T Girl Love

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T Girl Love, Cum swapping, Hand Balling. A Sensual, Erotic, Kinky Sex story.

Tall, slim, green eyed, red headed, average bust and cute bubble butt with 7 inches of cock, Polly looked great! She had maintained a relationship with Dave over 5 years. They had been out with Porter, Dave’s friend celebrating Dave’s divorce. Porter knew Polly was a T-Girl even though at first he had to grow into the idea that “Dave the Stud” had chosen her after his life as a Lady Slayer. Dave had kept her distant with little info about her until Porter saw a picture of her and made complimentary comments about her. Dave surprised him telling him that she wasn’t a female. After finally meeting her, she surprised and intrigued him in her feminine ways. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t now that she was anything other. She was always dressed well, lady like and “soft” in her ways. Submissive, caring, and pampering Dave. She took care of him like he was a “gift”, meeting him with hugs and smiles. Porter was envious.

At Porter’s house, they continued drinking. Several times Porter caught his self watching Polly’s knees. Sitting beside Dave, she kept them firmly together in the black stockings she wore. She had worn a straight, form fitting light blue sleeveless dress. Porter knew what was under there but everything about her brought out his visual instincts. Their chat continued and he caught an accidental peep of red, much like her hair color. Polly left them for a minute, Porter watched her ass sway and Dave laughed “careful pal, you can’t handle that”! Porter laughed “Sorry about that, but Damn, the picture is there and hard not to look”!

Polly returned and in a short while Dave was being touchy and feeling Polly. As she shifted and twisted avoiding Dave’s grasp, her panties flashed Porter several times. Polly laughed, giggled saying “alright Dave, we aren’t at home”. He quickly replied “awe Hell Polly, we’re grown”. Dave’s hand fondled her knees as she held her dress in place giggling. Porter remained quiet grinning, she said “please excuse your friend. He’s use to having his way with me when he wants and I’m guilty of giving in to him”. Porter replied, “don’t mind me. I’m not complaining”. Polly laughed “I should have known you would support him” then turned to Dave saying “behave! You’re going to show my panties”! Porter said “red”. Dave laughed out loudly! Polly said “you didn’t Porter”! They all laughed. Minutes passed, Polly said “I can’t believe you peeped under my dress Porter. You know whats there”. Dave quickly made a hand dive under her dress saying, “Yes, still there” as he groped her. Polly pushed until his hand came out saying, “Dave Honey, you’re blowing my cover”. Dave said “blow”? Polly screamed, “don’t you dare” and held him off giggling!

Porter was laughing, clapping his hands saying “best entertainment tonight”! Polly blushed and giggled replying “every night I’m in a chase with this man”. Dave leaned into Polly and kissed her. In a minute she said, “stop it Dave, you know I can’t take it”. They settled down a few minutes and Dave was after her again. Polly looked at Porter saying, “excuse us a minute, I need to calm Dave down”. Her hands went into Dave’s crotch extracted his cock and she sank her mouth over it. Getting more comfortable, she turned on her side and slowly bobbed her head on his cock. Her dress had ridden high showing the bottom curve of her pantie covered ass cheeks. In a few minutes, Dave grunted and hissed. Seconds later, Polly sat up as Dave shoved his cock back inside. Polly kissed him asking “better”? Dave smiled. Porter moaned “Shit”!

Polly laid on Dave’s shoulder as he told Porter that it was time for him to consider a girl like Polly. That they choose to make their men happy. Dave turned, whispered into Polly’s ear. She blushed asking “really”? Dave smiled as she smiled back, leaned away and laid back. Giggling, she grabbed her dress hem, held it tight as she swung her legs on their couch. Still holding her dress hem, she raised her knees. Porter’s view from the side only displayed her lower legs. Dave’s view was into her spreading knees and into her pantie crotch. His head fell into her tented dress and seconds later Porter heard Polly moan loudly. Soon Dave was humming and growling on Polly’s cock which was still out of Porter’s view. She said “don’t steal it from me…Let me give it to you, please Honey”, Dave stopped humming. Porter could hear loud sucking, wet sounds, she said “Ohhhh Dave!…Baby….Baby.
Porter saw Dave’s hand slid upward, Polly said “no don’t Baby!….Don’t play with my pussy….Don’t start me Baby”. Porter saw Dave’s arm stroking forward and back as he started gagging as Polly’s cock slid deep into his throat. Polly arm came up, covered her eyes she moaned then groaned “all of it Baby. I’ll not have any left”. Porter was breathing like a race horse! “Um…Um…Ahhhh…Ummm… Baby” Polly groaned as her hips slightly raised. Her dress hem fell back exposing the side of her red panties, her stocking covered legs and only the side of Dave’s head. Dave was deep in her crotch just like a man eating pussy as Polly gasped, then hissed loudly! “Oh yes!…..Yes….Yes Dave”, she groaned as her cock spat cum inside his mouth. In a minute, she was whimpering as Dave grasp her dress dragging it to cover her as he released her cock and sat up. Polly continued to lay, covered and breathing loudly as he caressed her. Porter said “simply awesome”!

