Transformation From A Lesbian To Straight – Part 1

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By the mid of my semester break one of my cousins from kerala had her marriage, her name was Rithika(she is not the heroin of this story). So I along with my parents went to the marriage function before two days. Rithika was looking all gorgeous as a bride. All our relatives were present in the family house and all were having fun.

Then I saw one of my aunts who is staying near by the family house coming in, she was the one who natured me when I was young, so she was very close to me. We were both happy seeing each other and started to chat. While chatting I enquired about her daughter Paru , who is also at the same age as rithika, I asked my aunt when is paru going to get married. She just blushed and lowered her head, I knew something was wrong and asked her if she all right. She replied is ok and changed the topic.

The marriage went well and all the relatives were leaving to their respective places, my family also decided to go home after a day, so one that day I was resting on my room and suddenly my aunt came in and started a conversation , the topic shifted to marriage and then to her daughter. Then I saw tears coming out from her eyes. I enquired about the problem and she said to me that she is going to revile a secret and it should stay as a secret. I nodded in agreement.

Aunt: paru is not interested in men.

Me: I don’t get it aunt.

Aunt: she is interested in girls.

I was in a confused state and then it struck me that she is referring to lesbian.

Me: A lesbian.

Aunt: what is that? (she didn’t understand).

Me: it’s a term for girls who are interested in girls.

Aunt: oh! Mm…. so you can understand it right!..

Then my aunt went on and said that both my aunt and uncle had started to see alliance for paru a year back and every time a proposal is kept in front of her she rejects it. After a few rejections my aunt enquired to her about her interests in men and that’s when she reviled that she was interested in girls rather than men. My aunt has been worried since then and even has kept the matter a secret from her husband. Our conversation was interrupted was uncle who came looking for aunt.

The next day I was packing to go home when aunt came in and told me to stay there and spent some time with them. I was interested in it as I had nothing to do after getting home. My parents to agree and they left to home. That very night after dinner, paru went to her room and uncle was still not home as he comes home around 10 every nit. So my aunt and I were back chatting on the same matter of paru.

Aunt: I think she is interested in girls because of the pleasure she has experienced from them and if she can experience the pleasure that a man can give it to her, she may change her attitude and agree for a marriage.

Me: ya aunty, that seems to be a good idea but how do we get her to experience such a pleasure.

Aunt: I think you can help me dear.

I knew what she was coming to say and pretended not to know.

Me: what do you have in mind aunty?

Aunt: I need you to give that pleasure to paru, make her feel the pleasure a man can give to her so that she must never turn to girl to seek pleasure.

A minute of silence followed as I had never look at paru in a bad intention.

Me: but aunty paru is my cousin and I had never thought about her in a bad intention, and also I have not experienced the pleasure of sex and I’m not sure if I will be able to give her all the pleasure an experienced man can give her.

Aunt: but I can’t trust any other guy other than you. And don’t worry about knowing things as I can give you instructions to satisfy women. And I have also convinced paru about this matter and she is ready to give a try.

The thought of getting between my cousins legs with the help of her mom excited me.

Me: how are you planning to teach me aunty?

She had a weird smile on her face, before we move into the story let me give u a description about my aunt. She is in her early 40s, wears saris at home, average height n body, she has an oval shaped face with beautiful eyes, she told me her status is 36 32 34. I love women with a little belly fat and my aunt has them in the correct places, the other thing I love about her is her booty, its round and plump and vibrates when I smack her ass. Her tits are a bit saggy but overall a beauty when she is naked.

Now coming back to the story, my aunty just got up from the couch we were sitting and stood in front of me and removed the sari and was standing in front of me in just her blouse and pavadi (and cloth covering from waist to ankle). I was taken back a little but the sight of my aunt’s beauty gave me strength. She signalled me to get up with her hands and I got up went up towards her and hugged her, I asked her in her ears “are you doing this for paru or on your own interest’s, she whispered in my ears that “ I haven’t had some fun for 6 years and I’m starving for a man’s love”.

She started to lick my ears after saying that, I enjoyed her tongue on my ears , then she whispered in my ears to follow her moves, I just shake my head and started to lick her ear lobes slowly moving down to her neck . Both my hands were rubbing her back until they came down to her ass and I grouped both her ass checks and squeezed them hard. She just jumped up and let out a small moan “ ahha”. I gave a little bite on her neck and moved towards her cleavage, I started to lick her cleavage and buried my face into those globes, spreading my saliva into her cleavage.

