When and how I cheated!!!!

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Matt was five foot eight, maybe about two hundred pounds, short blond hair and blue eyes. Matt had a few tattoos but the one in the back of his neck was evident that he was a rebel and did not care what anyone else thought. He had a bad boy look about him which I found very sexy. I have always been attracted to bad boys. A bad boy with cutest dimples. No, not cute, sexy. They were sexy. He was what some women would consider “cute” but to me, he was handsome.
He was intriguing. He was different. More so he was really into me. According to my good friend katy Matt’s younger sister Matt was a chubby chaser. For a while now Katy has been telling me her brother would really like me. She finally had Matt come over when I was there alone with out my boyfriend. My name is Julie I am 32 years old bbw 206 lbs. 5″4′ dark brown hair brown eyes light color skin. My best assets are my face, eyes and my C cub very perky and firm breasts. Of course my unusually super tight pussy but you would not know that unless you have been with me. I am in a relationship with the father of my k**s. But I still agreed to meet Matt. I figured there was nothing wrong with just looking. So I thought. After meeting Matt, We hit it off really well. He showered me with all the much needed attention I needed in my life. I loved it, at that point in my life it was god send. My boyfriend and I were at all time lowest point of our relationship ever. I found myself thinking about Matt more and more every day. He made me nervous. He made me check myself in the mirror when he would swing by. He made me make sure my makeup was done well before I would say “hello.” I was nervous, I always get nervous around guys showing interest to me. The only guy I have ever been with is my boyfriend who is also the father of my k**s. Before my boyfriend I had zero experience with boys. Matt had taken me to dinner and now we were at his place. From the time he picked me up, and while we were in the restaurant where we dinned and had dinner and to the drive to his house we held hands. Matt held and hugged me every given chance. It was all very exciting. My heart was racing Yes, I wanted this to happen, but could I really go through with this? Matt stood in front of me naked. This was it, could I do this? It was now or never. The whole experience so far had been so thrilling for me I was not about to cut it short and go home to my fucked up situation with my man I was in. I finally brought myself to speak, “I wish you had k**napped me and brought me here to do as you pleased with me, so I didn’t have a say so what so ever.” I said. Matt walked to the front door and locked it. “You are not going anywhere till I say so, do I make myself clear? Matt asked. I was in a relationship a serious one, with three k**s. I was not the type of woman to sleep around but here I was. Here he was. I was in his room sitting on his bed where Matt stood in front of me naked. My brain was screaming “NO”. My heart was screaming “NO”. But my pussy was tearfully crying from the moment he striped out of his cloths. I watched his arm at dinner, the vein popping out, the muscles defined. I imagined that arm, that hand touching me. I kept looking at my food trying to think about anything else. He made some small talk, hit me with his elbow playfully to get my attention. He did not understand that I was nervous. What if he did not like my body? What if he did not think I was a good a fuck? I was over thinking it. But I was nervous. I wanted to. I wanted to SO BAD but, did I have it in me to be the woman that cheated with another man? Did I have it in me to throw caution to the wind and for once enjoy the spontaneity? For fuck sake my loving boyfriend cheated not once but hand full of times on me over the years. I had no doubt given the chance he would again. Stop over thinking this and let it just happen. My mind was going crazy with all these thoughts. Matt snapped me out of my deep trance I was in by pushing me back where I laid on the bed. “While you are here in my house, you are mine! Do you hear me?” he asked. Matt was on top of me with his full weight and held both of my hands. “I want to hear you say it. Do you understand?” Matt asked. I was nervous, excited and scared and very undeceived all the same time. I could not speak even if I tried I was so nervous. So when Matt asked again “Do you understand?” I nodded my head yes. “Good enough.” Matt said, and started to kiss me as he lay on top of me. That mouth….. I had no idea how nice that mouth was until it touched me. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I damn near melted. His tongue was soft. I should have known, since his lips were soft too. I closed my eyes and could taste the remnants of the mouthwash he had just used. His hands cupped my neck. Matt’s hands were just as I imagined, soft, yet strong. I lost my nervousness for a moment and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him even closer as we kissed.. Yes, it was wrong but damn, this wrong felt so right. We were making out passionately mean while he had my shirt unbutton and was working on my bra. I gave him a hand and loosen the clasp on my bra and removed it, I tossed it on the floor. I was eager to reveal my perfect breasts for him to see. Matt broke our kiss and now he was sucking on my neck and licking around my ear. I am very ticklish around there so kept giggling. Matt started to feel my breasts with his hand. “Oh my fucking god these are beautiful.” Matt said as he took my nipple to his mouth. “Thank you.” I replied. Matt had a mouth full of my breast. I was getting so wet watching him feast on my nipples. He placed his hand on my thigh and slid it up and down a few times feeling my silky smooth skin. “You are so damn hot.” Matt said. “Thank you,” I replied as I watched his hand move slowly up and down my bare thigh. Matt took his time slowly touching and feeling my body as I just laid there, enjoying every touch. I could not believe this was happening to me. It felt wonderful. ” I loved your silky smooth skin. Julie you are so soft.” He said. He explored every inch of my body. I had the chills run through my body as he took plenty of time lightly stroking different areas of my body, I noticed he became aroused at the sight and feel of my smooth skin. His cock was getting bigger and bigger. He took his finger tips and explored the details of my face, I closed my eyes and moaned softly. After exploring every detail of my face he ran his fingers through my long hair. “Matt you are turning me on so much.” I said a little breathlessly. “Do you like this?” Matt asked. “Yes, your touch feels so soft and sexy.” I replied. He leaned forward and kissed me deeply on the lips. We explored each other’s mouth with our tongues. Our lips parted and he began to lick my tongue, he was so hot, and very passionate about me.
