Holiday in Barbados

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Many years ago, after the k**s had got to an age where they could be looked after by grandparents, the wife and I organised a holiday for the 2 of us to Barbados. It was the first in 12 years on our own, and we overspent, with a beachfront villa with private pool, constant alcohol top-ups, etc. etc

The direct flight was before business class had flat beds but the wide comfy leather seats were good enough for a daytime flight. The flight attendants made sure booze flowed, the excitement and the surroundings including some of the other passengers made the first 2 hours pass quickly. The couple seating in front was friendly, and the wives’’ got on, to help matters along my wife went and stole a bottle of bubbly from the trolley. She then stated she was looking forward to 10 days on a sun lounger and in response the woman made a remark about looking forward to being on her back for 2 weeks, which made her laugh so loud, the woman’s husband tried to stop the conversation, but the wife berated him a bit, and he went back to drinking and reading.

Leaning over the back of the seat the woman’s tits bunched up and almost spilt out of her top; she introduced herself as Lucy and her husband Jim and then leant forward even more ( I did think her tits were going to fall out ) explained in a hushed voice that this was her 2 weeks of fun, my wife looked at me and said we were hoping for the same. To which the women’s tits came even closer and said to the wife your husbands like mine then, I love a black cock, perhaps we should join forces, and with that, she sat back down. The wife looked at me and smiled, I laughed and said to the wife “you thought she meant her and her husband enjoying 2 weeks of fucking, I think she means she gets her end away outside the marriage with no fault fucking for 2 weeks”. “Jesus” said the wife and reached across to hold my hand but missed and grabbed my crotch.

“You’re getting hard, you dirty bugger” said the wife, “thinking on me getting fucked are you?” she said as she leaned over and kissed me.

“Maybe, but I was looking at our new friends tits for a while”, I said “Shit baby mine are fuller than hers”, the wife said I copped a feel just as the flight attendant came over with some nibbles, I left my hand in place longer than I should, and the wife asked for a blanket. To which the attendant said 2, and we both nodded. The attendant made a big job of reaching into the overhead lockers, giving the wife a view of his crotch and then leaning over the wife to tuck me in, and then an even bigger job of doing the wife. A minute later all the hard work was undone as the wife placed her hand on my knob under the blanket and rubbed it hard. I moved my hand over to her crotch and rubbed her vagina through her pants.

Her crotch felt on fire; I asked what was making her so hot, she looked at me and said the idea that her new friend had put out there was already driving her wild and would be great wanking and fantasy material for both of us for a while. She climaxed as her new friend got up to visit the bog. The wife’s face in those days was expressive and wide-eyed but silent due to the k**s. The new friend looked down at where my hand was and smiled. The wife looked at me and unzipped my pants and wanked my fat cock till it spat cum over her hand, which she cleaned up, by licking her fingers and hand just as out new friend sat back down.

We discovered most of the business class was staying in the same place, figures it was a BA holiday. On the bus to the resort, the women talked about nothing particular. We looked at the reading material and could not decide on any excursions but some looked worthwhile, we planned to spend most of the 10 days around our private pool and in bed. We talked with our new friends from the plane who had been before; she was excited we were in a chalet with a pool and said she would “trade” for a lounger space, and we should always make time for the socials. We said that could be fun and would think about it.

Reaching the hotel we were shown to the chalet, the porter put the suitcases away and showed us how to switch things on and off and where the booze was kept.

Having checked things out I stood looking out over the pool, the wife came up behind, and we both fell in. That woke us up, laughing we both undressed in the pool and threw the clothes to the side, gave me the chance to grope the wife a bit, and she tugged at my cock, getting back out of the pool naked we padded to the bathroom and dried off. Making sure the wife was dry meant giving her a good fingering and sucking on her heavy melon tits. She knelt and sucked my cock until it was hard, dragging her off to the bedroom, we fucked missionary, me pile driving her, her legs over my shoulders, with her on the pill I came inside her hairy wet pussy and collapsed to one side.

An hour or so later I got up and looked in the fridge, opened a bottle of white and we both sat naked by the pool looking at the stars. Over the noise of the insects, we could hear what sounded like cats and the familiar grunting of people engaged in sex. The wife looked at me and asked if I had more in me, I said properly not, do you mind she then asked, what about I said as she straddled across my face, her fingers pulling her piss flaps apart exposing the hole where my cock had been and her small but stiff clit. Lowering her self on to my face, the pungent smell of fucked cunt and ass filled my nose as I stuck my tongue out to act as a small cock. The wife rubbed her gash along my tongue faster and faster and rubbed my nose into her ass crack, minutes later she filled my mouth with her sticky juice as she noisily climaxed which brought back memories of before k**s.

Day 2

After a day of relaxing sunning, and swimming

Got to the social, Found out new friends talking to another couple who introduced themselves as Dan and Sandra. A waiter appeared, and we toasted the new friendships.

Several drinks in, the girls were talking excursions, and spa treatments, Dan, Jim and myself engaged in the usual who did what for a while and then just talked about flights while watching some good looking cunt on the arm of some very indifferent partners. I guess us 3 were the same, scrubbed up as they were, in summer dresses showing more flesh than usual our wives would have been good targets for horny guys on the pull. Jim asked if I was going to allow the wife to take advantage of the facilities on offer and a gib response “of course” was greeted with the clinking of glasses and a raised eyebrow from the wife. Several more drinks and more probing left more unsaid about what the wives might get up to.

All very interesting said Sandra, but the best way to experience the real Caribbean is to win the blind auctions, Lucy agreed and said she and Jim intended to try harder this year. As Lucy chipped in the welcoming committee started to explain the hotel and excursions, the conversation lapsed with the wife saying to Lucy and Sandra you can tell me more tomorrow.

Semi-drunk walking back we discovered Dan and Sandra were our next-door neighbours, he offered a reefer which I took at the door while the girls made plans for tomorrow. Lucy and Jim had another 5 front doors to make. I opened the patio doors and lit the reefer I held the joint, the wife undressed and sat on the lounger, no bra just a thong splitting open her meat flaps and disappearing into ass crack she took the joint while I stripped. With the reefer between fingers, the wife tugged at my pants and released my cock into the cool night air. The soft cock squeezed was swallowed whole and sucked hard as she moved back, opening her mouth again her nose hit my belly before her lips closed around my now stiffening cock and she sucked hard as she pulled back. I reached down to fondle her tits as the joint got the sucking treatment.

We both looked at each other as the sounds over the noise of the insects was predominate of people fucking, laughing and talking dirty. The people on the opposite side from our new friends from next door were out on their patio fucking the familiar sound of flesh slapping flesh was heard, making my cock a little stiffer as we heard the woman cry in a climax and not long after her partner grunted I’m cumming you black cock whore before a final slap of flesh. Made us both laugh a little.

