Fucks Her Students Part -1

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My house was in Udaipur but a little outside the city. The area around my house was empty and unclaimed. I had turned some part of it into a garden. It encircled my house.

The nearest neighbors were a few blocks away. It is fair to say that I lived in a secluded area. At the time of this incident, I was 27. Due to relentless sex with Varun (before the birth of my son), my measurements had changed. My breasts were of 38DD. My waist was 28 and my butt was 40.

One Friday evening, around 8 p.m., the bell of my front door rang. I answered the door. Two of my students, Sameer and Piyush, were standing outside. I was surprised to see them this late. They had their bags strapped on their shoulders.

“You two,” I said, surprised. “What happened? What are you guys doing here at this time and that too on a Friday?”

“Ma’am, we need your help”, answered Sameer. “We have our mid-terms on Monday and we are ill-prepared. We want you to prepare us for the test. We would like to stay in your house for the weekend and study if you are fine with it.”

“Ok”, I replied, smiling. I prompted them to come in. They sat on a sofa in the living room. I gave them a glass of water each and sat on a grandfather chair in front of them.

“What were you two doing for last three months. Were you not paying attention during the class?” I said sharply. Their heads bogged down in shame.

“Sorry ma’am,” they both said quietly. “We got a bit lenient with our studies. But we promise, for the next three days, we will study hard. We will stay up all night if we have to. Please help us, ma’am.” requested Piyush.

“Have you guys had dinner?” I asked caringly. “No, ma’am,” they replied. “Then let’s have dinner first. After that, we will begin with the studies.” I said, smiling. They nodded.

An hour later, we had dinner. We sat around the dining table. My 3-year-old son was sitting on my lap. After the dinner was done, I told them to remain seated in their places and start revising their notes while I washed the dishes. After the dishes were done, I went to take a shower.

Sameer and Piyush were going through their notes. My son was in the bedroom, playing with his action figures. I closed the door of my room. I took all my clothes off and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After coming out of the shower, I put on my usual red-colored nightgown. It was deep cut and sleeveless. It had thin straps and ran down just a little below my butt. My hair was wet. I walked out of my room and settled on a chair.

Sameer was on my left and Piyush on my right. It was about 10 p.m. then. We began with the studies. An hour passed. I was teaching them the C programming language.

My son came out of the room and climbed on my lap. He pulled down my left strap. My massive boob popped out. Sameer and Piyush stared at my boob. My son wrapped his lips around my nipple and sucked on the milk.

Yes, I breastfed him. I liked to do it. I breastfed him four times a day. Since we lived alone, I had trained him to suck on my boob without asking. I never wore a bra.

My son was sucking on his milk and my students were staring at it with their eyes wide open. They looked at my boob like a tiger stocking its prey. They licked their lips slightly. I noticed it.

“Focus on your studies,” I said firmly. Embarrassed, they turned to their notebook and continued working on the code I gave them to generate. While writing the code in their notebook, they tried to have a peek at my boob, time and time again. I noticed it but said nothing.

Piyush got thirsty. He asked for water. My son was still hanging on to my boob. I pointed at the fridge. He got out of his chair. He had a boner. A tent had formed in his jeans.

I noticed it and was thrilled. Believe it or not, I had been over 4 years since I was fucked. Varun stopped having sex with me after the birth of our son. While Piyush was taking the bottle out of the fridge, my son was done with his milk.

I pulled my strap back on but he was annoyed. I pushed it down again and he started playing with it. I pulled it back up but my little angel was having none of it. He again pushed it down angrily and began playing with it.

My son is my soul and I never forced him to do anything he didn’t want. So I let him play. Sameer was staring at it. Piyush came back and stood behind me, staring at my boob from over my shoulder. I turned around.

Embarrassed, he looked the other way and sat on his chair. I was getting a bit turned on with 2 young boys staring at my really big boob.

As Piyush settled in his chair, his pen fell on the floor and rolled under the table. It was at my feet. He went under the table to search for it. The moment he went under, I spread my legs. I wasn’t wearing any panty.

My pussy was before his eyes. I could see his eyes popping out at the sight of my vagina. Sameer sprung out of his chair and excused himself to the toilet. I knew that he was at his limit. I pointed him to the guest room.

Meanwhile, Piyush, who was staring at my pussy, had already pulled his cock out and was jerking it. It was massive! I was surprised. I was seeing him jerking it under the table. But he didn’t seem to have noticed. His eyes were fixed at my pussy.

While playing with my boob, my son had fallen asleep. I got out of my chair and went into the bedroom. Tucking him in, I returned. Sameer and Piyush had settled in their chairs. They looked happy.

I was able to see Piyush’s cum on the floor. Its smell was hypnotizing. My pussy was wet and wanted to get fucked. The fire was burning inside me for 4 long years. But the two were clearly discharged.

“Have you written the code?” I asked them. “Yes, ma’am,” they replied hesitantly.

I looked at their notebook, it was done. I was horny but their studies were also important. So, I got back to tutoring them. 2 more hours passed. While explaining the topic to them, I felt a toe on my pussy lips.

It was Piyush. He was slowly caressing my pussy. I looked at him and smiled. Up till then, Sameer had not noticed that I wasn’t wearing my panty. Slowly, I got hot. I just could not take it anymore. I stood up from my chair. Piyush looked scared.

“You know what, I can’t take it anymore. So, let’s just do it.” I said at last. They looked at each other cluelessly and then turned to me. “We do not understand, ma’am,” they replied.

“SEX”, I replied immediately. “I know that you both want to fuck me. Neither of you is able to concentrate on the studies. And most importantly, I want to get fucked as well. So, let us just get down to business.”

