stand for more than ten minutes and he will be collapsed on my boobs”. He then said “he is a real waste or else will he leave this pussy and go out to earn. Anyway let him earn well so that we can enjoy and make all our dreams come true.” He kept on fucking her from behind and at one moment he said “he was about to cum” and took his cock out and ejaculated on her body especially in her boobs and pussy region. Then she was almost exhausted and said “as always that was another real enjoyable experience and I got 4 orgasms in between. First one I got even before you started to fuck me that is with your tongue itself. Really dear you are truly awesome.”

He then said “our trip is just getting started and there are so many more things you need to enjoy. She then got up from bed and sucked his cock clean and licked the last drop of cum from his penis. Her ass was red by now and she then went to the washroom and cleaned herself and came to bed with him. He told these were the most lovely moments in his life and again kissed her pressing her boobs. He then told he has a wish and you will have to fulfill it. She told she will fulfill his any wish because she was given that much pleasure by him.

He then told her that he want to be in pool with her tomorrow and she will somehow have to make arrangements for it. She thought for a while and then said “how will I say no when my darling is asking. Somehow I will make it possible. And she told now will also have to get Rahul keep his mouth shut as its morning that we are going to use pool. I have plan for all that and it will be a surprise for you.” She told its time for her to leave as it was already 3 and started searching for her clothes. She then got all her dress and got ready.

Then she went towards him and gave him a nice deep French kiss. I then ran back to my bed and acted as if I was sleeping. She then tiptoed to my room and slowly opened the door and I acted as if I woke up hearing the door sound and asked her where did she go? She said she went to Suresh’s room and was talking with him about our tour plans for tomorrow. I said can I also see him now. She then said “no dear he will be tired now and let him take rest. We must be always grateful to him and will have somehow fulfill all his wishes.”

She was now repeating the same dialogue for the third or fourth time and I understood she was going to do something in front of me and I should keep my mouth shut.

Then next day morning I was late due to last night night duty and when I woke up she was missing in the bed. Then I first ran into that bastard’s room. He too was missing in the bed and then I understood that the slut was into some kind of action. This feeling itself gave me some butterflies in my stomach.

Then I went outside and what I saw was too good to give me an early morning erection. The bitch was wearing a loose pink night dress and was walking with that guy keeping hands across each other like newly married couples. His hands were nearly brushing her ass once in a while and she was acting very cool. They were simply walking through the garden and she was standing too close to him as her boobs were always brushing his arms.

They then saw me and called me near them but still she was in his arms and she hugging him around waist and she said “Rahul, I am having severe back pain and was not able to stand straight in the morning and now only because of my dear friend I am able to walk atleast slowly.” She said this hugging him closer to her body.

He then said “it is nothing dear, it is just a friends duty to help when the other is in need” and smiled. She then continued “so Rahul you will have to go trekking with the other tourists today. It is organised by the hotel and moreover Suresh has already done all the necessary arrangements so that they will pick you up by 10 in morning and will drop you back by evening 4.” Then I asked “are you both not coming?”

She said “I am having severe back pain and will have to go to meet a doctor today and you need not waste your whole day messing around in hospital. You go and enjoy. This whole trip is just for you to enjoy and have fun. Suresh has promised me to take me to a doctor and he will definitely take good care of me. You need not worry. Please go and enjoy your holidays.” I then thought in my mind that she says this trip is for me to enjoy and she enjoying the pleasures and orgasms of a lifetime. He then again added that the trekking here was a great experience and I should not miss it at any cost. He told he has been for trekking many times here still he is interested to go for it.

He then gave me Rs.2000 in my hands and said to keep it as I am going alone. I really felt like I was given money as a rate for my mom for leaving her alone with him so that they can fuck.

Then I was really interested in knowing what this bitch was up to now. This time also I pretended to leave taking my trekking kit and returned through the back French window which I left it open. Then I slowly hid myself in a place so that they can’t easily find me. Then I as soon as they thought I left they started to be more comfortable. He was sitting in a couch watching TV and she was lying in bed. Then as I was out of the scene my horny slut came from bed and sat on his lap and they both started to kiss. Both of them were kissing with eyes closed and were playing with their tongues.

Then she was in his lap and he pressing her boobs and kissing her. She was running her hands through his hair. I thought that this slut cannot be satisfied at all as she was fucked for such a long time the previous night and she is now kissing him like a sex starved prisoner on a parole. Then she slowly started to move her hands into his crotch and started to press his cock. He said then “not here darling, we can go to the pool.”

He then switched off TV and took her in arms and said “we can go to pool. You promised me yesterday night.” She told “yes dear we can but I do not have a swim wear. How can I swim wearing my casual dress?” he then smiled and went to his baggage and took out a box wrapped with gift wrapper and gave it to her. She was surprised and asked him “what was it?” he told “open yourself and find out. You must like it and promise me that you will use it if I ask you.” She told “you know I will do anything for you. I love you so much” and kissed him on his forehead.

She then removed the wrapper and got a box and when she opened it, it was 2 sets of bikinis. One was golden in color and another one was pink. He added “I want you to wear this golden one now and come for a swim along with me. It will be of great pleasure for you. I swear.” She was shocked and meanwhile horny also seeing this. She told this was her first present of this type and never was able to get such a present from her hubby.

She then opened the box and it was a string type bikini and it could not even hardly cover the large and beautiful assets in her body. I think its too small for a woman of my age. He said “it is nothing like that my love. You will be sizzling in this dress. Moreover it will be between us only know. Then why you worrying. You can make any man begging if we go wearing this and go to the public pool.” She smiled and said “you are simply praising me. I can’t believe what you are saying.” “If you want me to prove it then I will do it. Just give me a chance. Ok? I will prove my words true today itself.” he added. Then she blushed and smiled and asked what he meant.

He told everything will be a surprise and wait to enjoy the surprise. He then told her to change and slowly untied her night dress wardrobe. Suddenly she was changed from well covered night dress to just panty. He then removed her night dress and now she was standing cool naked in front of this guy. He then removed her panty and took out the new bikini bra. It was golden in color and he then asked her to wear it. She then went inside the room and changed herself into it and came out. I was really excited and eagerly waiting to see my mom in a bikini for the first time in my life. Meanwhile he also changed himself into a tight white swimming boxer and waiting for her in hall on the couch.

