Wife Cheating Husband For First Time

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My husband and I are loving couple; people often said that we are made for each other. Some also said that our marriage is indeed one that was made in heaven. Ours is also a love marriage; we were in relationship since we were in college and we remain in relationship for ten years till we finally enter into wedlock.

No doubt during those ten unstable time; our relationship experiences its own ups and down and we breakup many times especially when I move to another city to pursue my studies. But overall we have a stable relationship since we first fell in love with each other.

After our marriage too, we have a happy marriage live with occasional misunderstanding that every family is experiencing. My husband weakness is that he is a short tempered man and he gets angry even at a slightest provocation, this is the only problem that I had with him.

I have nothing to complaint about our sex life too; we have a good sex life since we start having sex when we were both teenagers. I think we first have sex when I was just sixteen and my husband was s*******n then and since we first had sex; we made love at every available opportunity.

I have a very satisfactorily sex life because my husband had introduced me to all kind of sex since when we were young. He sucked my breast when we first made love and when my nipples were just tinny flesh on my two breasts which he obviously loved to suck and tease.

We made love everywhere, in his bed room, my bed room when there was nobody at home, we had sex in the car and we even had several outdoor sex too when we were young. Whenever we have the house just the two of us, my husband would introduce me to new sex technique.

He was more adventurous than me, he first licked my clitoris and eats my pussy and later encouraged me to suck his cock and we later start sucking each other. Occasionally we even had 69 which my husband seems to enjoy it very much.

When we get married too we have a blissful sex life, I can’t remember how many times we made love on our wedding night but the only thing I remember is that the bed sheet was stained from our love juice the next morning. I think we hardly slept on our wedding night.

On one occasion when we were married, my husband was so madly in love when we had sex that he bit my neck and I had to cover the bite marks on my neck till it cure. I have nothing to complaint about my husband, he is not only a loving husband but he is also a loving and a responsible father. He took care of our k**s and was very responsible for their education.

In fact I don’t have to do anything for their education, he did everything for them and my duty was just to prepare food for them. Even after more than 20 years of marriage our sex life was good though not as often, I remember the last two three times that we made love, whenever my cunt get extremely wet, he would enjoy it every much.

Because I use to come several times when we made love, my wet cunt would be so loose for his penis that he use to whisper in my ears that he wish he can give me a bigger cock. I think the sex talk was just to make me feel hornier and want to have more sex. But the truth is whenever I come, his cock really feel tiny inside my wet pussy.

I also remember he use to say that he don’t mine me having sex with another man but I don’t really know whether he really meant it or if it was just sex talk but I remember he mentioned it several times. He even said that he wish he can make that a birthday gift or a wedding anniversary gift for me.

I took that as a joke and more importantly I am not interested in having sex with anybody. I use to tell him that I don’t want to have sex with anybody but him; I use to tell him that I want to keep myself just for him. But I don’t know if I was telling him the truth, would I like to have sex with another guy? I don’t know. Lately, I have these strange experiences in my life that I can’t explain.

After 21 years of a happy married life with my husband there is this young man who keeps following me like a shadow. He was always there in the tea stall where I use to take tea with my colleague. I do not notice this man till one day when he approached me as if he wants to ask some help from me.

One day I was alone and he approached me with a book in his hand so that the people in the stall will not suspect. He start talking to me in a low voice and asked me for my mobile number, when I said no I cannot give him my number he write his number on a sheet of paper and gave it to me.

I was surprise by the incident but anyway I went along with my job and was not sure whether the young man will really call me or not. Anyway I just keep the number because I don’t want to just throw it less other people in the shop will suspect me.

At home in the evening I was busy with my cooking and after we had our dinner my husband as usual when up to the bedroom to sleep while I was still busy with household job and also evaluating the answer scripts of the students. I stayed late that night to complete evaluating one class paper. Then in the middle of the night my mobile rang and I realize it was an unknown number.

Then I remember the young man in the tea shop and took the sheet of paper from my bag and compare the number, it was indeed the young man. Initially I did not take the call, but the young man keep calling till at last I took the phone and answer in a very low voice hello.

