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Back in the 60s, hitchhiking for a young man was often the only way to travel …and it was free. Robbie had heard the story from his uncle Charles who said at the time he had heard it from a friend of his. Robbie knew Charles was talking about himself. Uncle Charles was often quite secretive during pillow talk.
The young man (we’ll call him Charles) had finished his summer job on a farm and was going back to his parent’s home. The distance was about 200 miles. He had been picked up a few times for about half the distance. That evening he was hoping to be picked up by a travelling salesman or a trucker who could drive all night and get him to within a few hours of home.
With a small suitcase in one hand, he stuck out his thumb at any possible ride. It was getting dark and there were fewer and fewer cars on the road. Charles was 18 and quite a well-built youngster. His square face surrounded by a mop of blonde hair made him look like a football player, although Charles had never played any organized sports. From the depth of rural America, Charles had completed high-school and worked as a farm hand around the state. Having said this, Charles was a smart young man who read magazines and newspapers to keep himself up-to-date. He also liked the company of the other farm hands, many from out-of-state, who had different backgrounds and different habits.
That summer was an eye-opener for Charles. Two of the older farm hands on that farm, two Mexicans, had become a couple over the summer. The rest of the men kept to themselves and readily accepted that two men would sleep together. Actually it was not uncommon between farm hands who were only in the company of other men for months and often years.
When the two Mexicans had sex, it was in the large bunk house since they wanted to keep their secret from the owners of the farm. Charles had witnessed the lovemaking and pretended to sleep when he was actually watching the men suck or fuck. At the same time, he befriended another young man who came from out east. He was not really suited for farm work but he needed the money and he unfortunately left the farm a month before Charles did. Charles was very sad although they promised to write each other. Charles and Ian, the young man from New York state, had kissed during the first week of their friendship then things got more sexual and Ian had submitted to Charles a few times before he left to go back home.
As he was keeping an eye out for cars, Charles thought about Ian and about the Mexicans and wondered when and where he was going to find another sexual partner. A big truck honked at him but didn’t stop. A few cars went by quickly and didn’t seem to see him. Finally Charles started walking towards a light which was shining on a billboard advertising an agricultural fair. He had forgotten that cars didn’t all have strong headlights.
“Hey !….I’m going to Saint-Louis”, said the driver, a man in his early 50s.
“That would be great. Are you driving all night ?”, asked Charles
“Yep…Driving all night…unless you have a better idea”, said the man with a grin
Charles didn’t answer but got the allusion and….liked it.
Ben worked for an insurance company and was going to check a claim in Saint-Louis.
“I’m going back home which is between Spingfield and Saint-Louis”, said Charles
“Never been to Springfield but it’s the biggest town before Saint-Louis isn’t it ?”, asked Ben
“Yes…and it has two hotels and a few restaurants. Otherwise I can’t promise that you’ll have an exciting time”, added Charles, showing Ben he could also send signals.
Ben was dressed like a travelling salesman but it was too dark to see much else. He had a mustache, a nice voice and seemed well-educated and mannered. Charles was getting horny.
Charles explained where he had spent the summer, making a point of stressing the companionship he made with Ian without getting into the details. Ben was interested. Charles was sure Ben was lusting for him. Around midnight, Ben slowed down and stopped on the side of the road, then backed up. He had seen the driveway to a torn-down building and turned into it.
“Better to keep the car off the road when you stop to pee”, Ben said gently squeezing Charles’ thigh. It was getting warmer and Ben left his raincoat in the car. The two men walked side by side in silence to the back of the only wall left of the building. Ben and Charles unzipped and pulled out their cock. They both were half-erect.
“Do you suck ?”, bluntly asked Ben
“Yeah….do you ?”, answered Charles
“Yep”, answered the salesman
Charles turned and offered his cock to a kneeling Ben who took it in his mouth. He first licked the few drops off the knob and proceeded to take it all in his mouth. Charles moved his hips slowly front and back while Ben was tightening his lips around the young man’s cock. Charles put his hands on Ben’s head just before he squirted in his mouth. Ben got up and kissed the young man and mixed his saliva with Charles’ load.
