Moms and daughters grannies and studs Part 3

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It was a balmy Friday evening and our little village seemed to have switched off and gone to bed for the night, The streets were deserted and once darkness fell it was apparent that people were not going out but had decided to stay home instead. As I looked out of my window I noticed that doors were closed curtains were drawn and the gentle glow of lights were the only evidence that anyone was home. Fuck but I was horny and was wanting to know who was doing what behind those curtains so I decided I would go for a walk and hopefully would come across a home with a gap in the curtains or noisy lover having sex. Little did I know that Friday night would be so much fun.

I did not have to travel far in my quest for a lusty woman or two who also wanted to have fun and satisfy their craven lusts. My regular readers will know that I am Kay and while in a happy marriage to a hunk my preference is to be with other older women who I find always satisfy my lustful cravings. if I could not find any indiscreet sexual by prowling around looking into windows there was only one solution and that was to visit one of my friends and I knew I would be lucky with the right woman. So that is exactly what I did when my search proved to be unfruitful. My best bet would be to go next door and visit a spinster my own age. Being sure she would welcome a visit I approached her front door and would use an excuse to pay her a visit.

Monica was like so many of my circle of friend who were alll fairly normal, and sometimes plain in appearance. The woman is question was named Stella. She was about five foot six and slim who wore sweat pants and tee shirts most of the time. She never wore a bra and her nipples were constantly poking through her tank tops, tees or sweaters. I never saw ger wear anything but sandles that were nothing more than minimal covering for her feet. When I first had an encounter with her it was the height of summer she was wearing shorts tee and her trade-mark sandles. I was immediately attracted to Stella who seemed so vulnerable and alone.

I later found out that Stella had been in several relationships with men over the years but she explained that her first woman was the defining moment in her life. She spent an afternoon at my place and after a couple of drinks she loostened up and talked freely about her life, loves and desires. The two of us were hanging out on my patio and because it was hot had decided to have a swim and lounge around the pool for the afternoon. I expected the spinster to be wearing a full black bathing suit and nearly dropped my drink when she took off her summer dress to reveal a thong and the tiniest bikini top I had ever seen. She noticed my surprised and explained that it was all she has and normally lived as a nudist at home. Immediately we had something in common and I said, “Stella, I also live without clothes when at home and you are welcome to get rid of your uncomfortable garments and we can both be comfortable. I took off my summer dress and bikini and reclined on the day-beds, after a couple of drinks the heat became to much for us and we slipped into the cool water of our pool. The cold water had an instant effect on our nipples and there we were both naked, and aroused in the water, I love to swim around and so did she. Eventually we got close to each other, our eyes met and we both knew we were going down a path from which we would not return.

I was not going to miss out on this heaven-sent opportunity and I knew we would form a very intimate bond that afternoon. We did and we embraces, kissed, licked, and penetrated one another with our hands. As this lovely woman concluded, “It was a fucking great afternoon and the start of something good”. I agreed whole-heartedly and we played regularly after that.

Back to the balmy Friday evening and I approached Stella’s door with anticipation. I knocked softly just in case she had already retired for the night but I need not have bothered. My friend opened the door, face beaming and said, “Kay, we are so glad you are here?. “WE” what did she mean” I thought to myself but I would soon find out as I heard a familiar voice from inside he home. It was another of my conquests that turned the tables on me and turned out to be full-blown lesbian that had seduced half the wives in the village. I was a little put out by not having Stella to myself for the evening but it turned out to be a sensational visit. As Stella welcomed me and invited me in I could smell the the fact that they were either engaged in some sexual act when I interrupted or had recently been fucking each other. Stella removed the robe she had hurriedly thrown on to answer the door and I noticed Beth the granny was naked, and there hanging before her was the biggest strap-on I had ever seen.

Beth’s next word were the start of a great evening. This old woman with a cock said, ‘Goody another cunt to fuck and more pussy juice to drink”. I burst out laughing and they both joined me as we giggled like a group of school girls. I was instantly aware of my arousal as my nipples became erect and I was leaking from my now smoldering vagina. As someone once said, Men only have one erection but womand tits and clit all get erect in an atmosphere of sex. Men can only have one orgasm and we can keep cumming for ages”. Three erections time three horny women and multiple orgasms mad for a wonderful evening of fum, even if it was a messy affair.

Stella offered me a drink after embracing me in welcome and shoving he tongue down my throat as she welcomed me with a kiss. Betg also came up to me, holding her strap-on like a huge cock on a virile young stud. Her welcome was as sensual as Stella’s as she cock pressed against my already engorged cunt.

