Mother’s Story Final: Parts 7 and 8

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(No point in starting here, its the end, but first read parts 1 to 6)

7. Jane’s Fourth Testimony

Well in some ways I suppose it was to be expected, what with them fingering our anuses. But it still came as a surprise, these two were really taking any opportunity they could get, and they had obviously been well informed about matters sexual! I for one had never had anal sex, in fact I was a bit inhibited about my bottom, worrying that I might not be clean down there. But I’d had a shower that morning and I’d put such thoughts aside as Roy had fingered me, so I persuaded myself that no harm would come from letting him have me there, but was it right to let the boys do that to us? Was any of this? And would I be able to take a penis up my anus anyway? I looked at Anna, seeking her approval. She gave me an encouraging half smile, indicating some worries but not a refusal. So: “OK both of you, we’ll let you try. I have never had anal sex, so I don’t know if I can and I dont’t know if Anna has either.” I looked at her and she shook her head. “No, neither has your Mum Roy, so you’ll both have to be really careful, go very gently and make sure we are well lubricated. You must stop if either of us says so. Understand?”

“Oh gosh yes,” they chorused. I stole a quick look at their underwear, they were sporting absolutely massive erections that were threatening to burst out of their pants.

“First we need to get ourselves really clean. Anna. Come with me to the bathroom and we’ll get sorted.”

“Oh no, Mum, let us come with you and help you get clean, we’ve already had our fingers in there, we can add soap!” said Joe, the cheeky little bugger (or at least he was going to be…)

So Anna and I led them back to the bathroom, us Mums in just our suspenders and stockings, with the boys in their underpants. I ran warm water into the sink and got it nice and soapy, got out a facecloth for each of us and began to wash my crotch, only to have it taken off me by Roy, who also took Anna off her and handed it to Joe. “Crouch down both of you, legs nice and open, we’ll do this!” said Roy.

So, holding on to the side of the bath, both of us adopted a disgusting pose – bent at the knees, squatting down, thighs wide apart – as the boys stationed themselves behind us and began soaping us with their fingers, putting at first one and then two fingers together up our back passages, twisting them and turning, then using the face-cloths to wipe and probe our most intimate area. Then they rinsed us out, more fingering and probing until they were satisfied with their handiwork and I was gasping with anticipation. I was ridiculously ready for penetration. But first the boys wanted us to spread ourselves open on the bathroom floor while they licked our crotches and peered at our privates. It seems they can never get enough of that.

Finally they led us back downstairs and positioned us on our knees next to each other elbows on the sofa, knees apart, bottoms rearmost and raised. Joe produced a jar of vaseline which he must have taken from the bathroom cabinet, the boys removed their underpants, and they began to spread the greasy stuff onto and inside our anal openings. As the goo went in they widened us up by putting in two fingers and reaming around to loosen our rings. Then they were ready. I had been ready for some time! I felt the pressure of Roy’s cock head against my ring-piece, his helmet was just gently resting there at first. I looked across at Anna – my Joe was positioned similarly, his cock just pressing into her, Anna smiled at me and the boys grinned at each other. Then I felt a little more pressure and my anus yielded and Roy’s cock just entered my bottom! Just a fraction of an inch at first. I felt stretched, but it wasn’t painful. He asked if I was OK and I nodded. “Go slowly though..”

In response he withdrew completely and I felt him place a large dollop of Vaseline inside me. Then he pressed back into place and this time I felt my anus take him in easily. “Oh fuck Roy, you’re up her bum mate!” Joe called over, “Anna’s a bit too tight… I’ll lube you up a bit more too Anna, OK?” She nodded as Joe also get his vaselined fingers up her and helped stretch her a bit more. Meanwhile I was overcome with new sensations as Roy shafted me where I’d never been shafted before! His cock seemed massive in my back passage as got into a rhythm of long deep strokes. I was far away, enjoying this new feeling, almost detached from reality as I saw my son eventually enter Anna, her expression hard to read as she in turn was buggered for the first time.

