Surprise MMF

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Suprise mmf
We had a few fuck sessions a few times at this motel before. I paid for the room and waited for her to show up with a freshly shaved throbbing cock, balls and ass. I was surprised when she showed up with another dude. We had discussed possible mmf, mmff & mff fantasies before, my cock throbbed even more considering what might take place. I sat on the bed as they came in and settled in. She looked hot in a short skirt & what I was sure was stockings. I couldn’t wait to find out.

He excused himself to the bathroom, she told me “let’s give him a surprise”. She pulled down my shorts, as I just had them on and nothing else. she wiggled around and showed me her hot shaved pussy and ass clad in black stockings. My cock stood up throbbing as she cupped my shaved balls in one hand and stroked my cock with the other. She kissed the head of my cock then begin sliding her lips down my throbbing shaft. it felt great as she sucked my cock, I laid back giving her complete access to my cock, shaved balls and ass. She looked hot as she swallowed my 6 inch cock down to my aching balls. About that time I heard an electric shutter snap, I looked to see him taking pics and sporting a cock porn star would be proud of. He took pics of her working over my cock, balls and of her rimming my shaved ass. She then said for him to join in.

He came over and at my surprise begin sucking my shaved balls as she sucked and swallowed my cock. she smiled as she spread my legs watching him lick my shaved balls then suck them before teasing my shaved ass with his tongue. she then sat on my face allowing me to begin licking her hot, wet shaved cunt and ass. She sucked my cock a few more times before leaving my cock, balls and ass to be devoured by him as she took her place in the daisy chain of sucking his cock. It was every bit of 7.5- 8.5 inches. He continued to work me over as I ate her hot cunt and ass and as she sucked his long cock and balls. She could not swallow him to the balls as she could my cock, he had a neat patch of pubic hair above his long throbbing cock differing from my completely shaved cock, balls and ass.

She pulled away and sat on his throbbing cock, I watched laying back as he detached his lips from my throbbing cock as she begin fucking him. “Oh yeah this long cock feels great”! She said. I watched her sit on his cock, it filled up her hot shaved pussy, her shaved labia lips glisten as his long bulging cock filled up her pussy. she pumped it in and out. I came around and begin rimming her ass as she rode him. his long cock slid out of her hot pussy at one point. I gave her cunt a lick before taking as much of his cock in my mouth as I could sliding my lips up and down his throbbing long cock. He then slid back in her cunt to continue giving her a good fucking. I rimmed her ass a few more times taking pics of his big cock pleasuring her hot pussy. I then slid on a condom and lined up my cock with her ass. I slid my cock in as he pumped her hot cunt. she moaned as I slid my 6 inches in as his longer cock pounded her pussy. We fucked like this till she came then said she wanted some cum.

She laid me on my back, she got on top of me in the 69 as he got behind her and begin fucking her shaved cunt from behind. This gave me access to her hot wet shaved cunt and his long cock and balls which I took advantage of. I licked them as they fucked taking pics of this as I could, he would slide his cock out and slide it in my mouth, then slide back in her. I would lick his balls and her cunt as he slammed her. She in the mean while devoured my cock, shaved balls and ass. I felt her swallowing my cock, suck my shaved balls making them tight with a big load of cum.

He then came around putting his long cock cock2cock with my cock giving her access to both our cocks. he took pics of her smiling as she swallowed my shorter cock then taking as much of his long cock as she could . I ate her hot shaved cunt and ass as she slurped sucked and swallowed. I couldn’t hold back as she swallowed my cock to my shaved balls, my balls exploded in her mouth. She then worked over his long cock enjoying making him explode, the cum slid down the shafts of our cocks down our balls as she licked and sucked our cocks clean. I licked her cunt clean…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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