First time stallion continued – A Black stallion,

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So it’s 22:30 and only around 15 minutes after the sharp exit of Jess’s hot steamy hook-up sex session with an Italian stallion. There Jess is, still in the dark with the light of the bathroom seeping out of the small gap in the door. The flickering light of the T.V flashed occasionally over her silky smooth black stockings as she sits on the edge of the double bed facing towards the hotel bedroom door. With the lingering taste of cum in her mouth and her breath strong with the same flavour, Jess plays a little with the stretchiness of her black lace twisted knickers left around her ankles as she was replaying the sexual events in her head. A sense of joy of being able to be seen as a gurl and being fucked like one infused her with glee, but it was bitter sweet upon his abrupt exit after he’d cum down her pretty mouth.

As Jess thinks about calling it a night her hotel room door opens. She hadn’t bothered to get up and lock it again. The initial thought was “he’s back, he forgot something or he wants more?” But, the reality was far from either of those assumptions. Stood there just a few feet into the room with the door still open, allowing more light from the corridor in, showed Jess in her full messed up sissy glory. This tall black male from which she assumed had been the guest next door to her room, stood there looking at her. The very same guest who’d tried to open the connecting door earlier on, upon hearing her moans of pleasure. Jess half bent herself over with her index finger just under her twisted black knickers in order to slip them up. When she glanced up at him, her eyes squinted with the harshness of the corridor light behind him. The light blocked his features and what would be an analysing stare becomes one of searching. This made Jess quiet anxious to whom or what this guy’s presence was all about. In that short space of time another guest walks past the door and mutters the words, “sexy” but he continues on his course, a few seconds on, a wolf whistle could be heard from further down the hall from the same individual. A rush of heat swells in Jess’s cheeks of pure embarrassment, too many strangers where catching a glimpse of her sissy ways.

The black stranger closes the door quickly to prevent any other prying eyes and apologies for entering. Now Jess tries to slip up her panties as gracefully as one can expect, considering the mess her face was in. Feeling the tightness of those knickers rub along Jess’s soft reddened ass cheeks from her Italian man’s hands had felt comforting somehow. Jess was somewhat still sensitive to his hardened grasps on her waist and her face too was tender to touch. Jess then wiped her mouth and applied a fresh round of pink baby doll lippy. Jess had also made feeble attempts at trying to hand comb her brown wig to some kind of neatened state, though she could feel her fingers being caught in it.

The black guest and Jess finally caught each other’s eyes looking at each other, Jess took in a big deep breath as she realised the black beauty that had stood before her. She slipped into her heels as she stood up, wiggling down her leopard print mini dress to a respectable level. The black guest stood tall, a fair few inches taller than Jess, he must have stood at around 6’3” or something like that. He wore a white tank top with loose gym shorts; it allowed her to see his physique. He would not look out of place on the set of an epic hyborian aged fantasy film with his ripped muscles on show and his thick shoulder length locks partly tied at the back. He too began scanning Jess up and down with his wide eyes as he leaned on the sidewall in a relaxed state. A naughty grin stretched to the side from his lips.

Jess very nervously asks ‘can I help you with something, what brings you into my room at this hour?’

The room itself is littered with tell-tail signs of a whore’s office, lube sat on the side table, make-up everywhere s**ttered on the floor, heels randomly left on the floor and a messy bed with unopened condoms littered on it. Then of course, her sex toy, a 12-inch dildo stood proud by the mirror, suction cupped into place.

‘Didn’t you invite me around?’ he replies with a thick African accent, flicking and flipping the hotel’s contact card between his fingers.

Jess looks to the phone in her room, her stash of contact cards are missing… He shows Jess the card and the unfamiliar hand written words on it. “Allow me to apologize in person for the noise next door xxx” Of course that quick exited Italian guy has slipped it under the guest’s door before leaving. Jess pieced it together feeling giddy that he thought she’d posted it through. It was a sinful act to allow Jess to be caught dressing like a sissy slut by an unknown guest. The risk made Jess’s whole body shudder, her senses grew and her knees brushed together the soft nylon stockings showing her false innocence.

‘Well I’m here for my apology’ he said, as he now stood closer to jess flicking that note onto the messy desk to the side of them.

Jess had a snap-shop vision of herself being fucked raw in the dressing table’s mirror. But this time, the black guy was in the reflection.

‘I’m sorry about that sir and it will not be happening again’ Jess said hoping he would not complain to the hotel manager about a whore like her using the hotel.

Even as Jess spoke those words she was shocked that her right hand had placed itself onto this muscular chest in a feeble way to show sincerity. Yet it was more an u*********s flirt, Jess has really taken over the psyche of her male persona, as well as her physical appearance, like she’d always been there, and now she was out, ready to play her games.