But when she came out she was wearing a wardrobe around her. She then held his hand and took him towards the pool and when she reached there she asked him to close his eyes. My heart started to pump faster and as he closed his eyes she slowly untied the robe of the dress and removed the dress and stood there wearing the bikini.

OMG, what a beautiful scene it was. Bikini was too small to cover even the essentials but she was looking damn hot showing all the curves of her voluptuous body. Her boobs were like trying to jump out to freedom and she looked really like a young girl and never looked like a mother of a 16 year old boy.

Then he asked him to open his eyes and he too was amazed seeing her in such a revealing dress. He told that this will give any man an instant hard on and he does not feel like taking eyes off her and kissed her on her lips. I could see a big tent forming inside his boxers and during kiss itself the slut started to play with his dick over the boxers. The kiss was deep and really passionate and was really wet as anyone could see as their tongues were involved in it. After the kiss he took out his cam and started clicking her stills in bikini. He was taking from all angles and at first she was blushing and opposing but soon she also started to enjoy and give poses like a bikini model. He then said “don’t worry dear, this is just for me to see and remember this wonderful moment throughout my life. I want to see this every time I miss you.”

He then looked into her eyes and said “I am lucky to meet you and spent time with you. These are the most beautiful moments in my life. My wife usually sleeps by the time I finishes the fore play. We really enjoy being with each other.” She replied “it is true my darling, you are the one who came as a relief for my dry barren life and gave back all colors of life. You satisfied my hunger and made me understand what a real man can give to a woman. I really love you dear. I will do anything for your love my darling. I swear.” She then hugged him and he took her in arms and threw her into the pool and he jumped into it. Mom then said “you naughty” and hugged him in pool.

They both were in water and hugging and kissing like a newly married couple. Then he started to lip kiss her and started to press her boobs over the bikini. She was enjoying all this and returning the favor by pressing his cock over the boxers. Then he moved the bikini top to side and started to suck her nipples. She then asked him “are you not still satisfied sucking my boobs? You were drinking it all night yesterday and still doing the same.” He replied that those were the certain things that one does not get bored with especially if it was of a woman who is sexy and beautiful like you. Their every dialogue was turning me on and was standing near the window with a hard on.

He kept on sucking her boobs and slurp sound was clearly audible even outside. She then inserted her hand into his boxer and started to play with his cock. She took out his cock and started to shag with it. She said “this is the first time she is doing something like this in water. But it feels so great to feel your hard long dick in my hand in water.” He smiled and lifted her and made her sit on the pool steps and slowly parted her panty and started to feel her pussy.

He was fingering her pussy and then slowly went between her legs and started to suck the pussy lips and started to chew her pussy. She was moaning and I could see her face expressions clearly and it was turning me further on. Then he kept on sucking there and she was saying “you are a really horny guy. You know how to really satisfy a woman. My husband never even took me to pool. ” Then he kept on sucking the hole through which I came to this world and she was going mad. She was moaning louder and her sound was beyond her normal moans. I understood she was having great pleasure and was nearing a great orgasm.

He then said to her “today we will have a guest and we must entertain him to our maximum so that we will have many benefits.” She then asked “who and how we should entertain him?” he replied “he is the G.M of this resort and is an old friend of mine but if you want him to give us some discount in the bill we will have to serve him in a nice manner. Main thing is that we will have to serve him liquor and we should behave like husband and wife. Ok?” She then thought for a while and said “anything for you my dear. Your wish is my command. You now please put your hard cock inside my pussy. It is dripping wet and I can’t stand anymore like this. Please fuck me dear.”

He then said that we have enough time for all that as he will come here by 12 and so we will have to arrange everything. He then took and told her to wear a nice blue transparent nighty as she looks really beautiful in it. Actually she was looking damn hot and sexy in that dress as her bra and panty was evident in that dress.

He then told her she should also sit along with them and give them a good company while drinking. She said she won’t drink for which he said he has arranged a special red wine for her.

She told she haven’t ever tasted anything like this till now. He told red wine is not an alcohol as it is good for heart and it helps your skin to glow better and he also said that all actresses regularly take red wine to maintain their good skin tone. After hearing all this she was little bit convinced and told she will taste it but he should not compel her if she did not like it. He said ok and gave her a good long kiss on lips while fondling her boobs and slowly came out of the pool. He then went near his luggage and took few bottles of alcohol and a bottle of red wine. He then opened the wine bottle and poured at least 150 to 200 ml of strong whisky in it and closed it. It was now really concentrated. She didn’t see this as she was busy getting herself dried up.

She then came out of pool and came near him he said “c’mon dear get ready soon as he will be here any moment and he has to get many things ready for that.” She then hugged him from behind and now she was standing cool in bikini and no problem of shyness was there for her. She was turning into his anytime approachable whore that too for free. She then slowly moved away from him and went near the mirror in the room and started to remove her bikini and in no time she was nude and she called him and gave him a wicked smile standing near the door.

Then he told her that she was so beautiful and can drive any man craving behind her for a chance to lick her pussy. He said this and said “now I can prove you this. All you have to do is that you just wear that night dress without wearing your inners. This will show you how crazy it will make the GM when he sees you in that condition.” She told “no need darling, you are showing me heavens of pleasure and I will believe whatever you say.” Then he told that it will be really kinky for me to see a guy getting uncomfortable because of you. He then told her to wear only her night dress and get yourself a good make up as we can drive him crazy for you.

She was also convinced but she could not object to his words anymore and agreed it excitingly. She then told she will show him the real bitchiness she has and make him also a slave for her pussy. She saying this went inside the room and closed it.

He then suddenly took out his phone and called someone and said “the bitch is convinced. Just do as usual and we can make her our slut as all you need to do is show off your money and luxury. She is a real fool and all you need to do is to praise her beauty a little and within no time she will be yours as we are accompanying liquor also along with it”. He then smiled and said but do not forget our promise and they hung up. I was really excited in the thought that she was going to be fucked by a stranger and that too in his presence. Then I understood he was making my mom a tool to achieve his personal benefits.

