The Teacher Pays A Visit.

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There was a loud knock on the door.

‘Enter’ Jim shouted.

Ms Wood stepped nervously into the room.

‘Ah. Ms Wood. We’ve been expecting you. Come and stand over here. You’re late.’ Jim commanded, barely looking up from his notes, but vaguely waving his fingers at the front of his desk.

And maybe Jim should’ve looked up. Because Ms Wood looked stunning. Aged about 35, she had platinum blond dyed hair, cropped extremely short. Thick black glasses on quite a severe looking face, quite angular looking. A sharp chin and nose, but beautiful big brown eyes. Her lips were full, and coated with a bright red lipstick, the only colour she wore. Her blouse was white, and she wore long bootcut black trousers that seemed to accentuate the length of her legs. Black suede ankle boots that tapered to a point at the toe, with a five inch heel finished off the look.

‘Thank you for coming. Now I’l get straight to the point Ms Wood. As you know our small firm of solicitors has been a regular and shall we say not ungenerous supporter of your school now for a fair few number of years now?’

‘That is correct Mr Webley, And we’re alway extremely grateful for any and all assis…’

‘Yes. yes, yes Ms Wood,’ Jim interrupted ‘Don’t interrupt me!’

Ms Wood looked rather crestfallen and awkward, She wasn’t used to this treatment and looked about the room for morale support. However Mr Webley’s colleagues, sat to the right of Mr Webley were less that supportive. In fact their rather smug looking grins were exactly what Ms Wood didn’t want to see.

‘And,’ Mr Webley picked up ‘we’ve been rather good at providing employment for your students. However it has come to our attention from some of your ex students and our now colleagues that your treatment of those gels was rather, well… ‘harsh’ shall we say.’

‘But the girls..’ Ms Wood tried to defend herself but the verbal assault continued.

‘In fact, Jo here, would like something of an apology I believe.’

Mr Webley gestured to the right of the room. There sat Jo, a former student of Ms Wood.

Jo wore the uniform she’d been instructed to by her terms of employment contract. A short (and some would say far too short,) grey skirt that just about reached the seamed, fully fashioned, stocking tops. A white blouse that barely concealed a magnificent 36DD chest, brown bobbed hair, five inch heels. She was every dirty blokes dream.

Jo squirmed a little as Ms Wood turned. Was it the fact they hadn’t seen each other for nearly 12 months. Was it the fact the last time Jo saw Ms Wood she’d been forced to kneel on Ms Woods desk and take six strokes of the cane. Or was it something else?

There was a little flicker in Jo’s eye. Jo’s breath was a little heavier than it should’ve been,

Ms Wood wasn’t quite sure what was going on.

Mr Webley broke the momentary silence. ‘Jo. Why don’t you stand up and come and ask Ms Wood for an apology? You’ve been sat there quietly for some time now.’

Jo used both hands to grip the side if the wooden chair upon which she’d been sitting, and slowly began to rise. But then, as if her knees had given way, with a soft moan, she sat carefully and slowly back onto the chair.

There was another flicker in Jo’s eyes.

Again she tried to lift herself from the seat. it was as if she had no strength in her legs. but this time she rose higher.

Ms Woods then notice the thick black dildo between Jo’s legs as she stood up, its suction cup keeping the dildo placed firmly on the seat of the chair.

The black dildo was about six inches long, but extremely thick and veiny with a bulbous pink head. It was coated with a thick film of goo, strands of which stretched out to Jo’s pretty little quim.

Ms Wood’s face turned from curiosity to shock.

As Jo stood, the sound dampening effect of her wet cunt receded and the slight hum of the vibration became audible.

Jim clicked a small device in his hand a the noise stopped.

Jo walked unsteadily towards the desk.

‘Bend over the desk Jo. Ms Wood would like to offer you her apology.’ Jim ordered.

Jo was in no fit state to argue.

‘Ms Woods. I think you’d better comply. Think about the money. Think about the employment prospects. It’s not as if you haven’t done it before I’m sure.’

Ms Wood was in a state of utter confusion. Her position was hopeless. Yes, they owed the solicitors for the money, and yes, the employment offered was outstandingly generous. And yes, she admitted to herself, the sight of the young woman’s dripping cunt bending over the desk was an opportunity she’d had to work very hard to construct back in the school. But in front of all these dirty old men?

‘Please… but no… I… I…’

‘Just get on with it woman.’

‘But I…’

Jim just gave her a look.

She sank to her knees.

Jo gave out a loud moan as her ex teacher began to get to grips with the task.

