Never Judge a Book

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My friend Danny’s wife Shelley is in her 30’s, has big full breasts that look great on a petite woman of five feet three, and Shelley has a wonderful laugh and magnificent smile. She and I usually tease and flirt whenever I visit but have kept it cool until yesterday. Dan was in a shitty mood shaking off a whiskey drunk. A planned trip they had scheduled was going nowhere as he sat on the couch drinking water and yelling back at Shelley in the bedroom. He said, “go burn some good with her and maybe she’ll shut the fuck up.” I wanted to leave as I didn’t want any marital bad vibes to press upon what was already a rainy day, yet it made more sense to catch a buzz there than to be on a rain slick highway, so I went into the bedroom.

Shelley met me at the door. She only had the top to her black negligee on and no panties, which made a great contrast on her white skin and red hair. As I looked her over, I was hard in a second. We had never thought to take our two-year friendship into another direction as we often talked about movies, music, books, and in a teasing way, sex, yet we never acted upon anything. As I pulled a ready-rolled from my pocket, she looked up at me and said, “I need this,” and reaching down to grab my bulge rising up from my shorts, she said, “and this.”

I moved us to the bed. Shelley positioned herself to the edge of the bed with her feet over the end of the bed and her pussy and ass in the air. Her shaved pussy revealed two fat cunt lips. I pulled my dick out and slipped it into her waiting hole. She involuntarily moaned, which made me think of Dan who was in the den down at the end of the hall, but all that was in me wanted to keep fucking her hot pussy. I tore her negligee top and I kept fucking her from behind. She yelped and moaned as I felt myself building up to nutt as I wanted to not get caught and the pussy was dripping and on fire. She stopped moving and I thought that she wanted to stop what was a flirtation gone too far, but she rose and lay on the bed upon her back. She put the joint down, which she let go out as I was pounding her pussy. I leaned over her. We kissed and laughed when she said, ” We should have started out like this.” She added, “I want you to fuck my white ass like that bastard won’t.”

Friendship, be damned, I stood over her as she guided my hard, throbbing cock into her tight asshole. She gasped a couple of times and said, “You’re going to need lube.” I leaned over her and stuck my tongue in her mouth and we kissed. Then, I rose above her and put my dick in her mouth telling her, “Wet it up.” Soon, Shelley was sucking my cock to the root with very little spit. The sensation of her tongue and Dan’s muffled voice rooms down from us made pre-cum boil to the tip of my rock hard dick. She licked the head, took me out of her mouth and said, “Now, my ass.” I think the cock-sucking turned her on as her ass was hot and moist. My shaft was buried to the hilt in her ass as she moved, laughed nervously through tears, and as if she were possessed, bounced herself on my cock as she lifted her hips off the king-sized bed. My mind was arching off the feeling of this beautiful woman grinding against my Black dick moaning “it’s so big,” yet never relenting from my fucking her ass.

I usually pull out whenever doing anal and had never cum purposefully into a woman’s ass but Shelley had me so hot. Plus, the sensation of being caught at any moment and watching her tits bounce as she launched herself on my cock soon had me flooding her asshole with hot seed. She moaned loudly screaming my name and saying, “Yes. Fuck that nasty ass. Fuck my filthy white hole.” My dick jerked as she milked it with her tight ass muscles. I pulled my cock out of her and she rose up, grabbed my hips, and started sucking my cock again. I stood over her as she sat on the edge of the bed giving me enthusiastic head. I stood back away from the bed as she faced me. She stood up, turned back toward the bed, and placed her hands on the mattress. I slid back into her cunt and pounded her for what seemed like a half-hour before I came harder into her pussy that I had into her ass. Shelley screamed “Yes, yes, yes,” and pumped the last of my cum into her.

Just as the last time, she sucked me hard again but I could hear heavy footsteps coming up the hall. There was little I could do as I was soaked in sweat and her cunt juices. She lay upon the bed with her legs sprawled out. I attempted to dress and walked to the bathroom. Dan came to the door. I watched from the bathroom as she rose from the bed and gave him the extinguished joint. He told her to get dressed and if he felt better after smoking, he said that he would take her to the Casino Row on the Gulf coast. He closed the door after himself.

I didn’t say a word as I watched her walk into her closet to grab a sundress and hat. I hate to admit it but my dick was getting hard again. She asked me if I had a joint for the road. I told her I’d go to the car and bring her one. I left the bedroom and passed Danny on the couch. He said, “Fuck man, I should have smoked instead of drank. I’d had a much better night.” I went to the car, grabbed two ready-rolled, lit one, and put the second back in my pocket. When I made it to the door, Shelley met me, lit that blinding smile, gave my bulge a not so gentle squeeze, and said, “Thanks for everything. Danny said that I’m in a better mood and so is he. Come back and we’ll play again. It had been four years since I played and I loved it!” She kissed me, closed the door, and I walked down the driveway.

“Wow,” I thought. I never thought that this couple would play but I learned that, well, you never know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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