Red X – Grace meets up with Cliff

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Grace looked at the clock, 2:05am. She had yet to fall asleep after getting the call from Cliff and she was still on edge. She’d only talked with him in person, but he was angry and threatening on his call, and she was scared. BZZZZZZZZ! The alarm screamed in her ear and she sat upright in bed. Norm rolled over, slapped the clock and headed to the bathroom as Grace gathered herself. It was 6:00am and Cliff would be calling at 8:00. She crawled out of bed, stopped in the hallway bathroom to pee, then headed to the kitchen. She wanted to fix breakfast and get her husband out of the house and on the way to work as quickly as possible.

“Bye honey, have a good day at work” said Grace as she closed the door behind Norm. She rushed to the shower, and lathered up. She ran her hands over her soapy, snow white 34C boobs, and slipped a finger into her slit as she scrubbed her pussy. She grabbed the razor, shaved her long white legs and trimmed her bright red bush. She knew Cliff would be pounding her pussy later that morning so she might as well have it looking fresh and neat. She dried off and headed to her walk-in closet to pick out her outfit. She knew if she didn’t wear something sexy, Cliff would be even more pissed. It was late September but still warm, so Grace selected a just above the knee-length black button up dress. She went to the dresser, pulled out her sheer black bra, matching garter belt and sheer black stockings. The black undergarments, against her pale Scottish skin, accentuated her bright red bush. Sophisticated sexy. She had finished her makeup and was brushing her hair when the phone rang. She answered on the second ring, “hello”.

“Good morning, Grace. Are you ready?” asked Cliff.


“And just what are you wearing this morning. Because if I don’t like it, you better change quick.”

Grace stood, looking in the mirror, “I have on a black button-up dress.”

“OK, that works. Panties?”

“None”, replied Grace softly. She didn’t mention the grater belt and stockings as hopefully that would be a pleasant surprise and improve Cliff’s attitude.

“Perfect. What do you drive?”

“A gray 2017 Volvo XC-90.”

“OK, get in your car and take the Jersey Turnpike South and head towards 95. Call me when you’re a mile or two from 95 and I’ll tell you where to go next. And listen, when you get in your car, unbutton your dress up to your waist and keep your legs spread. I want every trucker, delivery driver, whoever has an elevated view to enjoy your red bush. You understand?”

“Yes.” Grace heard the phone click. She gathered her belongings, headed to the garage and slid behind the wheel. She unbuttoned the bottom three buttons of her dress. She pushed each side out and off of her legs. She was now exposed up to the bottom of her garter belt and her bright red bush glowed against her white legs and black stockings. She pulled out of her driveway and headed towards Washington St to make her way to the Turnpike. She knew she would be on display in no time. Washington St was heavy with traffic including lots of vehicles capable of seeing her widespread legs and panty-less red bush. It excited her and scared her at the same time. The horn-blowing and cat-calling started as she approached the first light. She could see the UPS driver straining to see, then the two guys in the plumbing van. The passenger was leaning over the driver, cellphone in hand, and Grace knew he was taking pics. She sped off as the light changed and headed to the turnpike. Her face flushed as she approached the toll booth to get on the turnpike, knowing full-well that whoever was manning the booth was going to get a clear view of her twat shot. She could see the middle aged black man lean out and give the change back to the driver in front. The car pulled forward and Grace eased to the window, $5 bill out the window.

Reaching out, the toll-taker spotted her black-stockinged white legs, wide apart, and her red bush on display. “Goooood morning, ma’am, how are you this fine morning?” Slowly making change, but still sneaking a peek as her bush, “You sure are looking fine this morning and I hope you have a great day.”

Smiling back and taking the change, Grace sped off. For the next five miles she listened to the blowing horns and knew the truckers were enjoying the show. Her nervousness was fading and the thought of them enjoying her bush started to make her pussy moisten. She touched the CALL button on the radio, “Call Cliff.”

Without saying hello or anything, Cliff directed, “Get on 95, middle lane, and drive with the flow. I’ll call shortly with instructions” click, he was gone.