Leaning back on the lounger, the wife pulled her thong off and spread her pussy, the smell of her sex lead my mouth to kiss her inner thighs and then her gash which was wet. Licking the lips open I poked my tongue in her hole, lapping the juices up and then sucking the clit, the wife closed her legs over my back and held my face in her gash with her thighs, rubbing my face hard with her pussy she cum calling me her cunt sucking bitch. My knob now stiff she opened her legs and took the length in one go. Grunting as I fucked her on her back, she climaxed. Removing my slimy cunt juice covered cock, I sat, and she impaled herself on my knob, she bounced on my knob, her tits swinging and slapping together, I buried my face between them and kissed and sucked at the heavy pair of tits.

The bitch rode my cock, rubbing her clit on my groin, my knob end was rubbing her cervix, making her screw her face in pleasure and bite my neck. Sitting back she squeezed a nipple making me want to cum. We both climax at the same time, my hot jizz filling her cunt.

Day 3

Woke to the sound of metal clinking and realised I was naked on top of the bed sheet. The wife had already accepted the breakfast trolly and was shooing out the front door a tall, thin porter with a wide grin. I watched as the wife already in bikini poured coffee and walked to the pool, pastry in hand. Looking at her ass, which was in good shape I poured coffee and joined her, pulling at my cock making sure the stick was away from the plums. Not getting dressed she said, Why I said, your white cock will burn she said. I’m joining the girls at 11:00 in the spa, Sandra booked it last night, I thought we could have a look around before it gets 2 hot. Far enough I said, where did you put the duty-free I said, and we shared a ciggie.

Dressed, the wife wrapped what looked like a tea towel around her hips just covering her bum, the tour of the hotel did not take that long; we were back just in time before the girls knocked on the door. And off they went, tits and bums bouncing down the pavement.

Dan was out as well, and we arranged to sit outside his chalet watching the ocean, he brought a reefer I had beers, we sat and talked shit, until Jim turned up with more beers and then we talked 3-way shit.

“Have you entered the auctions yet?” said Jim, “No” I said. “We are trying to figure out the best approach Lucy wants it all this year after last years disaster” continued Jim, Dan joined the conversation and said “we only won a trio once last year, and it cost a lot, put Sandra in a bad mood for a long time” “Missed out on the 3 last year but got 2 twice, which only gave me 3 months of release”, said Jim. Opening another beer, “doesn’t sound good” I said, “Fucking disaster” said Jim. “I guess you’re not going to say how much your bidding“ he concluded looking at Dan, Dan said “over my dead body. Good luck”.

I felt I had joined a foreign language class halfway through, and my man-sized ego could not bring itself to say what the fuck are you 2 talking about. I just hoped the wife could figure it out.

Many beers later, the girls turned up. All are looking good scrubbed up, chatty and horny, told us to get cleaned up for dinner.

Ready we sat on the patio with drinks, I asked what treatments the wife had, “facials and trim” the wife said and stood and lifted her dress and pulled her thong to one side to reveal a completely clean gash and ass crack with only a trim landing strip of hair pointing to her clit. “Also, it’s the place for d**gs, and I bought some”. “Nice,” I said I then asked if the girls had talked about the auctions, “most of the time,” said the wife. “Basically, the hotel runs a discrete bordello, for the wives. During your stay, you bid on guys / groups of guys to fuck your wife senseless”. “Did you ask whats in for the husbands”, I asked, “oh apparently most have something to feel guilty about and this holiday eases the burden”. Said the wife

“What the cost,” I asked, “between £200 – £750 a go, prices were sky high last year. Apparently, a rich American crowd turned up, Lucy almost missed out and took it out on Jim during the year. This year should be more affordable, its early in the season as well”. Added the wife

“Jesus this wasn’t in the brochure” , I said, “what if it was we wouldn’t have come,” said the wife, “Whats your thoughts”, I asked. “Well, it does sound fucking expensive, but you know I love multiple cocks and it sounds good clean fun, and that’s how we met, and we haven’t done anything since the k**s”. “I agree could be fun for you while we are 5k miles away”. I said.” It is our holiday, so what would you get out of it?”, the wife asked. “Not sure,” I said. “Let’s get to dinner and talk later”.

Drink, and dancing helped the evening go easily. Jim and Lucy announced halfway through dinner they had won a duo for tonight and would be leaving soon after desserts. The girls laughed, and Dan shook Jim’s hand as if he had won the lottery. Almost as desserts were finished a small women came up to the table and asked for chalet 25, Jim and Lucy left with the women, no fanfare no fuss, a couple of other tables loss couples, but nothing would go amiss. Sandra said to the wife fancy a ciggie, and they went out, Dan said the girls are interested in seeing the studs which line up at the open poolside to be picked up by the winners.

Coming back, giggling and holding each other said Lucy nearly fell in the pool in excitement, as she led away the studs.

“Hopefully, next time”, said Dan, “perhaps we should party to celebrate their victory,” I said. Sandra leaned across the table, one of her tits nearly falling out of her dress and said “does mean what I think it does”, “What do you think it means” I asked, “Swapping partners for the evening” said Sandra. Not having talked this through with wife meant a number of funny looks were exchange quickly before the wife declared “Yes, that’s what it means, but everything happens in the same room”. Sandra called for more drinks; we changed places and dance partners until the restaurant closed.
We walked back to the chalet. “Ours or yours,” I said leading the way with Sandra on my arm, “you got booze? asked Sandra, “and we have d**gs and a pool,” said the wife on the arm of Dan. “Sold, your place it is,” said Dan. Through the front door the girls disappeared into the bathroom, Dan and myself poured another drink, and I found our new slash of reefers and lit one, passing it between us. Dan and I didn’t say much but looked out over the pool. We both turned as we heard the bathroom door open and the girls re-appeared, makeup re-done.

Sandra reached for a glass held by me with the hand holding her thong while Dan held out a glass for the wife. Passing the reefer, we sat in new couples on the loungers snogging, rubbing and squeezing various bits. As Sandra rubbed my groin and stuck her tongue down my throat, I looked across to see Dan’s hand inside my wives dress cupping her tits. Engaged in tongue kissing the wife was undoing Dan’s belt and pulling apart his trousers.

Sandra stood up and slipped out of her dress, already having removed her thong her hairless gash was at eye level, I leaned in to kiss her belly and upper thigh. I stood we slow danced, my hands all over her naked body while hers undid what she could and pulled at what she couldn’t until I stepped out my trousers. My cock was hard, and the knob end was shiny. Sandra had her fingers around the base of my knob, telling my wife maybe she didn’t need to win an auction if this is what fucked her every night. But its only one said the wife. I reached for Sandra’s gash and parted her wet pussy lips and ran my hand along it rubbing her clit between 2 fingers. Sitting back down, Sandra bent over and licked the bell end and kissed it, cupping my balls she forced her face down the fat veiny shaft of my cock, grunting with each inch she swallowed.