The boys were ecstatic, saying how wonderful and tight we were, how erotic this was, how they never wanted it to end. I was feeling the same to be honest, when Roy reached under me and began to finger my clitoris and put fingers in my pussy: “Oh crikey Joe, I can feel my cock in your mum’s arse from inside her twat! Oh sorry, I mean pussy. Oh its lovely.. Oh shit I’m cumming up her!” and with that the pace of his thrusts went into overdrive, I was already on the edge, but his fingers in my vagina and the sensation of his cock in my anus pushed me over and I came along with him, both of us screaming in delight. Anna and Joe watched us intently as Joe put his fingers down and into Anna’s pussy, learning from Roy. Then it was our turn to watch. Roy came out of my arse, cum slithering down my thighs, and we both took up station next to Anna and Joe. Roy began to fondle his mother’s breasts and I kissed her passionately on the lips, following up our little lesbian display from earlier. Joe just continued to impale Anna’s anus and finger her vagina and clitoris. Roy then got under Anna and began licking her stomach and down towards her mound. Joe took his fingers away and began to fondle my flaps (I was positioned next to Anna and the action, with my bum towards my son). So there was Anna on all fours with her son lying under her and licking at her vagina, while my son was buggering her joyously while fingering his mother’s (my!) “twat”!

It was over shortly after. Anna began bucking with orgasm and that set off Joe as he pumped and pumped his sperm deeply into her colon. Anna came so hard she almost broke Roy’s nose as she couldn’t help but thrash downwards as she climaxed. Joe’s hand left my lady-bits as he extracted himself from Anna’s tight hole, but I was left feeling that something hadn’t been quite right just then. I was happy with being buggered (pardon my French!) but Joe’s fingering me, and Roy’s licking his mother’s flaps felt too i****tuous – even after what we’d all been doing together…

Anyway I put these thoughts aside as I basked in post-orgasm glow. Roy slid alongside me and cuddled up to me, kissing anything he could reach with his lips. Joe and Anna got into sixty-nine style cuddle with Anna, legs wide apart had Joe’s mouth on her vagina and she had his, now limp, penis in her mouth. I think we all fell asleep just after that, shagged out you could say, though it was barely midday.

8. Anna’s Fourth Testimony

Jane and I woke first and untangled ourselves from our sons. We dressed and got lunch ready, deciding to let the boys doze as long as they wished. We knew what would be in store for us once they woke and got their energy back – more sexual fun! Jane shared with me her worry that we were on the brink of i****t, and I agreed that we had to be careful. I remembered the fact that I had given my son a blow-job and was determined that this was definitely a limit and certainly not to allow his penis in my vagina or anus!

The weekend was coming to a close and we were to return home later – the boys had school the next day, and Jane and I both worked. We had a couple of hours left. The boys eventually came around and we had a pleasant buffet lunch mid afternoon. During the meal the boys kept touching and fondling us. They wore only dressing-gowns, clearly ready for more action. Jane and I had new clean sexy undies on under our normal day-wear. We cleared away the crockery and cutlery as the boys followed us around feeling up our skirts, over our breasts and pulling up skirts to rub our panty-crotches.

Eventually we were ready for further action. We called the boys together and told them this was the last session before Roy and I would have to go home. But we said we could get together again next weekend, at our house this time. Then we asked them what they wanted to do. Joe spoke up and said that he and Joe had some ideas that they thought we would enjoy, as we had been so wonderful to them in allowing them to have us and feel us. We said we wanted to make sure they had a nice ending too. So we agreed to get started. Immediately the boys said they wanted to undress us first and so we all stood up, put the radio on a music station and they boys began the usual feeling and fondling of us as they gradually removed our skirts, blouses then our brassieres. Finally, after a lot of crotch rubbing and putting their hands down into our knickers, they removed our panties. I suggested that a nice thing would be for us Mums to both have a bit of fun with each boy, as the other enjoyed watching. They agreed so first I got Joe to lie down on his back, then I pulled his pants off him (he’d discarded his dressing-gown immediately!) held his cock in my hand and fellated him gently to full erection. Then I slipped a Durex on him and guided him inside my vagina as I straddled him. At this point I motioned to Jane to join us and she placed her feet either side of her son’s head, facing me as I sat on his cock, then slowly lowered herself onto his smiling mouth. He proceeded to lick and suck his mother as I felt the intensity of his erection grow in my pussy. Jane was spreading herself all over his face and he was salivating strongly so that she seemed to slide around on him. It looked like her vagina was wide open as he was pleasured, and she had a glazed look in her eyes… Roy was watching closely and began to feel my breasts and then Jane’s. He also felt down between my legs and rubbed my anus, then did the same to Jane. Then I felt Joe cumming into me. He was done.