“Julie you are so beautiful.” He said, and he softly kissed my cheeks and then down to my neck, kissing the sides softly as he went. I was on fire. I loved his touch and kisses. He spent a long time, just kissing my body tenderly from my head down to my toes. Matt did not miss a spot on my body, he touch and kissed and licked me everywhere from head to my toes. I loved watching him suck on my feet. He seem to enjoy himself very much feasting on my body. Just to watch him was such a turn on for me. I was moaning softly as he continued, he slowly kissed his way back up to my mouth and lips.
“Oh my god Matt, I have never experienced anything like this.” I said.
Matt….”Shall I continue?” “If you kiss me like that anymore I will have an orgasm.” I said. “That could be a first for me,” he told. I reached for him and said “kiss me Matt.” After a few, I broke our kiss, I looked into his beautiful blue eyes, “I want you and I want you now.” I said.
When he stood to move and sit next to me. For the first time I noticed how big his cock was hard, and he moved so he could sit next to me on the bed. Matt had the biggest Dick I had ever seen before. He was bigger then the couple of the black porn stars on BBC website I liked to watch. I reached out and began rubbing his body sensuously. After I was finished exploring him and his big hard cock with my hands, I set up on the bed and he pulled my sheer top the rest of the way off me. Once it was off he embraced me and kissed me softly on the lips as Matt laid me slowly back to the bed lying on top of me, with his full weight on top of me, kissing me deeply then he moved up beside me on the bed and lay next to me as he softly stroked the skin of my breasts and stomach. I had my eyes closed as I kept tossing my head slowly from one side then other slowly enjoying ever touch. Finally when I open my eyes I noticed Matt was looking right at me. The look he had in his eyes was loving and full of desire. It was such a turn on knowing he was loving everything about me. he was being so loving to me. I kept looking into his eyes, He moved his hands to my thighs and stroked the tender flesh of my legs and then began to softly run his fingers over my hips and pussy. His first touch on my pussy was enough for me to almost have an orgasm. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. It was beating so fast. I could not wait for him to put that big hard cock inside me. I spread my legs slightly so he could explore lower, he ran his fingers down to my pussy lips.
“Julie you are so wet already.” He said.
“Oh Matt, your touch and kisses are turning me on.” I said. “I’m glad, you are so beautiful, I really enjoy touching you.” Matt said.
He took the tips of his fingers and stroked my soft outer lips as gently as he could. Oh my god I was loving this. I moaned. He barely penetrated my lips, they were so wet his fingers easily slipped up and down their inner full length. My pussy was soaking wet as he stroked my lips. I was going crazy I wanted him inside pussy bad.
“Matt I am ready, I want you now.” I said.
He probed a little deeper and said, “you have to be nice and wet so I can fit this big dick of mine in you nice and easy.” All I heard was big dick in me. I moaned again softly and said “yes your big dick in my pussy please.” I was begging. Sliding the tips of his fingers up and down the full length of my pussy only increased the juices flowing from my pussy. He took his time just feeling and exploring my tender flesh, I was thinking that I had died and gone to heaven. I wanted his big dick inside me.
“Matt, I need you. I need you in me now.” I said.
He moved slowly between my legs as he spread them. He was on his knees between my legs, he lifted my knees up and spread my legs open.
I looked into his eyes and said. “Yes take me! I am ready for you.” He moved closer to my body, I reached for his cock and pointed it at my opening, easing the tip up to my waiting flesh, I moaned. He pushed forward slightly as he moved the head of his cock up and down the length of my pussy, I moan. He guided the head forward and eased into my tight pussy. Oh my god.. Just the tip of his cock inside me. The fire in my pussy was now ablaze, first the head parted my lips then a few inches slipped in. I was wet and ready.
“Oh yes.” I said softly.
He pushed forward more, slipping a few more inches into me.
He released the hold he had on his cock and placed his hands on my hips and eased forward slowly in one long push.
“Oh my god, you are so big.” I said.
He continued to slide in until he felt resistance. he was almost completely in me when I felt the tip of his cock press against my cervix. He waited, I was completely relaxed, he had slipped easily into me with my wetness. He pulled out a few inches and slowly slipped back in, over and over, very slowly he continued, each time he went in a little further. I moaned softly as he continued for a long time. Each time he slipped slowly out and back in me, his massive cock felt so good. I could not believe he was able to put his big dick in my pussy with such ease. Matt looked down at me as he continued and I was looking into his eyes I saw a very loving look again an expression of someone every much in love. I wasn’t sure what to make of it.
