The Real Pleasure Of Sex With Brother In Law

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The Real Pleasure Of Sex With Brother In LawThe Real Pleasure Of Sex With Brother In Law 2The Real Pleasure Of Sex With Brother In Law 3

I was married into a well educated well to do business family settled in Mumbai. We are basically from Gujarat and my in laws settled in Mumbai about 20 yrs back. Everyone in the family are very well educated, all are much matured. We have a very good family environment and I am a very happy and satisfied girl. This is a true story of my life and would like to share my experiences with all readers. I am sure all of you will enjoy reading my experiences.

I have changed some names of my family members for secrecy. My husband Rajesh is 30 yrs old and is into family business. He is 5’7″tall and has a well built body and is like my mother in law in looks. I am the shortest in the family, 5’2″, very fair and beautiful. Looks similar to Ayesha Takia, I am slim and have a perfect figure. Though my boobs are not huge but are firm and very attractive with protruding nipples.

I was a virgin until marriage and my hubby was the first person to kiss me and touch my body intimately. We had a very satisfying first night and we had sex every day except during my periods for the next 2 months but in normal missionary position. I was virgin until marriage and after first time, I got addicted to sex and I used to be always excited and my pussy used to be always wet and welcoming. After 2 months my hubby left for US to develop business and was to stay in US for 3-4 months. I had to stay back in India as decided by my family. I used to stay excited with the thoughts of sexual activities and this is when I started to experience the Real Pleasures of SEX.

My brother in law Manish is 26yrs and has recently started to assist the family in business and also studying business. He is 6ft tall well built wide chested and has a perfectly crafted body like my father in law. My brother in law Manish was to go to Delhi for one seminar on business related matters and my in laws as they are well educated asked me to join Manish for the seminar to develop myself in business related matters. I accepted the offer and agreed to go with Manish to Delhi.

As we were well to do, Manish booked a Suite room in Hotel Claridges, a very good hotel and the seminar of 3 days was also at Hotel Claridges. We packed our bags and left for Delhi by an early morning flight. We checked into the hotel and got fresh and went to attend the seminar. It was a long day and I was feeling sleepy. The day ended, we went back to our room, had dinner and started to discuss and then fell asleep on the same bed. Next two days of seminar went the same way. After the 3 day seminar was over Manish asked whether I had been to Delhi earlier and I said no.

He called up Mumma and Papa and informed them that we will be staying for 2 days more, visit Delhi and then return to Mumbai. My in laws permitted us. We got fresh and then left for visiting Delhi, visited a couple of places and returned back to hotel. Manish confessed to me that he drinks whenever not at home and said he wanted to drink and I permitted him! We bought a Bottle of Vodka. Manish offered drinks to me also, I had never had drinks but that day I had an urge to taste it and gave company to Manish. After 2 pegs of vodka I was feeling drunk. We started to discuss few topics of seminar, and then discussions turned to movies and entertainment.

I finished the third peg and my BIL Manish finished his fourth peg, we had some food. I went to the bathroom and removed my jeans, t-shirt, bra and panty, and put on my night dress, which is a white silk pyjama and white silk shirt. My BIL then went and removed his jeans and came back in his boxer shorts and t-shirt. We were watching a comedy movie and then my BIL poured one more drink for himself and without asking me, poured one more drink for me also, my fourth peg. I said I am already feeling high, at which he said this will be the last one. I just lifted the glass and started to sip.

I stood up, went to the bed, relaxed on the bed, took the blanket over my legs and started to sip on the drink. My BIL Manish asked whether to put the AC off, I said let the AC be on. He also came sat beside me, took the blanket over his legs, and we continued watching the comedy movie and chatting. During our chatting, Manish also cracked some Non veg jokes. The vodka, the presence of a 26 year old 6ft tall handsome guy beside me, his command over his speech, his jokes and days without sex, all started to have some effect on me. I started to feel some tingling within my body and moistness between my legs.

I finished my drink and was about to get up but Manish offered to take the glass. He finished his drink and got up to place the glasses on the table. He came back with the water bottle and settled besides me and we continued watching the movie. I placed 3 pillows below my head, slipped down and was now lying on the bed, Manish followed and also slipped down and we were now lying beside each other inside the same blanket and watching the movie. Manish pulled up his t-shirt and put it aside and settled down beside me. The thought of a handsome hunk lying beside me only with his boxers on, made me wet between my legs. My BIL continued with cracking jokes and I don’t know when, but we were now holding our hands. The movie was over, we switched the TV off and covered ourselves with the blanket and fell asleep.

