Catching my wife, Part 4

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My mind really began to wander…

*What was really going on over at ‘book-club’* I would often ask myself.

The following week went quickly with little to no discussion. Things seemed normal, yet I was full of questions. When my wife announced the reoccurring, scheduled Book-club night at Connie’s, I seized the opportunity to ask:

“What don’t we plan to get together with Connie and Stan this weekend?” I asked, hoping to see them again and fish for San’s impression of ‘Book-club’.

“I’ll ask her tonight” my wife replied. “Is that what you’d like?”

“Sure” I quickly shot back. “They’re nice and we haven’t seen them, as a couple, in a while.”

“Okay” she said, “I ask.”

The next evening, my wife got ready as usual and gave me the customary kiss-goodbye and headed out the door.
I turned in around 10:00, as usual and drifted off to sleep. At around midnight, the phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered, in a very sleepy tone.

“Hi, Bob?” said a very sexy voice on the other end, “This is Connie”
I sat straight up in bed.

“Is everything alight?” I asked, in a somewhat panicked state.

“Oh yes, everything is fine” Connie replied, in a reassuring tone…. “It’s just that…..”

“What is it?” I interrupted her.

“It’s just that, well, I’m afraid that your wife has had a bit too much to drink tonight and I really don’t want her to drive home. How about if she just stays here tonight an I’ll make sure that she gets home in the morning.”

“Shall I come get her?” I replied.

“Well, then you’d have her car over here” Connie replied. “Plus, it’s late and I know that you get up early. I think that her staying here tonight is probably best.”

“Perhaps it is” I added, feeling somewhat defeated, “May I please talk to her.” I asked.

“Well, Bob” Connie said, “she’s actually sleeping now. I’ll see that she gets home safely tomorrow. Okay?”

“Okay…Good night, Connie” I replied, “and thanks for taking care of her.”

“My pleasure. Night” said Connie… and the line went dead.

I lay there for a few minutes….. then suddenly sprung to my feet and pulled some clothes on. Since I knew where Connie and Stan lived, I felt that I just had to do a drive-by.
15 minutes later, I was slowly driving down the street that Connie and Stan lived on. Sure enough, I saw my wife’s car in the driveway… but I also saw several other cars as well. Most of the lights in the house were on and it sure didn’t look like it was the end of the evening’s events. One part of me wanted to knock on the door and bring my wife home, yet I knew that would embarrass her and perhaps be a violation of her privacy. So, I drove home and went to bed, yet was unable to sleep.

My alarm went off at 5:00am, as it always does. My wife was not home, yet I didn’t expect her at that hour. I showered, dressed and went to work as usual. I half expected a phone call from her, at some point during the morning, to apologize and let me know that she was home, yet nothing. At around 10:00, I called my wife’s office number. Her assistant said that she called in sick. I then called her cell phone and then the house phone… nothing on either line. I assumed that my wife had a bad hangover so at 10:30, I couldn’t stand it and went to my car and drove home. My wife’s car was not in the garage, so I headed over to Connie and Stan’s house. Sure, enough, my wife’s car was the only one in driveway. I parked behind hers, went to the front door and knocked softly. Connie pulled open the door and smiled sweetly.

“Hi Bob” she said with a bit of a nervous smile, “What a surprise.”

“Hi Connie” I returned, “I just was worried about my wife. I assume that she’s still here?”

“Why yes, of course” Connie replied “But she’s still resting. I told you that I’d make sure that she got home okay, and I assure you that I will” she added with a charming smile.

It’s then that I noticed that Connie was still in her robe… a somewhat sheer robe, in fact. It was off her right shoulder, went to just below her very shapely ass. . It was gathered around her waist with a tie. She looked very sexy as she stood there, cup of coffee in her one hand, hair still slightly messed.

“Can I offer you a cup of coffee, Bob?” Connie asked, very graciously, and yet seeming very confident standing there.

“No” I replied, “no thank you, Connie…. But may I see my wife, please?”

“Of course you can, silly” Connie said, “But I imagine that she’s still sleeping. She had a bit of a rough night and I’d hate to disturb her.”

Those last words, ‘bit of a rough night,’ made me even more curious since I saw all of the cars the night before.

“I’m sure” I said, “But if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to peek my head in and check on her…. That is, if you don’t mind.”