Jo raised herself to tip toes allowing the older woman the chance to suck her labia between her lips. Ms Wood’s soft tongue worked its way over the mound in her mouth, That plus the rubbing together of her cunt lips on her clit made Jo open her legs wider, arch her back even more.

The old men crowded around. Soon the air was filthy with lewd comments.

‘Ooooh yeah. She fucking loves it.’

‘Look at the dirty little slut…’

‘How about some tongue up her arse?’

Ms Wood, worked her tongue up to Jos cunt and teased and tormented the recipient. Occasionally finding its way into the wet hole, other times licking around the edge or slightly higher between her arse and cunt. Ms Wood certainly knew what she was doing.

And it was quite obvious what jo liked. Every time the tongue ventured near her arse hole she thrust her arse towards it, and her moaning increased in volume.

Soon Ms Wood had her tongue flicking across the little brown target. Ms Wood’s fingers and thumb where now working Jo’s little pink bud.

Then Mr Jones handed Ms Wood the thick black dildo. Ms Wood knew exactly what to do with it. She sucked and licked the head before easing the pink head into Jo’s cunt. The vibrator hummed into life.

The men leaned in to get a closer look..

Ms Woods eased the thick black flesh in and out of Jo’s well lubricated cunt. And Jo moaned loudly in her appreciation. Sometimes Ms Wood would pull the monster right out and tease Jo with the head before plunging it back inside.

Jo’s eye’s were screwed firmly shut. She clung desperately to the edge of the desk, but her thighs began to tremble.

‘I think maybe she’s had enough… for now…’

‘Ms Wood. I believe its your turn on the desk. Trousers off please.’

Jo squealed in he disappointment. ‘Please.. please.. finish me…’

‘Not yet young lady.’

Jo stood up as Ms Woods gripped the desk edge. Ms Woods trousers fell to her ankles, and her sheer black lace panties hardly covered a beautiful bald quim. Mr Jones pushed her gently back onto the table and Mr Smith, grabbing her trousers swung her legs into the air.

‘Onto the desk Jo. I’m sure Ms Wood would like to carry on where she left off.’ Jim ordered. ‘But blouse and skirt of please love. Lets see those lovely tits of yours.’ leered Mr Smith.

Jim stood back and admired the view. ‘Right. I think it’s time for a little celebration, don’t you gentlemen?’

Ms Wood had young Jo astride her face, and once again Jo was being worked up into a delirium. Meanwhile Mr Smith had Ms Woods legs high in the air, with her trousers caught up in the heels of her boots. Her legs were bent and it was beyond anyones imagination how the small lacy black panties could protect any modesty.

Ms Woods fingers drifted down and underneath the flimsy material.

This action delighted the old men. ‘Champagne!’ Jim excitedly declared. And soon from inside a small cabinet in the office a bottle of champagne was produced. Within seconds the cork was popped, foil removed and, although he had no glasses, he asked Mr Jones if would like the first taste. Mr Jones agreed he would indeed and with that Mr Webley approached the two girls. From a low position he slipped the cold bottle neck up inside the thin panties of Ms Wood. Ms Wood’s fingers made a vain attempt to stop Mr Webley. But the cold neck of the battle slipped inside Ms Wood with ease. Ms Wood writhed on the table. A few thrusts of the bottle and Jim withdrew it allowing Mr Jones to drop to his knees and the gushing liquid filled his mouth.

‘Mr Smith? How about you?’

‘I can’t think of anything i’d like better.’

Again the bottle was eased into Ms Woods cunt and Mr Smith took his turn. This time Ms Wood also held the bottle and was reluctant to let it go when it was withdrawn.

‘Jo. Come and join us. Sat up there getting your cunt eaten out, come and join the party.’

Jo, now dressed only in her stockings suspenders and shoes was helped (rather reluctantly) off Ms Wood’s face. She too would have champagne. Again Ms Wood was fucked with the bottle. And this time Jo had the cool liquid gush into her mouth. Jim held the bottle over the young woman’s head and liberally poured some over Jo’s head and tits.

‘Champaign. My favourite.’ exclaimed mr Jones as he helped Jo to her feet. ‘No sooner as she stood upright Mr Jones clamped his hand on her tit and then licked the bubbly off her nipple.

Mr Smith took advantage of the fact he was the left holding Ms Wood’s legs open. ‘Jo could you just help me flop my cock out? There’s a good girl.’

Jo was all over the place. The deep ache in her lower stomach needed satisfying.