He then went to room and mom was almost ready and was doing some make up standing in front of the mirror. He then went inside and hugged her from behind and was kissing her face and said “he will come now dear, we must satisfy him as much as we can. He then started to look her dress from top to bottom. She was wearing the transparent cream nightdress and it was evident that she was not wearing any undies as when she moves her boobs were juggling and one can easily find the poking nipple.

Then within 20 minutes I heard a sound of a car braking and parking in front of our cottage. As I guessed it was the GM of the resort. He came in his new orange color Ferrari and was looking really handsome. He was few inches taller than Suresh uncle and was wearing a casual T-shirt, shorts and a nike sports shoe. He was fully branded from head to toe with cartier watch and an i-phone in hand.

She was bowled over by his looks as it was evident from her face. He was really handsome and she was introduced by Suresh as his wife. He then introduced himself as Madan and told that this resort belongs to his dad. He then asked her “how do you find the stay in our resort?” for which she replied “it is too good and we are really satisfied” and gave a wink to Suresh uncle and asked “isn’t it so darling?” he replied “yeah dear, it is really comfortable and the pool is really superb. I hope you don’t mind spending some time with us.” Madan then said ok and said he changed all his programs today to spend some real good time with my old friend’s family. We are really pleased with you replied Suresh.

Then Suresh told he will go and fix up drinks for them and went inside meanwhile told mom to keep Madan engaged. Mom was starting to chit chat with him as she asked what he studied and so on. He replied everything and one can easily see his eyes roaming around my mom’s body like an a****l looking at his prey. He was really aroused by her night dress and her huge bosom.

He then said “Suresh is a really lucky guy.” She asked “why?” He replied “he got such a beautiful and sexy wife like you know. I feel really jealous of him. He can enjoy a beautiful woman like you day in and out.” She was blushing and said “Thank you sir.” He then said to call him Madan itself and no need to call him sir and all as it creates a distance between them. Then she slowly became comfortable with him and was chit chatting with him.

He was asking about her home and where she studied and all those stuffs. She was responding well and answering eagerly to all his questions. Then Suresh came to room with a tray and all liquor and wine bottles in it. Then he slowly poured in each glass and poured wine for my mom. She is not used to such drinks but due to his compulsion and sake of the scene she agreed to drink it. Then they lifted the glass and Madan said “this is a toast for my old pal Suresh and his sexy beautiful wife and our friendship. Cheers” She then smiled and too lifted the glass and sipped from the glass. She had a liitle strain in face while gulping it in but slowly finished the round with them. Then they started to pour the next round and she took that also and said to Suresh, “darling, these drinks taste quite good.”

They were also happy that she has liked the taste and now the task will be more easy for them. Then Madan told “there are many drinks like this that will take you to great levels of ecstacy. These are just starters dear and I will surely get some when we meet next time.” she then smiled and stood up and went near Madan and sat next to him and poured him the third round. She also took the third round and by the end of that round she was starting to get on a high. It was evident in her speech and understanding this Suresh told come “let’s have a dance” and put a song in the speaker and he came to the centre of the room and started to dance.

Soon Madan joined him and both started to dance. Then Suresh went and called her to join him to dance and she too joined them. Then he held her by her hand and started to dance with her. Then he slowly held her in waist and started to move in a nice manner then suddenly his phone rang and he went out saying something to them. Then they both were in the room and so she went to stop the music. At that moment Madan went on his knees and said “hey gorgeous sweetie pie, will you give me the honour of dancing with you, the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen. I wish you wont disappoint me.”

I think she got carried away in this and gave her hand to him. He then stood up and started to dance with her. He was first just holding her hands and slowly mom also became comfortable with him and he then slowly put her hand around her waist and started to move her close to his body. They were now brushing each other and his hands now started to roam freely in her body. Her boobs were brushing Madan’s body and he too was enjoying it. He then slowly moved his hands down and as if in dancing touched her ass. She didn’t show any change in her face. I thought she is totally out of senses due to alcohol, but the slut was turned on by the foreplay in pool and badly was in need of a cock to cool down the body heat.

Then Suresh came back to the room and continued to play with my mom. This time he sat on the couch and made her sit on his lap and started to play with her body. She was almost out of senses and was in full high. He then started to press her boobs. She was moaning and then he gave her a deep kiss on her lips which lasted for nearly 4 to 5 min. Then he slowly untied the night robe and his hands were in cupping the soft boobs of my mom. Madan too was getting horny and a developing tent in his shorts were a clear sign of that. My mom was in a lost world now enjoying the sexual pleasures and satisfying her sexual desires.

Madan then came near Suresh uncle and showed him sign with the eye to leave her and go and then he said he will go and get food for them and told mom to give company to Madan till he returns. Madan then sat near her and was talking with her and her boobs are still seen and she was not in a state to even cover it. His eyes were roaming around her body and he slowly asked her to lie on his shoulder if she felt tired. He then held her shoulder and said that he will give her a massage that will reduce the stress in her body. She then said that would be a great help for her.

He then went behind her and she was sitting on the couch and he started to press her shoulder. He then started to rub her shoulder and slowly his hands started to move from her neck slowly downwards. She too was enjoying his touch as her eyes were closed and she was relaxing. He then slowly put his hands down and started to touch his upper back and upper part of the boobs. She didn’t show any signs of resistance and then he told “I ll take you to the bed so that you will feel more relaxed and can massage you in correct position so that she can enjoy more”. He then made her stand up and walked along with her to the bedroom and she was fully in his arms and he now had a good feel of her white melons.

He then took and finally reached the bedroom and made her lie on the bed with boobs facing down. He then told he will use oil to massage her and asked her to slowly move her night gown down so that he wont stain her beautiful clothes. He then called the reception and told to bring a set of massage oil to the room. Soon within 5 minutes a room boy bought a set of massage oil to the room. He then took the massage oils and send him back and locked the room.