“Oh Matt that feels so good.” I said as I looked into his eyes.
“Is this what you want?” He asked.
“Oh yes, fuck me, I want you to fuck me hard.” I replied.
He pulled out in long strokes and he slipped back in, over and over, no thrusting, just long deep wet strokes. I just laid there and moaned softly while I enjoyed the long slow gentle attention. I closed my eyes for a few minutes while he stroked in and out of my pussy nice and slow. “You are so big.” I said, then open them up and look at him again.
“You feel so good inside me, I love it.” I said..
My inner muscles started to twitch. Matt sped up his long strokes just slightly.
“Julie you are so beautiful.” He told me as he stroked my legs with his hands.
“Thank you Matt..I love what you are doing.” I replied.
I moved my hands to his back and softly rubbed and massaged him. His eyes were still locked with my eyes staring straight into mine. We stayed this way as he continued to stroke in out of my wet tight pussy. I was lost in his gaze as Matt’s big dick went in and out of my tight pussy he pushed in deeper and deeper into my pussy with every stroke.
“Mmmm…Yes.. Yes..your cock feels so good.” I said
After a little longer my inner muscles went from twitching to pulsing and squeezing his cock as I looked at him.
“I love your big cock inside me, yes that’s it fuck me with that big cock.” I told him as I was looking into his beautiful blue eyes. He placed his hands under my knees and lifted my legs up slightly allowing him to push in a little further.
“Oh my god Matt, that feels so good, my pussy has never been this full before.” I said.
He started to pound his hard cock into me over and over, Deeper, faster and faster he kept at it.
“You like it?” Matt asked, as he kept pounding his hard dick deep into my pussy.
“Yes yes you are going to make me come.” I said.
I felt tension build. He lifted my legs further up and leaned into me pushing in as far as he could and then pulling out and pushing all the way back in.
“Oh Matt…I, I am about to come!” I said.
He leaned forward more, putting pressure against my pussy lips and clit each time he went all the way in. He kept up a good gentle thrusting pace and pressed into me.
“Oh my god, I’m coming, yes fuck me Matt.” I said.
My stomach muscles spasmed revealing my orgasm as it began gently flowing through my body.
“Oh yes, yes, yes!” I cried.
My body tensed hard and I squeezed my pussy as hard as I could on his big fat cock then the juices began flowing out of my pussy. He pushed in and held every inch of his big dick inside my pussy, my hips jerked up a few times gently.
“Oh yes, oh god! Oh my god Matt, that was incredible, I have never felt anything like that.” I said.
“Good I am not done.” Matt told me with smirk on his face.
“I am starting to feel sore a little.” I said.
“I have been pounding the hell out of you and you are so tight, of course you will feel sore and stretched a little.” Matt replied. “I have never had a dick as big as yours.” I said.
He repositioned himself slightly, grabbed my legs and placed each of my feet over his shoulder, as he eased into me again he thrust in and out of me with a little more speed. Then he picked up the pace and now Matt was going as deep as he could before pulling back out, over and over. I could feel his balls slapping my butt every time he rammed his dick into me.
“You like my big dick inside you? Tell me how much you like this dick?” Matt asked.
“I feel so full. I love it! Yes fuck my pussy! Love your dick.” I replied.
Matt continued this pace for a while. I began to squirm again, as i began to squirm more and more he sped up.
Faster and faster Matt kept pushing his big dick into my tight pussy.
“Oh yes! Yes! Fuck yes! give it to me.” I cried out
I was trying to buck my hips as best I could to meet each of his strokes. He sped up and pushed harder and deeper.
“Oh my god it feels so good.” I yelled.
My body went tense again as I jerked hard several times.
“Oh god yes! yes! yes!” I yelled out again.
I began pounding my head back on the bed over and over as my orgasm rocked my body. For the first ever in my life I squirted, and all over Matt.
“Ummmm, oh Matt !” I said.
I jerked a few times then my legs went soft. He stayed between my legs and his cock back inside me.
“Oh Matt that was great, I have never came so hard in my life. You are fantastic.” I told Matt.
“Julie I love your pussy it is so nice and tight, just feels great.” Matt said.
“I want you to come in me, it didn’t turn you on enough to come?.” I asked.
“Julie that really turned me on, don’t k** yourself, I have been working hard to not fill you up. You look so incredible and feel so incredible, I feel very turned on.” Matt replied.
“Then come in me now, fuck me.” I pleaded.
He grabbed my thighs and pulled me close and began to push in and out of me in long hard strokes. His cock was already twitching from watching me orgasm over and over, he picked up where he had left off now that I was satisfied.
“Oh Matt, give it to me!” I begged.
He thrust in and out in long stimulating strokes, just the right speed. He let his orgasm build as I began to moan and thrash around again, he was going to continue until I was having another orgasm.
“Oh god yes Matt that feels so wonderful!” I gasped.
“You feel so good inside Julie, I want you to come again.” He demanded.
He sped up more. “You are fucking me so good.” I cried out.
“Oh, Matt I’m coming!” I screamed out.
He pulled my thighs harder into him and thrust all the way in and out of my pussy.
“Matt, now!!” I screamed.
My pussy clamped down hard, he shoved everything he had into my pussy and released everything he was holding back.
“Ahhhhhhh!” He screamed as contractions ran through his groin. He was actually jerking with each shot of cum he dumped into me. Matt just laid on top of me for a few.
“Matt you ok?” I asked.
“Fine just enjoying the moment.” he said.
We laid there together till we both fell asleep.