By now her little moans have become louder and her head was raised high with her hands pushing my head more into her boobs. She told me remove her top and I went towards her back and unhooked her blouse and she was in her bra, it looked as if two melons trying to break free and I did that by removing her bra too, then I cupped her boobs with my hands and started to squeeze them hard, she was in pleasure and turned her face towards her left and I too turned my face to meet her lips, they were so soft and my tongue was exploring those soft lips, we kissed each other and our tongues were fighting to get inside each other’s mouth .she sucked in my tongue and played with my lower lips, she was a good kisser and I lost myself in her kiss .my hands were still playing with her boobs and her nipples have become erect and I put two fingers above them and pinched her, that made her wild and started to suck my lips with more passion.

After the kiss broke up, I went in front of her and took a look at her tits, it was an amazing sight, my cock was at its full length and it was struggling to get out of my shorts. I grabbed her left boob and started to suck her nipples while her I played with her other boob, I continued to suck and squeeze her boobs alternatively and she was all in heaven, the heat was rising and I moved down to her belly licking and sucking. I played with her belly button putting my tongues.

She was standing and I’m on my knees, I grabbed her ass and squeezed them before I removed her pavadi and she was only in her blue panty, I touched her pussy over the panty and I felt her wetness so I knew she had cummed, slowly I removed her panty and saw her hairy bush, inside those bush was lying her love hole, I kept my nose near her pussy and took in the aroma, it made me more horny.

I put a finger in her pussy and it went in and I could feel the heat of her pussy in my fingers, I finger fucked her for a short time before she screamed and told me to put one more finger in, the second finger went in but it was a little tight as she hasn’t been fucked by her husband for a while, I started the to and fro movement and her screams transformed into pleasurable moans.. ahhha..mmm..yaaaa. Keep itt going..ohhh yaaaaaa.

All her moans turned me on more and I kept both my arms on her ass and buried my face between her legs, a little of her hairs were getting in my way when I started to lick her pussy, I adjusted to it and started to lick her outer walls, slowly I made my way in, her hands were on my head pushing me more deeper.

Then she fell on the couch behind and spread her legs as wide as possible and I had a clear view on her pussy, I wasted no time and went back to sucking her pussy, and she started to breath heavily and rub her hands on my hair at the same time pushing my head into her pussy, after a while I replaced my mouth with my fingers and went down to her ass, my favorite hole in her body, I started to lick her asshole and started to go in deeper. ahhhhhhaa ahhha mmmm aaaa… I sucked her asshole for a few minutes while finger fucking her, then she told me “I feel something building up deep in my pussy, ahha ahha “.

I started to finger fuck her harder and she began to breathe heavily, in no time she cummed all over my face with a loud moan “ ahhhhaaaa”, she began to breathe normally and I started to lick her pussy dry. Her love juice tasted a little salty and I liked it. She pulled me up and without a word started to lick her juice from my cheeks and I saw the real slut in my aunt. Her tongue rolled and ended near my lips. We kissed again as she tasted her own cum from my mouth. She was turning out to be a real bitch.

“Now I want you in me” I was excited when I heard this from her but she was not done “but before that I want to taste your cock”, I was ready for it and removed my shirt and pants then she removed my underwear and took my tool in her hands, I was in heaven when her soft hands wrapped around my cock, and it grow a little more, I have never seen my cock so hard before.

She started to pull the skin of my cock up and down and I was in heaven, after a few moment she licked the tip of my cock and tasted my precum, slowly she put her mouth around it and in no time she had my whole cock was in her mouth, she was an excellent cock sucker and she worked her tongue around my cock. Her hands were playing with my balls, pulling them down a little and rubbing and brushing her soft hands on them. In between she also licked and sucked my balls, she also tried to swallow my entire balls, that was really slutty. As she was back sucking my cock I felt my balls ready to burst. I told her I was about to cum and she stopped.

She went on sat at the edge of the couch and spread her legs,I was in between her legs in no time and she hold my cock and guided it her pussy, I tried to push my cock in and her pussy was very tight , after few attempts and with one hard thrust I was in her pussy, slowly I stated to move in and out of her pussy and in no time I was fucking her hard and deeper, she was moaning out louder and I was sure paru could hear her mom screaming as she is getting fucked. This thought made me hornier and I was fucking her with full speed, her tits were bouncing in front of me and I just grabbed them and pinched her nipples. Both were sweating and I could feel my cum building up.

I increased my thrust and with a loud noise I cummed in her pussy. Oh my god that was a wonderful moment. I feel on her and we both hugged each other and lied down for a few minute before we both got dressed up. I was satisfied fucking her pussy but what I really wanted was her ass.In the next part I’ll tell you how paru was into lesbians and how I fucked her. I’m looking forward for your valuable feedback’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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