The young man from the other end also said hello and immediately remind me that he was the man I met in tea shop, I told him yes I realize that and asked him why did he call me? What did he want from me? He first started by saying that he had been following me for many months now, he said that I did not realized it but he was there whenever I went to have tea in the stall.

I think for some time and realized that this young man seems to following me every day when I visited the shop. He said that he know what time I normally go to the tea shop and he will always be there, and the moment I enter the shop he will also enter the shop just to get a quick glance of me. I asked him who give you my number he replied by saying that he got it from a friend.

He then said that he want us to meet and I out rightly rejected and told him that I hardly know him and hung up the phone. The next day when I went to take tea again with my colleague in the shop, the young man was there again and now he is more courageous and nodded his head knowing that I noticed him.

He seems to be in his late twenties so he must be older than my son a little bit taller than my husband but he has a well build body. In the evening he called me again and asked if we can meet, but I rejected his suggestion again and again every time he called me.

Meanwhile, I told my husband that I have stay late in the night to complete the evaluation of the answer script so he always sleep much before I did; without suspecting anything. The young man keep calling me every night and ask if we can meet and this continues for week together till one day I said ok and asked him how he planned the meeting.

He said I have a car and I can wait for you anywhere, I think for sometime then come up with the idea. I thought to myself that I will tell my friends that I will go visit my aunt who lives nearby and have tea with her and told the young man to wait for me down my aunt’s house so nobody will suspect.

I got in his car and I suggested that we go to a secluded place in the outskirt of the town but not far. On reaching the place he asked me if I would like to take a walk, I said no I don’t want to take the risk of people to seeing us together; and said that I would like to stay inside the car. We remain silent for sometime then he started by asking me about the college.

He then said that he is madly in love with me since the first time he saw me, he dreams about me every night and every day. When I told him that I am a married woman, he immediately said you must have heart the saying that love is blind to which I have no answer. He continues to say that I love you so much and I don’t see anything beyond that, I don’t mind whoever you are?

You may be married and have many k**s, I don’t care I only know that I am madly in love with you. He then move his hand from the steering of the car and place it on my forehead, he softly and gently move his fingers from the forehead to my cheek and then rub my lips with his thumb.

I then asked him why he chose me a married woman when there are hundreds of young girl who would like to date him. I told him that I am 44 years old and asked him how old is he, and he replied 28. I then continue why did he fell in love with me a married woman with grown up k**s?

He said ‘I live with just my mother and my grandmother throughout my life and may be that is why I like older women and you are the most beautiful of them all’ he said. Then I look at my watch I said I have to go back to college I have a class in few minutes time. He then starts his car and took me again to the place and I rushed back to college.

I have this strange feeling about this young man, I know it is not love but why did I have this strange feeling? May be it is pity, I feel pity for him and his face and personality tells me that he is someone who does not receive the care and affection he need when he was a k**. I know it is not love, maybe it is more of infatuation than love.

At home that night when my husband move towards me in bed and started stroking my breast to signal for making love. I said no darling, not now I am not feeling well. From the night the young man first call me I always stayed late at night on the pretext of correcting the students answer script and refuse making love to my husband in the excuse of my not feeling well.

One day I will say that I had a headache, the next day it will be pain in the abdomen and so on and so forth. From the phone calls I came to know the young man’s name is Peter.Every day he would visit the tea stall at exactly the same time and he now know that on Thursday I have few off class after lunch time.

So on the Wednesday evening when he called he said that he want us to meet again the next day that is the Thursday. I have not even said yes, when he said we will meet as usual I will wait for you in my car in the same place. The next day when I get into the car, I asked him where we are going now.

He said I will take you to my home, I said but… he then said there is nobody in the house, my mother is working. Then I said maybe your neighbours will see us, to which he replied no, don’t worry. He then drove me to their home which is only about five minutes drive from the college.

It was a beautiful house with a big garden and surrounded by a high fence the neighbor cannot really see the house. He parked the car in the garage and then took my hand and let me into the house. He asked me to sit in the couch while he went to make tea. While he was waiting for the tea to boil; he came and sit next to me on the couch.