Not sure what time it was, or how long I was out for. I was sound sleep having an intense dream. I smiled when I woke up after all my hot and wild dream was infect very much real. I stretched my legs and spread my knees apart to allow better access to my aching wet pussy. I adjusted my self so I had clear view of Matt who’s face was buried in my pussy. He was eating this pussy as if it was the only pussy on earth. “Yes! Yes! Just like that. Eat my pussy like your life depends on it.” I demanded. I run my fingers through his blond hair, holding his head still while I worked my hips, round and round fucking Matt’s face. I watched Matt as I soaked and smeared his face with my squirting cum. My body jerked and jerked as I rubbed his face with total domination. I showered his face over and over. My head was spinning as I stared at the ceiling. I released my hold on his head, body was totally limped. Matt continued to kissing and giving me small bites on my thighs working his way to my foot. He was on his knees. I watched him bring my foot to his completely soaking wet face. He sucked on my little toe. Taking all my toes to his mouth. I held on to the sheets and squirmed all over the bed from pleasure. He found the one spot. I was in heaven. I used my right leg to rub his hard cock with my other foot. “I loved this hard cock.” I said as I rubbed my one foot all over his Dick. I wear size 11 shoes. As I rubbed my foot all over his cock, I noticed his cock was just about an inch longer then my big size 11. I felt like a porn star. I was able to take 12 inches or more of big cock in this tight pussy of mine and loving it. “I feel your big cock stretching this pussy, and I love it.” I said. When he stopped, Matt crawled on top of me, he started to kiss me. I was not much of a make out kind of person, but loved Matt kissing me. We made out for next 20 mins. I broke our kiss and took his hard dick that was poking my stomach in my hand. His dick felt hot in my hand and I could feel the veins of his hard cock pulsating in palm of my hand. Having my hand around it I was amazed it was almost too big to handle with one hand. “This will have to be a quickie I said I am wore out.” I said. “Promise.” Matt replied.
Matt grabs his stiff cock and rubs the throbbing head on my wet pussy lips.