Charles made sure he licked the salty liquid off Ben’s piss crack before he took Ben’s rod in his mouth. Ben was rock-hard but his cock was not as long as his or Ian’s. Charles remembered that size didn’t matter. He worked his hand in Ben’s pants so he could massage his balls which brought a deep groan from the salesman. Ben gave out a few high-pitched sounds as he came down Charles’ throat.
The two men walked back to the car.
“I’m going to get a room in one of the motels instead of driving all night”, said Ben looking for the boy’s reaction.
“You said you might drive all night unless I had a better idea….I think staying at the motel is a better idea”, laughed Charles
“A little suck behind a wall is fun, but I thought we could get a little closer if you feel like it”, suggested Ben.
Springfield was a special town. Only about 50 people lived there and worked at the pulp mill. Otherwise it was a convenient stop between Oklahoma City and Saint-Louis. There were a number of cheap motels to lodge travellers. It also had a reputation, and Charles grew up with that image, of a “small town away from home” but not too far so you could drive there and back. Affairs between people of the larger cities were carried out in the motels which were owned by people you could trust wouldn’t ask questions. What was peculiar to Springfield was that it was surrounded by forests criss-crossed by dirt roads and littered with sandy areas ideal for parking cars unnoticed from the main highway.
Both men were squeezing each other’s thigh as Ben drove slowly through the small town. One could feel the intense sexual desire between them.
“I can climb on your back, if you like that”, suggested Charles who was getting bolder
“Yeah…I would like that..allright”, answered Ben his voice shaking a little with excitement
“What about your meeting with the client ?”, asked Charles
“I’ll phone them and postpone it another day or two”, smiled Ben, “There’s no urgency”.
Ben drove into the parking lot of the “Spring Motel” which had TV and twin beds. It was open 24 hours a day.
The white-haired man at the desk smiled as he saw the older man and the young man walk into his place at midnight. With one look, he figured out the whole story. After Ben had paid, the desk clerk reached for a drawer and took out a copy of a hand-drawn map. He gave it to Ben.
“If you gentlemen are in the mood, you can drive to this spot in 10 minutes and park here”, he said pointing to a spot on the map.
“If you’re looking for action, that is”, he smiled
“It’s very active all night long”, he added as he took Ben’s 5$ bill and slipped it into his pocket.
Both men hurried into their room and dressed, or undressed, for the trip to the woods.
“That’s a famous place around here”, said Charles, “Men from even surrounding states come here for a few days in those woods”.
The men wore trousers and shirts but also running shoes. They would leave the clothing in the car since the only way to score in the woods at night is to walk around completely naked (except for running shoes).
Ben and his young friend were excited at seeing each other naked under the shower and were dying to get it on but the chance to roam this well-known forest searching for anonymous man sex was not to be passed up. They could always fuck each other raw the next day.

Charles had the map and Ben drove directly to the improvised parking lot. It was 1AM and there were at least 10 cars already in the lot (and there were other parking spaces in the area).
“Try to keep within the large grassy clearing and the bush around it, otherwise we’ll lose each other”, warned Charles
“You seem to know this place pretty well”, snickered Ben
“I came here a few times…with my uncle”, admitted Charles, “and I saw his car in the lot”.
“Your business is your business”, said Ben seriously
“In the night, all cats are black”, added Charles
“There are things to watch also…if you’re into that”, added Charles
The two naked men parted with a kiss and took opposite directions along the edge of the clearing. Numerous men were already visible, walking the trail, sitting on a large boulder, or slowly stroking their cock, inviting whoever was interested. Most men were in their 50s, a few younger like Charles and a few white-haired men also.
