Giving In To Temptation

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“I wish I had done this sooner.” I thought to myself as I sat in the the dark living room. I sat in the recliner still naked, thinking about what just transpired. “Confused?? Well I’m somewhat as well. So let me go back to where it all started.”

It’s been many years since my wife had died from a rare heart disorder. It was just me and my daughter Christine (Christi for short). She was 9 when her mom passed, and it was pretty hard and exhausting physically and emotionally to juggle a job and to take care of a young c***d. It got worse as she got to those p*****n years. You know. How she was going into puberty. My mom had four boys and no girls. Sure Jess’ (My wife) mom would help out, But Christi started to look too much like her mom as she grew into her p*****n years. It was hard on Beverly I know, She, like me hadn’t gotten over the loss of Jessica. But I had to deal with her new attitude, not to mention the PMS before her time of the month. And my mom was stricken with MS and couldn’t really do much but give advise. So I had to do the best I could with what I had to raise a daughter.

By the time Christi became a young teen, she looked a lot like her mom. Same hair color. Same facial features. The only difference was her height, and boob size. Jess was petite. Thin, 5′ 4″ with firm A’s But she had a beautiful face with a head of long jet black hair that flowed down the side and back of her head. And her ass. My god , her ass was perfect. She could make the worst pair of pants ever designed look good with an ass like hers. Ever since the first time Jess and I had sex, I wanted to tap her asshole with my cock. Whenever I did her doggy style, I would ask her if I could stick it in her ass. Of course her response would be “Let me stick a broomstick up your ass first.” But it wasn’t until our honeymoon that she finally let me do it. And up til the time she passed away, she never regretted it.

Christy had the same features, but she was a little taller and stockier. Her tits were bigger than her mom’s. She was a BB-cup, and she didn’t have the ass her mom had. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and shapely, but hers was a little bigger than her mom’s But she all in all had a very nice figure.

There was one night I felt really depressed. I missed Jess, and wanted her in my arms. My heart belonged to her, and even though i tried dating again,there was never that spark that I had with my wife. I sat home that night drinking a 6 pack of beer. I was feeling buzzed, and horny. It’s has been a while since I had sex, and I was in no condition to drive to the pubs looking for cheap sex. I’d figure I put in a porn video. Grab some lotion, and a towel, and pay my cock a visit with Mary Palms and her five magical sisters. I had to pass Christy’s room to get to the kitchen to get some paper towels. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, but suddenly I found myself going into her bedroom. I stood at the side of her bed looking down at my only reason to live. I could see how she was sprawled out on the bed wearing a long button shirt and lime green underwear. Suddenly, my mind was flushed with thoughts of touching her. Voices in my head saying “Fuck her.You know you want to.” I couldn’t believe I was actually having wicked thoughts about fucking my daughter. I left her room in a cold sweat. Breathing heavily I tried to shake the thoughts out of my head.

A few weeks later went by, and I was up that night feeling horny. I went into my bedroom where I got undressed, put on a porn video, laid on the bed and started stroking my meat. I was watching 2 lesbians go at it at a massage parlor. I was really getting turned on when I saw the girl who was giving the massage stick her hand down the other girl’s panties rubbing her cunt. I was even more turned on when the client had put the other girl’s tit in her mouth. I had the volume up, because nothing turns me on more than a woman moaning toward orgasm. I never noticed that my bedroom door was opened slightly ajar, and that there were two peering eyes looking through the small crack between the hinged side of the door. I don’t know how long Christi was standing there, but it was long enough to see me ejaculate cum out of my cock. It was when I saw my door closing that I realized I had an audience. When I got up to go to the bathroom,I stopped by her door. I thought about going in at first and scolding her for peeping in on her father. But instead, I thought perhaps it wasn’t wise to barge in yelling and screaming. I went into the bathroom, did what I had to do,then opened up Christi’s door seeing her pretending to sleep, and telling her good night and that I loved her. I knew she heard me, but she still pretended to be asleep.