He started stroking my hair and moves his lips close to my cheek and while saying I love you, he kissed me on my cheek. He then put his lips on my lips and tried to kiss me but I shut my lips not allowing his tongue to enter my mouth. He kiss my lips softly anyway and move down to my neck and then move back to my cheek and lips.

He did this to me while I remain static like a statue and strangely, I did not stop him but instead allow him to do whatever he like with me, maybe the sense that I am a married woman make me behave strangely. While he kisses my lips and my cheek, his right hands started to move from under my top over my bra to my breast and he started fondling one of my breasts.

I allow him to caress my boobs and while he kiss me he move one of his hand to stroke my ass and then his another hand left my boobs and caress my entire back. He was fast getting excited and started to remove my dress when I stopped him and gently took his hand and move it away reminding him that I have to go back to college. I told him I don’t want to look awful in front of my student.

He said sorry and went to the kitchen to prepare the tea. We had tea and I put lipstick again on my lips and then he dropped me as usual at the same place. Although he does not have a jolly look or a smiling face yet he seems to be very understanding and polite.

I imagine if I did the same thing to my husband, he will be in rage and may be not talk to me for weeks, but Peter didn’t complaint and if he was angry he did not show it. One day when the college was on holiday and my husband had visit the city for some work, I thought this will be a good opportunity for us. When Peter calls me that evening I told him of the plan for the next day.

I told him that my k**s will not be a problem as long I reached home before they return at 4 in the evening. But the problem is with our domestic helper, I will have to think of some way to fool her. Luckily the next day is also my shopping day, so I planned to tell our domestic helper that I will do some shopping and after shopping I will have to go to college and then visit one of my colleagues.

Then I think of the place that Peter would come pick me up, I suggested he wait for me at zone B; a busy parking lot in the market and I will come to his car. I normally take bath in the evening and that evening I decided to put on my sexy lacy panty. My husband use to say that whenever I put on my sexy panty, it is a signal that I’m horny.

My husband like touching my ass and he can feel the kind of panty I wear, he was happy that evening hoping that finally after weeks of sex starvation he would be able to have sex with me. But as usual I stayed up late and by the time I got into the bed he is already fast asleep.

When in the morning he complaint that I did not wake him up to make love, I said I am sorry darling I don’t want to disturb you in your sleep. u*********sly I already decided that the sexy panty is not for my loving husband but for my boy friend. The next day, Peter was already in the parking lot and head straight to his car and he too move fast to the road so that nobody can see us.

Once inside the car I noticed that he looks fresh and wear a sexy after shave. He wears a tight fitting jeans and a tight t-shirt which show much of his body. I on the other hand just wore a loose skirt around my waist and wore nothing else under it except my panty, I also wear a lose top which was covered by a shawl.

My husband say that he likes it very much when I wear the skirt because it shows off my round and tight ass. Without saying a word to each other, we rush from the car to the door of his house and as soon as we were in the house Peter kiss me like crazy, while we kiss and stroke each other he dragged me to his bedroom this is the first time that he took me to his room.

While inside the room we continue to kiss each other and while I take off his t-shirt and he removed my blouse. Once his shirt was off, I can’t help but admire his athletic body. His body was full of muscles with all the six abs and it was so beautiful and I caress them like crazy.

After he pulled my top, he removed my skirt till my body was covered with just the two piece dress, my bra and my lace panty. Peter watch in disbelief when he saw my petite body, he said your body is much beautiful than even that of a young girl darling. He caressed my ass and said oh my darling you have a perfect body and I’m glad these beautiful ass are mine.

Although I am a mother, I am lucky that I still have a perfect body, with no sign of motherhood except for the big nipples on my tits. We start kissing and embracing each other again, he is taller than my husband so he had to bend to kiss me. I then move my hands from his ass to his front and started to unfasten his belt and then pull down his jeans.

Meanwhile Peter too unhooked my bra and removed it from my body, when he saw my breast he fondle them and tease my nipples and slowly removed my panty with the other hand. The fire was burning inside the two of us, I was on cloud 9, I forgot that I am a married woman as I move my hands towards his crotch and start stroking his already erect cock.