Grace turned onto 95 N, sped up to join the flow of traffic and merged to the middle lane. She knew Cliff had probably spread the word on his CB to the other truckers to be on the lookout for the gray Volvo. She eased alongside the first truck and she could see him looking hard in his side mirror. He laid on the horn as she passed by. Looking ahead she could see another 8-10 trucks in the right lane, just waiting for a show. Her pussy twitched as her exhibitionist side took over, and she was starting to enjoy herself. Each truck she passed would blow the horn and then flash the lights. By the time she was pulling alongside the third truck her hand was rubbing her red bush. The driver showed his appreciation by yelling and giving a thumbs-up as Grace glanced up at him. She saw him reach for his CB so she knew she was a hot topic on 95 this morning. Her cell rang.

“Take the 3rd exit and head towards the truck stop. Pull around back and wait.” Click.

Sarah knew the exit she would be taking so she stayed in the center lane to give the truckers a show for a few more miles. Each trucker she flashed made her that much wetter and horny. She was ready for Cliff’s cock.

Ten minutes later Sarah was pulling into the truck stop. She turned off her Volvo and waited. In no time, she saw Cliff appear from between two rigs and walk towards her car.

“Good morning sweetheart,” said Cliff as he opened the door and flopped into the seat. “Oh Goddamn, I love the stockings and garters, and so did my buddies on 95. Let’s take a ride down the street.”

“Where are going,” asked Grace.

“There’s a hotel about 6 blocks down. It’ll be a little more comfortable than my sleeper.” Without warning, Cliff reached over and slid his hand between Grace’s legs and rubbed her cunt. Grace moaned as he slid a fat finger inside her. He felt her moistness and his erection grew bigger. Cliff laughed as he removed his finger, put it in his mouth and licked off her juices, “I hope you’re in the mood for a good fuckin’ this morning ‘cause that’s what you’re gettin’.”

Grace just looked over and smiled. Two blocks down she turned into the hotel. Cliff pulled a card from his pocket as they walked to the door of the room, and with one swipe, the door clicked open. “Welcome to your new home for the next couple hours,” said Cliff as he motioned her in. Cliff followed Grace as she walked towards the bed. Suddenly he grabbed her arm and jerked her around. His right hand raised and squeezed her face. His whole demeanor changed and his face was red. “You tell your fucking daughters to answer the Goddamn phone when I call. I called Sara AND Lauren last night and neither of those bitches would answer the phone. You tell them they better answer when I call or they’ll regret it, you understand me?” Unable to answer, Grace nodded her head.

Still gripping her face, Cliff pushed her back onto the bed. Grace had only met Cliff once and his anger scared her. Pulling his t-shirt over his head, he undid his belt. “Get outta that dress”. Grace stood and unbuttoned her dress and laid it over the chair.

“Bra!” Reaching down between the cups, she snapped it loose and tossed it on her dress. Her hard nippled breasts sprung free. Cliff’s pants hit the floor and his already hard cock sprung free. He threw his jeans in the corner and walked to Grace. He grabbed her hair “On your knees!” Grace dropped down and without orders, caressed his cock and slid it between her lips. Although Cliff had her scared, her cunt was horny and she attacked his cock like the sex-starved 43 year-old she was. His fat eight inch cock filled her mouth and she could taste his pre-cum. She worked it slowly in and out until Cliff grabbed her and forced his cock deep into her throat. Grace gagged and pulled back. Cliff jerked her head off of his cock then back into her throat yet again. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she gagged like never before. Cliff jerked her back and Grace gasped for air. He yanked her up to her feet then pushed her back onto the bed. Grabbing both legs, he rolled her over onto her stomach, “get on your knees”. Grace did as he said. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs. He moved his cock to her red-haired cunt lips and pushed inside. Although Grace was wet from flashing, her hairy pussy wasn’t yet ready to be impaled by his thick cock. She yelped as he slammed it deep inside. Showing her no mercy, he grabbed her by the hips and pounded away.

The pain Grace was experiencing between her legs quickly turned to pleasure. She rocked back hard against his cock and could feel her juices building. She was nearing climax when Cliff slapped her on the ass hard, bringing her back to reality.

“Grace, I hate to party alone and I invited a couple of my buddies over to join in on the fun.” Suddenly the bathroom door sprung open and there stood two guys, naked, and rubbing their stiff cocks. One was a tall, thin white guy, the other a short, dark Hispanic looking man. “Say hello to Tex and Rico. I call them Tex/Mex,” laughed Cliff.