Then he went to room and started to remove her night dress down. She then removed its sleeves and she lied naked till hips with her back facing him. He then started to massage her and was also praising her skin saying “you have a great skin tone and soft skin and it looks like the skin of a young model.” She was blushing and he slowly started to rub her back more freely. He also started to move his hands to the boobs. At first he couldnot reach it as her hands were obstructing. Then he slowly asked her to lift her hands so that he massage the sides as well properly. Actually he wanted access to her soft boobs. My mom obeyed what he said and lifted her hands above her head still lying on bed.

Wow…. What a scene was that? Seeing her lying with half of her boobs visible. He then slowly started to move his hands to the sides of the boobs and started to spend more time on her boobs. He was very much aroused now and could be seen through the erection in his shorts. I thought what a horny bitch she is as she is staying nude in front of a stranger. I still cant imagine how my such conservative and god fearing mom turn into a such a sex starving whore. Now she have no dress on her top except her mangalsutra that my dad tied. She then slowly started to moan as he started to massage her boobs and he slowly put his hands under her boobs and was literally pressing her boobs in the name of massage. She too understood this and was enjoying it in the high of alcohol I suppose.

Then suddenly she said “stop it Madan, its not safe as he may come back anytime.” Then I understood that she was not on high due to alcohol as she wanted him to stop that as he may come and not because it was wrong. Then Madan told “I will manage that”. And took his phone and called the restaurant and told the manager there to take Suresh for a tour around the hotel and keep him busy for next 2 hours.

She was now happy hearing this and she smiled at him and said “you are really naughty,” and she turned around giving the full view of her boobs to him and asked him to massage front also. He was really amazed and shocked by this move of hers and then slowly came back to normal and started to press and fondle her boobs. The mangalsutra was obstructing his hands in between and she then asked him whether he want her to remove that. He then replied in negative and continued to press and play with her soft boobs. He then slowly came to her and gave her a soft kiss on her cheeks. She was enjoying each bit of these moments. She lied there without showing any signs of obstructing him from kissing her. He then continued to kiss her and slowly started to kiss her lips.

As soon as he reached her lips she also started to respond. She was taking the initiative to get his tongue in her mouth and taste him. Then he was kissing her lips and meanwhile his right hand was playing with her soft fleshy boobs. I think all the foreplay that Suresh uncle did made her that hot as she could not stop responding to any chance to get a cock. She has now turned completely into a whore. As until now I thought she did it with only dad and with Suresh uncle as she loves him. Instead she was waiting for a chance to open up and to get her wild pleasures satisfied. When in kiss itself his hands started to move down slowly exploring her navel and his fingers were playing there. Then he still went down and slowly started to explore her holy hole. I think he was fingering her down there. Then she broke the kiss and was lying on the bed with closed eyes.

He then started to kiss her neck and then slowly he went to kiss her boobs and within few minutes he was sucking her nipples. She was enjoying every bit of it. I was also amazed to see my conservative mom lying nude in front of a stranger with mangalsutra letting him suck her nipples. Her nipples have become erect and he was sucking and giving love bites on it. His fingers were exploring her pussy and he was inserting his two fingers inside. In between he took his fingers out and gave it to her mouth so that she could taste it. She sucked and tasted her pussy juices and suddenly she got up from bed and made him lie down. She then started to remove his dress. She herself removed his t-shirt and was kissing his hairy chest.

She then was sucking his nipples and he was lying on bed enjoying. While sucking his nipples she was playing with the hard cock in her hands. She was massaging his cock and I thought what a change she has underwent after she started an illicit relation with Suresh uncle. She is now turning into a sex starved bitch.

Then she went down and started to remove his shorts and within seconds he was in his boxers. A huge tent was seen in his boxers and she was amazed to see that. She said “I think u are having a huge cock. I wonder how am I going to take this. U are going to tear my pussy if u want to put it inside me. I fear.” She then put her hands inside his shorts and took his dick out and said “what a huge dick? How will I take such a monster cock in me?”

I felt she was repeating the same dialogues she said to Suresh uncle. He then told “it will give you lots of pleasure and all you must do is just lie on bed with your eyes closed.” She then started to kiss his dick and was kissing and playing with his balls. He had a cock of similar size of Suresh uncle and she was excited seeing his cock as a glow was seen in her eyes. She then slowly started to pull down the foreskin of his cock and slowly started to suck the head of his glorious pole which was standing erect in its full might.

She said “my husband’s cock is just half the size of yours and you are having such a big cock. That’s why I fear how I will take that inside me.” He then said “All men are not same baby, so don’t miss the chance to be with a real man. I will show you all the real pleasures what a man can give to a beautiful woman like you.” I think he was proud hearing a woman appreciating his cock size. My mom was now out of my imagination as she is sucking a stranger’s cock and praising him about it. But all this was making my cock hard. She was taking the cock slowly into her mouth and was sucking it. She was going on sucking it and was sucking it deep. And he was also enjoying her tongue skills as he was on bed with closed eyes and was moaning lightly and saying to her “yessss… like that… keep sucking baby… you are an awesome cock sucker.”

She then kept on sucking and at a point he said that he was about to cum and exploded a full load of cum into her mouth and she was almost gagging. Then she drank all that and few drops were dripping out of his mouth. She then said “what a load of cum u gave? I was breathless and gasping for air. I never had such an experience. First time I am sucking such a big cock as my husband’s cock is just like a small bubblegum and doesn’t even give half of your cum load.” He then said “that’s because you have not been in the hands of an experienced man who can give you lot of pleasure that even u can’t imagine. I will show you ecstasy today in sex.

She then was made completely nude and Madan then slowly came down to her wet cunt. He could see that her pussy was dripping wet due to the fingering and fore play they underwent. Then he slowly started to come down to her belly region and was kissing her on her navel. He was sucking her navel and was putting his tongue into her navel and swirling it there. She was moving restlessly lying in the bed with pleasure of his tongue.

