how I became a sissy…

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I’ve Always dreamed about sucking big juice, hairy, cocks. So I registered on a gay hookup Site, And met there this man. He is much older Than me. He is very dominant, and kinky. So I grabbed is chance, And agreed tó meet him. I quickly booked a lovers nest. Went there And get prepared did my makeup, put on sexy stockings with cut undies, And finally kneed in front of the door blindfolded. I waited for him. once i heard the door open and immediately i coupe feel his presence, his cologne. I had a raging hardon. he watched me very closely, fingered my mouth. he pulled up me guided to the bed and said: knee down and lick my ass! I did azaz he said. I dig my tongue out And began to lick slowly his hairy ass. IT had a very strong and musky smell, And a little bitter taste. It turned me more and more on, so I started to go deeper in his ass. I felt a tense building up in his body And a big tart came I. my mouth. hé grabbed my head And said: take a deeper breath, IT is yours! you add from on my fart sucking slut! it was só degrading, but liberating As well too… he stood up grabbed my face and spit on me.
– now you will suck my dick dry. put slut hands up And open your stinky mouth!
Ince I did it, he started to fuck my face. he started with full force so I gagged a lot, but he kept facefucking me. it took about twenty minutes he came with a lot of sticky cum on my face…

after a short pause in wich I licked his balls and dick his cock came alive again.
I was ordered to get on the bed doggystyle. he poured a pint of lube on my Ass and began to finger fuck it. ohhh god it felt so good. As I was moaning he quickly spanked my ass! I almost had an orgasm!
-oh yes please sir hit my ass! thank you!
-please sir spank the ass of this cumdump!!!!
-oh yes, oh yes! thanks!

now he was spanking me constantly and he bed three fingers in my ass.

-please sir fuck this boipussy, please give your big hard dick to me!
once I said, he did it. it went all the way in with one trust. I screamed but not from the pain. from the pure extacsy. he quickly picked up a pace And with each trust he went balls deep And almost completly out. my ass felt so full with it. I was in seventh heaven. I knew I was born to be a slut. Soon I felt i’ M going to come. I tried to hold it back but he was fucking me with such a force And speed that I was unable tó control my body.

-sir i’m cooooomiiiing!

And with the next trust my cum started to leak of me. he kept pounding my ass hard and fast. so instead of a single orgasm I was kept in an orgasmic state. my cum was leaking with every trust I completly fell out of control. I Think my orgasm lasted for at least fifteen minutes.
it ended when with a huge trust He went deeper in me I could feel his cock stiften And he blow his hot semen in my belly. it felt so good.
we were laying on the bed totally exhausted. I could fel his cum leaking from my ass As his cock was softening in me too.
i was so glad that I could satisfy this mastercock. I was sure that this was just the beginning of my New slutlife…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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