Mom’s gift to me

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I grew up in a major East Coast City. I don’t remember much about my father who died when I was six. My mother did everything she could to keep a roof over our head and food on the table. She held more than one job at a time and her work was physical, labor intense and low paying.

What I am about to tell you took place over fifty years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. Home schooling was unheard of back then but I realize my “Sex Education” was a type of home schooling. My forty-something mother was my teacher. Mom not only gave me the gift of life, she also taught me how to love and pleasure women.

Although pussy was always on my mind,I was shy with girls and still a virgin at age eighteen.

My mother continued to work at backbreaking jobs to keep our family together. I loved her and all she had done for me but I never thought of her in a sexual way. That is until the night she came into my room and complained about a sore muscle in her back. I could see she was in pain. She asked,

“Jerry, I hate to ask you but, could you give me a back rub to relieve this pain? Today I had to wax a floor on my hands and knees and I ache all over.”

It was unusual for my soft spoken mother to complain so I knew she was hurting. I followed her to her room. Mom moved to the bed and lay on her stomach. Having never given a back massage I wasn’t sure what to do. Kneeling next to her I put my hands on her back. She was wearing a somewhat thin old night gown.

As I rubbed her back, she seemed to relax and apparently enjoyed it. That is when I took notice of the sexy contours of her body and the gown caught up the crack of her ass. Staring at her beautifully shaped butt, I started getting a hard-on.

I rubbed her legs and as I returned to her shoulders I lightly brush against her ass. I continued the pattern of my hand slightly touching her ass each time I moved to and from her legs. As I rubbed her legs, my hands rose higher, up her calf, over her knee, up her thigh.

Mom didn’t say a word or resist as I proceeded closer and closer to her pussy. When I was within inches of her snatch, she responded to my touch by spread her legs apart ever so slightly. I became bolder and firmly stroked her ass each time my hands moved to and from her back.

Without saying a word, she rolled over, sat up smiling and pulled her gown over her head. She was naked. My beautiful mother was sitting naked in front of me! Her erect pink nipples protruded from the center of her small round tits. My eyes danced over her body. I wanted to see everything. I wanted to take it all in.

“Jerry, you must not tell anyone what we are doing….I could go to jail.”

She lay on her back, parting her legs I almost came just seeing the magnificent hairy mound. I nervously pulled my pants down, got on top of her and clumsily put my cock in her. I came in less than a minute. I was so embarrassed. Putting her arms around me, stroking and patting my back she said in her loving manner,

“Don’t worry son, you will do better the next time.”

We kissed and pressed our naked bodies together. I wanted to stay there all night but had to pee, after which I went to my room. I couldn’t believe what happened. I stroked my cock reliving what just took place. Falling asleep, I woke up two hours later with a raging hard-on. I was so horny.

Naked, I went into Mom’s room and shook her. She woke up, smiled at me and removed her gown. Spreading her legs, she took my cock in her hand, stroked and squeezed it. Her touch almost caused me to explode.

“Goodness, you’re so thick,” she said as she guided the head of my prick into her pussy.

I felt her moist hot inner flesh on my shaft as I plunged deeper. Beginning gently, Mom raised her hips to my thrust. As our pace quickened she uttered,

“Ohhhh… Ahhh…. That feels wonderful Son…Mmm.. Ohhh..OHHH…”

I sucked her big nipples as we fucked. Being inside her felt like nothing I experienced before. It was where I belonged.

I shot my load into her cunt. I lasted longer this time but I wanted it to last forever… and I wanted her to cum.

After that night we fucked just about every day for the next few months. Mom taught me how to please a women and how to bring her to climax, making us both happy. We fucked in every position you could imagine.

My favorite position was any time I could see her ass as we fucked. Like when she straddled me backwards. I loved viewing her beautiful butt jiggle as she rode up and down on my cock.

On the fourth night, Mom taught me how to eat her pussy. She was on her back while I lay between her legs sucking her tits. Without saying a word, she pushed the top of my head down. I had no idea what she wanted. She kept pushing. I was thinking she wanted me to kiss her belly. Pushing further she said,

“Lick me down there.”

I understood what she wanted and I loved the idea. She fingered her clit to show me were to lick.

“Mmmm …Oh Jerry… I love when you do that… it feels so good.”

I loved eating her pussy. She had a full fury bush and I didn’t mind have a mouth of her hairy mound. I would suck on her clit and get it nice and hard. Next I slid my tongue between her pink pussy lips while I continued to rub her clit with the bridge of my nose making her cum and cum.