I looked over, and Dan’s was face down in my wife’s gash, her dress was off, and her tits were being manhandled by Dan. She opened her legs more, and I could see Dan’s tongue probing her newly trimmed cunt. The trim was exposing the clit for Dan to lick and suck. As Dan tongue lashing continued, the wife reached under to release his cock from his trousers and wank it and pulled back hard the foreskin. Lifting his head Dan striped, his smallish knob stood out and pointed directed at the wife who kissed it and opened her mouth and swallowed it, licking his plums on the down stroke and sucking hard on the upstroke. “Oh, fuck,” said Dan, which made his wife stop and looks over, “that’s professional class cock sucking,” said Dan as the wife again demonstrated to both of us watching.

I twisted Sandra round and pushed her back and buried my head between her legs. Her cunt was so wet, I lapped at the gash and licked her clit while she squeezed her nipples until she grunted and pushed her cunt into my face as she climaxed. Looking up at Sandra I positioned my cock at her cunt entrance and pushed the bell end in. she opened her legs wide, her cunt opened, and she took a deep breath as the bulbous bell end entered, “OH Fuck” she said, holding my hips she smiled, bit her bottom lip and then let me push my cock further into her cunt hole.” Jesus”, she said as her cunt juice covered the shaft lubricating it as I pushed in, her cunt juice thick and creamy allowing me to slide in and out with increasing speed and force, Sandra bucked and lifted her ass off the lounger in time with my thrusts, allowing me to hit the top of her cervix making her grunt each time. Her cunt not loose but easily penetrated was just right for my cock, and I ploughed it hard and faster.

Taking up a similar position on the other lounger the wife on her back accepted Dan’ cock to the hilt and bounced along with his pounding. Seeing the wife being fucked , made me very hard and I pushed my cock into Sandra’s cunt and ground her clit with increasing force. Sandra cum again hard and dug her talons into my back, making me push deeper into her pussy.

Dan on the other lounger was slamming his cock into my wife with increasing speed, but suddenly pulled out and sprayed his jizz over the wife’s tits. Not quite finished the wife’s hand went to her clit and rubbed furiously to climax. Dan kneeling looking at the white sticky mess on her melon sized tits.

“Clean it up,” his wife said, and Dan licked his jizz off of my wife’s tits. My knob end was hot, Sandra bucking under my punding making me want to jizz extracting my knob from Sandra’s throbbing cunt I wanked it 2-3 times and spunked over Sandra’s tits. Recovering a little Sandra sat up and holding her tits together called her husband over and told him to clean her up. Without hesitation, he licked and lapped up all of my spunk off his wife’s tits.

Here baby have a taste, the wife had wiped up a dolup of Dan’s spunk which he had missed with her fingers and was holding it out, I went over and sucked from her hand, she proceeded to hold my head while she gathered up the rest, and we shared the sticky mess.

Both women looked fucked, Sandra’s cunt was pink raw, and her sex radiated heat, my wife’s cunt less so but her body was covered in sweat. Sandra asked the wife if Dan could clean up my cock, the wife said let him get drinks first and something to smoke then he can. As I handed out the drinks, Dan watched my swaying semi-hard cock as I stood in front of him, he reached forward, holding my cock he turned to his wife and said, it’s covered in your slimy cunt lube, must have been a very good fuck. Sandra just smiled as Dan licked my bell end and shaft clean, “Don’t forget those hanging bollocks Dan” said his wife. My cock responded and grew a little at the attention, Dans was harder, which Sandra pointed out.

Whats your story asked the wife. “Business partners before marriage, my family concerned about my lifestyle, so marriage to Dan and a k** stopped the problem and released some monies. Dan likes to be dominated and can play both ways but has the smallest cock. We play around. I like fat cocks, he performs OK in these situations but prefers to watch and clean up”. Said Sandra “Yours?”

“I am a slut, met husband while on my knees at a swap party, I like his cock so we met outside of the swap so when our old relationships dried up we hooked up, k**s came quickly, and this is the first time in a decade we have been out to play together. This holiday is our first without the k**s, and we didn’t know about the activities here before we booked”. Said the wife.

While the girls had been talking Dan mouth work on my cock had made it hard, shame to waste that erection said the wife and got off the lounger and bent over in front of us, put it in baby she said, as she opened her cunt lips and as I entered her cunt, she said thanks to Dan for fluffing me.

The audience of 2 sat and watched as the wife and I fucked, my fat cock sliding in and out of her cunt, my thighs slapping against hers, my bollocks swinging. I could feel hands on my ass and a finger run down my sweaty ass crack. I turned and saw Sandra wanking her clit and pinching her nipples I turned the other way and saw Dan’s face close to my ass crack as his hands probed my hole

You going to cum again asked the wife after another climax, Sandra said let Dan help out, his finger poked in my ass hole, Sliding his finger in deep made my cock harder, the wife feeling the extra hardness, told Dan to put another finger in, 2 fingers probing my ass in time with the rhythmic fucking made me cum again in her soaking wet cunt.
Jumping in the pool cooled the sharing mood and the wife wrapped her legs around mine and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Joined by Dan and Sandra, we wondered how Jim and Lucy had got on.

Day 4

Woken again by the breakfast trolly, the wife ignored it; it was my turn to get up. The wife naked on top of the bed was a bonus for the porter who gave me a thumbs up as I almost needed to shove him out the door.

Stepping out with a coffee and fag, the glasses and the clothes on the floor was a reminder of last nights events, and my cock stirred. The wife came up behind and stole the last couple of draws on the fag and the last swallow of coffee, putting the cup down she pressed her tits into my chest, Kissing me she pushed me into the pool and followed me in. Fuck the water was cool “you crazy bitch”. I said. I’m crazy she said, last night was crazy. You have uncorked a bottle, and it’s going to take a lot to put it back on.

Smiling and kissing me she said, let’s get some auction tickets, but first let’s have a quickie, I’m going be horny for the rest of the holiday, so do what you want to do.

