Train Trip With Laborers

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Train Trip With Laborers

End of the Diwali vacations and I was waiting for my train in that cold almost lonely platform at 9pm. It was bad enough that I missed my connecting Train 1hr ago because the first train got delayed. But since there was some work in progress on the tracks many trains had been rerouted. Leaving me with only one possible train at 8 pm which was now late by an hr. It was a highly crowded train full of Labourers returning from home. I took the sleeper ticket but the person at the ticket counter said even those will be full. So full even a tc avoids it.

The train finally came at 9.30 pm. I knew from the people hanging by doors and Windows that this is the general compartment and moved onto the sleeper which wasn’t much of an improvement. There were people lying on the floor even in the toilet and I found a seat to sit when 2 middle age guys hit a 18 yr old boy between them and asked me to sit in between.

Since I was too tired I started to nod off. I had not completely slept when I felt a rough hand caressing my navel from under my bag which i was hugging in front of me. I hugged my bag a more tightly to my body to give him the hint that I am not interested. When he realised what I meant he ignored and started pressing my ass cheek which was a little above the seat since there was a lack of space and my thigh was almost on his lap.

But historically being so dirty apart I was getting turned on. I involuntarily started moaning softly. Just what Both the men on my either side wanted. They squeezed my boobs and Assad started rubbing my pussy vigorously. I had forgotten where I was and gave into the lust. I didn’t realize when my bag I was hugging fell.

I felt more hands joining in and when I opened my eyes I found a bearded man mms away from my face closing in for a kiss. Before I could do anything my mouth was being ****d by his tongue. I could taste the disgusting mixture if paan and beedi smoke moving into my mouth. My misery ended when someone pulled the guy back by his hair just to realise that another rash gesture awaited me.

Now the guy who pulled the bearded man was a big dark bald man with great muscles probably because of working as some constructions labourer. He was clearly in charge. he grabbed my shirt and pulled to break all the buttons.

Then he slid his hand under my bra and squeezed it. Soon feeling my bra as an obstacle he pulled and tore it off. He started biting my left boob while squeezing my right one. His palms were huge and rough. It felt like sandpaper. My nipple was cherry red soon.lost I was now experiencing more pain than pleasure.

Soon he lost interest in my boobs and went on tearing away my leggings and panty. Once they were completely ruined he just dropped his pants and inserted his 10 inch long 3 inch thick rid into my pussy. I screamed like hell which was a mistake. The laborer sitting nearby took off his underwear and stuffed that smelly piece of shit in my mouth. Now the black b**st was pumping me like i was some cow. I cried as my pussy was bleeding.

Thank God he came quick and filled my pussy. He took out his tool wore his pants and left me to get devoured by his henchmen. Just what they wanted. They pounced on me like hungry wolves on a sheep. One of them started kissing me, another two on either my boobs one licking my pussy and others masturbating seeing me Being rubbed.

Now that I had given up to lust completely they became bolder. The one kissing me stood on the seat and made me suck his tool. Two men gave their tools in my hand and I jerked them. I had a penis pounding my pussy. I was hearing quite a lot of abuses. Most were in Bengali. But some I understood like ” choose kutiye. Rand teri to aj puri chudai hi hogi. Chut itna fad denge ki tu chal bhi na paye. Tu bas hamare liye mams ban jayegi.”

At first I was still on the seat completely cramped. But as that position got uncomfortable one of them took his lungi and spread it on the floor. I was at first very reluctant to lie on the floor with all their bidi butts, snack wrappers, paan spit and God knows what else. But soon my lust took over and I agreed.

The first man made me drink some low grade alcohol which gave me a headache but eased my pain a bit. Then he pounded me like no tomorrow. This became a queue situation. Everyone got to pound me one by one. The others sat around watching and jerking. At almost everyone was satisfied. Now cane the turn of the teens.

There were about 7 boys a ages between 18 – 20. They were shy at first but as they saw their elders going at it They could not resist. The first one was barely in when he came but the others were more lasting.

As the last of them were finishing an old feeble beggar was brought forward who might have hitched a ride in the train. He was so old he was not even able to remove his rags. When he was naked he lied down and I sat on his penis and rode him. He soon came and then just slept. Finally it was over and I began gathering my bag when They said we are finished with you. Time for round 2.

They fucked me in every pose they knew. Thank God they did not know anal. I was fucked in missionary, doggy ,cowgirl and many more. I soon blacked out of exhaustion. When I woke up in the morning I was in the toilet without a single piece of even ripped cloth on me and I smelled like Cum blood and Piss. Worst of it I was being pissed at right now by an old labor and seeing that I had woken up he started pounding me.after him more came and fucked me.

The last one finally handed me my bag so I changed got off at God knows what station went straight to a hospital. I needed some painkillers and pregnancy tests…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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