“Roll on your other side so I can hold you from behind,” Matt told me.
I rolled on my other side and pressed back up against him. He reached around me and took my leg and pulled it over his. I pressed my ass into him, and Matt reached down and grabbed his dick and place it on my pussy. I reached down and guided it inside my pussy. His big hard cock parted my pussy lips and slipped right in to my wet pussy. I pulled Matt in tight with my leg. He held me and slid his cock in as far as it would go. Matt held me tight with his cock buried inside me. He just held it in for while.
“I love how full my pussy feels when you are all the way inside me.” I said.
“I love how tight you are.” Matt told me.”
“Now fuck me with your big cock.” I said.
Matt began working his cock slowly in and out of my pussy as he held me.
“Yes give me that big cock.” I begged.
He sped up a little and kept giving me his hard big dick over and over in and out. My tight pussy was getting stretched more and more with every stork. I started squeezing my pussy muscles tight on and off so I could feel more of his hard cock as it slid in and out of me. This was great Matt held me and made love to me for the first time ever. After about 30 minutes of Matt loving me with his big cock I held back as long as I could. “Harder! Harder! Deeper! I yelled out.
Matt kept driving his cock in to my pussy.

“Yes Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck This Pussy!!” I screamed out.

Matt sped up a little more and I was squeezing his big cock with my pussy muscles.

“Ahhhhh…yes, yes, yes! Oh yes! Fuck me!”

Matt held me tight while he pounded his big fat cock over and over into my pussy.

“Oh, my god!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!” I screamed as an epic orgasm ripped through my body.
Matt held me tight as I pushed my ass into him hard and shook and jerked.
“Oh Yes! Yesss!! I screamed, and my juices began squirting everywhere .” Ohhhhhhh!! “More! Don’t stop!! Don’t stop!! ,,,Fuck me! Fuck me!”. I yelled.

Still holding me tight and shoved his cock as far as it went inside my pussy.
“Again, give it to me!.” I yelled out.
Matt pulled almost all the way out, then with extreme force shoved his cock back inside my pussy, again and again. Matt pulled his cock out, started to rub my clit with 4 fingers real fast.
.”Yes! Yes! Oh My God!”. I screamed while he kept rubbing my clit, I squirted one after other.
After a minute or two my body went limp again catching my breath.
Matt was rubbing his dick on my pussy lips, and he slipped it back in.
“Shit please no more! No Matt!!” I begged him to pull out.
Matt pulled his cock out and was rubbing his still hard cock on my pussy lips.
I laid there trying to catch my breath and was soaking from sweat.
Matt began kissing me on my shoulders as I recovered.
“You are something else, It was so fuckn amazing making love to you Julie.” Matt told me, as he continued to kiss my neck and shoulder. I turned to face him and grab his hard cock in my hand, and started to stroke him, “I am happy to tell you, no one has ever fuck me so good. You owned this pussy.” I said.
“Shut up Julie, I owned you!”. Matt said and laughed.
“I have never been satisfied before in my life like you satisfied me just now. I have a boyfriend, believe me I am not too happy about what has happened. But fact is that,” I squeezed my hand around his hard cock, and continued to speak. ” Fact is that you made this pussy yours. You owned this pussy. This is your pussy first and most before all. Should you want it.”
“I like the sound of that. My pussy!! It does feel as if this fat tight pussy was made just for my cock.” Matt replied. He kissed my chin then my lips and the tip of my nose. “So does this mean you are moving in with me? Because I like to keep what is mine near me.” I laughed and said. “No silly what it means is that when my boyfriend Mike fucks me my pussy and I will be thinking about you and only you.” I said. Matt raised up on his knees spat in his hand then worked his spit all over the tip of his cock and asked. ” how do you want it.” He was an a****l his cock was hard and ready again. I said. I needed a little rest.” and offered for him to fuck my mouth.
No I have better idea, why don’t you sit on my face and let me clean you up a little. Matt said. Matt rolled on his back. My heart was beating so fast from all the excitement and all this was very new to me. Matt had fucked me in ways I only seen in porn. I had a feeling alot more was coming my way before the night was over. I turned around and sat up and looked at Matt, and thought to myself it might not be just my pussy he owned. I worked my way in place and soon was sitting on Matt’s mouth. Matt reached up and squeezed both of my breasts tight, then pulled on both nipples. I could not help and giggled then worked my pussy on his mouth as Matt began to slide his tongue deep inside me.
“Ahhhh! That’s it! Eat your pussy! That’s right I said eat your pussy!” I demanded.
Matt slid his tongue out of my pussy and began to slow run it the length of my pussy over and over. “My lips are still sensitive to lick, suck on my labia.” I said. I held myself up for a long time as Matt slowly sucked one labia then the other.
I was looking down and watching him work on my pussy. He sucked one lip into his mouth until it was engorged with blood and super sensitive; then he went to work on the other. Once it was fully engorged, he sucked both of them into his mouth.