The cooling water made her nipples stick out, as I ran my hand along her gash, even in the water I could feel the cunt was moist as she tugged at my growing morning wood. Turning her, she poked her ass back, and I split her bum cheeks to see her brown puckered hole. You want to fuck my ass; it has been a long time, fingering her hole to loosen it made the bitch squeal and rubbed her own clit, positioning my knob end at the shit hole entrance I pulled her back and the first inch entered with her grunting AHHHGGGGGGGGH. The second inch she swore JESUS and the third and fourth a noisy fuck in hell. As the final inches pieced her shit hole ,the horny bitch was silent just looking at me as if I was filling her ass hole with burning embers. Pulling out the wife breathed again, and I drove the thick shaft back in until my bollocks touched her hand which was rubbing her gash hard and fast. The water slowed my rhythm, but each time I hit top she whimpered, after 10 minutes she was pushing back wanting more and more cock in her asscunt.

She climaxed as I did, my refilled bollocks pumped ropes of spunk into her asshole. She Leaned back I cupped her tits and kissed her neck as my cock softened and fell out of her shit tube.

The process for the silent auction was simple enough, chose the number of studs and the night make a bid if it was the highest you get the studs. A simple a4 sheet to fill in. The auctions ran every night with 6 total possible winners. To withdraw from an auction needed 24 hours notice.

Back in the room, we opened a bottle and looked at the events calendar and excursions to plan the rest of the holiday. Planning the days and nights was easy if you forgot the credit card. All signed up we finished the bottle waiting for the porter to turn up and collect the forms. As the porter walked away, the wife asked what I wanted if we won, simple I said, compliance obedience and a complete whore. Easy she said as she walked out to patio stripped and jumped in the pool. Open another bottle she said.

Fuck she said its cool, I can tell I said, your nipples would poke an eye out. Filling the glasses I left them on the side of the pool, I sat on the edge and watched her swim, playing with my plums She reached for her glass and melon tits lifted out of the water, moving around she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock, sucked it hard before taking her glass again. You need a trim she said, I’ll do it. Getting organised took a while, I sat on a towel with a refilled glass on the lounger, legs spread, the wife proceeded to bring all the necessary implements out, scissors soap and razors and proceeded to remove 95% of the hair around and on my cock, bollocks and ass crack. Favouring a small inverted triangle above my cock, I showered using the poolside shower. Joining me she washed away the remaining soap the wife asked what I wanted to do tonight, we had an early start excursion planned so I suggested a few beers and room service. We laid out for a few hours, her browning easily, me creamed up and reading in the shade after an hour or so.

I woke to room service and snacked naked and drunk; the wife padded around naked and drunk, we both just playing with other, mainly finger fucking and sucking bits of each others bodies, edging I guess you might call it. Around 10.30 ish, the patio doors opened next door, and it was clear Sandra and Dan had company. We had discovered that at the far end of the pool we could see into their chalet, not that we had looked before. Sneaking up that end we looked through bushes to see Dan on his knees in front of 3 naked blacks. Clearly sucking on one of the cocks presented to him, while the other 2 wanked their cocks waiting for something to happen. “Babe would you do that for me?” Asked the wife, “Sure I said lost in the moment Dan looks like he has done it a few times” I replied.

Sandra came into view naked apart from heels and ran her hands over one of guys who turned side on to face her , his cock swung into view, It poked out from under a slim belly a good 10 inches, the bell end looked the size of a tennis ball on a semi-stiff pole. Sandra circled the girth with her fingers, lifting it and pulling at the shaft, she sucked at the guys nipples making him harder.

The wife looked at me and said “shall we watch more?, “Fuck Yes” I said. “Get the drinks then,” she said, by the time I got back, the wife had cum and stuck her fingers up for me to suck clean. Dan had moved along the row, and the cock he had been sucking could now be seen, maybe even more impressive than the one Sandra had been wanking. The guy moved to behind Sandra and cupped her tits. Dan moved to the last cock and we saw his head bob up and down while he held the hips of the third black cock owner. Satisfied he had done the best he could, he released the black cock which approached the others, Sandra had sat on the lounger and was sucking alternative black cocks, leaving trails of spit on the end of the cocks

Sandra directed the largest fattest cock to sit and she squatted over it, facing us, as it entered her cunt she grunted and pushed herself down, she spread her legs wide to open her cunt to take the girth, she slowly lowered herself on the cock holding the other two to steady her descent, her cunt filled she lifted herself and then started to bounce on the hard rod, the other 2 standing either side pinched nipples and grabbed her throat, Sandra pulled each cock in turn closer to enable her to suck each in turn.

We watched in silence as Sandra worked those cocks, she climaxed with a low roar, impaling herself on the black rod, she rocked back and forth until she climaxed again, Sandra stood and turned and sat back down filling her cunt with the black rod, we could now see her ass crack being probed by a couple of hands, one of the guys positioned his cock at the entrance and holding her down against his pal rammed it her ass hole in one move, Sandra screamed, the cocks in unison started to slide in and out

“Fuck” said the wife,” I hope we win an auction”, “Fancy this do you” I asked, “You have to ask, my cunt is pissing juice on your hand. Your cock is so hard and is pissing pre-cum all over my hand. Baby, I’m going to be such a whore for you back home, whom do you want me to get for you, happy to get any of my friends to spread their legs for you. Think about what a slut I could be for you if we win an auction”. The wife licked my bell end and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I looked down at my wife’s body, and it glowed with sweat, she was concentrating on what was happening on the patio while wanking my cock. Her clit was easy to find and the cunt juice spread on the grass

I looked back at the scene behind the bushes, riding those 2 cocks Sandra’s breathing was heavy, Dan sat and watched his wife being fucked , her flesh her tits pressed and nipples pinched by 6 sweaty black hands. The black guy fucking her ass stopped as Sandra looked back at him, the cock in her ass was removed, and we saw her raw ass hole was leaking semen, Dan moved forward and stuck his face into Sandra’s ass crack and licked the sticky mess from her ass. Cleaned he moved away, and the other cock pieced Sandra’s asshole, the white bitch sandwiched again rode those cocks.

“Lucky fucking bitch” said the wife as we watched Sandra get fucked, her greedy ass made the cock in her ass split its jizz, Dan again cleaned her ass crack and licked the spunk from Sandra’s shit hole. The cock in her cunt didn’t last much longer, and as Sandra lifted off the fat black cock, Dan sat under her cunt and caught the dripping jizz.
“Jesus he’s a dirty fuck,” said the wife, her hand still edging my cock, “your loving seeing him clean up Sandra”, “I think I’m going to get you to suck jizz from my ass,” said the wife. “I am going cum baby” I said I laid back, without hesitation the wife covered my bell end with her mouth and sucked all the cum from my cock. Turning she opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out and open kissed me and shared my cum, running her tongue around my mouth she sucked some semen back and swallowed it. “Fuck I need my cunt filled,” she said, “time to go”.