Stella asked if I would like a drink and then without an answer she served up what they had been drinking. I asked what it was and she replied, “it is called a ‘Sparkling Ginger Daisy’,and it is made from 1 part gin, 1 part ginger liqueur, 11 part fresh lemon juice, 1 dash of grenadine Prosecco and we top it off with a cherry”.
I had never heard of it and had to get the recipe written down but I want to tell you this cocktail not only looked sexy, it also contained aphrodisiacs like ginger and cherry. The bubbles of the Prosecco give a very special feeling and the Gin was the seal on the deal for me. I was parched and soon asked for another a little too soon to realize how potent the mix would be. It certainly hit the spot as my husband say, and in my case the “spot” was my clit.

The naked women, the smell of sex in the air and the cocktail were enough for us to have a very sensual experience.

Beth was the first to speak again and she was so close to me I could feel her breath in my cheek and ear. as she whispered “Kay I am going to fuck you tonight and we are all going to cum so violently and so many times you will have to stay the night. And you know what, I am going to teach you how to use a strap-on before you go home?. Beth’s hand started to caress my tits and she began to play with my nipples and then started to suck on the, She was driving me crazy and I soon knew that Stella had joined us and when she started to lick my cunt – I was quick to cum. and as I crumpled on to the rug Beth took control and place the head of her strap-on at the entrance of my Vagina. Slowly she penetrated me while Stella now paid attention to my tits. Beth then withdrew with a plop and lay down on her back with the strap-on stiking up in the air. I knew exactly what to do ans descended onto her cock and began to ride my friend. I then nearly wet myself as Stella came up behind me and started to lube up my back hole. She then inserted a finger and began to fuck me. She added a second finger and stretched me a little more only to replace her digits with another strap-on and I was at the center of a Lesbian DP. The two invaders were relentless in their onslaught and I kept cumming for what seemed like ages. I had never been so aroused before, and when they were finished I was a quivering mass of sweating flesh covered in pussy juice from head to toe.

I did not understand why these two women would want to fuck me with artificial penises yet they were the ones yelling and squirting all over me. Beth answered my unuttered question when she removed her strap
-on and told me to lift my hips so that she could put it on me. It was a beautiful model, with built in vibration and she also had two dildos which filled both her holes – I loved her triple cock instantly.

We inserted the bits and pieces into my two nether holes and then she switched on the vibrator which soon had me aroused and on the edge of an orgasm. I loved it and thought to myself, I never want to take it off and I hope the batteries will last long enough for me to have my way with both women. I then stepped up to Beth and pushed her onto her back. I was having such fun and the idea of fucking her was brilliant. I moved my hips forward and entered her sopping cunt quite easily. The deeper I went the better the sensations I was feeling in my pussy.. Stella then came up behind me and she too wore a strap-on. She asked me to stop a moment so that she could change the strap on I was wearing. I was so aroused I refused to stop until Beth and I had both cum. We did and it was a bone-shaking, full body, gushing orgasm that came in wave after wave of pure ecstasy. A little worn out and needing some respite I complied with Stella’s request. She replaced my strap-on for one with just the main and a secondary dildo that fitted snugly into my cunt. Then came the surprise as we lay on our sides. I was spooning Beth when I felt Stella begin to enter my anal passage. so I was fucking Stella, had the other part of the strap-on in my pussy and now was being penetrated by an older woman who was as horny as I was. Deeper and deeper she moved until she could go no further. It was a fucking threesome involving perverted grannies obsessed with sex.

The noise became deafening as we all screamed out in pleasure. I did managed a thought in the midst of all the wanton activity. I thought to myself that the only missing element was some sticky, creamy cum from a few big cock as they wanked off over our already drenched bodies. I Wished I had a cock in my mouth so that every hole was filled and there would be a shower of come to finish off. Both Beth and Stella did try to help by pissing all over me and inviting me to pee on them. We then wallowed in all the bodily fluids, moving against each other and enjoying every minute of our orgy.

We had not had our fill but we were eventually too exhausted to continue, falling asleep in one another’s arms.

Saturday dawned with a little more debauchery and after a shower together we had to go our separate ways. I was amazed at the pervert grannies I now had in my life and suddenly thought we could do with a couple of nubile young ladies to have even more fun together. I would also like to add a stud or two so that satisfaction would be guaranteed.

We will be back with another episode….


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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