“Yes she is”, Dave replied then told him that T Girls were supremely better than genetic ones. He added that he was absolutely not gay, but all of Polly was his and he found pleasure in all she had to offer. Polly sat up smiling to say “including my big T Girl Clit”! They all laughed. Polly told him that she knew he had questions but she would explain a few. Starting with, she was more female than male, her breast were real homegrown, hormone induced. Her body shape was hormones and exercise. Her hair, natural and lack of hair through electrolysis. Yes, she retained her male parts and remained functional. Polly giggled adding “no, I get semi hard, mainly soft. I don’t get what you would consider hard although most girls can, no I choose not to even attempt to fuck with it”. Dave chimed in telling him that she had a “taste” quite unique! Polly snickered telling him that she enhanced her flavor by diet and natural fruit juices. Dave smiled saying, “sometimes she’s plum, apricot, golden pear”. Polly laughed “He’s always wanting to “sip” me”. Dave added, “Yep! Usually she doesn’t wear panties and I get a taste when I choose”. Porter fell over laughing.

Dave told him when they’re at home, he will just lift her dress and in a minute she will give him a sip. Polly blushed telling Porter that he had made her “on demand” unless he took all of it out of her like just now. Porter replied “really”? Polly said, “Believe me, there is nothing male left in me. He keeps me constantly drained”. “That’s right Babe, you’re all pussy”, Dave grinned! Polly laughed as Porter shook his head. “Your breast”, Porter asked. Polly laughed “100% natural”! Dave said “and she makes milk”! Porters moth flew open! Polly added, “sometimes! It’s a side effect of my hormones”. Dave ran a hand over breast as Polly looked at him, she knew what was coming! He slid her top and bra free of a breast into view. Porter held his breath until Polly giggled “breathe Porter”. He was red faced as he gasped air saying “Damnnnnn Polly”! She giggled as Dave squeezed her breast until one white pearl like drop formed out of the nipple. A finger caught it, then brought it to his mouth. “Oh Shit”, Porter shouted! Dave laughed, “plain ole milk”. Polly lifted her top covering her breast and giggled. In a minute she left them to use the bathroom.

“Enough woman for you”, Dave laughed? Porter replied “so far but what about fucking”? Dave grinned, “just like pussy, only better”! He told him that T Girl’s want you to have their pussy! They give it to you making you want more! The more you fuck her like a woman, the more woman she becomes! Polly came back noticing Porters eyes were locked on her. As she passed by Dave, he pulled her on his lap, she sat side saddle saying “behave”! Porter said, “so Polly, do you have a friend”? Dave and Polly instantly looked at each other saying “Gloria”! As they told him about Gloria, Dave started groping Polly again, she said “careful”. Dave grinned when he found out that she didn’t have her panties on. As they continued talking about Gloria, Dave had her cock cupped with his thumb tip circling it’s head, he whispered “slick” wanting her to dribble cum. Polly giggled and in seconds she dribbled 2 thick cum wads. Porter was talking when he saw Dave’s shoulder dip and Polly trembled slightly. Dave answered him as Polly settled over into him not saying a word. A Minute passed as they talked and Polly softly whimpered. Dave smiled and winked at Porter as he slid lower in his seat. Polly’s eyes were closed as she continued whimpering as Dave’s arm wrapped behind her stretched downward. His hand slowly tugged her hem back exposing Dave’s hand between her legs. It was trapped between her thigh meat showing his hand against her bare ass as his finger stroked between her cheeks.