Three men were congregating behind some bushes and seem to be getting something going. Charles approached. Two chubby bears were into each other while a cub seemed to be watching, hoping to get included. When he saw Charles, he began to make obscene signals and stroked his cock to invite the younger man. The cub and Charles quickly tangled on the ground, kissing, groping and ass-grabbing. The cub wanted to 69 and Charles agreed. They rolled down a small incline holding on to each other by their ass cheeks. The two bears were in position for a fuck, one on all fours and the other one licking ass in preparation. Charles watched them while sucking his cub and quickly reached his first orgasm. He braced himself for his lover’s cock which exploded in his mouth and throat. The two younger men lay down side by side and watched the fuck between the two big muscle bears. A crowbar couldn’t have separated those two who seemed to have been looking to breed with each other all night.
Ben walked awhile in the dirt path and saw very few opportunities. He then stepped into the underbrush and followed noises. He soon fell upon a “pile up”. A “pile up”, a familiar term to men cruising forests and woods, is borrowed from football and means an orgy between men in the dark, each groping, sucking, squeezing, while other men are hidden a few yards from the action and pounce on an approaching stranger. The couple then joins the pile-up. Pile-ups have been known to include up to 20 to 30 men in heat.
Ben knew what he was looking at and was quickly was tackled by a bear. Ben felt the man’s hairy body over his and his huge erect cock. Ben was a bottom and was in need of some penetration. He had hoped Charles would fuck him but they hadn’t had a chance yet. The two men in heat joined the pile-up. Ben was facing cocks, underarms, asses, some smooth, some hairy and then he felt his bear licking his ass, his tongue soon replaced by his cock. The two men rolled away from the pile-up and began fucking like two newly-weds. Ben was howling and felt the man’s engine as far as it could go.
The pile-up was changing in size as men joined it while others were leaving it to mate on their own. When Ben finished his fuck with the bear, he jumped into the pile once more and was quickly swamped with bare arms, legs, thighs, heads and cocks. It came to a point when Ben was stationary with a cock in his mouth, another cock up his ass, a mouth around his own cock. Once someone squirted, they immediately looked for whatever was available from the men close to them. Ben would be there for another hour !
Charles was told by his cub that two pile-ups were going on at the same time. The boy figured Ben had joined one since he had lost sight of him. Charles followed the cub who knew where the action was. After walking for about 15 minutes, the two boys saw a large group of naked men at a distance. It wasn’t really a pile-up but more like an orgy. Some men were connected to each other mouth to cock or mouth to ass, forming long chains. Others were involved in one to one 69s while others were fucking side by side with a dozen other couples. Charles quickly lost the cub who got swallowed by bigger men. The hitchhiker joined a 3-way in progress and found himself sucking an older man’s cock while his ass was being licked and his own cock getting harder as it touched a man’s buttocks. While he turned and sucked, while he extended his arms to grab and feel while being grabbed and felt, he had a flash of faces, one of which was familiar. It was the one who had started milking his cock with his asshole. The man turned the other way so Charles didn’t see it again. The man had let the young man’s cock slip out of his mouth. The bodies twisted, huddled, bear-hugged and slid over each other in the dark.
“Join the party ”, said what sounded like a familiar voice. Charles felt his cock disappear in a mouth while a thick older rod was stuffed in his mouth. Charles and the other man sucked each other. There was a willingness to complete this one (many contacts lasted only a few seconds). Without knowing what was at the other end, the two men milked each other until they had both shot their load. The older man quickly moved away to another group and Charles never saw his face clearly.
After a few hours of sex, Charles made his way to the car. He found Ben putting on his shorts next to the car.
“Waiting long ?”, asked Charles
“ here about 10 minutes ago”, answered Ben
Charles noticed that his uncle’s car had left. Ben smiled.
“All cats are black in the dark”, said Ben, and slapping Charles on the back.
Both men got into the car and drove to the motel when they were finally going to have fun with each other.
Ben parked in front of the motel next to a familiar sedan with the driver still in it. Charles pulled down his window and so did the driver.
Ben heard Charles say to the other man “Join the party ?”.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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