Back in our chalet, the wife went to the bathroom and returned with a can of deodorant, sitting she pushed the can into her cunt and she rubbed her clit with the other hand as the can almost disappear, pulling it back out she pushed it back in several times, watch me you fuck she said as she wanked her pussy, the bitch lifted her legs to show me her raw pink hole full of blue metal, which was being pushed in deep. Pushing and pulling the can which was covered in her cunt juice she climaxed, the can released shot across the room. The wife relaxed, “Suck my pussy baby” she said I knelt between her legs and lapped up her cunt juice, with her holding my head in place.

Day 5

Waking to the phone ringing was difficult, the alarm call gave us 30 mins to get to reception. Just about on time, we joined the other guests for a trip to the city and markets. The other travellers where friendly enough, one of the couples knew Dan and Sandra and we hooked up for the trip, over lunch the couple made it clear the wife was here for the cock

In the bus in the quiet moments on the bus, the wife whispered a lot, mostly how horny she was, what she was going to ask me to do when, not if, we won, and what she had planned for me when we got home. My hand reached between her legs; I could feel how wet her shorts and the seat were.

The horny bitch silently climaxed whispering in my ear how she wanted to see my cock fucking her mate, spunking up her asshole, so she could suck it from her and pass it on. Rubbing my cock while talking made it difficult to get off the bus without a couple of people seeing a tent pole in my shorts, Including our new friends, who said lucky you.

Getting back a couple of hours before the social started allowed us to cool down by the pool. The chalet phone rang, it was Lucy checking that we were back and invited us round for drinks before dinner.

The 2 hour planned relaxing time turned into 10 mins, we walked 5 doors up and was greeted by Lucy who kissed the wife passionately, who returned the tongue, Lucy then turned her attention to me and felt for my cock in my pants as her mouth covered mine. Drinks flowed, Jim found some music we sat and the wife asked about the auction night’s activities.

“Wonderful”, said Lucy, “hung like donkeys and full of beautiful sticky cum, which they were happy to give me twice. Have you entered yet?” asked Lucy. “Yes,” said the wife,” and we have the remaining time all worked out before we get wrecked let’s compare notes”. While the dairies were sorted Jim and I talked shit.

“What did you 2 get up after we left”, Lucy asked, “We partied,” said the wife, “Dan and Sandra came back to ours and we partied”. “Partied?” said Lucy, “Well fucked,” said the wife. “Let’s drink to that said Lucy. “Hows Dan” asked Sandra, “Smaller than I like said the wife in a hushed voice, but full service including sucking the Hubby hard for me”, “and poking his fingers in my ass” I added. “Oh Jesus said Lucy, sounds like we missed a good night”. “Still you had your donkeys and I guess we could do the same, maybe soon” answered the wife

“Sandra’s won yesterday” I said, “we know, Sandra’s been walking around like she got a pole up her ass”, said lucy “well she did last night, don’t tell them we sat and watched her get fucked through the bushes, very horny” said the wife. “Really u should have called us over”, where was Dan?”, said Lucy. “on his knees, blowing the long black thick cocks hard before they fucked Sandra and then the dirty bastard cleaned her up afterwards” . said the wife
Meeting Sandra and Dan for dinner in 30 said Jim, just time for one more cold one.

At Dinner the new friends from the bus joined us, the couple met Sandra and Dan last year and kept in touch. The wife mid-forties was plump, her tits nice and full, the husband and Dan talked and left Jim and me to talk shit.

During dinner, the small woman turned up and asked for chalet 8. The girls couldn’t resist checking out the studs and left for a ciggie. The girls came back laughing, not at the winning couple but because Lucy had let it slip that we saw some of Sandra’s and Dan’s performance. “How much did we see” asked Sandra, “I guess the first 3 loads, I couldn’t hold back any more I said I blew my wad after the third”. Sandra looked at Dan and asked if she could finish the story. Before Dan could answer Sandra said “we moved back inside, I offered 50 more to anybody who would fuck Dan, The girls looked at Dan, it cost 150 all three fucked his ass, as well as me again. He is very delicate today, and I feel stretched and tired. Anyway leaving you with those thoughts, its an early night for us “Sandra and Dan left us looking at each other. “Well we know the boundaries, there aren’t any” said the wife.

Lots of squeals at the door, Lucy and Jim followed the wife onto our patio. We had continued to drink and Lucy made it clear she was ready to party. Lucy came over and kissed me, and while I was pouring drinks, Lucy and the wife embraced and kissed passionately, Lucy stating she felt overdressed removed her dress to reveal 2 heavy hanger tits with the smallest tan lines, nipples long and brown. Her gash just covered with a thin line of material, high cut. The wife joined her but with no knickers was naked immediately just standing in open-toed pumps, always a good look .
Drinks flowed, Lucy and the wife kissed after nearly every mouthful of wine, Lucy’s spare hand was also creeping closer to the wife’s groin, who when she saw me looking opened her legs to show me her gash wet glowing in the moonlight. My cock was slowly filling with blood as my imagination distracted me from the shit Jim and I was talking.
Getting up to find another smoke, my shorts showed a reasonable tentpole, the wife reached out and rubbed it, looking at Lucy the wife asked if she wanted to see. Lucy nodded and the wife extracted my cock from shorts and pulled at the foreskin a couple of times, not quite a donkey said the wife but heavy enough. May I said Lucy and reached out to circle the shaft with a middle finger and thumb. Very nice she said.

Go and get the smoke honey, said the wife, maybe Jim would like to show me his, the wife said as I walked away. When I got back Jim was standing in front of the girls with his shorts around his ankles, as I stood to one side expecting to see an erect cock poking out I was surprised to see Jim’s cock encased in a metal cage. Passing the smokes on, the wife asked several questions about the cage; Lucy explained Jim’s need to feel controlled and helpless, a lot different from his high powered job.

“Does he fuck you” asked the wife, “No not now, I fuck him with a strap-on sometimes or get a male whore to do him, we go to Thailand the ladyboys there do both of us. This holiday’s it’s for me and the humiliation of seeing me fucked hard his little cock leaks”. “What do you get out of it apart from the donkey sized cocks?” asked the wife “I like to be in control and jewellery of course,” said Lucy.

“What does he do when you are being fucked” asked the wife, “sits in the corner and watches” said Lucy, “better go and get comfortable in the bedroom Jim, your wife’s going get fucked” said my wife, as she fondled lucy’s large hanger tits and stuck her tongue down Lucy’s throat.

Removing the last of Lucy’s clothing the wife led her to the bed and straddled her face, Lucy kissed the wife’s thighs and reached up to cup tits. Face buried in Lucy’s gash the wife sucked at the clit and opened the pussy lips with her fingers to allow her tongue entrance to the pink cunt hole. Lucy, in turn, sucked hard at my wife’s cunt and probed her ass crack with long manicured fingers. The bitches rubbed each other gash and made each other cum, the juices covering there faces. I looked across at who was sat naked watching his wife get fucked as I did. The difference being my knob was hard and free, he may have been hard but caged.