Since I didn’t mention what happened that night, I figured she would try it again. So a week later, I was in my room stark naked. Again, I put on a porn video laid on the bed and began jerking off. I had the volume up hoping she would hear the moans coming from the tv. Sure enough, I saw my door open ever so slightly. I could see her blocking the crack of the door with her face trying to get the best view. I let her stand there and watch for a few minutes, never letting her know that I could see her. Little did she realize, I had tied a piece of fishing line to the door knob. I held the other end in my hand. At the right moment, I pulled the string pulling the door wide open. She just froze as the door swung open. I too was a bit taken back when I saw my daughter’s hand down her panties. “HOLY SHIT!!!” I said to myself. “She’s getting off watching me get off.” Finally she came to her senses, and made a mad dash to her bedroom. I followed her still butt naked.My schlong waggling as I ran toward her room. “Christi. Christi. Open up this door right now.” I ordered. “NO!!” she said. Christi!! Open up this door or I’ll break it down!!” She unlocked the door, swinging it releasing her hand as she jumped back on the bed, face in pillow crying.

“Christi. Look at me.”

“No dad. Please leave.”

“I want to talk about this.”

There’s nothing to talk about. Please leave.”

Though I tried, she never wanted to talk about that night

It was several weeks later that I had woken up in the middle of the night to take a piss. As I passed Christi’s room, I could hear low murmurs coming from her room. It sound like she was getting off. So instead of going to the bathroom, I went in the kitchen, grabbed a large glass,and took my piss in that. She would’ve heard the toilet flush if I went there. Walking back to her room, I put my ear up against the door. I could still her the muffled murmurs coming from inside. Slowly, I opened her door just enough to see her laying on the bed with her legs bent upward and spread, with her hand holding a vibrating dildo by it’s end, thrusting it in and out of her pussy. She had her free arm wrapped around her ass stretching her fingers in between her butt cheeks pushing her middle finger up her ass. She was wearing a bandanna to muffle the moans she was making. I watched in amazement as my little girl was getting herself off. My cock was super hard, poking out of my briefs. I had those thoughts again of fucking her. She looked so much like her mom. I couldn’t resist. I had to have her.

I opened the door all the way and walked in. She got startled and tried to cover herself up with her blanket. “No, no, no. Don’t cover yourself up.” I said as I pulled the blanket off her. “This may sound crazy, but maybe this is what we need to regain our relationship together.”

“What do you mean dad?”

I mean, we use to have a special bond Remember? We use to have fun. I know with your mother gone things are hard to deal with, but maybe we can get that fun back.You and I.”

” I want that dad. I want to be able to smile and laugh again.”

“Well we know we have one thing in common that could be a good start. We both like to masturbate, right?”


So why not play with each other. I’m sure I can do a whole lot better than a dildo, and I bet you could do way better than my hand. What do you say. Want to give it a try?”

“Yeah… But you’re my dad.”

“So…. Did that stop you from spying on me while I was jacking off? I don’t think you were concerned about daddy issues then.”

She smiled then removed the blanket from her body. Her tits were beautiful.Her areola’s were dark red with nice protruding round nipples. I removed my briefs letting her see my 8″ cock hanging down past my balls. We laid side to side. Her tits pressing up against my hairy chest.Her long leg d****d over mine. the head of my cock scr****g against her trimmed black bush. We stared into each other’s eyes for a while. She had her mom’s eyes, and for at that moment, I felt as though I was with Jess.I began stroking Chtisti’s long dark hair,grabbing her just behind the ear. I held her head as I leaned forward, pressing my lips against hers. I opened my mouth, pushing my tongue between her lips, forcing them open. She greeted my tongue with hers,as she shifted her body to be on top of mine. For a moment, I thought Jess’ spirit had possessed Christi. The way she was kissing me was just like her mom. I lost all sense of reality french kissing my daughter. My hands were caressing every inch of her back, then going down squeezing her ass.She was gyrating her hips, grinding her pussy onto my cock.