I then pulled his underpants down and stroke his hard ass. I took control and push him towards the bed and start licking his breast and play with his small nipples. He lay flat with his back on the bed while I work on his body, after the breast I went down to kiss his stomach, his navel and finally his crotch. I first kissed his groin then I took his hard penis.

Peter was feeling the heat of my warm mouth and my tongue playing on his cock, he can’t hold it no more, he did not let me suck his cock but get up and strongly make me lie on the bed and put his penis on my cunt and start fucking me. He fucked me for few second and then said to me darling I don’t have any condoms, I told him not to worry because I am sterilized.

He then pumped his penis few more times on my cunt and discharged his seeds on my barren cunt. I can see that he lack experience, though Peter is a little bit shy; he admitted that this is the first time that he had sex with any woman.

He lay exhausted on the bed with his head on my shoulder while I stroke his head and caress his body, I then get up of the bed and told him that I am going to get him some drink from the kitchen. He watched me while I walk naked to the kitchen and I went straight to the fridge. While walking to the kitchen; I can feel his cum juice oozing out of my cunt into my legs, and I let it flow down to my legs.

I returned to the bedroom with a bottle of cold drinks and two glasses, while walking towards the bed naked, I can see his rowing eyes were watching me. I pour the drink and gave him a glass and hold another for me, I got into the bed and lie next to him with my head resting on his naked shoulder. He took my left hand and holds it tight while we both slowly drink our cold drinks.

One thing I like about Peter is that he is a man of few words and he has a dark complexion but just sexy dark. I like everything about him, he has an athletic build and his young and strong body was so beautiful. I said to myself I am the luckiest 44 years old woman in the world to have a handsome young man as my sex partner.

His young and strong body is the kind of body that I want to have real sex with and deep inside me I wish he will be able to really fuck me again. I also know that women of my age or even young women will envy me if they know that I have this handsome young man in bed with me.

Peter took a cigarette from his pocket and asked me if I mine if he smokes. I didn’t object, I think may be because my husband is a non smoker, I want to have a new experience of having a man who smokes. When he light his cigarette and smoke, he looks more handsome, in fact he looks manly and sexy.

Once he finishes his cigarette he put the bud in the ash tray and took another sip of juice from the glass. He then moved towards me and started stroking my hair; I know we still have time for another round of sex, and I decide that I will take control. The good thing about having a lover much younger is that I can always control the situation.

I put my lips on his and start kissing him again and while doing that I started to climb on top of his naked body while he lay flat on the bed. I have never kissed a smoker in my life, so I kind a like it, the cigarette smell from his mouth is something unique that I cannot explain. On top of his body I can feel his fleshy and sticky penis touching my body, while I continue kissing him.

I move both my hands to his two nipples and started to lick and suck one after the other with my mouth. His body writhes and moved with ecstasy as I play with his nipples and in the mean time his cock started to rise again (If young man lack experience, they compensate it with strength vigor and vitality).I then kiss his body down to his penis which is still sticky and wet with our juices from our last sex and start sucking his cock again till it was hard as a rock. While I was playing with his nipples and suck his tasty cock, he holds my hair and enjoyed watching me doing it to him. I then climbed him and took his hard cock and place it on my cunt and I started to fuck him slowly.

Although Peter has just filled my cunt with his semen yet my cunt is tight again, or maybe his cock is bigger than my husband that I can feel the pain and I moan when his penis started to penetrate inside me. I initially ride his cock slowly and then increase the pace once I get excited. I was very careful not to make him come because I want our love making to last longer.

I want to come as many time as I can as long as my boyfriend can last and I realized for the first time that every time I come, I said to Peter I love you baby- I call him baby. He lay on the bed while I was on the top fucking him and on the other hand he was groping and playing with my boobs and caresses my whole body with both his hand.

I cannot remember how many times I come, because we have been fucking for a very long time, and when he feel that he cannot hold it anymore, he rolled me down and made me lie on the bed and fuck me on a missionary position. He fuck me hard and I cannot understand what happened to me that I keep pleading him to fuck me hard and say repeatedly fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard baby.

And as I was yelled and asked him to fuck me hard Peter too increases the pace of his push and thrust and pump his cock deeper and deeper into my cunt. By the time he had discharge his semen inside me I too came again and we were both came together and were exhausted. He lay on the top of me and we both fell asleep.