“Ohh! Yes! That feels so good!”

He kept sucking on both of my labia until I squirted in to his mouth and face. I shook and squirted several times, I tried to aim away from his head, I got the head board and the pillow good, both were soaked.
I pushed myself up on my knees then fell to his side. I moved, so I was perpendicular to Matt and spread my legs. He grabbed his cock and started it into my pussy and shoved hard.
“Oh, god!! Yes!!”
Matt grabbed my legs and pulled them over him and pulled me in tight. My pussy was against Matt’s cock as I laid at an angle from him while he drove his cock into my swollen pussy.
“How does it feel? You like fucking your pussy?” I asked.
“Yes I love fucking my pussy. Mine! Mine! Mine! Love it! Mine! Mine!”. Matt kept repeating Mine! Mine! as he pounded my swollen pussy over and over. He drove his dick in my pussy harder and faster.
“That’s it Matt! Take it! You have earned the rights to own this cunt.” I said.
“Oh, god yes! Fuck me hard!!” I screamed.

I laid on my back, Matt drove his big beautiful cock into me over and over as I moaned and groaned. My tits bounced each time he slammed into my pussy. I could not help but let out a grunt each time Matt bottomed me out, Matt kept driving into my pussy.
“Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh… over and over. “Harder!!”

Matt held my leg tight and thrust into me as hard as he could from this angle. My pussy took a fierce pounding for good Ten minutes none stop.

“Ahhhhh!! Fuck me!!” I screamed as I humped my pussy up. “Yes!!”
started shaking as one orgasm after another took control of my body.

“Ohhhhh…ohhhh…yes!!” I screamed as I gushed and squirted. “Fuck me!!”

Matt kept slamming into my wet pussy as I shook and screamed, one last body contraction, then I screamed.
“Fuck yes.”
Matt pulled out of my pussy and I rubbed my clit fast. I squirted several times. The two of us were covered with my juices. I just went limp on the bed. We both were breathing very hard.
“I think I might have destroyed my new owned pussy.” Matt said with a laugh.
“Destroyed? I don’t think so. This cunt is brand new. Has very little miles on her. Far from destroyed. More like you just broke her in.” I replied. “You did have the tightest pussy ever. If not destroyed, I better have stretched it some what.” Matt said. Then he held his dick in his hand and said. “I have yet to come what are we going to do about this?” As Matt stroke his cock.
“I will take that blow job now.”. Matt said.
“There is something wrong with you if you have not come yet.” I said.
“There is nothing wrong with me, I have been holding back, I guess trying to show off that I can hold back for ever. I control the when every time.” Matt said

If that’s true you must have a very disciplined mind. Hell of a willpower.
” has to be one in a million.” I said. You must have a lot of happy customers. Do you? I asked. You tell me. Are you a happy customer? Matt asked. You know I am. I really didn’t know what it meant to be satisfied. Thanks to you I know it very well now. Matt brought his dick to my face. I grab his cock in my hand and give it a wet kiss then I spit on it and stroked it gently. I think I want this in my ass. If my tight ass don’t make you come then nothing else will. “You have pleased my pussy…for now. Now please my ass.” I said.
I looked at Matt and smiled. Matt Slid his cock in my wet pussy and shoved it in and out a few times then pulled it out and I grabbed it and held it up to my asshole.
Matt started easing his cock into my ass. I watched as Matt tried slid into my tight ass. He held my leg and pushed. Just the tip of his dick felt like he was going to rip me in half.

