Julie’s Surprise

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Julie's Surprise(From ‘Brandi’s New Trick)

It’s funny how life treats you. My wife whom I’d cherished since we became high school sweethearts, decided to leave me after 22 years of marriage. She said she felt trapped and needed her space.( I personally believe she ran off with a younger guy from work.) I really can’t say I blame her. We were both 18 when we got married. Had our first c***d a few months after we were, and my cock as far as I know, was the only one she knew.

She left me with my 2 beautiful daughters Julie, an eighteen year old senior in high school, and Brandi, my little f******n year old who thinks she’s going on 30. Though I thought Julie would step up being the woman of the house,it was Brandi who kind of took control. Maybe that’s why she acts as if she’s 30.

Brandi knew I was hurting deep down inside. She didn’t like to see me this way, and would do everything and anything she could to make me happy. That’s how it all began. One night, she knew I was pretty depressed. She came into my room, laying down on her mom’s side of the bed. Having a heart of gold, she put her arm around me, kissed me on my cheek, telling me it’s okay. I put my arm under her holding her as she rested her head on my chest. That’s when it happened. Her hand went to far down my stomach that she felt my stiff boner under my boxers.

” Daddy? Is that your pee pee?” She asked still feeling it.

“Yes baby, it is.”

“Why is it so hard?”

I didn’t want to answer that knowing it would scare her senseless. But whenever she touched it,my nerves would react making it pop up and down in my shorts.She laughed thinking it was funny seeing my cock move like a pendulum.

What I said next was unthinkable. “Why don’t you pull it out honey.”

I thought for sure she was going to make a mad dash out of the room, screaming at the top of her lungs, waking up the whole damn neighborhood. But instead, she reached down my boxers pulling them down with the back of her hand, as she held onto my cock. I pulled my boxers down even more as she lightly gripped my dick.

“Rub your hand up and down it honey.”

Keeping a light grip, she stroked her hand up and down my shaft. I reached down squeezing her fingers tightening her grip. She continued stroking my cock in a slow consistent fashion. After about 15 minutes, warm liquid ran down her thumb.

“What was that Daddy?” She asked looking at the creamy goo.

“You made me ejaculate, sweetie. That’s your daddy’s sperm.”

“Oh” she replied. “So this is what you put in mommy to make babies.”

“Yep. it is” I kissed her and thanked her for making me happy. She got some tissues, cleaning up my cum. Then laid next to me and fell asleep. I thought about fucking her, but one baby step at a time. Besides, telling her that what she did made me happy, I had a pretty good hunch she’d do it again.

Now that we’re caught up, Several weeks went by since she shown me how she could give a blow job. I wanted her to do it again,but could never find the time for us to be alone. The times we were was when Julie was out with her friends. But recently, her boyfriend dumped her and she’s been moping around the house ever since.

It was a Friday evening when I came home from a long day at work. I saw Brandi sitting on the chair playing with her phone.

“Hi dad.” she said barely looking up.

“Hi sweetheart.” Giving her a kiss on top of her head. “Where’s Julie, in her room still sulking?”

“Nope. She’s out. Said she had a date.”

“Well that makes one of us.” I said sarcastically. “I’m going to lay down. I’ve had a miserable day.”

Brandi saw that look on my face many times. She knew when I was truly miserable and when I was just beating myself down. I got to my room, and undressed down to my boxers. I laid on the bed, not even pulling the covers down. I closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

I didn’t know what time it was, but I awoke seeing Brandi giving me a blow job. I must’ve been in a deep sleep, because I never even felt her take my boxers off. My dick got hard as I felt her warm, moist mouth on my cock. Even when she noticed I was up,(In more than just awake) she didn’t say a word. She was enjoying herself getting cock in her mouth.

I don’t know how long Julie was standing there. Her eyes were fixated watching her younger sister blowing her father. She cleared her throat breaking the silence.

“Um, Why are you sucking on dad’s cock?” She asked with her hands crossed.

“Because I want to. It makes him feel better.” Brandi replied. “So leave or watch. I don’t care.”

This was the first time Julie felt inferior to her little sister. She wanted to leave, but she too was feeling horny Her date didn’t go that well, and she too needed to feel better.

Julie got on the bed next to Brandi. Lowering her head, Brandi held on to my cock as Julie first licked the head, then shoved it in.They took turns sucking on my massive hood. Brandi put her hand on the back of Julie’s head, forcing her down taking every inch of my cock.She gagged as her mouth hit where the sack met the shaft. Then Julie did the same back to Brandi.

Both of them still had their clothes on. Julie got up removing her clothes, then went behind Brandi, pulling down her pants and underwear. Julie’s tits were perky and firm. She had a small silver ring pierced on her right nipple. Her body was slender, with just a little bulge in her belly. She had a 3″ rectangular patch of dark brown hair above her clit. She had a nice tan which showed her bikini lines. I couldn’t see much of Brandi since her ass was opposite me. But when Julie lifted Brandi’s leg, I was able to see black pubes around her cunt.

As Brandi blew me, Julie got behind her. I heard Brandi moan as Julie’s tongue hit her clit. As Brandi held her leg up with her hand, Julie slurped on her twat. “They must’ve done this before.” I thought to myself. Brandi and Julie seemed way too comfortable. Then I thought, “Where the fuck was I when they were doing this?”