I woke up first and I feel his heavy body on top of me, I caress his naked body and he woke up and said sorry darling, how long have I been sleeping on top of you. He moved to the side of the bed and I said to him, baby my cunt is filled with our love juice can you give me something to wipe my cunt with.

I also said if I go home with a wet and smelly panty, my husband will suspect me, I don’t want that to happen. He looked at me with a smile and then gave his handkerchief to me and said wipe your cunt with it but I want it back; I want to keep it, I’ll need it when you are not with me. I look at the clock and I told him I have to go but he said he will first make something for us to eat.

He then went to the Kitchen and while he was preparing the food, I started to dress myself again. When the food is ready he came to call me to the kitchen and when he saw that I was dressed up, he too took his cloth and started to dress while I also help dress him up again.

We sat close to each other and eat quietly in the kitchen and while eating we continue to caress and stroke each other. After we have finished, I told him I have to go but before that I pull the handkerchief from under my cunt and give it back to him. He took it kiss it and said it smell good and we then went to his car and he dropped me in the market.

Since then we met each other at every opportunity, each time there is a holiday I would always try to find some excuses to visit him and every time we meet, it was sex and it depends on the time that I have- sometime it is quick sex and sometimes it is a gratifying sex in his room.

There were times that he even took me in his car to a far off place and we even make love in his car, I don’t understand myself anymore, I love my husband yet I want Peter’s young body to make me happy.

Of many meeting or dates I had with Peter, this one is the most memorable one. We went to his house and the moment he unlocked the door, he then all of a sudden kisses me and carried me to his bedroom.

In the bedroom, he made me sit on the edge of the bed, and sat next to me. He started unbuttoning my top and slipped the straps of my bra off my shoulders and pulled it down, exposing my breasts to him. “Oh sweet darling they are small but so beautiful!” he exclaimed, staring at my breasts.

He then started to take the dress I was wearing from my body, one after the other, starting with my top and my skirt and left me covered with just my panty. “You are beautiful,” he said, then kissed me and I let my lips part slightly, the tips of his tongues started to open my mouth. His hands found their way to my breasts and began to squeeze and play with my nipples.

My pulse began to pump rapidly and my body is getting aroused. He pinched my hard nipples and I started to feel the pleasure. I moaned “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……. ssssssssshhhhhhhhhh” several times, which fuelled his passion. He broke the kiss, his head bobbing down and starts taking my right nipple into his mouth.

I lost track of time as he explored my tits with his mouth and hands, and I arched my back, giving him full access to my now swollen breast and hard nipples. After laying with my breast he then took off his cloth and stood up and stands over me fully nude; his huge erect cock standing out and whenever I look at his cock I can’t help but compare it with my husband’s.

His strong hands found my head and pulled me forward, guiding my mouth to his cock. “Suck me, Darling,” he said, his voice is more of a command than a request. My hands reached for his pole as I open my lips taking him into my mouth. I reached behind him and rubbed his tight bum and sucked the pink tip of his penis.

After a long gradually sucking and licking his cock, I started to slid my mouth up and down his shaft. He then pushed me gentle on the bed and his strong hands grabbed my waist and lifted my legs to the air while I lay flat on the bed. My mind screamed at me to protest and stop him, but I spread my legs at his bidding and let him lower his head between them.

I willingly let him explore me with his tongue. He sucked at and tickled my clit with his tongue, over and over again while his hand reaching up to squeeze my swollen tits and hard nipples, and I lost count how many time I exploded.

He then turns me around, pushing me gently but firmly forward, until I am leaning over the edge of the bed again. My hand grip the edge of the bed, my knees on the floor, my bum out facing him. He then slides his hard cock into my cunt from behind. It felt so good as he began to gyrate his hips and thrusting his cock into me in and out.

I could feel that my cunt already wet and juice started flowing. I arched my back, pushing back against his cock with each thrust, my breasts dangling like bells. Peter’s hand gripped my hips and rubbed and squeezed the cheeks of my tight ass. At some point, one of his thumbs began to rub my ass hole and he was playing with it.