Changing position, the wife knelt on the bed, Lucy rubbed a finger along the wife gash and poked 2 fingers in the wife’s cunt, licking the brown puckered hole and flicking the clit made the wife climax and cover Lucy’s fingers in sticky cum which she sucked off. The wife returned the favour and licked Lucy’s gash fingering her clit until she screamed a climax.

My knob was like iron leaking pre-cum while I watched the wives make each cum again with fingers buried in their cunts and faces licking and sucking at their tits. The wife, at last, invited me over, reaching for my thick cock she directed it into Lucy’s open mouth while she wanked the shaft. Lucy stuck fingers in the wife’s cunt and then poked then in her own gash and then my mouth. The wife an Lucy lined up with there arses in the air, the wife turned and spread Lucy’s ass and pressed a red fingernail into the hole and looked at me and said fuck this slut honey, poke your cock in her ass hole. I poked my cock at the entrance of Lucy’s bowels, the wife guided my cock and pulled me into the shit hole, my cock slide in and the wife massaged my bollocks as I started to pump Lucy’s ass. The wife splat on my cock shaft as I pushed my hard cock deep into Lucy, making her climax. The wife holding a bum cheek pushed and pulled me in and out of Lucy’s ass hole.

Moving to the same position the wife opened her own ass cheeks and begged me to change position my cock slipped into my wife ass and I pumped her until she came, Lucy and the Wife kissed and Lucy turned to hold my wife’s ass cheeks open, while she forced a tongue down my throat.

My own climax rising I pumped her ass, feeling ready to cum I pushed my cock in as far as I could as my cock spat jizz. Pumping her shit hole full of cum, she climaxed again, the wife rolled off and walked over to Jim and stuck her ass in his face telling him to suck the jizz out. Lick it clean said his wife, you dirty fuck. I noticed Jim’s cock leaking cum as the wife opened her ass crack and forced the jizz out with a rasping fart.

Day 6

We both laid in bed, me semi-awake while the porter had a good gander at the wife’s gash, nearly falling over on the way out he slammed the door, waking us both up. Fuck said the wife as I managed to get out to fix some coffee, have a piss and smoke only to fall back into bed, the phone rang at some point, the maid turned up and walked out. About 3 hours after breakfast turned up the wife got up and had a piss and poured more coffee. The patio door opened and the fresh air helped.

Good job nothing planned today, showered and sat watching the ocean from the beachfront loungers. “Fuck last night was good,” the wife said after I had rubbed her back and ass with cream. “I’ve not had pussy for a long time” added the wife, “must be 4 years”. “4 years I said, you sure”. “Eh yes,” said the wife “I’m sure I told you, you were away working, Steph stayed over, babies in bed, to much wine”. “I did not know that,” I said. “Looking at me the wife said, there you go even before we win an auction I’m a slut”.

A swim and shower helped clear the mind, the warm breeze and a late hair of the dog, picked us up.

“I need an enema said the wife; I’m going to book one from the spa, I think you need one as well” “Yes OK, it been a while,” I said, “do we go there?”. “No, they come to us”. Arriving on time, the small women dressed in a white almost medical uniform set the apparatus up in the bathroom. The woman asked if we wanted a special, “what’s that?” Asked the wife. “A ganja tea enema the quickest and most effective way of taking the Caribbean’ s finest export”, the woman” said, “Sure why not, I’ll go first” the wife said and knelt in the bath, her hanger melon sized tits making my cock stiff.

The women inserted a nozzle and pushed 2-3 inches in, using the shower rail to hang the bottle of tea on she connected a plastic tube to the nozzle and released the liquid. I sat on the edge of the bath and watched as the women checked the flow of warm liquid and rubbed my wife’s back and lower belly. A second bottle was attached, and the wifes started to feel discomfort as the liquid filled her bowels. Although a fair size bathroom, the closest of the three of us was a little erotic, I could see her cunt was wet through the attention of a stranger touching her and my cock was semi-hard seeing the attention the wife was getting. The small women smiled at me and said I don’t do many men in a way that was a little creepy. The tube disconnected both of us helped the wife out of the bath to the toilet, the sounds and smells coming from both ends of the wife was bad and nearly stopped me from having it done.

“Your turn oh man that’s a rush,” said the wife bent over double sat on the toilet. Removing my shorts and assuming the position, the women first greased my ass hole and inserted the cold hard nozzle, bracing myself the warm tea started to fill up my bowels.

The wife stood and almost fell over,” Jesus that’s a wicked feeling” she said as she sat back down. The warm liquid started to fill my bowels, and a warmth wave of euphoric started to build up as the second bottle was attached, the woman rubbed my belly and back, and the liquid moved further up my bowels, my cock semi-hard, and my bollocks hung low as the women continued to rub the liquid further up my bowels. “How you feel Ok A third I think” the woman said, and as the third bottle was attached, the phone rang. The wife reached for the phone in the bathroom and confirmed the chalet number, the frown turned to smile and then a squeal as she confirmed, as soon as you like to the person on the other end.

Looking at me, she said we have won a duo, 2 studs would be arriving in an hour. The wife barely able to contain her excitement tried to kiss me, only to look at me and say Oh fuck as I started to sweat and the blood drained from my face. Take him off the tube the wife said to the women. As the women undid the tube and removed the nozzle, I tried to get out and slipped, a spray of shit hit the tiles at the back of the bath, and both women exited the bathroom quickly. I managed to get out and sit on the toilet, a stream of warm water left my bowels taking with it the contents. Head between my knees the wife and the women sprayed the bath and the wet room floor with the shower attachment to clean it off. I was sweating as if I just run 10 miles; the women said maybe 3 was 1 too many.

While I sat on the toilet the wife finished the clean up, Should I cancel the studs, the wife said, we pay any way I said. She worked around me to shower to get herself dressed and made up to receive the guests’

I managed a shower and was leaned over the sink when the doorbell went, the wife went and invited in the studs. Coming back into the bathroom the wife asked what should she do, I looked at her in disbelief and said what you have been talking about for the last 3 days I guess, what about you? I’ll sit somewhere don’t expect me to help out. OK she said let me know if you need anything.