I got up in the middle of the night and found that Manish was sleeping on his back and I was sleeping besides him with my head on his bare chest and one hand and one leg over him. Manish had one hand around me, inside my shirt on my back. I started to get wet between my legs and involuntarily I started to rub my face on his chest. Manish then started to caress my back. It was 2 in the night. I said ‘Manish it is very cold’, just to check whether he was awake. To my surprise, Manish asked ‘Bhabhi shall i put the AC off’. ‘No Manish let the AC be on’. I was feeling wet between my legs and was craving for sex and I had such a stud 6ft tall well built stud in his boxers sleeping beside me. But I dint know how to make a move. Then I said ‘Manish I am feeling very cold, I am afraid’. Manish put his other hand around me and hugged me and started to caress my back with the hand which was inside my shirt. ‘Bhabhi you are so soft’. ‘Manish you have a perfect manly body and grip’.

I planted a kiss on his chest. Manish turned on his sides and we were now sleeping on our sides facing each other. He removed his hand from inside my shirt and took my face in his hands. We moved closer and kissed. It was the longest kiss of my life. We kissed for 20 minutes, our tongues explored each other’s mouth. ‘Bhabhi keep your tongue out I want to suck it’. From that point I became my BIL’s slave and did as he ordered. I put my tongue out and he started to suck my tongue.

He sucked my tongue for 10 minutes and also unbuttoned my shirt while sucking my tongue. He stopped sucking my tongue and pulled my hands out of my shirt. I was lying only in my pyjama. My hunk BIL then concentrated on my breasts for the next 30 minutes. He sucked both my breasts, nibbled my long nipples, and licked my breasts and nipples. I was in ecstasy and offered myself to my BIL. I held his head firmly and raised myself and pressed my breasts into his face.

I had started to moan loudly by now and after 30 minutes of thorough sucking of my breasts by my BIL I started to shout and moan loudly. Ahhhh Manish ahhh ahhhhh ooooooooooohhhhhhhh I am cumming Manish I am cumming and I started shivering and shook the whole bed for 2-3 minutes and then went still and started breathing heavily. He put his left hand below my head and right hand on my waist and his face was just above my face and he was seeing me right in my eyes. ‘Bhabhi did you really cum’. ‘Yes manish it was wonderful and for the first time I came only by getting my breasts sucked. It never happened earlier when I was with your brother’. ‘Bhabhi you are the most beautiful and sexy girl on this earth’. He started to kiss me and at the same time put his hand inside my pyjama.

He felt my wet pussy and gave a wicked smile and I giggled like a k**. He started playing with my pussy, he inserted two fingers inside me, rotated his fingers inside my pussy, in between he took his fingers out and played with my erect clit, he rubbed my clit and also pressed my clit between his thumb and index finger. He had his face just above my face and was watching my expressions with lust in his eyes. I was like a helpless doll under his grip. A 5ft doll under a well built 6ft MAN.

He manipulated my pussy very well with his fingers and I was trembling and shivering under his grip, I had my mouth open and was moaning loudly aaaaaaaaaaannnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn manu manu manu mannnnnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuuuu AND THE JUICES STARTED TO FLOW FROM MY PUSSY ON TO MY BIL’S HAND AND FINGERS. He took out his hand put his fingers into my open mouth and I was made to taste my own juices for the first time in my life. While I was tasting my own juices my BIL took my hand and placed it on his dick and in surprise my eyes opened wider.He took out his fingers from my mouth and asked ‘what?’.

You have a very big tool Manish your brother’s tool is half your size’. ‘Good bhabhi but don’t be afraid just obey me and enjoy, I will give you never like before happiness and satisfaction. I will take you to heaven, I will satisfy you and make you cum again and again, you will never forget this for the rest of your life. You will be in heaven and experience real sex and sexual happiness with me’. He pulled my pyjama down and made me naked; he then pulled his boxers down and lay beside me. He started to suck my breasts and also started to play with my clit.

He guided my hand to his dick. ‘Bhabhi play with your junior BIL while I get your pussy totally lubricated and ready’. I started to run my hand up and down the 9″ long 2″ wide pole between my BIL’s legs. After 10 minutes of play my BIL came on top of me and covered me completely under his wide and sexy body. ‘Bhabhi spread your legs wide…… take my dick in your hand and guide it to your LOVE HOLE………I just obeyed, I spread my legs wide apart and placed his TOOL at the opening of my pussy. ‘Manish please be slow and don’t hurt me please, I have taken only your brother’s dick inside me until now and that is half your size, please don’t hurt me’.

My BIL kissed me and said ‘Bhabhi open your eyes and look into my eyes, I want to see all your expressions and happiness and satisfaction as I fuck you and make you cum again and again. I want to see the satisfied expressions of the sexiest girl on this earth’. I opened my eyes and my BIL had his face just above my face and looking straight into my eyes with LUST. ‘Bhabhi ready 1..2..3..’ and pushed the head of his PENIS into my PUSSY and stopped. My mouth opened and I was about to close my eyes but he held my face tightly in his hands and said ‘keep your eyes open bhabhi I want to enjoy your expressions and feelings’. He started to push his penis into me and stopped only when he put the full length of his LOVE POLE into my LOVE HOLE.