She casually pulled down the zip on Mr Smiths tweed trousers and the old man’s cock reared out. It was about six inches long, a foreskin covered the rim of the bright red head, the veins winding their way up a particularly thick shaft.

‘Now if you could just guide it in for me…’

Jo, barely able to get her hand halfway round it, aimed the nasty looking prick towards Ms Wood’s glistening wet cunt, and pulled the taught cock toward the entrance hole. Slowly, like a mouth sucking a strand of spaghetti, the cunt sucked it all in. Ms Wood’s shoes shuddered.

‘Ms Wood. You dirty little cock hungry slut, why don’t you try this?’ uttered Mr Jones who had slipped up onto the desk and placed his crotch right up by Ms Wood’s face. Mr Jones eased out his cock, a big grin across his face. It was a huge nine inch schlong and, semi flaccid, it fell into Ms Woods face. Not as thick as Mr Smith’s Mr Jones cock was much longer. and had grey blue helmet with a ribbed rim.

After giving it a once over with her tongue Ms Wood opened her mouth and allowed the intruder inside .

‘Now Jo. How about giving your old teacher a hand with that cock up there?’ Jim whispered in Jo’s ear.’C’mon. up on that desk…’

Jo clambered up and soon her tongue was licking Mr Jones shaft. Her arse was high is the air. Jim calmly placed the big black rubber cock against Jo’s cunt hole.

‘Oh yes.. yes plea…oooooh” she said as it slipped inside. Jim turned the b**st on.

‘Now. where to put mine’ he said aloud. Jim used His left hand to ease out his cock. (His right was dildoing Jo.)

‘I know’ he said as he stood on the desk. ‘Jo where’s your hand?’ Jim guided Jo’s hand between her legs and placed it around the dildo. Soon she took up the strokes. To Jo’s delight Jim turned on the vibrating.

Then, as soon as he was happy Jo’s cunt was full of black cock, he squatted down rubbed the head of his cock on the little brown balloon knot. Jim was as stiff as iron. He could feel the pulsating black cock. Not as long as Mr Jones but roughly as thick as Mr Smith he used a tiger full of saliva from Ms Wood mouth to ease open the little brown entrance. Then a little push and in it went. the greedy little arsehole stretched wider and wider, and he could feel the other cock steadily vibrating…

he Held Jo by the hips and started to steadily and slowly fuck her arse hole.So lovely and tight, a big grin spread across his face.

It wasn’t long before the thick cock of Mr Smith had Ms Wood thrashing around on the desk top. Her hips bucked wildly and she lost a shoe which clattered to the floor.

Ms Wood was moaning gasping for breath and her orgasm, with her mouth around the head of his cock, soon set off Mr Jones. Cum spilt from the edges of Ms Wood’s mouth, but he managed to keep it pumping and freed his cock splashing her nose and chin.

Mr Smith felt himself nearly ready to hoot to and he withdrew his thick member and he too unloaded over ms Wood and also Jo who was busy licking up Mr Jones’s hot cum from her teachers face. Great strings of the stuff hit the two women. Ms Woods took some in the eye and across the forehead and into her hair. Jo took it on the nose, her cheek and her mouth. Cum ran down her chin and swang like pendulums as Mr webley fucked her.

Then it was Jo’s turn. Denied an organs earlier her back went into involuntary twitches and convulsions. Filled with two enormous cocks it was just too much for the poor girl. She deep kissed Ms Wood the pair of them sucking up the old men’s cum.

The black cock fell to the desk noisily buzzing away.

All that was left was for Jim to decide where to leave his mark. He rather fancied the idea of the two girls licking it all up so he let them double suck him, one each side. Then when he could resist no longer he aimed in Jo’s face. Her already gleaming face was again liberally coated with cum.

The first shot laid across her forehead and nose. The second across her nose and cheek with a few drops on her chin. The next hit her in the eye which made her wince, the fourth and fifth over her mouth and chin.

Her beautiful brown hair was now matted with sweat and cum strings.

Ms Wood began to lick her former student clean, although they were still both rather messy.

Both girls began to get ready and rescue their clothes.

Jo looked at the gentlemen tucking in shirts and zipping away cocks.

‘You fucking filthy perverts’ Jo said with a smile, ‘I’m not sure you can get any more filthy can you?’

‘i wouldn’t be at all surprised’ Ms Wood interjected. ‘I think we’re due some review of our school finances in about a weeks time and I’m sure we’ll be back, cap in hand, in about a week…’

Both ladies gave a wink and a little wave as they left.

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