Brandi got up for a moment, taking off her shirt and bra. Her tits were more fleshy than Julie’s and, they didn’t really sag, but when she got on all fours, her tits swayed side to side.

Brandi and Julie switched spots. Now Julie was blowing me, and Brandi was eating out her sister’s pussy. Julie was just as good sucking cock as Brandi. “She, (Julie) must’ve taught her.” Their style of giving head was similar in many ways. And I know they weren’t taught by their mother.

After some time of foreplay, Julie straddled herself over me cowgirl style. Grabbing my cock, she aimed her pussy over the hood, sliding herself down the shaft. Her face winced, and she let out a moan as the head of my cock split her pussy apart. She bounced up and down on my cock, gyrating her hips as she sat all the way down. Brandi was kneeling beside us watching her sister fucking her dad. I then told her to sit on my face. Brandi placed her knees at each side of my head. Her pussy was plump with dark black hairs surrounding her twat. thin black hairs were also growing below her pussy, with a few near her asshole.She planted herself right on my face. I had a mouthful of my daughter’s pussy. Sucking her lips inside my mouth. Both of them were moaning as I was fucking one, and eating out another.

Julie climaxed. I could feel her juices running down my cock.It was overflowing around my scrotum,down to the side of my balls. Getting off me, she wiped her pussy with a towel, then wiped me clean.

“Okay sis.It’s your turn.”

Brandi got off my face and sat cowgirl on my cock. Julie wiped my face off of Brandi’s juices with the clean part of the towel. I felt Brandi’s warm pussy envelop my cock as she slid down my shaft. Being younger, her pussy was a little tighter than Julie’s This was making my cock throb. I had already came in Julie, (Though I didn’t say anything) and I wanted to cum into Brandi as well. I ate out Julie, knowing that most of my cum probably came out when she climaxed. I was having the time of my life fucking my 2 precious daughter’s. My moans were muffled by a mouthful of pussy,as Brandi and I came at the same time.

“So you came in her too.” Julie asked, as she got off my face.

“What!? You knew?” Being surprised.

“Yeah dad. I felt you cum inside me. But I didn’t care.I wanted to cum.”

Brandi got off of me.Cum was dripping out her cunt hole depositing on my stomach. Again,Julie wiped me off with a towel, then tossed it to Brandi. The three of us laid there, My dick felt like it came out of an oven. It was hot to the touch fucking two teenage girls. Julie got up to get some wet wash cloths. When she put one on my dick, I could swear I heard a sizzling sound.

The night was still young, but I already came twice. We waited about an hour or so to regain my energy. If I was in my 20’s, I could fuck all night with about a 15 to 20 minute break in between. But I’m in my 40’s, and even though I came twice, It now takes me longer to re-energize. But my girls were ready again, Julie and Brandi started blowing me again. As Brandi sucked my cock, Julie stuffed her mouth with my testicles. They were really doing a fantastic job on their old man’s cock. I fingered fucked their pussies, as they continued to blow me. My cock was getting super hard.

I told them to stop. I sat up, getting off the bed. I told Julie to get on all fours. Then I told Brandi to lay on her back and get her head under Julie. Brandi began to eat out her sister, as I was eating out her ass.Julie moaned,as she felt two tongues licking each hole. Afterwards, I stuck my finger in her ass, as I licked her crack. Cum was running in Brandi’s mouth as Julie had one orgasm after another. Then they switched places doing the same thing to Brandi.

I wasn’t done yet I told Brandi to stay where she was. I had Julie get up and kneel next to her sister. Kneeling behind Brandi, I told Julie to spread Brandi’s ass wide. I then told her to muster up a wad of saliva, and spit it on her sister’s asshole After she did that. I pressed the head of my cock up against Brandi’s ass. I pushed down, watching the tip of my cock split the rim of her asshole. Julie looked on as my dick slowly disappeared in her sister’s ass. Brandi gave out a loud cry as her ass was being fucked for the very first time.

Brandi did more for me than Julie did. Especially when it came to pleasing her old man. I wasn’t butt fucking her out of punishment or for my own self gratification, I wanted my baby to have the fullest sexual experience possible. It was my way of thanking her for the times that she helped me.

Julie kept Brandi’s cheeks apart. She watched as my cock went up and down her sister’s asshole She kept spitting on my cock, keeping it lubricated. Brandi was getting use to me being in her ass. Julie let go of Brandi’s ass, and went to squeezing her sister’s tits. Then she get on the side to her,pulling her hair back, and kissing her cheek. Julie then laid beside her. She was fingering her pussy as she kissed her sister on the mouth.

I kept pumping my cock in Brandi’s ass. My cock was throbbing. Feeling the pressure build up.I took my cock out of her ass, and told her to lay on her back next to Julie I stood up on the bed stroking my cock over them. Cum came squirting out, hitting them both in the face, and in their hair. Since I was standing closer to Julie. She rose up to her knees,sucking the remainder of cum from my cock. Brandi was still laying down, wiping the cum with her finger, then sucking it in her mouth.

After taking a shower, I allowed them to sleep with me This was the first of many days and nights to come for me and my new sex dolls.

“FUCK MY WIFE!” I said to myself. I got two beautiful girls for the price of one. And I couldn’t be happier.

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