Porter’s tongue hung out watching Dave fingering her! In seconds, Dave plunged another finger into her. After thrusting them inside for a minute , Polly whimpered again. Dave grinned then added another. Porter gasped as she easily took them. Another minute of stroking and Polly leaned to kiss Dave’s cheek. Dave turned his cheek, kissed her passionately as he added his last finger. Dave looked at Porter, winked then said “Polly, what am I doing”? Porter was hissing air, she replied “making my pussy”. Dave snickered “why”? Before she could answer Dave drew his fingers out then Porter saw his whole hand press against her, she groaned “you’re going to fuck me”. Dave’s hand sank into her up to his wrist! Dave thrust his hand in, pulled out completely and back in again, for a few minutes. Stopping, he pulled his hand free, kissed Polly as he lifted her upper ass cheek. Porter’s eyes bugged outward as he saw her ass cunt! Between her pale cheeks, her ass hole lipped, red and swollen, putting outward like a pussy! Porter’s cock squirted inside his pants! Polly’s legs remained together as Dave slid his hand out, Porter had yet to see her cock.

Polly remained laying against Dave’s chest, he asked “is that Pussy”? Porter quickly replied, “Oh Hell yes”! Polly hearing his reply said “So I’m pussy”? Dave laughed. Polly threw her leg off Dave as she lifted her dress showing her cock asking “are you sure”? Porter looked at her cock saying, “I’m Damn sure you’re pussy, Lady”! Polly giggled loudly as she got off Dave’s lap. She laid back pulling her dress to her waist saying to Dave, “come get your pussy Baby”. Dave was on her in a flash, rolling her thighs back and thrusting hard! In a minute she said “Yes my Baby needs some pussy! Get it!….Get that pussy”! Dave was bucking into her roughly, she said “tear it Baby!…Own my pussy!… I’m your cunt, your Bitch…Your whore”! Dave was grunting and pounding down on her, Polly rolled herself upward nearly on her shoulders saying “seed me!…Breed me!….Soak me deep Baby”! Dave roared “fuckkkkkk” as his nuts blasted! Seconds later he shouted with each spurt of his cock “Ohhhhh Baby!..Baby, Baby, Baby”! In a minute they slumped. Polly caressed his back, kissed him and giggled.

Minutes later, they were sitting, Dave said “that’s how you fuck a T Girl”! Polly snickered. Dave left to use the bathroom. Polly saw Porter looking under her dress, giggled saying “do you want to taste me? I’m about half full, Dave won’t mind”. Dave came in asking “mind what”? She told him that she thinks Porter wants a sip from her. Dave smiled telling Porter to be his guest as he slid Polly’s dress back. Porter dropped to his knees, opened Polly’s legs wide and gently handled her cock. It grew thicker in his hands as she told him to suck softly because this wasn’t about sex. She is “giving” to him like a mother gives milk. Porter suckled her cock into his mouth, she said “that’s right. Just like that and when the time comes, just hold it and swallow when you need to”. Porter felt her body shift and looked up to see her kissing Dave. He felt a greasy but sweet slime coating his tongue in a minute. His tongue rolled her cock softly around inside his mouth as their kiss grew more passionate. Porter felt her inner thighs tremble as she said “close Porter”. Dave spoke “stream it to him Polly! Slow and steady so he can really taste you”. Polly moaned as her thighs flexed. Porter felt her cock spurt one surge, then a slow stream of water thin sweetness drooled on his tongue. Slowly she filled his mouth as she groaned then whimpered. Porter swallowed. Behind a soft yelp, Polly streamed again until he swallowed. He felt Polly’s thighs softening and knew she was done, he suckled her and said “thank you”. Polly smiled “you’re welcome”.

As he sat on his knees before her Dave said “Give him your “wine”, Baby”. Poly grinned, “he’s not ready for that”. Porter replied “the Hell I’m not! I need to know”! Dave grinned “Polly, give him some wine”. Polly replied, “yes Dave” and brought Porter’s mouth back to her cock saying “this I don’t share, but if Dave asks I comply without question”. Porter felt her cock twitch as short burst from her bladder filled his mouth! He swallowed, she sent another burst! The jets sprayed into his mouth until she lifted his head saying “that’s all”. Porter looked into her flaming red, blushed face and burped loudly saying “delicious”! Polly shouted “oh my god”! Dave replied “I’ve always told you, Baby. You turn it into a wine”!