Jess certainly wasn’t confident, she was new to the sissy scene and didn’t even know if he had caught on to her being what she was. No sign gave it away if he could see she was a “gurl”. Did it even matter? Was he even bothered? He lent his face close to hers so that his nose almost touched hers, a devilish look in his eyes came out as if to say, don’t fuck with me bitch!

‘Look you’ve disturbed me, I want an apology only a women can give’ He said.

Jess was scared inside and trembled at the idea that he probably gets what he wants most of the time. and shit does he think she is a woman? In an attempt to not show her fear, Jess tries to relax and play dumb, a typical sissy tactic.

‘I’m sorry sweet I don’t know what more I can say’ Jess said.

‘You just give me what you gave your other client and I won’t make a complaint to the hotel staff about your whoring job, free of charge of course.’

Now Jess is double stuck and shitting herself. Therefore, if she did as he wishes he won’t complain but he will see she is not a female and she doesn’t know this man one bit. No pre arrangement to discuss kinks or fucking preferences in her confidence to fuck around with him. Choice did not really come into it, as Jess really didn’t want the unwanted attention of hotel staff knocking on her damn door, or throwing her out, left on the street like a real hooker.

Jess catches herself stood there close to this godly produced man in the mirror that’s mounted on “that” desk. She realises she’s also someone who he doesn’t know, and he actually wants her as he sees her right now, even looking a fucking mess. No wonder he thinks she’s a hotel hooker. “fuck that is hot” Jess tells herself, even if there’s a hint at blackmail he still must surely fancy her. Jess allows her sissy gurl to talk over any kind of self-reasoning and embrace that fem slut inside of her. That was the whole point of booking this room in the first place, and who can say they get to play with someone with these big dominating muscles anyway. He removes Jess’s hand from his strong chest, then puts both her hands behind her back. He puts pressure on her thin shoulders insinuating her to get on her knees in front of him. Jess does it without any hesitation, looking into his eyes on the way down.

As Jess sits facing his crotch , her eyes widen with shock and she lets out loud ‘oh my…’

Jess Knew now why he had chosen to wear those loose fit gym shorts, not to accommodate those manly thick sportsmen like legs, but for his “third leg” that was starting to wake up like a monster disturbed by Jess’s ever-increasing breathing. The cotton shorts started to tighten more and more, Jess just watched it for a few second in total awe of the sight of it. All of the innuendos and euphemism’s about black men’s manhood had just took the speed of light through her pathetic sissy brain, she realised even without it exposed she was at the holy grail of cock.

Jess was so keen to dive in now, to enjoy him, and forget about anything else, cock was king and cock was what she had in front of her. She was about to pull down his shorts before he yanked her head right into his dick and she could smell the d**g like ambiance of his love length coming through the fabric. The shaft brushed past her lips and she marked his shorts with her pink lipstick as he continued to wipe her face across him. The cock felt like it itself was in the gym, pumping with every stroke getting thicker and harder, it didn’t seem to stop growing. Jess had enough of this, she wanted his cock so bad now she was starting to giggle to herself with greed. She occasionally glanced up at him with a cute open mouth smile. Jess had her teeth just on the head of it through the cotton and tested the waters with a very careful nibble. She slowly removed his shorts and there it was. It bounced up at her from the release of the waistband on the lowered shorts and it slapped her right in the face on its downward movement, where it stayed just below her left eye on her cheek.

Jess’s tongue had automatically come out at full length, she slid to the base of this BBC and licked those balls, then returned to lick the full length right to the tip where a little pre-cum had started to build. As Jess embraced with a final look at him in preparation to take it in her pretty mouth, he pulled back his foreskin and the head grew a little more in size, this was going to hurt Jess’s throat for sure. He ordered her to open wide and stretch out her tongue like a runway for him, she did as he said and he forced that big black cock right to the back of her throat, but not down. Jess had tightened up and was enjoying his taste as she sucked fast on his dick, her hands still behind her back and now his hands on either side of her cheeks about to face fuck hard. He repeatedly told Jess to apologies whilst she sucked him off.

She tried to relax her throat for him to go inside and she put his dick to her lips, it was very stiff and straight as an arrow, Jess had to adjust to be in-line with him to accept it. Yet there was no way Jess could take the length, at least 10 or 11 inches he had to feed her with. For the second time that night within as many hours Jess, the hotel whore, was working a stiff dick. The black guest stuffed that dick with full force as soon as he felt Jess had relaxed her throat. She saw his pubic hair race towards her eyes and it hit, the full length down hard into her throat, she had to close her eyes, he quickly reached down to grip her throat with his hands, squeezing very hard. Jess was already chocking on BBC and gasping for air needing release. It felt as if he was still trying to push even at its deepest point.