He put some saliva on my virgin asshole and rubbed it with his thumb and gently played with it and I’m beginning to enjoy the sensation that comes out of it. My mind was screaming, how can I let this happen? My husband had tried several times but I’d never let him fuck me in the ass, so why should I let my boyfriend have it this time?

Inspite of that I said to him “You can fuck my tight ass if you want, baby.” He smiled and then took some juice from my cunt in his hand and applied it on my ass hole. While applying the juice in my ass hole, he also inserted his middle finger inside my anus.

He continued playing with my back hole for some time, he then reach for a tube of vaseline and simultaneously apply it in and around my virgin ass hole. He then slowly put his penis in the opening of my hole and move it round the rim and slowly to push it in, but after some time he hesitates briefly I felt him stopped thrusting his pole into my ass, and then he slid his penis out of my cunt.

“Oh my god, Darling can I really…?” he said, clearly unable to fully process what was happening, and I felt him press his wet sticky cock against my anus. Pain shot through me briefly as his thick cock slid in my ass hole. “God your ass is tight,” he groaned, and he thrust his penis just deep enough inside me. He then slowly pushed it as deep as he can inside me.

He leaned forward, burying his cock in my tight ass, and reached around me, taking both breasts in his hands. He twisted my nipples ruthlessly as his cock fucked my butt with long, hard strokes. I can’t believe it. I had never ever let my husband fuck my ass and here I am allowing this Youngman to do it to me. Why what’s the matter, what wrong with me? I said to myself.

After fuking my ass hole for sometimes, Peter then said “Oh baby, can I come in your ass?” he said, hardly able to keep control. “Sure honey, cum in my virgin ass and fill it with your sperm baby!” I responded back. I felt him pushes his penis few more times and came as his load shot deep inside me.

He thrust a few more times then he leaned heavily against me, his fingers still working my nipples, which were growing rather sore by now. His cock slipped out of me with a pop and we both collapsed back on the floor, exhausted. We clean ourselves up as he help placing soft tissues on the outer rim of my ass hole.

We had just gotten our dress back on when I realized it is time that I go back home, before my husband reaches home. I smiled and winked at Peter and said “you are very lucky to be the first person to fuck me in the ass?” Surely my husband has attempted to put his cock inside my anus many times, but it never really happened, so my ass was still a virgin till you break it just now.

We made love many times, but we always did it in my young lover’s house, we seldom did it outside because I don’t want people to see me and Peter together. But this is one exception that we were not able to control.

He was waiting for me in a secret place, when I arrived he looked at me, a smile on his face as he open the door of his car.”You know, you look really amazing today,” he said to me, his eyes looking up and down my body.

I just looked at him and gave him a wicket smiled. I got in the car and slammed the door close and look at him with a suggestive look. I was wearing tight red tee shirt which amply show my breast with a black lose skirt which I think matched my tee shirt.

He switched the ignition key on and hit the road while his eyes kept wandering from the road to my body. I could tell he wanted me. There is no denying, that I wanted him too. So, I moved my hand and put it on his thigh. He shifted a little bit, taking one hand from the wheel to hold my hand on his thigh. He stroked my hands slowly and released it because he has to change gear.

I move my face near his head and whispered into his ear “Are we getting hot here?” I breath softly on his ear and lick his lobe with my tongue and bit his left ear gently. He was beginning to feel the heat, he looked at me and asked “Do we really have to do this now and inside the car?” Can’t we wait till we reach home honey? he asked. I kept mum.

Then I shook my head, moving my hand even higher up his leg near his crotch. I wasn’t even an inch away from his semi-hard cock. I moved my hand slowly and rub it over his cock to make him even harder.

I moved my body closer to his, thanking him for having nice car with good soft seats. I let my leg barely touched his as I rested my head on his shoulder. He glanced at me for a moment and was tempted to touch me, then he looked ahead on the road. After driving for sometime he saw a dirt road in a distance ahead which leads to a forest nearby.

He kissed my forehead as he turned off the main road onto a small, un-metal dirt road. He drove on for a little while going farther away from the main road and move till he reach a secluded place surrounded by forest where he hope no one would be able to see his car.