My pussy was stretched to its extreme limits. I was experiencing the most amazing sexual moments of my life under my BIL with my eyes and mouth open. He pulled his penis out until only the head of his penis was inside me and then gave a strong thrust and put the whole shaft inside me. I shouted aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and closed my eyes. My BIL shook my face and I opened my eyes. Tears came out of my eyes and my BIL was enjoying it and looking me into my eyes with LUST and was smiling wickedly. ‘Manu please do it slowly please manu’. ‘Ok bhabhi I will ride you slowly and we can enjoy our ride to heaven’. He started to move in and out very slowly and gently and in no time I was in heaven. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands around his shoulders.

My BIL still held my face firmly with his palms and we were looking into each other’s eyes and we were now having our ride in heaven. The room was filled with the smell of our sweat, the slurp slurp noise due to my love juices and the pumping of penis into my pussy and my moans which had turned louder and louder now. I was with my mouth open and just moaning aaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh and after 15 minutes of our lovely ride my moans changed and I started to shout aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and I was shivering, trembling and shuddering under my BIL.

I had the strongest orgasm until then. My BIL stopped his movements until I regained my senses and asked ‘bhabhi are you liking it?’ I just shook my head but that was not enough for him. ‘Bhabhi do you want more. Come on bhabhi say something’. ‘Yesss manu i want more of you, you are the best lover on this earth. I love you manu i love you’. He got crazy and started to fuck me in frenzy, I tried to slow him down but he couldn’t be slowed down and he literally ravaged my pussy with his big and thick penis.

I was just ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and after 20 minutes of continuous and fast fucking my BIL came into me and shed the stream of semen deep into my vagina. I also came along with Manish and I was just shouting mannu mannnu mannnnnuuuuu. He collapsed over me held me tightly and I wrapped myself tightly against his strong body. We were breathing heavily and took 10-15 minutes for us to come back to our senses.

He still had his penis inside me which was half erect now. He kissed my fore head, my eyes and started to kiss my lips and then we engaged into a long French kiss. All this time he was massaging my breasts with his palms. He started to regain his erection and within minutes his PENIS was fully erect inside my PUSSY. ‘Manu you are tight again’. ‘Yes bhabhi, I want to satisfy you completely, I want to make you cum again and again, you will never forget these moments’. I was smiling now, enjoying the never before sensations and my pussy muscles had also relaxed and my pussy was accommodating my BIL’s long and thick penis now. ‘Bhabhi I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you bhabhi, I want to fuck you’. I was really enjoying this never like before moments and he was bringing out the a****l inside me, I was wanting more and more now. ‘Manu I am all yours, please fuck me, fuck me harder than before, tear me apart manu,

I love you manu, I love you’. ‘Did you really like it bhabhi, do you want me to fuck you again and again, will you allow me to fuck you whenever I want?’. I lost all my senses and got really crazy. ‘Yesssss Mannu I liked it very much, I was never loved by your brother like this ever before, you are a true man, you are my real lover, I will spread my legs wide for you whenever you want, please fuck me, please fuck me’. The b**st, the a****l within both of us had come out by now. My brother in law lifted my legs and put them on his shoulders, he held my shoulders tightly with his hands and started to fuck me. He was giving powerful thrusts and was putting the complete shaft of his penis inside my pussy.

He increased his pace and started to fuck me fast and hard. He kept on making sounds aaagggghhhh aaaggghhhh agggghhhhh and was fucking me like a mad dog and I was in ultimate bliss and was shouting ‘yess manu fuck me harder, I am your bitch, fuck your bitch harder, fuck me, fuck me mannnnuuuu’. He fucked me hard and fast with powerful thrusts for the next 45 minutes and then came inside me, this time lots of streams of his thick semen hit me deep inside my vagina. During the 45 minutes LOVE RIDE I came for 2 more times. We hugged each other tightly without leaving any air gap between us and we rested in that position for about half an hour. After half an hour we regained our senses and got up.

I felt somewhat awkward for my actions and the a****l instinct that I had just shown. But as I said earlier our family was much matured, my brother in law read my mind. He hugged me and caressed my back and consoled me that it is very natural for humans to speak out vulgar during sex when there are really enjoying and when they are in ultimate ecstasy. I melted in his arms and planted lots of kisses on his chest. We then looked around us, the blanket had fallen off the bed and the bed was totally wet with our sweat and LOVE JUICES. We giggled like naughty k**s.