When Mom sucked my cock she stroked and played with my balls. Holding them in the palm of her hand,she licked my balls and rolled them around in her mouth. It drove me crazy.

“Oh Son… you have such a big and heavy sack…”

She licked every inch of my dick and kissed the crimson head.

“You’re so big and thick …. It’s beautiful,”

Mom wrapped her lips around my shaft and took its full length down her throat. As I exploded,Mom swallowed my cum.

It was our fourth week of screwing when I fucked her doggie style. After we both came, she was laying face down and I still had my cock in her pussy. We both felt great.

“Mom… I’d love to fuck you in the ass… could we do it sometime?”

“Okay but…You would have to go slow and if it hurt too much you would have to stop.”

“How about tomorrow night?”

Mom responded, “Okay… we’ll give it a try.”

The next night we held our naked bodies together and kissed. Mom laid on her stomach. I ran my tongue between her beautiful butt cheeks. Licking her ass was a real turn-on for both of us.

I spread vaseline on my finger and played with her asshole, one finger, two, opening the entrance. I filled her anal entrance with vaseline and rubbed it all over my cock. When she got on her knees and I saw her ass up in the air, I was ready to cum.

I slowly inserted the head of my cock, inching into her tight asshole a little at a time. I stopped half way in.

“Are you okay, Mom?…. Am I hurting you… Should I keep going?”

“Oh Jerry, you are so big.. you’re stretching me…. Don’t stop…yes.. yes… keep going.”

I continued, gently sliding my rod up her rectum. My full length in, I took short strokes fucking my mother’s ass. Oh how I loved it… As I increased the pace and lengthened my stroke mother said,

“Oh Son…. I love feeling you inside me like that.”

Holding her hips I accelerated my speed and with six long strokes erupted my load filling her ass with cum. As I did Mom tightened her ass muscles and pressed back against me. It was a wonderful feeling we would repeat many times.

(Thinking back on it, Mom must have been butt-fucked by Dad because she sure knew how to tighten her ass muscles like she did with her pussy when I unloaded. It felt fantastic.)

We held each other until Mom got up and returned with a warm wet towel and began cleaning both of us. The way she rubbed the towel over and around my semi-hard cock was so loving.

“You didn’t cum…. did you Mom?”

“No Jerry but that’s all right ….I did enjoy it, though.”

“Mom, You are so good to me. I want to eat your pussy and make you cum..”

She sat on the side of the bed. I knelt before her and spreading her legs began to kiss and lick her sweet pussy.

“Oh yes Son… lick me …. Lick me there…Ohhh that feels so good…yes suck my button…OHhh.”

I licked and sucked her clit as I slide my fingers in her cunt. My tongue replaced my fingers. I tongue fucked her until her body stiffened and then shook. She wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed. As she climaxed, her grip loosened and I could breathe again.

I loved making her cum… It gave me great pleasure to give her joy. Tasting her juices and feeling her hot inner flesh with my tongue I got hard again,

As she lay back on the bed, I knelt between her legs and jacked off on her pussy. I rubbed and spread my cream on her bush and in her cunt. Her pussy pelt was all gooey when I finished. She looked down at the mess and laughed. To say that was a fantastic fuck night is a gross understatement.

All of our lovemaking was wonderful but my favorite was when I fucked her in the ass. I loved fucking her doggie style and seeing her great ass. The more we butt fucked the better it got. My balls bounce off her pussy as I slammed my shaft up her ass.

I married but continued to visit by my mother regularly. She let me fuck her any time and any way I wanted. She always swallow my cum and I always licked her pussy after she climaxed.

Mom never said it clearly but would make comments leading me to the impression that my cock was thicker, if not bigger than my Dad’s.

Mom was shy and didn’t talk much during sex. There was sweetness, an innocence to her that made her so sensual. When she did talk, she would tell me how good it felt and make moaning and other vocal sounds.

While Mom didn’t talk dirty, she didn’t seem to mind and smile when I would say things like,

“Oh Mom being in your pussy feels so fantastic. I love fucking your cunt.”

When I fucked her doggie style I would tell her,

“After I finish fucking your pussy I’m going to fuck that sweet ass of yours and cum in it.”

We both loved the special suck and fuck times we had together and that was all there was to it. We continued to be lovers for the next twenty years. Unfortunately, I had to move out of town for work. Mom passed away the next year. I miss her.

I know people will be shocked that my mother and I loved to fucked and had no regrets. I don’t expect anyone to understand. I have had a lot of pussy in my life but Mom was my first and best fuck. I still jack off thinking of fucking her ass and eating her pussy. I miss her!Mom's gift to me

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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