Screw Virginity I Am A Call Girl

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I am 25 years old. I have a little chubby figure of 38c 28 40. I have been married for 2 years now.My husband is a trader and is gone for business most of the time. so my sexual desires are always barely quenched. I take tuition for 9 to 12 std English.

This is a story about how I lost my virginity. This happened when I was 20 years old. i was studying in bsc literature in Bombay. I lived in the hostel with my friend Rita. she was much naughtier than me. She had lost her virginity when she was 18. She had a very sexy figure of 36 26 38. we used to read Indian sex stories together. We had even tried out some lesbian tricks.

But she kept some secrets from me like how she used to spend some nights out or how she always had lots of money to spend even though she was from a poorer family. I asked her but she always refused to answer me.

In our 3rd year we planned on going to Goa for 3 days. we had fun there. For 2 days, we had lots of fun . We roamed Goa in dresses which were barely long enough to cover half our thighs and low cut necks. We used bikinis to seduce boys. Rita even dropped her top for some seconds. At the last day, we went to a night club.

There I had so much fun dancing that I lost Rita. When I found her she was having a talk with 2 hot guys. As I went near her, she saw me. She asked the boys “text me the address I will be there”. By the time I reached her, the boys had already left.

I asked ” where are you going? our train is at 5 am tomorrow. you either take me with you or don’t go at all. ”

Rita didn’t yell back. Instead she looked amused and asked ” do you know what I do? I am an escort. ”

I was shocked by this. But it all made sense now. i thought how could she do this. then i realised that even i had a fantasy about being an escort for at least one day. and Rita was living that fantasy for who knows how long. I was suddenly very aroused.

When we reached our room, I was very much thinking of going with her. I convinced her to take me along after a long argument. Rita asked they boys of it was ok to enjoy 2 girls. They were actually quiet excited to have another girl with just a total of 20k.

Now we had to dress up. Rita dressed up in a sleeveless black dress with a low neck and which barely covered her thighs without any bra or panty. I dressed in my knee length pink nighty without bra but I wore a thong. I took extra clothes on Rita request. We covered our faces with make-up.

We got pretty weird states by the elevator boy.

The boys had rented 2 adjoining villas near the pool. I knocked on the villa farther from the pool as was my instruction. The taller of the 2 boys answered the door.

He was dark and skinny but still hot. He was just wearing his boxers under which his erection was pretty obvious. I could see that he had a pretty long cock. He asked me to enter. He was blocking half the door with his body making sure my body was rubbed against his when I enter.I liked that. So I made sure that there was more than necessary rubbing.

Halfway through, he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me close. I could feel his cock poking against my stomach. I was so turned on. He moved his hands down from my waist to my ass and started pressing them. At the same time he leaned in and started kissing me my lips. then he inserted his tongue in my mouth and started playing with my tongue. The first kiss of my life was so deep. No one has ever kissed like that till today. he pushed me against the wall and kicked the door shut.

He was soon pulling up my nighty and putting his hands in my panty. He squeezed my ass so hard I gasped and he further pushed in his tongue. Then he started rubbing my hole. His middle finger soon a little in my hole.

I myself was moaning softly as we exchanged saliva. My hands could not help from exploring his hunk body. He gave me short breaks for me to breath when he kissed my neck. This went on for about 15 minutes. My lipstick was all smeared around my lips.I was all wet in my panty.

Then he lifted me up by my ass and carried me to the bed. Then he threw me on to the bed quiet roughly. I crowd out a little. He started climbing on me.

He said ” sorry. but I have not had any sex since I broke up with my girlfriend 6 months ago. ”

I said ” please be gentle. I am still a virgin. ”

He suddenly stopped halfway near my boobs shocked. He said ” Wow. I lost my virginity when I was 17 years old. Don’t worry baby, you will love me for doing it rough. ”

Saying so he started pulling at my nighty to release my boobs. When he was unsuccessful for some tries, he lost all patience and tore of my nighty from the top to my belly. I was very much shocked when he did this. but my shock was soon replaced by pain when he started squeezing my boobs very hard. He was not even able to cover even one of my boobs but we grabbed what he could and started squeezing them and my pink nipples which were already erect were turning a darker pink. I was actually screaming in pain but I think besides Rita and her guy, I don’t think anyone else heard.

He suddenly removed his boxers and stuffed it into my screaming mouth. His boxers tasted sour but I was too busy clawing at the sheets in pain. He sucked, licked, spat on, slapped, squeezed and bit my boobs. After sometime, I started to enjoy this. My screams of pain turned into moans of pleasure. I started fingering my pussy.

He knew I was completely turned on with lust. He sat up and I was finally able to see his dick. It was 8 inch long and dark. I went near his shaft and started licking his dick. He grabbed me by my hair and pushed in his dick intro my mouth as much as he could. I choked and quickly leaned back. He flipped me so that I was looking at the ceiling.

Now he lied on top of me so that we were in 69 position. Now he forced his cock into my mouth and started fucking my mouth with the power of a horse. At the same time he started rubbing my panty then he took it off completely. I was choking in his every inward stroke. At first I was in deep pain but soon my lust took over and I started sucking his cock like you suck a lollipop.

Then he started licking my pussy very passionately. Almost half his tongue was in my pussy and I moaned like hell. In 20 minutes, I cummed. I’m a squirter.So all the cum just sprayed all over his face.

I said ” oh sorry. I didn’t mean that. ”

He said ” don’t worry honey. I will make up for it. ”

Saying so, he made me sit on my knees on the floor and he stood near me. He inserted his cock almost fully into my mouth and started pumping my mouth hard. And I sucked him so deeply that the cock went dry. After about 15 minutes, he took out his cock and I knew he was gonna blow. I really wanted to taste cum. So I opened my mouth, closed my eyes and leaned back.

He cummed all over my face. Some of the cum went in my mouth, some dropped on to my boobs and the rest was spread all over my face. I gargled with the cum as I saw in some porn movies and I drank it all. It tasted a bit sour. He spotted his cum all over my face and boobs. Then without even allowing me to clean up he threw me again on to the bed.

He lifted my legs and he placed his cock on my pussy ready to enter me. He picked my panty from the bed and wiped my face with it. He said ” You said that you are a virgin. Let’s change that. ”

Saying so he stuffed my panty down my throat. I did not get even a chance to look shocked when he pushed in his entire cock in my pussy in a single strong stroke. I screamed into the panty in painas blood dripped from my pussy. My nails cut into the pillow.

He took out his cock from my pussy and our was almost completely covered in blood. He said ” don’t worry baby. You will enjoy it soon. ”

He did not even wait for my response. He entered me again and started fucking me with unbelievable power and speed. My boobs were getting juggled violently. My whole body moved with every forward stroke. As the fucking progressed, he pressed more and more towards me. At the end my legs were pressed against boobs. But I was very much enjoying this even if I was in such pain.

After about 30 minutes He cummed in me. It was so much in amount threat some of it oozed out when he removed his cock.

I thought I could get some rest but he just flipped me over to doggy position. Before I could even spit out the panty my ass hole was rammed by about half his cock. He fucked me so hard for so long that soon my ass was sore and pained. He stopped only when he cummed once again.

He hugged me from behind and laid on me. I finally thought it was over when I heard our door open. …….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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