Polly raised her knees, folded them against her chest saying, “you’ve done it all, you may as well fuck me and know what T Girl pussy is like”. Dave laughed “get it Porter! She’s ready, you know I filled her! Get some pussy”! Porter thrust his cock into her warm, wet, cum slick ass cunt! “Just like Pussy”, he moaned. His thrusting grew rapid as Dave leaned over her kissing her. “is the Pussy good”, Dave asked? “Hell yeah”, Porter replied! “Thrust to the left and right, feel her walls! You’ve never felt that in a genetic cunt”! Porter twisted and stroked! “Pull out and slam back in! Pop that ass bud! Feel it open and close”! Porter popped her, hearing the squish and hiss of her wet hole saying, “Damn! It’s like a mouth sucking me”! Dave grinned, “ram her! It’s tight all the way! Pure fuck hole all the way”! Porter rammed his thrust and growled loudly! “Bust that nut”, Dave shouted! Porter’s cock vomited cum into Polly! His ball sack seemed to explode oatmeal thick cum! His orgasm was so fierce he felt dizzy and slumped into Polly’s open arms, she giggled “I got you”. A minute later Dave was laughing loudly “wasn’t that fucking fantastic”! Porter could only moan. After several minutes, Polly said “I think he’s ready to meet Gloria”.

It took weeks until he finally met Gloria. It was at her home, she was swimming in her backyard pool. His mind and eyes struggled as he viewed her. “How the hell could she have ever been male”? Her jet black long hair floated over back submerged in the water. Her Pecan brown Latin skin contrasted against a Lime Green, 2 piece swim suit. Her ass cheeks exposed out the small high cut rear panel with each thrust of her legs. She turned over, swam on her back showing the well filled cups of her top and deep Bikini cut of her front. Her crotch appeared plump, filling her bikini. She saw him, smiled and swam his way saying “Porter”? He beamed a smile replying “yes”!

Gloria stood drying her hair and chatting as Porter’s eyes “ate” her body. She noticed, smiled then invited him inside while she changed. She came out 45 minutes later with her long hair combed down in a simple, causal, Orange and white stripped, sleeveless summer dress. It was cinched at her waist by a wide black belt and hung just past mid thigh with ankle wrapped sandals. She wasn’t a BBW, just perfectly plump, thick in all the right places. She walked toward him with a sexy twist. Gloria grinned and sat before him. They chatted and she crossed her plump thighs. His eyes locked on them until they decided to go walk a local park. By the end of their walk, they were holding hands. After the walk, they had dinner at a small cafe and returned to her house. They chatted a while and everything had been good. Gloria saw him watching her knees, she said “you’re Polly’s friend. You know my secret, why are you peeping”? Porter giggled, “you know it’s a male thing”! She laughed, “yes”. She got up saying she would be back. A she did, he caught a small gap and saw “milk white” silk panties with hair outside her leg opening. She came back in a mid thigh, light blue, thin, silk house robe. It clung to her body revealing that she was bra less and he didn’t see any pantie lines. She sat and as she did, he glimpsed red lace panties. Gloria said “comfortable”, he quickly replied “I was”! She laughed telling him that she was talking about herself.

“I’m your first “special girl” date”, she asked? Remembering Polly had told him to be a “take control” guy, he said, “no. You’re my last special girl date”! She giggled, “you sound confident”. They chatted with him making stronger, bolder statements impressing her. Gloria saw him checking her knees again she said “there you go again” grinning. Porter replied, “if you would open them, you wouldn’t catch me staring, I’d just look”! Gloria giggled as she spread her legs saying “hairy panties”. Porter saw her panties, hair appearing through them and outside surrounding her leg openings. Gloria said “even if I took them off you wouldn’t see anything”. Porter reached over to her sliding his hands under her gown, she said “take them off”. He drew them off as she sat giggling “told you”! She was right, all he saw appeared to be a girl with a hairy cunt! Gloria closed her legs telling him that “it” was there, very small about the size of his thumb. Porter looked at his thumb, 2 inches long an inch wide. She saw him and grinned “yes, about that size”. She told him that she grew the hair to hide everything down there. Since her testicles never descended, they remained inside her and she didn’t have a hanging sack. She giggled again, sat back, placed her feet on her seat and spread her legs wide saying “look, it’s just not there”.