He then without wasting any time started to free her from the only piece of clothing in her body. He was slowly pulling her cream panty downwards and she lifted her ass so that he can easily remove it. He then started to kiss and taste the lovely hole that Suresh was sucking and fucking few hours back. He then was looking at her pink pussy and saying “you have a wonderful body dear that can make any man mad. Your pussy looks so fucking hot and is dripping already with fluids that you leaked during our foreplay.” He then started to suck all the juices that she has leaked and started to put his tongue into it. But he didn’t suck for long time and soon he took out a condom and wore on his throbbing cock and tried to insert it into her hole. He was very professional in fucking also.

He parted her legs and started to push his dick into the hole and slowly was inserting it deeper and deeper. She was moaning and enjoying every moment of it. She was blabbering and saying, “fuck me hard dear, fuck me. Don’t stop. Please continue. Make me your slut. Make me feel the pleasure.” Soon he was fully inside her hole and was slowly increasing the speed. I don’t understand how long will she lie and enjoy like this. She was fucked her pussy apart yesterday by Suresh uncle and today she was in bed for Madan. She can take a cock in her pussy for a real long time. I understood that she is very horny and is not easy to manage alone by a man. He was fucking her non-stop and his pace was increasing. She was bouncing in the soft double cot bed due to his hard fucking and she was hugging him and kissing him in his neck and chest and wherever she could. Then within few minutes he was about to cum and was seen from his expressions.

Then he soon withdrew the cock and ejaculated all over her face and chest. She was licking and enjoying it without any objection. I also was amazed to see how my mom can turn into such a whore and take all the cum of a stranger all over her body and enjoy the feeling. She then got up from bed and came near his cock and started to suck off the juices and cum from it. She was drinking every drop of it and soon she started to give another blowjob to him.

She was sucking his cock again and with cum all over her body she was making his cock erect again. And to my surprise within another 5 to 10 minutes of sucking his cock got erect again and this time he was harsher. He then made her turn around and started to fuck her from behind in doggy style. This time he even forgot about wearing a condom and started to hump my mom from behind. He was also moaning this time as he was also getting tired. Her moans were louder and she was biting her lips in pleasure. He kept on ramming her pussy for another 10 minutes and pulled out his cock and ejaculated all over her ass.

He was so tired now and he collapsed on to the bed after the second round. She but got up from bed and went to washroom and took a quick shower and came back to him wearing only a towel. She told she was totally satisfied today and gave him a kiss in his lips. He too said “I had sex many times with many women from all over the world. But rarely only I feel so satisfied and exhausted. You are really an amazing woman.” She then told him “please keep whatever that happened here within ourselves and never let Suresh know about it. He may get mad and will ruin my family life.” The horny bitch was acting innocent in front of this man. He said it will be within us and told her it was time for him to leave. He then took out his visiting card from his purse and told her to call him if she needs any help.

He also said that you will be given a 50% reduction in tariff for the stay here. She said she was so happy to hear this and then gave him her mobile number and told that she will call him to come to our home for a day when she was alone. He said ok and got dressed up. She was still in towel and when about to leave he held her close to his body and unwrapped her towel and sucked her boobs and pressed her ass. He then finally kissed her lips and told adieu. She was now walking along with him to see him off without wearing anything. Only her mangalsutra and waist string was present on her body and she was looking sexy with those. She accompanied him till door and gave him a hug. He then walked towards his car and I was shocked to see Suresh uncle waiting there near his car in the garden.

He then was laughing and talking with him and I heard Madan telling him “she is too good man. Better than all our previous women and I am ready to waive off all the room charges” and gave him a bundle of rs.100 notes. I guess it was Rs.10000.

He gleefully accepted it and gave a respectful goodbye to him. Then he put the money in the pocket and went near cottage and called “Lechu, I am back.” She then came to him and “I was waiting for you for so long and was bored sitting alone here. Madan also left soon as you left and I was bored here.” I was amazed to see how she can act so well as an innocent woman. She was now looking fresh and was wearing a new night dress. He then hugged her and went inside. It was 2 by then and I went to door and knocked. They opened the door and asked me about the trekking and why I came in between. I told I was bored and so returned soon. Then in the next two days also they were kissing and fucking like rabbits whenever they got chance during day and night.

Each of their encounters were making her more and more slutty.

Now she was looking for a chance to get laid. I thought at that time that she did cheated dad due to her blind love with Suresh and also the stress and urge for sex in ladies with husbands not with them. But it was not so. She started to be more open and started to have secret relations with many people at the same time. She was turning into a whore. It had reached a point where she could never be satisfied by a man.

Today I am going to narrate her affair and illicit relation with her friend’s husband. His name was Kumar and his wife was Raji. They also had a k** which was 6 years old then. Raji was an average looking lady and she is younger than my mom while Kumar was of my mom’s age. My mom and Raji were very close friends and they always used to be together for chatting or even for shopping. I used to call him Kumar uncle and he always had an eye on my mom. My mom also didn’t show any opposing signs and moreover she was enjoying the attention. There were many occasions to substantiate that.

Once they both came to our home and I could very well see them glancing at each other quite very often. Mom also never missed a chance to seduce him. Mom always used to touch him or graze him as if unknowingly when she was not looking. He too was happy about that. That day they came for dinner and we had dinner together and I could see her giving special attention to him while serving dishes and all. During the conversation Raji told that she used to go to her home every Sundays and return on Monday morning. That struck my mind as I could see her hours in phone on Sundays.

Now I understood something is happening between these two also. I could not imagine how a woman can become such a slut for bodily pleasures. Next day when she was bathing I took her mobile phone and checked her call register and installed the automatic call recording app in it so that I can keep a track of all the calls that she has been making. I was shocked to see that she was in constant chat with him. She had saved his name as Raji dear. Many times I had seen call coming in name of Raji and she used to take the phone and go inside saying it was her and want to know about some recipe etc. Their chat usually lasted for hours.

Then once on a Saturday night, I saw her talking with someone through mobile phone. She was sitting inside the bedroom with doors closed. I then went near the door and tried to over hear what she was speaking. I could not hear anything clearly. So after some time I tiptoed to her room and saw that she was sleeping and took her phone. Then I opened the call recording app and started to hear their conversation.