“Ohhhhh. My fuckn god!! You are sooo big. I do want you in my ass, but I think I want you to finger bang my ass first.” I said.
You have no idea how bad I want to take your ass. So I will do what ever it takes. ” Matt said.
I laid on my back and grabbed my ankle, I flexed and stretch after the 3rd try I raised my leg over my head and I tucked my right foot under my head and I did the same with my left leg. Both feet was resting under my head. I am ready I said. That is fuckn hot! You are amazing Julie. I have never had anyone as flexible to do this and I have been with alot of cheerleaders. Matt said.
Really? Its not all that difficult. Well its not even fair to compare a cheersluts with a gymnast But its not skill just basic yoga. I was not fat all my life I was in gymnastics for a long time. Now I wish I had been a cheerleader. I would have liked to been one of them cheerwhore you mentioned. As a gymnast I had no time for boys.
Matt got on his hands and knees. You are just amazing Julie. Matt said. you already mentioned that. But do you know what is even more amazing then me? I asked. “My big cock in your sweet tight ass?” Matt replied.
“Sounds amazing.” I said. We Both laughed.
Matt gave me a few bites on my ass cheeks he then place a kiss on every bite mark.
He licked his way to my asshole.
“I love my asshole licked.” I said.
Matt sucked on my pussy lips for a minute or two to add more to my already wet pussy. His tongue worked its magic on my very sensitive clit and licking down to the honey pot. Watching Matt use his tongue circling and licking my asshole was Incredibly hot and a turn on more then anything else I have ever experienced in the past. He slipped his finger in my wet pussy as he licked and flick his tongue on my asshole. To really get me wet he kept pushing the tip of his tongue in me. I was getting so wet watching him worship my ass and pussy.
He spat and spat again on my hole and his finger’s wet from my pussy he slip the tip of his pinky in my hole. “You are so thought full and sweet using your pinky first. But I for not a virgin have no fear bang on. Start with your thumb.” I said.
He worked his thumb inside. Very gently pushed it in. He pulled out and going back as far as it would go a dozen times. Before pulling all the out he spat a couple of times around the hole and on his thumb I was just getting into it when he pulled out. He worked his fingers back inside my wet pussy, stroking in and out making sure his fingers were nice and wet before pulling them back out. Matt was fixing to push in 2 fingers in. “Believe me when I say I am not a virgin try 3 fingers I will be ok. I think I will be ready for your dick once you stretched me using 4 fingers.” I said. “Are you sure you want 4 in you.”
Matt asked. ” Duh yes if you want to put your dick in my ass with out killing me first. Your hard cock is about the same diameter as my wrist.” I said.
Maybe because you handle and look at it or what ever else guys do with their dicks all day long. Your size has become normal to you. You have a very lovely huge cock. Bigger then anything I have ever seen on porn or had the pleasure of personally. So please stretch my ass as much as it takes. So I can enjoy getting my ass fucked also. Matt placed 2 fingers and pushed in the very tip, and slipped 3rd finger in. I relaxed best as I could. He was able to work 3 fingers all the way in me. “I am ok I told him. Matt work his fingers in and out of me. Picking the pace a little, this went on for next 15 minutes or so, I started to enjoy getting my ass finger banged. He very carefully worked 4th finger in. He only pushed in about an Inch or 2 in. He worked his hand in a screwing motion right and left a good while. “I am ready as I would ever be for the real thing.” I told Matt.
While Matt was getting his cock all nice and wet inside my pussy I told him. ” I am kind of worried You have the biggest dick I have ever seen. My ass is used to 4 or at the most 5 inches dick only. So keep that in mind Please.” I said.
Matt put his cock in my wet pussy and shoved it in me with a few deep strokes before pulling it back out. He grabbed his slick cock. Matt guided the head of his cock to my asshole. He placed the head of his cock next to my slick asshole and began to push in slowly.

Matt looked at me with a determined look and pushed some more.

I watched. Matt as he gently pushed in. I felt the head of his cock slowly begin to enter my ass. Matt paused even though my asshole was still stretched out from his fingers. I settled some more and relaxed best I could. I felt the head of his cock slip past my asshole and into my rectum. He paused to allow me to get use it for a minute or so. He pushed in some more and I felt the head of his cock slowly slip into me. I looking at Matt’s dick. I was biting me lower lip from the pain. So I closed my eyes thinking it might be less pain if I didn’t watch as he continued to push in.