Porter snickered as he dipped his face into her hairy crotch. His tongue probed into it until he felt her cock stub. He pressed his face firmly against her pubic mound and softly suckled her cock inside his mouth, Gloria moaned! He gently sucked it. It was barely an inch past his lips, it’s small glans felt like a small meatball. He lifted it with his tongue tip and she groaned. He swirled it, she whispered “Porterrrrr”. He swabbed it, she shook saying “I’m close, I may be small but….I make a lot!…I’m warning you that you might want to stop”! He grew aggressive sucking her, she said “just let it go, I won’t be offended”. Porter felt her legs wrap his back, her hips lifted, she said “I hope I don’t run you off, most guys jut can’t take what I’ll give you”. She bucked twice, her cum literally sprayed into the empty space in Porter’s mouth! She dumped a full warm, thick ounce before he swallowed, she said “I’m sorry” and fired another mouth filling scum wad! He swallowed again, Gloria started humping into his mouth saying “ it’s been so long and I’m so full! I need this” and globed spurt after spurt of more cum into his mouth. Porter swallowed until she had spent completely out. Her legs dropped from him, he released her cock. Gloria rolled on her side softly whimpering, “I’m so ashamed. I abused you but I was so in need”. He moved over, kissed her with his mouth still holding her last spent cum. Their tongues swapped it back and forth until it disappeared. Gloria said, “oh my god! Where have you been”!

Gloria jumped up dragging Porter to he bed room. She fell into her bed folding her legs back saying, “take me! I’m dry but I want to feel you! It’s going to hurt and burn but I want it! Make me hurt like a virgin! Don’t hold back, fuck me hard”! Porter slammed into her dry hole. It burned his cock like the skin was tearing! They both screamed! He thrust into her with force, she said, “god that hurts but I want to remember this! Fuck the Hell out of me”! Porter was thrusting deep and stroking rapid, she said “beautiful pain”. Her word had him fired! He slowed his stroke saying, “Ms Gloria, will you be mine”? She replied, “Porter, you don’t really know me. I can be a Bitch”. He smiled replying “my Bitch. I can know you in time”. She giggled, “I’ve been sort of a whore in my past, finding myself”. He fucked her replying “Be my whore”, she smiled. “I need firm control, you have to take me, make me, punish me to keep me in my place”. Porter stroked rapid saying “I’ll own you”! He jumped clear of her, rolled her over and rammed into her saying “take this”! He shot her full of cum! Gloria replied,”yes Sir”. A half hour later they were up, dressed and sitting. Gloria stood, laid across his lamp saying “spank me”. He asked why, she told him that she needed to cry and couldn’t. Porter spanked her bare ass, she said “harder! Spank my ass until it flames red and don’t stop! Make me cry hard even if I ask you to stop, don’t”! He spanked, she sobbed. Harder and faster, she wailed. Slapping her ass with both hands until it was glaring red and she softly screaming she mumbled “fist me”! Porter made a fist and punched into her her ass cunt, she hissed loudly! Punch after punch he rammed her until she said “thank you Porter” as he felt his legs being soaked in her piss. He lifted her onto his lap, kissed her tears away as she pissed again. She whispered, “I’m kind of a nasty girl too”. Porter grinned, “my Nasty girl”.

Two weeks later, Porter and Gloria were at Polly’s. They had shared a long day together. As Polly and Dave did the dishes, Porter was being heavily petted by Gloria. Just before the dishes were done, she laid her head in his lap and lovingly sucked his cock. Polly nearly walked in on them and stopped Dave. They stood quietly and watched her making love to Porter’s cock. Her head bobbed slowly, swerved gently as she coaxed his cum upward. Polly dropped to her knees and sucked Dave’s cock as he watched them. Dave lowered his stance, grabbed her head and fucked into her mouth. Porter grunted long and slow, 4 times. Gloria whispered, “yes Porter, Thank you, I needed your cum”. They were done and watching Dave face fuck Polly. Polly rose to squat, her cock hung down seeping cum. Gloria quickly crawled behind, tongued her ass then pulled her cock behind her and suckled it. Dave’s cock spurted and Polly streamed cum into Gloria’s mouth. In a minute, Gloria walked back to Porter, kissed him swapping Polly’s cum. Porter d**g her down, laid her back and raised her dress. His face dove into her hairy crotch. In a minute she was hissing, then moaning. She raised her thighs, rested them on her chest, Polly said “she’s waiting for his fist”. Second later they saw Porter’s arm slam forward! Gloria groaned “yes, oh yes”. Porter’s throat pulsed followed by gulping sounds, Polly said, “she’s throwing it”. In a minute, Gloria giggled as Porter removed his hand from her clenching ass. As they sat later, Polly told Gloria “thanks” because if she had taken her, she would be cleaning the floor. Gloria replied, “waste not, want not”. Gloria leaned over, wiped Porter’s chin saying “a little of my cum on your face. I didn’t give you too much did I”? He laughed “I want more”. She grinned, “when we get home”. Dave said, “Polly, I think we did something good with these two”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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