“Certainly, Bob” Connie answered. “Please come in…. I just ask that you please remove your shoes. House Rules” she added with a smile.

I took off my shoes and then followed Connie down the hall to what looked to be the Master Bedroom.

*why would my wife be sleeping it off in Connie and Stan’s bedroom? * I thought to myself, but I found my eyes fixated on her perfectly shaped ass as she sauntered down the hallway.

Sure enough, there lay my wife, in the large king-sized bed. She was only half covered by the expensive looking sheet, and sleeping contently. I tiptoed in and around to the side of the bed to see her hair all tousled around her face, a very contented and peaceful expression was apparent. I then noticed that she was topless and, most likely naked, since her breasts were partially exposed as was her left butt cheek. It’s then that I noticed it!.. the red welts across her butt cheek! In shock and disbelief, I reached down and gently ran my fingertips over the raised welts that were horizontally crisscrossing her ass.
A slight pained-expression now swiped across her face and her eyes fluttered open.

“What are You doing here” my wife asked, in a somewhat annoyed tone.

What am I doing here “, I repeated in a bit louder voice, “what are YOU doing here… and what are you doing?”

My wife rolled her eyes and then rolled her entire body over onto her back and lazily pulled at the sheet in a feeble attempt to cover her naked body.

“Look” stated my wife, in a matter-of-fact tone and while facing away, her eyes still closed, “You can leave, or you can stay, but I’m staying here for a few more hours. I’m sleepy. If you decide to stay, please be quiet… and if you do stay, feel free to join me in this wonderful bed.” She was now patting the bed and smiling.

She then rolled to her other side, facing away from me. Her ass now totally exposed and the red welts clearly visible and covering both of her ass cheeks.
I didn’t know what to do… on the one hand, I was worried about her. On the other, I was very concerned about what happened last night… and lastly, I was a bit turned-on. While standing there, I completely forgot about Connie standing behind me… until she spoke:

“If you care to join her” Connie said, as she placed both of her hands on my shoulders from behind me, “Same house rules, as with your shoes, apply here…. No clothing, please.”

Connie’s hands now slid down my chest and to my belt buckle. I turned to see that Connie was now totally naked, her robe in a pile at her feet. She slowly unbuckled my belt and opened my slacks, all while maintaining constant eye contact.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes and into bed beside your beautiful wife.” Said Connie. “It seems that we have some things to tell you.”

Connie’s fingers were now tracing my stiffening cock.

“Why don’t you sit on the edge of the bed” Connie encouraged. I sat down, and my slacks and underwear were quickly pulled from my hips. My cocks were next and then my shirt. Now, Connie, my wife and I were now all naked… and in their bedroom.

“Reach back and feel those welts” Connie encouraged, “those welts that mark your wife.”

Connie knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and I felt amazing! I did reach back and lightly feel the raised welts, heat still emanating. My wife moaned softly, either unaware of the blowjob I was reviving, or simply disinterested. Connie lifted her head, looked me in the eye and smiled.

“Feel between her thighs” Connie suggested, as she leaned back down and took my length all the way into her mouth. I leaned back and bit more and slid my fingers in between my wife’s smooth thighs. She was DRENCHED! I felt deeper and my fingers easily slipped into her syrupy hole. My immediate reaction was one of jealousy and anger…. But it’s then that Connie kicked her efforts into high-gear and there was no turning back for me. I closed my eyes and let go! My cum boiled and spurt out with such intensity that I almost lost my balance. Connie never let up and literally sucked me dry. Once I calmed and Connie was content, she stood, leaned around me and pulled my wife’s shoulder, guiding her onto her back. My wife objection, to being disturbed, quickly changed to a smile as she realized it was Connie’s hand on her. My wife opened her eyes and looked lovingly up at Connie, then slowly opened her mouth wide. Connie leaned in and slowly let all of my cum drain down into my wife’s open mouth, then the two kissed passionately! As Connie’s’ mouth emptied, she directed my wife more onto her back, pulling her thighs apart.

“Taste her” Connie said softly, “Taste your beautiful wife’s excitement right now” as Connie gently guided me with one of her hands, by the back of my head, to my wife’s open yet sticky pussy. Connie’s other hand felt for my now-stirring cock. I couldn’t get my head around everything that was going on, but I was definitely caught up in the excitement of it all….

To Be Continued….

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