Then I came to know that their chat was purely a lustful chat and they were planning for a meeting the very next day. She was telling him to come to our home as soon as Raji aunty start to her home. She also said that she was very excited for their first date together. She then asked him what dress should she wear? He said “it doesn’t matter as anyway you will not be wearing it for too long after I enter your home.” She said sexily “you are too naughty.” Then he said her to wear something sexy. She said she will wear some dress that you will love to see. He asked what was it and she replied that it will be a surprise for him. She then said that she will send me to some relatives home and will call you soon. He said that he will drop Raji aunty and Arav(their son) in bus stand by 6.30 in morning.

Then I opened her Whatsapp account and was shocked to see a lot of sex chats with him. He also had send her many pornographic clips. One clip had a title “when are you going to eat my dick like this?” She replied anytime she is ready and told him to make everything ready and call her. Similarly she was also asking him for video clips. And I was shocked when I opened the Gallery. She had a large collection of porn clips and most of them were hardcore stuff and blowjobs. That is when I noticed that it was not only him who has send her such clips. I will come into the details of that later.

Then I send all the sex chat and voice recordings into my mail and kept back the mobile near her.

Then I went to my room and was very excited and angry at the same time as I was going to see her with another man tomorrow. I could not sleep that night and was thinking of what the bitch has planned for tomorrow. And somehow I dozed off by 2 am in the morning.

Then she came to me and woke me up at 6 am and told me “you need to go to village as my uncle needed some help from you”. Now I understood that she was trying to get rid of me from home so that she can have a lovely time with that bastard. Moreover my grandpa also has already left for the temple committee works on Friday and he will also be not there till Monday evening. So I also didn’t oppose much and said ok. Then she said me to rush and get ready so that you need to reach there by 9. Our village was nearly 3 hours travel from my home so she was sure i will be late to return. So I moved from bed and went to bathroom and got ready for my travel.

I then went to her room after getting myself ready, but she was already in the bathroom and I understood that she was getting ready to get her laid and screwed. She was taking bath in the bathroom attached to her room and when I peeped through a hole on the door, I could see her standing naked and that she was shaving her armpit.

Then she started to move her concentration from the armpit to the very small bushes in the pussy region. She applied lot of foam on each area and was using disposable razors for shaving. She was very careful and clean in the procedure. She repeated the shaving one more time to make sure no hair was remaining on the private parts of her body that was being prepared for a guy to eat. Then I moved back and called her and told that I was about to leave.

She then said that money has been kept on the table for my travel and food expenses. She also told me to come only after finishing my work as it was vacation time for me. It was clear from her words that she didn’t want me to return the same day. I was amazed to see that she had kept Rs.3000 for my expenses. It was a huge amount for me as she never gave me money even if I asked.

I was also excited to see the way she has arranged the bedroom. She had changed the bed sheet and the room was neatly arranged. There were few aromatic candles kept here and there in the room. But it was not lighted and AC was on. The room also had a mild fragrance of room freshener in the room. The setting was very similar to that she made for Suresh. Then I unlocked the lock of a window so that i can see what was happening in the room if I just move the curtains to one side.

I then left the room saying good bye and she said ok. I then took the bicycle and went for a round and came back and hid myself in the same position I hid last time. That area was now covered with bushes and plants and it was tough to spot me even in day time. Moreover the compound walls behind were little taller than usual as there were some factory godown there before. But off late it has been shutdown and it was an uninhabited area. I then sat there and was peeping through a small gap between the curtain into her room.

Then she came out of bathroom wearing a towel around her and locked the bedroom door. She then came and sat in front of the mirror and removed the towel and was seeing her reflection in the mirror.

She then had a naughty smile on her face after seeing her nude in the large mirror in her room. It was a great scene to see her like that and I had a huge erection growing in my pants. She then took some body lotion that dad had brought and started applying it all over her body. She started with neck and then to her boobs and then thighs and pussy region. She was massaging and fondling her boobs while applying the lotion.

She then said to herself “you beauty, today you are going to make another man crazy for this. You are a naughty devil.” Seeing her playing with her boobs were little too much for me to control. So I unzipped my pants and freed my little man who was trying for a way out of my pants.

She then opened the shelf and took out a parcel and to my surprise it was a special lingerie which was very skimpy and sexy. It was fitting her perfectly and i never knew that she had such dresses as have never seen her wearing such dresses. She to the maximum wore see through night dress when she wanted to seduce Suresh (Read previous episodes to know those details). It was dark red in colour which was sleeveless and string type and was covering her till her thighs. It also had a panty of same colour but it was looking smaller than the usual.

Then she wore all that and was a treat to watch. It could even make an impotent guy’s dick rock hard. The dress was suiting her perfectly due to her well maintained and toned body. Thanks to yoga and all the gym activities she undergoes. She never skipped her gym training sessions. She then did a mild make up and applied perfume in her body. It was a deo roll on type and she applies it in her clean shaved underarms and neck. She also put a matching lipstick and was looking really seductive.

Once she was ready, she took her mobile and rang him and said everything is as per planned and told him to come to our home. She told that she will keep the doors open and told him not to keep the sandals outside and told him to directly come and enter into the home. She then took a bathrobe and covered herself with that. Then i heard the sound of gate opening and understood he was there.

She then looked a final glance in the mirror and rushed towards the door. She then opened the door and he was also looking fresh. He was a tall guy of nearly 6 ft tall and well built physique. He was also stunned to see her in such a dress as she was wearing just a bathrobe. A good part of thigh was seen in that dress. He was wearing a red t shirt and a jean and looked smart in that. She even commented “you are looking really smart in this dress.” He was looking at her from top to bottom and then said that she looked really stunning. He couldn’t take eyes off her and was constantly looking at her lovely boobs.

She then held his hand and took him to the bedroom. He said “you have arranged the room perfectly for us dear.” She replied “anything for you dear. You are the man who has cared me and given me company for my lonely life here. So I will do all whatever I can to satisfy you and make you happy. That’s why I decided to give you everything even what a woman finds priceless.”

