Gay taxi ride (part 2)

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So if you have read my story about my “gay taxi ride home” you know the taxi driver had left me his card and told me if I ever needed a lift or wanted an encounter with him and a group of his taxi driver friends I should give him a call.

Well one Friday night I’m sat in a pub alone after two of my friends had gone home early that evening and left me on my lonesome. So I remembered about the driver and open my wallet and pull out his card before sending him a message saying “sat in a pub thinking about your offer”

I don’t get a reply back for about half an hour when my phone beeps with a message reading “ can pick you up in about 10 minutes got 2 friends and maybe a 3rd “ I instantly felt my cock getting hard

So I message him back telling him where I am and the 10 minutes flys bye before I get a message saying “I’m outside”

I walk out of the pub trying not to reveal my raging hard on. I enter his cab as he says “hello how are you this evening?” And before I could reply he laughed and said “don’t worry I can tell by your bulge”

So we are on the the road when I female voice comes over his radio “hi John the guys are here at the base waiting for you” to which he replied “will be there in a minute “ before looking back at me and telling me I’m in for a real treat.

We pull up outside of the taxi base as he turns his engine off and exits his black cab as do I ,before my nerves kicked in big time. The man opens the front door of the base and shows me inside, I enter the reception to be greeted by a woman in her mid 50s who was very hot. She looks up from her desk and says “welcome come in” before looking at John and says “the guys are in the back have fun”

John quickly walked through to the back as I stood there a little bit shocked as to what just happened. The receptionist looks at me and says “don’t worry your not the 1st guy they’ve had back there” before giving me a cheeky wink and says “you are the fittest, maybe we could have fun someday but my husband wants you again first, go on now and have fun” I give her a little wink back and head through the door to find John and 2 other guys in the room

As I close the door behind me one of the guys instantly strips down to his boxer shorts before John says “damm mike your a horny fucker” and he replies “no time to waste, I’ve got to get back out there on my shift it’s ok for you, you own the firm” and laughs the 3rd man then whips his pants off and says “good point “

John looks back at me and introduces me to Mike and Sam, I look at the guys who are now both stood there in their underwear and both have a bulge in their boxer shorts. All three guys are similar age late 40s early 50s and a similar body shape too, about 6ft tall and a little tubby.

As I stare at both the guys John has begun to strip down to his boxer shorts the same as his taxi friends and stands next to them. Each guy has a huge bulge in their shorts as John says to me “strip naked, come here and get on your knees” as I begin to strip each guy slowly lowers his boxer shorts to expose their cocks, each with a different length and girth.

John has the longest cock at around about 9 inches with mike a close second Sams is the smallest at about 6 inches but the thicker of the three, each cock was fully erect and standing to attention.

I was in awe of these three hard cocks and I was rock hard myself, so I stripped myself naked and slowly move towards the three huge members. I reach for johns first as I drop to my knees. I take johns huge cock and take it in my mouth as the other 2 guys force their cocks towards my face too.

So I’m kneeling in front of three amazing cocks with one in my mouth and two trying to force their way in to my mouth. It don’t take long before I’m switching between the cocks taking turns slurping down on each cock, with each change trying to take as much as I could down my throat, at one point I managed to get two cocks in my mouth

As I’m there sucking two cocks Mike makes his way behind me and lowers himself under me before digging his tongue deep in my ass, it does not take him long to get my ass nice and sloppy before he slides a finger into my hole. I could feel my cock was rock solid.

Sam looks down at me and calls me “a right dirty slur boy” before asking me “ can I fuck you now” I look up at him at him and give him a nod he asks for condom as John goes to a locker and takes out a bag which has a box of condoms in and passed one to Sam, he slips it onto his cock before guiding me towards a chair and bends me over it.