“Same for you Roy?” asked Jane. But Roy had other ideas.

He left the room for a short while leaving us wondering what he had in mind. On his return he said he had washed himself thoroughly and wanted us Mum’s to satisfy something he’d read about. He stripped off completely and sat on the sofa, his bottom right on the edge, then he lifted his legs up and apart and held his cheeks open, his erection huge. “I want one of you to suck me while the other one licks my bum-hole!” I was shocked, where do they get these ideas? Well he was my son so I thought I’d better do the anus lick, I told Jane to go ahead and take him down her throat, which she did, positioning herself next to him, taking his erection deeply into her mouth and gently fellating. He was still holding his legs up and apart so I tentatively approached his ring-piece. He smelled of soap so I knew he had been telling the truth about being clean. First I got some saliva on my fingers and rubbed it gently on his hole, which opened slightly as I applied a little pressure, then, in for a penny, in for a pound, I began to lick over his ring. He began to groan and writhe with pleasure, opening his legs even further and thrusting both into his mother’s mouth and against mine. I continued to lick and, as the area got wetter I pulled him a little wider apart and his anus opened further. To my shock, and his obvious delight, I began to lick inside, then I inserted a finger, covered in saliva and frigged his colon as I dipped my tongue in and out alternately with the finger. This was too much for him and he began furious thrusts into Jane’s mouth, sperm escaping from the sides and dribbling down her chin. The look of ecstasy on his face was a picture. I looked at Joe who was also grinning widely.

“So what are you going to do for us then?” I asked after they had calmed down.

“We think you’d both like a spit-roast,” said Joe.

“What’s that?”

“We read about it in a men’s mag; we do each of you from each end – one in the pussy and one in your mouth. What do you think?”

“Well I think I’d like to try that,” I replied. “Can I go first?”

So I got on my hands and knees and Joe positioned himself behind me, gradually opening my legs and gently pulling my knees apart so that my crotch was fully open and my pussy ready for insertions. Meanwhile Roy knelt at my face, erect again after cumming so hard a few minutes ago. I took him into my mouth and he slid in and out. Then I felt my bum cheeks being parted and Joe had the vaseline out again, only he wasn’t preparing my pussy, he was lubing up my anus! “I can finger your clit this way,” he said “ and I don’t need a Durex!”

There was no trouble in getting his penis up me this time, my small hole dilated nicely and I felt him enter me, long and slow and deep. This was a spit-roast.. wow! Jane came alongside and put her arm around me, ensuring I was OK and being supportive. I couldn’t speak, but nodded that I was fine. She began to massage Roy’s bare bottom as he shafted my mouth. Then Joe began to finger my vagina and my clitoris. I was dripping with juices and he almost got his entire hand up me. The feeling of his cock deep in my back passage and the attention he was giving my love button were phenomenal. I began to orgasm like never before. They were right, this was a nice thing to do. I collapsed onto the carpet as both boys extricated themselves and began wiping their cocks. I lay exhausted as they just changed ends and began to service Jane. This time Joe was in her mouth and Roy up her bum! I was dimly aware of her having her own orgasm a few minutes later, but I think I drifted off to sleep.

Well all good things come to an end and eventually, after cleaning up, it was time for us to go. In the hallway Joe thanked us Mums on behalf of them both and we had long lingering French kisses with the boys.

Just as Jane opened the door Roy blurted out: “Next time we’d like to DP you both!”

“What does that mean?” asked Jane.

“Err, well its a bit like the spit-roast, you’ll love it. But it means one of us has you in the pussy and one in the bum!”

Jane looked at me. We had discussed the issue of i****t earlier and talked about drawing lines.

“Sorry boys, I’m sure we’d love it, but we can’t have that… ” said Jane. The boys looked crestfallen, “…but if you can get a school-friend to come along…”


(Well that all took some time to write. Hopefully other stories I’m working on will be along soon. In the meantime, enjoy my other ones and please give me feedback. I know there are spelling errors dotted about, put it down to my poor proof-reading… Best wishes and keep smiling/wanking)

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