Then only I understood that she was acting innocent in front of him and telling him that this was her first experience outside marriage. She then said “I really don’t know what I am doing is right or not but I couldn’t oppose your wishes.” She had tears in her eyes while saying this and I was thinking what a great acting the bitch was doing to convince him. He then said that don’t worry dear and held her close to him and gave her a hug.

She too responded as she was waiting for this.

She then hugged him and he was wiping her tears and saying “don’t worry dear, there is no point in you wasting your youth for someone who doesn’t care for you. Let’s enjoy and live the present moments to the fullest.” Saying this he planted a kiss on her cheek and it was comparatively a long kiss as it lasted for nearly a minute. Then she closed her eyes and moved her face close to him. He then slowly touched her lips with his lips and started to taste her.

She too started to respond back by opening her mouth for him to explore with his tongue. He soon started to put his tongue into her mouth and was soon exchanging and tasting each other’s saliva. She was excited and was evident from the glow in her eyes. He then held her close to his body and slowly pulled the knot of the bathrobe and opened her dress.

She then was so indulged in his kiss as she was not aware of what he was doing. Then he was amazed to see her in such a sexy dress and made her remove the bathrobe. She then stood in front of him wearing that single piece night dress which was barely extending till her middle of thighs. She was standing looking down and acting as if she was shy.

Actually this was no new experience for her and she was acting shy to make him believe that she was an innocent housewife. I too could not believe how an illicit relation can turn an innocent wife to a horny slut.

He then held her close to him and slowly touched her 36 sized white melons with his right hand while tasting her lips. He then slowly moved to neck and started to kiss her. He then said to her “Wow darling, your boobs are so soft and I can’t wait to taste it”. “It is all for you. I don’t mind giving you all that I have as you have been a rain in my dry barren life. You have brought back colours in my dreams”. She then slowly moved the sleeves from her shoulder and slowly started to slide down her top.

She then removed the top and was standing topless in front of him with only the mangalsutra on her upper body. Her boobs were in perfect shape and never looked like a woman in late 30s. He then sat on our couch and pulled her and made her sit on his lap. She was giving a vague attempt to cover her boobs with both her hands and to act shy.

She was then sitting comfortably in his lap and kissing him. She was now taking initiative in kissing his lips and neck. He then slowly parted her hands and had a good view of her softies and started to play with that. First he touched it an slowly pressed on it and she was moaning slightly and kissing him more fiercely on his neck. He was now massaging her boobs and was pinching her nipples. Mom then said “ooooohh. This feels sooo good dear.” Then he lifted her and carried her to her bed. I was shocked to see her letting another man play with her boobs even wearing the mangalsutra my dad had tied on her.

He then made her lie on the bed and came on top of her. And then she slowly lifted his t shirt and started to kiss him on his bare chest. She removed his t shirt and said “wow, you have a lovely body and you are really strong as you can easily lift me and walk around carrying me.” He had a hairy body and she was kissing him making him lie on bed. She started from his chest and was kissing each inch of his body and was sucking his nipples. He too was enjoying it. Then he made her lie and started to suck her lovely boobs. He first tasted the boobs and then slowly started to suck her pink nipples.

While sucking one boob he was massaging the other boob and playing with it. She was moaning in great pleasure and was biting her lower lip and saying “you are too good. It feels so good.” She was pressing his head on to her boobs to make him continue for more. He was using a lot of tongue and her boobs were shining in his saliva. He then took the nipple between his teeth and bit her nipples slowly and her moaning was becoming louder. Then he started to kiss her on her shoulder and then was kissing her underarms. He was licking her there and she was having a tickling sensation and was smiling when he was exploring his tongue all over her armpits.

He by now had developed a huge tent in his jeans and she was now pressing his cock over his jean. She now slowly unhooked his jean and was removing his jean. Now a well developed tent was seen in his white jockey. She was lying with closed eyes but her arms were exploring his dick over his jockey. Now he started to kiss and suck her milky white belly and was licking inside her navel. He was licking inside her navel and his hands were massaging her pussy over her red string panty.

She had a gold waist string around her belly which was increasing her sex appeal. It is called aranjaanam in Kerala. He then went between her legs and started to tease her with his tongue over her panty. He was licking and sucking her without removing her panty and she was getting so turned on that she started to moan “come on dear, please don’t tease me like this. Remove my panty and give me real pleasure. I want to feel your tongue over there. Please don’t make me wait any longer.” Saying this she herself slid her panties down and was waiting for him to eat her pussy.

He was touching her soft skin on top of her hole and was so smooth as the skin of a newborn as she has removed all the hairs today. He then started to kiss her on the holy hole through which I entered the world. He was kissing her there and then started to use more of his tongue over there. He then sucked her pussy which was glistening already due to the juices that was flowing out. He was drinking all the juices that was secreted by her and was inserting his tongue into her pussy. She was saying “yes darling, suck me. Suck me deeper and don’t stop. please.” she was moving her head to both sides in pleasure while moaning and pushing his head into her pussy. He then parted the lips of her pussy and started to probe her tongue into her pussy. He was moving his tongue in circles around her pussy.

She was lifting her ass and making it comfortable for him to suck. He now spread her legs apart and started to suck both her holes. He also started to suck her asshole. He was kissing and licking her asshole and was trying to insert his tongue into her hole. He also partly succeeded in doing so. She then said “wow darling, you really know how to make a woman happy. These are the most erotic moments in my life. I have never experienced such great pleasure in my life. You are my Man. You have touched all the unexplored areas of my body.” He then smiled and told “you are a real beauty dear. You have a wonderful body that can make any man crazy and I consider myself lucky to have an opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful creation of God.”