I walked to the chair in the bedroom and sat, and fell asleep when I woke; the wife was spit roasted on the bed in front of me, her face was pushed up against the belly of a very skinny guy, whose bollocks were against her chin, his knob swallowed. At her other end, a fatter stud was pounding away, grunting as his cock was sliding in and out of a hole. Couldn’t tell which as I watched her tits slapping swinging under her. I drifted off again, I think the wife’s voice saying FUCK made me open my eyes again the wife was sandwiched between the studs, one on his back, knob in her cunt squeezing her tits while his mate’s knob was in her asshole. From the chair position I could see the cocks one in each of her holes, shiny, coated in her cunt juice, the wife screamed, and climax as the studs rode the bitch hard. As I watched, the wife turned and smiled at me , I think I waved but the next thing I knew the sun was shining through the window. My mouth dry and I was soaked in sweat. I walked through to the lounge, to see the wife sunbathing naked next to the pool.

“Jesus, I was beginning to worry”, said the wife ”what time is it? I said “mid-afternoon,” the wife said. “Fuck in hell,” I said, “here have some water” and sit down”. said the wife

“What the fuck happened?” I said, “too much in your ass, hit the system hard” said the wife. “Not joking I saw some of the action, you looked like you were having fun”. I said

“Oh, babe”, the wife swung her legs off the lounger and turned towards me, her gash raw, I could still see her front covered in dried semen, her tits and face stained, hair a complete mess. “The bedroom was the second time around, first happen out here, Fuck, while I sucked them off, they fingered me senseless, and then fucked me hard in turn. The skinny one’s cock almost couldn’t get all the way in. They came all over me, I was covered in cum; they almost hosed me down in the stuff.” I can see the stains, you haven’t washed” I said, “I was hoping you would get up soon to see what a cum slut your wife is. The bedroom was the second round; they stretched all my holes. They pounded my ass; I hope you’re not going to want that for a day or 2.”

I don’t think so” I said. “Really your cock is getting hard, you dirty bugger, hearing about my fucking”. “Must be” I said as she leant over kissed me and held my hardening rod. She still smelt of semen and sweat, her breath of booze, ciggies and men, as she sucked me hard and swallow my milky fluid.

“They left as the sun was coming up, I managed to squeeze the last drops from their balls before they left me in the lounge. I fell asleep on the sofa, woke up and found the breakfast guy having a close up of my gash with his knob out. Dirty bugger I was too tired to complain, shot his load over me”. the wife continued after wiping my cum from her mouth.

“After checking on you, I’ve been out here most of the morning, sunning and talking to Sandra through the bushes. It was a shame you came over funny, I wanted you to help out. Next time!” said the wife.

As I it a ciggie and drank a glass of water, I laid down the wife returned to her lounger and rubbed her cunt until she came again.

Shower and food said the wife she soaped me up as I washed the dried semen from the night before off her tanned body and face. Room service completed the action for the day

Day 7

Spent the day at the beach, watching cunt walk pass, the wife all but naked, kept the traffic at a slow pace past the loungers, me under an umbrella after an hour or so. A couple of beers at lunch and finger fuck for the wife as the cooling sea breeze helped. The dirty bitch kept talking about her fucking and kept saying she really wanted me to take an active part next time; she wanked while she talked, cumming several times while looking out over the ocean view. After a simple dinner, Sandra making a lot of noise next door, told us they had won again. The wife watched for a while and sucked me off after seeing Sandra being fucked.

Day 8

A boat trip around the bays was a distraction, the wife’s shorts and top not hiding very much as it was for most of the other couples, a few drinks over lunch at a very nice fish restaurant, made the companions talk loose, the wifes generally talking about their experiences. Horny, the wife, tried to get a couple back to ours but failed, which meant she made do with a very simple missionary fuck after cock sucking and some wine and food in the room.

Day 9

Much the same as day 7 apart from a phone call, informing the wife that we had one a trio!!. Not able to contain herself the wife informed our new friends over dinner. Lucy and Jim said they had won as well

We decided to sit near the hotel pool and get steaks from the BBQ, the wife telling her new friends how excited she was. Around 10:00 the small women appeared and went back in, the table was on high alert; I thought the wife was going to pin her down as she walked between the tables a couple of times. Suddenly she stopped at our table and asked for chalet 17 and 25, the wife nearly screamed, while Sandra held her arm and smiled. Will be ready when you are, “I guess we are missing dessert,” I said as four of us stood, leaving Lucy and Jim to finish the booze.

The wife squealed as she walked to the three blacks in white standing by the pool, to a man they smiled at her, their toothy white grins giving away their thoughts, as she kissed each one and rubbed there crotch she led then by conga dancing back to the chalet. As I closed the door, the wife pulled the loose summer dress over her head and stood before them naked. The guys started to undress and as they did the wife stood in front of them and said how happy she would be to be air-tight for several hours, to which the guys all whooped and laughed. What about your husband, said one, he’s going to be involved said the wife if that’s OK, “Sure, costs extra for him to get fucked” said one. “Not so sure he wants to be fucked, but as the evening progresses who knows, I do want him to fluff for me”, said the wife but seeing some confusion the wife looked at me and then said, before you fuck me, he sucks you hard. Oh said the 3, that’s cool man, no teeth right said another.

“That OK babe, I said you would be taking an active part next time, you better get started I’m so fucking excited I’m going watch from the bed”, the wife said. the three stripped off and stood in line as the wife laid on the bed legs wide apart and said Jesus, those are big fucking cocks. The guys started to slowly wank themselves as I knelt in front of the first and reached forward. The guys started to laugh as I moved closer and lifted the cock to point it straight at my face. It was heavy, like a salami sausage, as I opened my mouth as wide as I could I pulled at the shaft to get the black sausage in. The smell of his sex was overpowering and filled my nose like a d**g, with the bell end on the tongue I forced my face forward and felt the shaft enter. I closed my lips around the shaft and pulled back, leaving a string of saliva from the bell end to my lips. I forced my mouth over his shaft again and took more of the black cock in my mouth. Holding his cock with a thumb and forefinger I slowly wanked it, I could feel the shaft thicken, and the bellend stretching the foreskin as I pulled it back. As I wanked his shaft I kissed the length.

All the time the guys were goading me, telling me theirs were bigger. In the background I could hear the wife moaning and then her saying, Oh babe I going to cum you dirty cock sucker then I heard the wife grunt a climax, looking over to the bed I could see her fingers wet about to be licked by the guy at the other end of the line.

That will do the wife said, and the guy whose cock I had made hard walked away wanking his own cock as he got on the bed to kiss the wife tits and handled her gash with his thick stubby thick fingers. Telling him to lay down the wife straddled his cock and inserted his knob into her cunt, Slowly she forced the long fat black shaft into her hole, the cunt juice pissing out lubricating the shaft making it shine.