He stopped the engine then he looked at me with those piercing eyes, and I knew there was no turning back. Lust was in his eyes. Without waiting for him to act, I kissed his lips gently. He parted my lips with his tongue, pushing it into my mouth. I kissed him harder, massaging his tongue with my own while my hand was stroking the back of his head.

He moaned with pleasure while my left hand tried to unbuttoned his trouser. Because of the steering; we can hardly do anything on driver seat, he then pushed my seat back unlocked it and let it drop almost flat like a bed. He moved to my seat and he asked me to sit on his lap with my legs wide open and my back facing the wind shield.

“Touch me,” I whispered, caressing his face with my hand. I could feel his cock getting even harder beneath me. Peter kissed my neck, making small circles on my skin with his tongue and bit me softly. His left hand then reached my breast. He rubbed it on top of my dress, pulled my nipples making it erect.

My pussy began to get wet and I squirmed in his lap feeling his cock pressing against me. I moaned, giving him the sign he wanted. He moved his hand, this time going under my dress, instantly making me moan even louder. He gently rubbed my breast; he then began tracing circles around my nearly hard nipple, pulling it to make it even harder.

I then felt his free hand sliding up and down my thigh, each time getting closer and closer to my wet pussy. He finally reached it and began stroking me through my panty, he push his finger and began to feel me. I moved my hips, begging him for more. Peter obliged, and moved my panty over and began rubbing and pulling on my clit.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally left my aching clit alone as his fingers drifted to my opening, tracing circles around it until at last he entered his fingers inside me, sending a burst of pleasure through my entire body. He pumped his fingers inside me as I moved my hips, fucking his fingers. I felt an orgasm building, and just as I was about to come he pulled out of me.

“Not yet,” he whispered, kissing my neck. Grabbing my skirt, he lifted it off of me, leaving me naked except for my red thong. He moved me away from his lap, pushing me down onto my back. The seat was barely long enough, but it was just perfect. He kissed me hard his hands running over my entire body.

He moved his kiss away from my lips, down to my neck, down to my left nipple where he stopped to suck at it, flicking it gently with this tongue, while his hands pulled my thong down my legs. As soon as he had it off, I gently nudged his head lower, and he easily got the hint. Peter kissed me down my stomach until he reached my pussy.

I lifted both my legs up and spreading them wider. He hold my left leg up, while I rest my right leg on the car doors and he licked and sucked at my clit while tracing a line around my hole with his finger. I moaned again, moving my hips, wanting his tongue inside me. He flashed his eyes at me before shoving his tongue deep inside me, lapping at my juices.

Only a few moments later an orgasm erupted through me. Peter eagerly licked away my wetness, tasting all of me. I moved his head away from pussy, pushing him to kiss me again so I could taste my sweetness on him. His hard cock rubbed at my thigh. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I unfastened his pants, reached through his boxers, and pulled his throbbing cock free of constraint. I stroked it, pulling it gently, wanting him even harder. His tongue searched inside my mouth as I began to pump him harder and faster, bringing him to the point of orgasm.

He turned me around with my front to the seat and my back to him, I put my left leg on the seat and my right leg on the ground just to make it easy for him to penetrate my already wet cunt from behind. He then really fuck and pump my pussy from behind till he was about to come and pull his cock just in the nick of time.

But, instead of finishing the job, he pushed my hand away and turned me to face him again before sliding his cock into my aching pussy. He slid it in slowly, until he filled me completely. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he began pumping into me. His movements were gentle at first, but then he got faster and harder, making me moan. I moved my hips to match his rhythm as we fucked.

As he pounded me even harder, my orgasm mounted and I bit into his shoulder to stifle my scream as it flooded my senses. A few seconds, he thrust into me as hard as he could, holding me onto him as he came inside me, sending another orgasm rippling through my body. I let my scream out this time, and I heard him moan in his own pleasure.

Peter lay on top of me for a few moments, his head resting between my breasts. Then, he slowly moved off of me, and helped me back up. I slid my dress over my head as he fastened his pants. I looked over at him, smiling, feeling more satisfied than I had ever felt before. He then restarted the car and we drove back and he dropped me home satisfied and tired.

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