She then slowly put her hands into his underwear and felt his tool. She then made him lie down and was going to return the favour that he has done just few minutes ago. So she slowly pulled down his white underwear and was amazed to see his dick. It was of similar size of Suresh Uncle but looked little more thicker. It was fully erect and his engorged veins were seen on his throbbing cock. She then started to praise his dick “Oh my God, how will I take such a large one into me. Yours is too big and I am afraid that you will be tearing my pussy if you want to put it inside my hole. My husband has a small dick and is not even half of your size. So I am not used to taking such big ones so please don’t feel bad if I didn’t allow you to enter the whole of your cock into my pussy ”

I now understood that it was her tactic to praise the dick of a man so that he will feel that he is a real Hero. Similarly she will also say bad about my dad also so that the other man will feel superior and feel as a macho in front of mom. Without even him saying anything she started to take it in her hands and was playing with his rock hard cock. She then slowly held his cock and pulled the foreskin of his cock and was kissing the crown part of his throbbing cock. She then slowly started to lick it and apply more of her tongue. She was licking his cock from tip to his balls.

She then started to take his cock slowly into her mouth and was sucking it like a pro. She was maintaining constant eye contact with him to make him feel horny. Her eyes were looking too hot and sexy. All the lust in her was visible in her eyes. She was taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth and was literally deep throating it. He too was enjoying it as he was having his eyes closed and was moaning in pleasure. He was saying “yes dear, like that. Suck me like that my honey.”

He was slightly pushing his cock into her mouth and she almost took the entire length in her mouth but suddenly she gagged due to excessive pushing. Then he took out the cock and started to take his balls into her mouth. She was sucking each ball separately also was sucking his scrotum. She then took his cock near her nipples and made its head touch her nipples. Then she kept the cock between both her boobs and moved his cock between them. He was really enjoying her boob massage on his hard cock.

He then made her lie on the bed and came on top of her and slowly inserted his index finger into her pussy and slowly started to finger fuck her. He was slowly moving his finger in and out of her pussy. He then took out his finger and made her suck two fingers and started to finger fuck her like that. She was sucking her own juices from his finger and his pace of finger fucking slowly increased.

She then was turned on to the maximum that she started to moan and say “please dear, fuck me now. I can’t stay like this for longer time. Please fuck me with your hard dick.” He was smiling and slowly brought his rock hard cock near her pussy and she herself spread her legs and took the dick to the hole and he slowly pushed it into her.

She then shouted “ ahhhhh …. my god … it hurts..” he then slowly kept on inserting into her and she was in a lost world. She was in a world of pleasurable pain. Tears were rolling out of her eyes and he then successfully inserted more than half of his cock and slowly started to ramm her pussy hard with his cock. She was in ecstasy as she was lying with eyes closed and made all sorts of sexy noises. She was telling him not to stop and continue fucking her. “fuck me dear, please don’t stop. Yes darling, deeper, deeper. Comeon..” he was slowly increasing pace and in a single push he inserted his entire cock in her hole. She was shocked and was gasping for air and was not expecting such a drastic move. She left out a loud moan which was clearly audible for even me.

Then he kept on fucking her in missionary position for nearly 15 minutes and her moans were becoming more and more louder. So he kissed her lips in order to make her silent. She was kissing her more passionately and his pace also kept on increasing. He then took out his cock and made her stand in doggy position and went to enter her from behind. He was ramming her pussy from behind and she was struggling to control her loud moans. But she was enjoying it as it was evident from her face.

He continued to fuck her in that position and it was a glorious scene to see his 7 inch cock ramming into my mom’s hole. The sound of his cock hitting her ass was clearly audible as thuck, thuck during his each penetration.

He then kept on stroking in her ass. Her ass has already turned red due to this. Her milky white ass was having red colour in the ass crack region. He then gave two spanks on her each ass and she was saying “ohhh… yess, hit me. I am your slave. Do as you wish. You have showed me heavens of pleasure today and I don’t know how to repay you for all that you have done for me.” He didn’t cum till now and I was also amazed to see how he fucks her this long.

Then she made him lie on the bed and jumped on to his crotch. She then inserted his dick into her hole and started to ride his cock. She was pressing her pussy on his cock and was inserting into her hole. He too was lifting his ass according to her motion so as to fuck her. She was now riding his cock and was jumping in his crotch. He was now pressing her large bosoms and playing with it while she was enjoying her ride on his cock. The sounds of her ass meeting his hips was clearly heard and he fucked her for some more time. After sometime he said he was about to reach the climax and increased his pace.

Then she moved out from his cock and took his cock and started to stroke his cock in her hands giving him a blowjob. Within no time he was about to cum and he ejaculated a load of cum which she took in her face and mouth. She drank half of his load and then sucked out his whole cum from the cock and smiled at him.

She then stood up and went to wash room. He also stood up and followed her. She then washed off the cum from her face and they helped each other in cleaning their bodies. He was hugging her from behind standing under the shower and wiping her pussy region. He was taking special attention of her boobs and pussy. He was also applying soap in her ass crack and cleaning there. She was also applying soap on his tool and cleaning it.

She also kissed his chest and cleaned his ass with her hands applying soap. They were hugging each other and had kissing passionately under the shower. By the time they finished cleaning each other he had already developed another erection in his cock.

They then wiped each other’s bodies with towel and came back on bed. Both were still nude and she was lying on his chest and he said “wow dear, that was the best sex in my life.” She too also was excited and was praising him saying “these were the best moments in my whole life. I never knew sex could give such a large amount of pleasure. My sex with my hubby would usually last just 10 minutes. He would be on my boobs after ejaculating by the time I have just turned on my body heat. He could never satisfy me. But you were totally different as I came at least 4 or 5 times during our session. You really know how to satisfy a woman. I now start to envy Raji as she can enjoy such a great lover day in and out.” He said “don’t worry, Raji could never satisfy me to this level” and kissed her.

Both their bodies were totally nude and they were lying such that all their parts touched each other. Her pussy was near his cock. He was lying on my dad’s bed and kissing and sucking her boobs. She too was responding well and laid in each other’s arms and slept. I by then had ejaculated nearly 3 times. Later after few hours he woke up and got himself dressed and gave her a kiss on her boobs.

Then she woke up from her sleep and came out from bed wore the bathrobe and made him a coffee. They had coffee and ordered lunch and had. She was sitting in his lap and were sharing the food. He was caressing and playing with her body all this time. He finally left my home by 4 in evening.

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