Jess was now gagging on him, her hands tried to desperately remove his hand from her neck, in order to back up off him. But he was strong and he fucked her throat aggressively getting off on every push, then finally at his will he allowed his blackmailed whore to breathe, at a moment she thought she was going to get dizzy from lack of oxygen. Her hazel eyes teared and watered intensely and became red. Now the black guest knew he could fit it all in, he had no intention of stopping. For 10 minutes they continued the sexual act of one epic blowjob. The more he used her like this the more it was giving Jess pleasure, as the amount of cock juice and spit that had being siting in her throat was constantly resurfacing. Each time he plunged his steroid like dick into that filthy throat it would gush in and out and over flow, sticking to his balls that Jess was eager to clean up.

He’s close , he’s close , he’s close was all Jess could hope for as she heard him grunt many times, but yet the payload wasn’t being dished out to her. He then slowly removed his dick from her pretty wet lips. She was about to get her mouth wet from those balls, she so wanted to clean up for him but he stopped her advance. He lifted her up off the floor from under her armpits with ease, like repositioning a doll. With his pure strength he sat Jess on the desk facing him. She immediately closed her legs. Well she knew that he wanted to fuck her, right in that position, just as he had placed her. However, fucking Jess like a women wouldn’t quick work. “Arh dear god”, Jess thought, she was not ready to disappoint him and see him leave, She was being selfish and also a bit worried of his reaction even after giving him his special hooker “apology”.

He removed his clothes and he was cut up with raw muscle, he was shining with sweat and she’d never found a man so moreish in her life. It was still dark in the room and he certainly hadn’t seen her boyclit yet, she turned off the T.V with the remote to make the room darker still. Jess was being naughty for herself for once. If it’s dark enough and she turns around for doggy style action, she could place him inside her ass, then at least he will fuck a hole and she will enjoy that before he knows anything more. So that’s exactly what Jess did. He goes with the flow calling her a nasty bitch as she lines his dick with her sensitive prime fucked asspussy.

The fucking of this sissy boy’s life is what he’s subjecting Jess to. However, a sudden regret creeps in with the size of taking a BBC. She let him inside her and now his length is pushing too deep for comfort or pleasure. A stretching pain is pushing on her anal hole to accommodate him. With each big hit of those balls onto her ass her ass is widened further. Jess’s hand inconspicuously tries to hold her boyclit out of his view. The sound of her voice breaks out a fast repetition of ‘arh-arh-arh-fuck-FUCK’. It’s not even fake like those porn stars give out, hers is of a real outcry of taking too much and she is worried of being loud again. The T.V isn’t disguising anything this time either, its off and even that is rocking now with the force of the desk moving and getting weaker as if it’s legs and fixings seem to also be crying out or giving way to this power house of a man. Sure enough there it goes, the T.V falls onto the floor and Jess gives into him completely knowing he isn’t going to stop until he’s done. Regardless of her hands trying to keep him at some length away to reduce the length of him going inside, he continues to push getting his fill of the hooker. Jess is simply no match for him and he will get the full apology he really wanted, she was definitely sorry now.

Jess lay there almost lifeless just taking him as he took her ass for a fucking of its life; he was a fucking machine and didn’t show any slowing down, whilst all the time calling her his slut, his white bitch, his perfect girl. Jess realised if she wanted him to stop, perhaps she could show him what he was really fucking. So Jess releases her hand covering her boyclit that he still hasn’t noticed in the dark. Jess feels herself swinging under and between her legs, until her genital hits his balls and in that moment he immediately stops pulls out and walks to the main light switch. The truth of Jess is there almost as if to say fuck you. Storming towards Jess with a deep frown, the black guest gropes her false breast forms and feels her as if he can’t quite believe his eyes that she is not genetically female. Jess is quite proud of it, and it also give her so much more freedom to be a sissy bitch with men.

The moment he accepts Jess for being a femboy faggot dressed as hotel whore is the best part. He snatches at her wig and removes it showing her messy short irregular cut brown hair. He wipes the small amount of lippy off her lips and pulls out her breast forms from under her dress, attempting to see what’s under the sissy. She was expecting him to hit her for real or throw her out into the corridor to shame her, though he didn’t go that far.

Again he lifted Jess up in the same way he did first of all, and he sat her on the desk that was definitely lose and unstable at this stage, just as her own legs were, matching the same state after such a hard core man had had his way. Jess’s legs were now pulled open by him, her bum sat just over the edge of the desk, her head could rest a little against the wall slightly above the top of the connected makeup mirror.