Grace was speechless and there was really nothing she could say. She knew she was in trouble and these guys had no intention of being gentle with her. Cliff pulled his cock out and rubbed her juices onto her asshole. He forced two fingers into her asshole and Grace squirmed uncomfortably. He sat on the edge of the bed and guided her asshole down onto his cock. As soon as his head was in, he pushed her hips down hard. She yipped in pain as his cock disappeared into her ass. Tex already had two fingers in her pussy, and was working his thumb hard against her clit. Rico stood on the bed and grabbed Grace’s head, twisting it sideways to push his cock into her mouth. He face-fucked her hard and the pain of Cliff pounding her asshole was killing her but she couldn’t scream out with Rico’s cock in her throat.

Two minutes later, “Let’s switch” said Cliff, pushing Grace off of him. “Lay down Tex.”

Tex flopped down on the bed, legs hanging over the side. He grabbed Grace’s arm and she mounted him. As Tex pounded away at Grace’s red-haired cunt, Mex moved around beside her to once again shove his cock into her face. Cliff grabbed his video-cam from the bag on the bedside table. He walked around behind Grace and her asshole was the perfect height for him to finish the job. He clicked the PLAY button. Moving the head of his cock to her ass, she let out a muffled scream as he plunged deep inside. All three were pounding away and Grace was again ready to cum. She was ready to orgasm 10 minutes earlier, until Cliff interrupted her. This time there was no holding her back. Tex could feel her cunt squeezing his cock and the pressure in his testicles was building. Likewise Cliff could feel her rectum tighten and her asshole clamped down on his thick cock. Suddenly, Grace’s whole body spasmmed and shook as her climax peaked. Both orifices tightened down on the cocks that filled them and Tex and Cliff exploded in orgasm. Grace felt both men filling her up with cum and her orgasm intensified. Just as she tried to pull away from Rico to scream, he sprayed his load into her throat. She gulped trying to swallow it all, but unsuccessful as his cum leaked out around his cock. She collapsed, exhausted, but the men continued to pound until their balls were empty.

Grace wasn’t sure if she passed out, or exactly what happened, but she awoke to find Mex on top of her slamming his cock in and out of her aching pussy. Tex was sucking hard on her snow-white tits and she knew he would leave his mark. He crawled up and placed his cock between her lips. She sucked slowly, eyes closed, enjoying the taste of her cunt juices on his cock. She opened her eyes and there was Cliff, moving in for a closer view of the action, video camera in hand. Cliff smiled back and panned the camera down to Mex pounding away at her sloppy cunt. He was grunting and panting and Cliff knew he was ready to cum.

“Shoot it on her belly, Mex!” Cliff yelled.

Mex reached down and grabbed Grace behind the knees, bending her legs up beside her chest. He took a few more hard strokes, pulled out, and sprayed his cum all over her bright red hairy cunt. Still hard, he pushed his cock back inside her gaping cunt and again pounded away. Cliff panned up to Tex as he worked his cock in and out Grace’s throat. Cliff heard Grace moan deeply and videoed as Tex pulled out his cock and shot his load all over her face. Grace screamed out in ecstasy and his cum sprayed her face and Mex slammed her cunt.

Tex and Mex flopped onto the bed beside Grace, exhausted. Grace lay there quivering between them. Her orgasms had drained every ounce of her energy, and her cunt was throbbing. She blinked, opening her eyes slightly, and there was Cliff, still filming.

“Get up boys, party’s over. We got work to do. You’ve already delivered your first load for the day,” howled Cliff, “but them truck’s are still waiting for you.”

Tex and Rico got up and headed to the bathroom to get their clothes. “Grace, I’ll catch a ride with the boys, so the room is yours until noon if you want it. Your daughters must have learned how to fuck from you, because all three of you got some good pussy! You listen for my call and you better answer or ol’ Norm might be watching this video one day!” chuckled Cliff.

Grace closed her eyes and rolled over, facing away from Cliff. Two minutes later they were gone. Grace eased her aching body from the bed and went to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror she saw a frazzled woman, hair amess, and a huge hickey on her right boob, just above the nipple. “Oh fuck. How will I hide that from Norm,” Grace thought. Not only had she been fucked, but she also knew she was screwed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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