He got up went to the toilet, after him I went to the toilet, when I came back I was feeling fresh and my BIL was also feeling fresh. He was lying on the bed naked and I too dint care to put on any clothes. I went and lay besides him with my head on his shoulder and my hands running on his broad chest, he was caressing my back with his hands from my buttocks to shoulders. We were just lying on the bed for the next half hour and were praising each other. He was praising my beauty and sexiness; I was praising his body, strength, stamina and the size of his penis.

After some time I started to feel aroused and my hand involuntarily went down and took hold of my brother in law’s penis. I started to lightly stroke it and gently play with it. He dint object and in fact in a couple of minutes his penis started to grow in size, it started to grow big and then huge. I got up slightly and saw at his penis, it was fully erect in my hand now. We both started to laugh and giggle naughtily.

He sat up on the edge of the bed and held my hand and said ‘bhabhi come here’. I had now become his puppet, I obeyed him and went and stood in front of him. He placed his hand on my pussy; I shamelessly parted my legs apart to give him better access to my pussy. My BIL put two fingers inside my pussy and was massaging my tits with the other hand, we were giggling again. After some time Manish said ‘bhabhi your love hole is dripping with juices, I hope it is ready for some action’. ‘Manish my love hole is ready for you, I enjoyed a lot earlier, make me happy again, take me to heaven again, I am all yours, do whatever you want to do to me’. ‘Bhabhi come sit on my lap. Now place my penis at the entrance of your pussy’.

I did as he ordered me and then he held my waist with both his hands and started to pull me towards him, his penis started to enter my pussy, we were looking into each other’s eyes with lust. When his penis was fully stacked into me, he adjusted my legs around his waist and my hands around his neck. ‘Bhabhi don’t leave me, keep yourself wrapped like this around me until I say’. He held my waist tightly with his hands and then got up and stood straight.

I was wrapped around his waist with his penis deep inside my vagina. It was a great feeling, ‘Mannu you are a magician, you are my true lover, you are giving me new pleasures and feelings that your brother never gave me’. ‘Oh my Sanju bhabhi let us enjoy the ride in this position, I have a lot of other things to do to you which will give you ultimate pleasures’. ‘Yess Manish I will obey all your commands, do everything that comes to your mind and make me happy’. He held my buttocks with his firm grip and said ‘bhabhi lift yourself up with the help of your hands around my neck and then lower down yourself on me, come on bhabhi ride me, you will be fucking me now bhabhi, fuck me to your hearts and pussy’s content, I will help you do the movements with the grip on your buttocks’.

I started to ride my BIL in this position and I started to feel amazing, I increased the speed and started to shout ‘mannu don’t leave my buttocks, hold them firmly and spread them wider, it feels great, it feels like in heaven’. He took hold of my buttocks, started to knead them and also pulled them apart, he also pushed them with great strength towards him whenever I lowered myself on his penis. His penis was now reaching greater depths of my pussy. I wrapped tightly around him and ‘mannu my love i am cumming, i am cumming’. ‘Bhabhi don’t stop, keep cumming and keep fucking, keep fucking until I cum deep inside you’.

I somehow gathered strength and kept the fucking movements going even while I was cumming. After another 10 minutes of riding, ‘bhabhi faster, do it faster bhabhi, I am about to cum, oh yess bhabhi oh yess bhabhi’ and he started to shoot his cum deep inside me. While he was cumming, he pressed and pulled my buttocks wide apart and then inserted his middle finger into my ass hole. He moved forward, put my back against the wall and gave a extremely powerful thrust, his penis reached the never before depth of my vagina and then he pushed his middle finger deeper into my ass hole and started to vigorously vibrate his middle finger in my ass hole. This was the newest sensation My BIL was giving me and this made an electric current run throughout my body and I had a devastating orgasm, my whole body was quivering and I was shouting aaaawwwwwww, aaaaaawwwwwww, aaaaaaawwwwwww, aaaaaawwwwwww, aaaaaawwwwwww.

My love juices flowed out of my pussy onto my brother in law’s penis and dripped down on the floor. He then slowly moved back and sat on the bed, slowly removed his middle finger from my ass hole and cleaned it with the towel nearby. He moved back on the bed and lay on his back on the bed. I slowly got up and removed his penis from my pussy and hid my face on his chest with my hands. He put his left hand around my waist and caressed my buttocks with his right hand. I slowly eased myself and put my head on his shoulder and slept over him. He licked my ear lobe and asked ‘bhabhi how did you like this, how was your experience?’

It was obvious that he knew, but his trick was to revive the feelings of the session within me and this made more juices to flow out of my pussy. As he felt the juices dripping down on his body, he placed his hand on my pussy to feel the wetness and then we giggled, laughed and kissed each other deeply as a token of saying thanks for the never before pleasures.

I recollected each moment of our sessions and wrote it down, I even masturbated twice while writing this, hope you all enjoyed. We had a few more sessions that day. I will pen down the details in Part 2 of my series of pleasure experiences. Awaiting your comments……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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