“Do you really mean it, ma’am?” they enquired. “Yes,” I replied. “But then, you have to promise that you will focus on the work after that.”

“We promise ma’am.”

“Well then, what are we waiting for?” I exclaimed.

They both stripped down naked immediately. I too took off my gown. My big boobs were hanging freely. Without wasting any time, they jumped on them. Sameer had my left boob while Piyush had my right one. They sucked them, licked them, and bit them gently.

I was getting hot. I began to moan. “WOW, ma’am! your boobs are so big and soft,” they both exclaimed.

I saw that their cocks were erect and ready for action. I took them to the living room. I laid on a sofa. My one leg was on the sofa’s backrest while other on the floor. My pussy was wide open.

Sameer bent down and started licking my pussy. Piyush stuffed his cock into my mouth. I began sucking it. Just 2 minutes later, I tapped on Sameer’s head. He looked up.

With Piyush’s stocking fully in my mouth, I prompted Sameer to insert his dick in my pussy. He spat on his rod and pushed it all in, in one go. It had been over 4 years since a cock was inside me. It was painful. In pain, I bit Piyush’s dick.

“Ma’am,” he screamed. He pulled his cock out. “Sorry,”I replied apologetically. “It hurts. I have not been fucked in almost 5 years.”

“Don’t worry ma’am, tonight, we will fuck you to the core,” said Sameer, pushing in and out. Piyush knelt down and began sucking my boobs. I was now moaning.

“Aaaaahhhhh yeah! fuck me… fuck me more… Give it to me… ”

“Yeah! You want more, huh? You want more, slut?” said Sameer, increasing his speed. “Fuck me hard, you motherfucker,” I exclaimed. “Fuck me hard!” He pushed Piyush aside and grabbed my boobs. He was pressing them while thrusting his cock in and out of me.

“Aaaaahhhhhh… aaaahhhhhh… aaaahhhhh… Oh man… Oh man… this is awesome,” exclaimed Sameer. “I am going to cum.”

“Pour it in me…. pour it inside me, baby…… pour it inside your slut.”

With 3 strong jerks, he poured his load inside my pussy. He pulled his rod out and slapped it against my pussy. “Are you done?” asked Piyush. He had been just a spectator for last 15 minutes.

Sameer nodded. He stepped aside and Piyush took his place. “Bend over, ma’am, I want to fuck you in doggy”, said Piyush softly.

I bent over and leaned against the backrest of the sofa. My boobs were hanging freely in the air. I spread my butt cheeks. My pussy was had now loosened and was filled with Sameer’s cum.

Very easily, Piyush slipped his stocking inside me and began ramming. He was taking no slow method like Sameer. He opened with the full throttle

“Aaaaahhhhh… uuuuummmmm… uuuuuuuffffff… Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh… yeahhhhhhhh… aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me, baby… fuck me harder”, I moaned.

“Oh ma’am, you are such a fucking bitch. Aaaahhhh… I have never fucked a bitch like you,” said Piyush. He slapped hard on my ass. “Do you like it, huh? Do you like it, bitch?” Piyush exclaimed, ramming his cock into my pussy.

“Yeah… I like it… I love it”, I moaned. “You are my bitch… You are my slut… Say it, ma’am… SAY IT”, he shouted, fucking me. “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh… I am your bitch… I am your slut… Now, fuck me harder. Fuck your bitch harder”, I exclaimed.

Piyush increased his speed even more. Meanwhile, Sameer’s dick was hard again. He stood in front of me and stuck his boner in my mouth. I now had a 7-inch cock ramming my pussy and a 6.5 inch pounding my mouth. I slurped the cock hard.

My boobs were juggling freely. They were moving in circles. Sameer grabbed them. Piyush had grabbed my ass tight and was pounding my pussy hard. After 10 minutes, they both were ready to cum. Piyush pulled his cock out and was going to pour his load on my back.

“Put it back in, you jerk,” I shouted, removing Sameer’s dick out of my mouth. “But ma’am,” he objected. “What if you get pregnant!”

“Does it matter?” I replied sharply, “Sameer already came in me. What difference does it make!” I grabbed his cock and pushed it inside my pussy. I looked at him angrily. “Every last drop of your cum should be poured inside me. DO YOU HEAR ME!”

“Yes ma’am”, he replied softly. “Oh ma’am, you are such a horny bitch”, said Sameer, laughing. Piyush started fucking me slowly. I put Sameer’s cock back in my mouth.

Sameer grabbed onto my hair, tight, and started pounding my mouth. Piyush grabbed my boobs and thrust his cock hard into my pussy. He squeezed them hard, as he was about to cum. A beam of milk shot out of each of my boobs and spilled on Sameer’s legs.

In less than a minute, they both came. My pussy and my mouth were filled with cum. Piyush fell on me after unloading and started kissing my back. Sameer knelt down and began sucking my boobs. He even drank some of my milk.

I sucked their cock clean and sat on the sofa. My legs rested on the table in front of the sofa. Cum was dripping out of my vagina. Piyush and Sameer sat on each side. They took my boobs in their mouth and sucked my milk.

After drinking, they straightened up. I was playing with their discharged cocks. They were rubbing my pussy and fondling with my boobs. After a few minutes, we wore our clothes and got back to study. For the next 2 hours, their studies were attentive.

It was 3:15 a.m. I was getting sleepy. I stood out of my chairs and told them to continue the studies in the morning. “All right boys, I am going off to bed. I am getting sleepy now. We will continue this in the morning.”

But this was not the end of our sexual encounters.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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