I felt the head of his cock slip past my second sphincter, Matt pushed in a little, I moaned deeply with a grimace on my face. I was finding it hard to believe that he was really able to get as far with out having me screaming to stop. So far it was not too bad.

Matt paused for a minute then pushed in again.

My eyes rolled to back of my head with my mouth wide open. He began to slide out an inch or so then pushed back in a little further each time. He was now about half way in. He continued to do this as his cock went further and further in my ass. After several more minutes at this pace Matt was unbelievably near the base of his cock. Matt pulled a long ways out of my ass and then pushed back in all the way until my ass was touching his crotch.

“Ahhhhhhh!!” I moaned loudly.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly.

“Yes, just don’t move,” I said.

Matt sat there for several minutes. “The heat of your bowels is incredible.” Matt said. Matt clinched the cheeks of his ass together, so the head of his cock swelled inside me. Slowly Matt began to move his hips. He pulled out of my ass a little and back in a little out and then back in over and over, each time pushing and in a little farther. I watched as his lubed cock pushed in and out of my slick asshole. I was getting used to his huge cock deep in my ass, “the feeling of your insides are causing my balls to swell, I am doing all I can to keep from coming in you.” Matt said.

Matt started moving more aggressively, up and down, I was moaning and groaning louder and louder. He was now pulling out about halfway and pushing back in. I started to really enjoy his big cock in my ass. I was biting my lip harder and harder as he went faster and faster. He began pushing in even harder each time the one before. Matt was pounding my ass good. He used his weight slamming in to my ass to go as deep as he could. Time after time I got the wind knock out of me. I could not believe it I was about to have an orgasm from getting fucked in the ass. I reached down with a hand and began to finger my clit hard. The more I watched his cock slip in and out of my ass the hotter my pussy got.

“Julie, are you okay?”

“Ohhhh, yes!”

” Your tight ass and your hot insides are driving me to the edge.” Matt said.

“Julie, I can’t hold it much longer!” he said.

“Go ahead, cum in my ass, cum deep in my ass!” I yelled.

He let go and began pumping loads of cum deep into ass as he slammed his cock in me and held it. He thrust into me.

“Oh god Matt!” I yelled as I began squirting. My juices all over him again.

“Oh god!” I yelled again as I jerked against his cock.

He continued to pump more cum into me, He forced his weight down on me harder with each jet of cum. Then he humped my ass hard for a minute then collapsed down onto me.

I released my feet from under my head.

“God Julie, that was incredible.”
“I am glad you enjoyed it. I knew you would cum hard fucking my ass.” I said.
Mmmmm”I didn’t hurt you did I?” Matt asked.
“I liked it, but sorry Matt don’t count on fucking my ass again for some time.”
“Fuck I hurt you.” Matt said with a worried look?
“I really think it was the finger banging that has me soar. Don’t worry It was not bad at all. To be honest I think I would really enjoy it if we tried it again. Now that you have managed to gab my asshole. We will have to try it again another time so I can recover.” We both were exhausted. Matt spooned and held me tight as we both drifted off to sleep.

I was asleep only for a little while before I woke up. I knew I had to get up and go home. I was already in deep had to come up with some story to tell my boyfriend. But I wanted him in my mouth before I went home. Matt was still sleeping as I took his cock to my mouth. I was working my mouth up and down on his cock. I wrapped one hand around it and pumped it as I sucked. Matt’s cock was up before he was. I worked my mouth and hand up and down on his cock as Matt just watched with sleepy eyes.
“Yes, that ‘s it!! Suck it Julie!!”
Matt just laid there and let me go. His cock was hard as a rock, and I was driving him to a orgasm. It took me about 15 more minutes until Matt was ready to come.

“Yes, Julie!! I’m going to come!!”

When the first load shot into my mouth, he forced all of his cock down my throat and held it there until he stopped coming. Even after he had no more cum, he was still thrusting his cock into my mouth. I finally came up and inhaled sharply.

“Oh, my…”I said trying to hold myself up.

Matt collapsed next to me. He wrapped his arm around me and held me. I finally got up, showered and was about to leave to go home, Matt gave me a hug and a good bye kiss. “I have a feeling it will be a long time before I see you again.” Matt said. He pulled me close and kissed me again. “I wish I could stay longer, but I am already in deep. As it is I am not sure what I will tell him about not coming home. Soon as things cool down a little I will be back expect me back some time next week.” I kissed him and walked out the door.
To be contained.

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