‘If I knew you were a sissy I would have fucked you like one’ the African bull said. Somewhat giving away he was familiar with fucking sissies.

Something about the African accent was so sexy regardless of his words, he could of said anything and Jess would get butterflies being in his presence. Again that BBC goes and nudges its way inside, only this time she’s facing him, he’s sure not to lose her eye contact throughout and he goes in full. Jess places her legs at either side of his cockhead and he holds her thighs, he goes very fast dicking her butt hole. Jess hears the mirror crack but the passion is too intense to care now, she needs him badly to use her with deep intention to ruin her. This position is allowing his full length to slip in deep, yet it’s more comfortable, she can take him and he knows it. He kiss’s the sides of Jess’s feet right by the arch sending chills down her spine. He really is enjoying the sissy’s taste, just like a females. Jess’s pink toes feel his tongue run over and between them whilst he slams her into the cracked mirror, she can tell he likes licking her toes as his cock responds in size and strength. The second time he does that, he explodes his huge load deep inside Jess with one final push, he allows his cock to sit inside her until the last of his love juice has expelled from him into her. His love seed is completely expelled and shot deeply into her asspussy, the sissy Jess has finally been bred by BBC.

Jess had not believed he ever had been with a sissy of any kind before, but something tells her he fucking loved the tightness of breeding an ass, using it as pussy substitute. That feeling she had was in part due to the state of the room and the fact he cum so deeply in her, she hadn’t even yet felt it drip from her butt. Even after that cum dumping fuck, Jess still wanted to be dressed fem. So she started to reapply her wig, breasts and sat down at the table to redo her makeup. He had walked out without saying anything, but he gave her a look of approval. She could hear him in his room while she looked at the crack in the mirror, Jess just kept replaying these dirty events in her mind but with a look of pride in herself, she had managed to bag two men on the same night. Fuck yeah!

‘OMG’ Jess said aloud.

The table with the mirror had finally given in to the nights events and collapsed to the floor around the chair. A broken television, a broken table and mirror, Jess is going to have to pay for this shit and she hadn’t earned a thing from her sex sessions.

Her African lover re-joined Jess in her room a few moments later. She thought the noise of the table brought him in, but he ignored it and kissed the face off Jess, to which she was completely weak for. Her right leg lifted to his side where his hands ran over and squeezed her. Her heart fluttered and she was dying to ask him to be her bf or lover, he had been really good to her considering he accepted her boy side too, fucking her without the wig on was a big deal to her. Jess didn’t ask him though, and he led her to the door by hand, the most gracious move he’d made to Jess yet.

Jess saw he wanted her to go somewhere outside with him, she quickly jerked her hand back and said ‘no’.

‘You will be just fine with me next to you’ he replied whilst insinuating his size and domineering physique would deter the potential of any unwanted remarks towards his gurl.

With his comment came a rare feeling of security but also his hand placed at the base of her spine just lipping her upper bum gave such reassurance. The door opened and he pushed Jess into the corridor with him closing the door behind. The two of them walked to the edge of the corridor towards the rarely used fire exit and down the stairs to the carpark, where they walked to his camper van.

‘seriously where are we going I’m not used to this’ Jess said as the scope of the open carpark brought peering eyes at her, mostly from men.

Jess climbed into the back seat when he instructed her to do so, he sat in the driver seat and started the engine. It was a very nice camper van and she was more relaxed out of view, but very apprehensive.

‘you should be valued…..erm, what’s the words…praded, right?’ He said turning his head to face his gurl.

Jess had not a clue for the first time what he was saying, as English was not his first language, but never mind she thought. She looked at his interior, it was full of magazines, fitness mags and sports papers, then there were pictures of him on the back page of one. He’d been an amateur body builder or something in a competition, that’s quiet impressive for a sissy like Jess to bag. Another cheeky smile she had to release, Jess was a winner as a sissy bitch. She had no idea where they were, for the curtains were closed and she didn’t really want to peak out, though they were driving for about 15 to 20 minutes, it must have been about 12 midnight by now.

The van seemed to crawl for a considerable amount of time before stopping in a very quiet area, Jess wondered if he just wanted to sleep with her here in his van like with a gf he may have had in the past, just as she would have loved to be the case. But then he got out and he walked around to open the back doors, just as he did Jess felt that feeling of no return summon in her wet ass. His thick creamy load had started to build and it seeped into her black knickers, she was hoping it was only a small amount and that her panties would soak it up. The cold from the outside hit Jess and he arched into the van and picked her up right off the seat. Jess could see where they were now and it hit her harder than that BBC when he cum, that word he was searching for “paraded” We’re in the woods at a fucking dogging location!,…………………… to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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