He takes hold of my hips a places the tip of his cock on my hole and slowly pushed his way into me, as he does mike and John make their way in front of me and try to slide their cocks in my mouth. Sam is now deep inside my ass and really getting into a nice rhythm fucking me. As he does the blonde receptionist knocks on the door and pokes her head in and says” Sam you’ve got a pick up in 5 minutes you need to leave.” Sam just looks at her and says “ no problem I’m nearly done “

Sam really begins giving me a good fucking as he is now in a rush and I could feel that he was about to cum before he quickly pulls his cock out of my ass whips his condom off and shoots his load over my back and lets out a big moan before he walks away gets some tissue,cleans his cock off and begins putting his clothes back on.

As Sam is getting dressed mike says” it’s my turn” and gets a condom on before making his way behind me. Sam opens the door as he leaves an d says his goodbyes as the receptionist asks him if he had a good time? As she looks through the door way to see me now getting spit roasted by the remaining two guys and saying to Sam “don’t worry I think I can tell” and let’s out a little laugh as the door shuts behind Sam.

Getting back to it mike and John are really working both my holes now and I’m really loving it gagging slightly on John as mike trusts harder and harder with each passing minute. After a little while the door opens and and the receptionist comes in and closes the door swiftly behind her before saying “Steve has arrived and he’s manning the lines” before taking her seat and begins to which me getting spit roasted.

As she watching her husband and a college fucking me and receiving head she slowly unzips her jeans slips them down to her knees before moving her knickers to one side and starts to play with what looks like an absolutely soaking wet pussy. She then begins to give out orders and tells her husband to fuck me, and straight away John pulls his cock out of my mouth and walks behind me and just about gets a condom on his cock before she opens her mouth again and tells him” I want him to ride you in the chair” so mike pulls out of me and moves to one side as John lifts me up and sits in the chair.

As I’m stood up I could feel Sam’s cum run down my back and dribble between my ass cheeks, mike then quickly gets on his knees behind me and begins to lick the cum from my ass and back before pushing me forward onto John. I climb on top of John as mike takes hold of Johns cock and guides it into my ass, I slowly lower myself on to him as his big member enters me.

I’m now in a real bounce on John riding his cock from tip to balls taking it all inside me when his wife asks mike to “get his cock and get in that tight hole too” I’ve never been double penetrated before as mike takes hold of his cock and forces himself into me.

It takes a bit of time but mike eventually works himself into my ass along side John and I’ve never felt so good these to horny bastards were really giving it all they had as a hot blonde watched on fingering herself.

So after a while mike and John both let me know they are about to cum and mike pulls out and John does too. Maybe ken stands back and whips his condom off before taking hold off my and getting me my knees in front of him jerking off, John hops to his feet and joins him getting ready to shoot his load.

As these two guys are about to blow their loads I begin jerking my own cock as the receptionist tells me to stop playing with my self, I quickly take my hand off my cock as she says” good boy”. It’s not long before both of the guys shoot their load over my face.

As spunk I covering my face the receptionist stands up walks towards me leans over and licks most of the cum off my face and laps it all up leaving me a little for myself before taking hold of my hands lifting me to my feet and laying her lips on mine and sharing the cum with me while burying her tongue deep in my mouth.

After we are done she takes a step back and drops to her knees and swallows my cock deep down her throat and gives me the best blow job I’ve ever had. I take hold of the back of her head as I blow my load down her throat. She still had my cock in her mouth as she sucks it dry, she slowly rises to her feet before locking lips with me again and passed my own cum into my mouth and then says “taste your own cum slut boy”.

John then passed me my clothes back and says “that was very fun” before putting his own clothes own. As we get changed his wife asks what I was doing next weekend as her and John were both off and if I wanted to go round to theirs for some more fun. I let them know I’m available and arrange a time as I do mike says he will stop by for a quick bit of fun before he leaves the room, as he does John asks me if I want a lift home I nod my head we both go to leave as his wife takes hold of my hand pulls me in and gives me a kiss and says see you next week lover boy.

Hope you all enjoyed

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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