I rolled her over on her back. “Now let me show you how I’m many times better than a dildo.” I I pulled her hair aside licking the nape of her neck. She hummed as I licked her neck up and down going just behind her earlobe.Then I nibble on her earlobe, licking the outer part of her ear, and softly blowing hot air inside her ear canal. Then I”d go back to the neck. Using my lips as a suction cup, I would press my tongue as hard as I could licking the sensitive areas on her neck. Now it was down to her tits. They were firm, but fleshy and squeezable. I squeezed both of them together, pushing her nipples closer in the middle of her chest. I licked and sucked on each nipple Grinding them with my teeth, pulling them up, then releasing. As I sucked her tits, my hand reached down her moist crotch. I rubbed her pussy before sticking two fingers inside her.Her ass gyrated as I finger fucked her wet cunt. My fingers were getting soaked with sticky pussy juice. Then I’d take them out reaching down the crack of her ass. Still sucking on one tit, I slipped my middle finger between her ass cheeks.I tickled her asshole, using circular motions with the tip of my finger. I curled my finger as I pushed it inside her ass. She twitched and moaned as fingered her ass.

I positioned my self in a 69 position. I raised one leg as I stuffed my head between her legs. Her twat was super wet. Thick cream was building up between her pussy and ass. I gave her little orgasms, but I was going to make sure she had the best one ever. She tried to blow me, but wasn’t comfortable in this position. So I laid on my back letting her get more comfortable. I felt her stroking my cock,and giving it kisses on the hood. Then I felt warm a warm moist sensation as she stuffed my dick in her mouth. “DAMN!!” I said “Where the fuck did she learn how to suck cock?” To my knowledge, she never had a steady boyfriend. Sure she dated, but it was those 2 or 3 week types of dating. But she kept sucking away on my cock. What I loved the best was how she’d use her tongue to tickle just below the fatty part of the hood. While stroking the shaft with her hand. “Man!! She sucking me like her mom use to.” I was really starting to believe that Jess was possessing our daughter.

I had to stop her before I came in her mouth. I got her off of me and laid her flat on her back. Wiping my chin of cum juice, I positioned myself between her spread out legs. Aiming for her twat,I pressed my dick on her slit. I pushed down feeling the hood penetrate through her tight hole.She moaned as I went deeper in. Her hips gyrated as mine bounced up and down filling her hole with every inch. I could feel the cool moisture of pussy juice as it collected on my ball sack. Our moans got louder and louder. Echoing throughout the room.

“Oh God dad.. I’m gonna cum! Fuck me daddy. Fuck me. FUCK MEEEEEE!”

My thrusts became faster and harder. I was making her climax big time. I felt warm liquid spray my balls every time I pushed my cock in. My cock filled her hole.There was very little room for her cum to come out easily. So it was kind of like a squeeze bottle shooting out water through that little pop up cap.

I hadn’t cum yet.I was still fucking her ramming my cock harder and harder.

” Come on daddy, cum in me.”

I pushed my upper half up hovering over her. Sweat was pouring down my face onto her. She wrapped her arms around me pulling me down to pressing my lips to hers. I broke the kiss as the pain in my cock was staring to get intense.

“Here I cum baby. Here I cum.”

“Cum in me honey. Cum into mamma.”

My cock exploded. Shooting it’s cum into Christi’s pussy. I plopped down on her with full weight. My hips thrusted once every few seconds as my cock pumped the last of the cum. I still laid on top of her, dick still inside until it got soft and worked it’s way out. Finally I rolled off of her panting like crazy.

“I haven’t had sex like that in a long time.”

“Well it seems like you haven’t lost your touch.” Said said in a joking manner.

” How do you know what my touch is young lady?”

“Because I use to hear mom and Aunt Carol Talk about sex. And I would hear mom what kind of things you use to do with her. And what she did to you.”

Now it made more sense. Jess didn’t possess Christi. She inadvertently gave away her secrets.

Christi and I had a better bond than ever before. We later moved to a house in the country where our closest neighbors were a quarter mile away. We still live together to this day raising our two wonderful c***dren.

And wouldn’t you know it. Because of Jessica telling her sister how I did her up the ass, Christi asked me if I would do it to her. That happened the following night we had sex.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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