“Do the next one honey”, the wife said as she picked up speed sliding on the fat black cock, with large hands squeezing her melon tits. The next one was almost hard watching his pal fuck the white bitch on heat. His cock not so thick, so I could make a decent blow job on his member, it was hard very quickly. “My turn,” said the wife, split on my arse hole baby”. Holding her ass cheeks open I got as close as I could and spat on her brown hole, the sight of a thick cock in her cunt and the smell of her sex almost made me cum without touching my own cock. I rubbed the spit into her bum hole and stepped away as the black whore moved into position and pushed his cock into her bowels, grunting the wife looked at me and said last one honey. As she started to enjoy the stretching her holes were getting, she showed it by pushing back and riding their cocks hard. The third cock was already hard, and I made a fair attempt at running my tongue along his shaft down to his bollocks and back to his knob end. I tasted his pre-cum thick and salty. The wife panting like she was riding real donkeys reached over and grabbed his cock and pulled him over the bed and stuck his cock in her mouth and pushed herself down to he face touched his belly. Stepping away to watch, the slapping of flesh the black bollocks swinging and slapping against my wives light brown sunburnt body was mesmerizing. I almost felt proud of her, wanting and being able to take 3 huge cocks in her holes; it was an art form all of its own.

She grunted a small climax before swearing and squealing a long FUCKKKKKK. She swore for them to pump she holes harder.

I realised I hadn’t even removed any of my clothes and stripped the sweaty garments off and getting a bottle and glass sat on the chair facing the wife, my knob so hard I could hardly pull the foreskin down, the split in the knob end leaking a clear fluid, my bollocks full and hanging low in the heat between my legs. I watched drinking the booze, almost disengaged from the scene in front of me, like watching a porn movie. the room smelt of sex, the 4 on the bed were grunting like wild pigs.

Like a true pro the wife changed positions, the 3 black cocks were hard and coated in her fluids. The 3 cocks once again disappeared into her body; hands holding her tight in position so her holes could be rammed, the bodies slapping and sweating making the wife climax, coating their cocks with her body fluids. Large hands squeezed her flesh and pulled at her hair. I sat and watched 3 sweaty bodies grinding all my wife’s holes made her squeal and gasp climax after climax.

The cock that started in her cunt was now being swallowed, the plums banging against her chin, the dribble of spit from the small gap between the black flesh of the veiny cock and he ruby red gash of a mouth ran down her chin. The lipstick smeared on the rod poking down her throat. The black whore pushed his cock further and said you, white bitch, swallow my jizz as his bollocks pumped his semen into my wife’s mouth. As he withdrew a big strand of jizz still attached ran down the wife’s chin.

Wiping her face smeared her lipstick more, being slammed hard the wife looked over to me and said, are you still hard honey or have you cum, not saying anything I stood up , my own cock standing vertically, she reached out and pulled me over , her hot sweaty hand pulled me straight into her mouth, and her chin touched my bollocks in one go. I held her head as she bobbed up and down, The black in her arse smiling while the black under her holding her up by her tits sucking one or the other each time she was pushed upwards, had a great view of my ass. The black cocks pushed her on to my cock in rhythm until the guy in her ass stopped and pumped it full of his hot semen, as I shot my load into her mouth just as the guy under her pushed her hips down and spat his jizz in her pussy. Shaking the wife climaxed filled with jizz.

Pushing away the spent cocks the wife rolled off and laid on her back, still for a minute breathing heavy and touching herself, wiping the cum on her chin and lips into her mouth, honey she said come here, walking to the other side of the bed I could see cum leaking from her cunt and ass. Get some drinks for us, I like a smoke as well, returning with beers the wife was talking to the guys. I would like you to taste my gash baby, as the wife sunk the glass of wine in one and sucked on the smoke, opening her legs showed the sticky mess between them, the smell of her gash and the heat generated by it was electric, I took a slug of beer and handed the bottle to one of the whores and climbed on the bed between her legs, my face close to her cunt she reached down and opened her piss flaps to show me her hole. It felt like it was sucking me in as I stuck my tongue out and licked at the gash, tasting the bitter, salty mixture made me pull away but the wifes hand on my head pulled me back in as she lifted her ass to help me get to her asscrack to taste all of it.

Being held I licked her clean, she kissed me as I rose from between her legs and licked my face clean of the sticky mess.

The guys still standing around the bed talking drinking the beer, one was already hard.

The next hour or so the wife was fucked by single cocks in all manner of positions on all surfaces. The blacks sat and waited their turn or joined in with a squeeze of tit or ass. Every so often the wife would need refreshment and called me over. Usually, I would get a kiss and a whisper about how much she loved this moment, and she would rub my cock and then push me away and reach for one of the black cocks to fill one of her holes.

One by one the cocks discharged more jizz into her holes; it leaked from her ass and cunt she collected it and wiped it over her belly and tits. With the morning sun coming up and the balls of the black whores emptied, the guys left with a large kiss from the wife. Once alone, we stepped out to see the sun come up and have a final drink and ciggie before we went to bed. the wife still stinking of sweat and cum wanted to stay that way.

Day 10

The day was almost over before we got out of bed; the room service happened, the maid service happened while we slept. The phone rang it was Lucy inviting us round for drinks, good excuse to get cleaned up. The wife decided to wear only one of my T-shirts and heels, the cooling evening breeze helped us recover more on the way down the pavement to Jim and Lucy chalet.

Already in the room was Dan and Sandra, who was killing time before their 4th auction win started that evening. Drinks and discussion flowed Sandra keen to hear about Lucy’s and my wife’s exploits. It was our last night, so after toasting the new friendships and promises to stay in touch, Dan and Sandra left just as the heavens opened, Lucy and the wife stayed out and got soaked, the Tshirt removed, Lucy dropped her dress and the girls naked held each other in the tropical storm. Jim and I not so carefree stood at the doorway and watched as the girls kissed and fingered each other under the rain and the thunder.

Day 11

The alarm gave us 2 hours to get ready to leave for the airport, almost not enough time; the porter arrived as I did a sweep of the rooms and found a pair of used panties which the wife sniffed and put in her handbag

On the plane, we sat in the big comfy chairs and toasted the holiday success. The wife tanned legs outstretched with feet in heels, the top loose showing her toned arms and cleavage was getting as far as she was concerned the right attention from the flight attendants. She had already caused a bit of a stir in the lounge, as I discovered coming back from the toilet I could see her gash, something which everybody else realised before I did. Telling her this just made her smile and for her to make sure her gash was clearly visible from more angles.

Champagne until the meal was served, wine for the meal, meant I was sleep soon after the lights were turned down. I woke to find the wife just sitting down, having just returned. “Toilet,” I said, “I needed one last cummy load from a stranger, so I just blew the black cabin services director in the galley”. said the wife.

“Fuck I said “really”, “I’m still on holiday until we land said the wife close to my face so I could smell the cum on her breath”.

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